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mary s music school aidedplacesamendment scotland regulations 2000 ssi
mary s music school aidedplacesamendment scotland regulations 2000 ssi
mary s music school aidedplacesamendment scotland regulations 2000 ssi
mary s music school aidedplacesamendment scotland regulations 2000 ssi
mary s music school aidedplacesamendment scotland regulations 2000 ssi
mary s music school aidedplacesscotland amendments regulations 2002 ssi
mary s music school aidedplacesscotland amendments regulations 2002 ssi
mary s music school aidedplacesscotland amendments regulations 2002 ssi
mary s music school aidedplacesscotland amendments regulations 2002 ssi
mary s music school aidedplacesscotland amendments regulations 2002 ssi
mary s music school aidedplacesscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
mary s music school aidedplacesscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
mary s music school aidedplacesscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
mary s music school aidedplacesscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
saved by scrapping the assistedplacesscheme should be used to
possible loss of the assistedplacesscheme will alter the social
home affairs the education assistedplacesscotland amendment regulations 2000 ssi
home affairs the education assistedplacesscotland amendment regulations 2000 ssi
with these regulations education assistedplacesscotland amendment regulations 2000 ssi
ssi 2000 194 education assistedplacesscotland amendment regulations 2000 ssi
home affairs the education assistedplacesscotland amendment regulations 2000 ssi
and sport the education assistedplacesscotland amendment regulations 2002 ssi
and sport the education assistedplacesscotland amendment regulations 2002 ssi
2002 248 the education assistedplacesscotland amendment regulations 2002 ssi
may 2002 the education assistedplacesscotland amendment regulations 2002 ssi
and sport the education assistedplacesscotland amendment regulations 2002 ssi
the environment the education assistedplacesscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
2001 209 the education assistedplacesscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
the environment the education assistedplacesscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
the environment the education assistedplacesscotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
member s bill the billplacesa duty on certain public
proposed by mike russell mspplacesa duty on public bodies
grounds of disability and alsoplacesa duty on the spcb
racial grounds this legislation alsoplacesa duty on the spcb
saved by improvement the actplacesa general duty on local
race relations amendment act 2000placesa general duty on public
a home safety act whichplacesstatutory duty on local authorities
the draft marriage approval ofplacesscotland regulations 2002 29 april
the draft marriage approval ofplacesscotland regulations 2002 5 00
the number of dental trainingplacesand establish a new school
to increase the number ofplacesand we also want to
from out of school careplacesand what the projected number
the number of secure accommodationplacesavailable in scotland s1o 422
a greater number of programmeplacesbut that takes time and
10 the number of fundedplacesfor initial teacher education for
double the number of refugeplacesfor women and their children
it limits the number ofplacesgiven to student representatives on
under labour the number ofplaceshas already risen by 8
the number of residential careplaceshas fallen from 16 300
with the largest number ofplacesin the cupboard under the
number of sexual offender treatmentplacesindeed it called for a
school about the number ofplacesit supports at the school
services on the number ofplacesrequired for remand prisoners s1w
number of displaced persons fromplacessuch as poland czechoslovakia latvia
of the total number ofplacesthis represents s1w 1436 mr
more people to take upplacesin further education colleges s1o
had free early years educationplacesproviding five or more sessions
additional free early years educationplaceswill be required to meet
minnons an peenheids in theirplacesaft times he d lowp
postcode lottery in available careplacesand that waiting times for
the house she minded theseplacesand the times he had
in scotland are not pleasantplacesat the best of times
round dublin visiting all theplacesat the same times as
then ye need dates timesplacesaw accurate tae the nth
availability at specified times andplacesfor consultation in relation to
many times and in manyplacesno other poet has captured
like friends in too manyplacesand you have to f1149:
does not happen in manyplacesapart from that obvious example
and if so how manyplacesare available this year s1w
the scottish executive how manyplacesare currently available for prisoners
scottish executive how many prisonplacesare currently available to prisoners
many of them about theseplacesaye said it wis a
how many full time nurseryplacescurrently exist for the children
2002 how many secure accommodationplacesfor a boys and b
scottish executive how many secureplacesfor young offenders there were
are now private ground manyplaceshave been surrendered to the
go like to too manyplacesit s just too hard
is blessed with many attractiveplacesmr home robertson including airdrie
railings which are in manyplacesowing to the war now
parents and how many suchplacesthere were in a 1999
that they had visited manyplacestogether he spoke with affectionate
steve gairdins urnae ayewis safeplacestoo many high jaggy bushes
to mike rumbles in manyplacesvolunteers are in short supply
received many inquiries from suchplaceswe have spoken informally to
passed one of the manyplaceswhere burns stayed during his
scottish executive how many additionalplaceswill need to be created
of imprisonment there are 42placescurrently available on accredited programmes
irons were available in someplacesin the earlier part of
to know that care homeplaceswill be available for them
the 25 additional secure accommodationplaceswill become available s1w 34603
gaelic language plans section 1placesa requirement on certain public
s dog in designated publicplacesand allows local authorities to
finally banned smoking in publicplacesand cigarette advertising is finally
transport and in other publicplacesdevelop a ten year action
issue of smoking in publicplacesi am sure that members
needles were collected in publicplacesin each of the last
charter on smoking in publicplacesis being considered along with
place of watchers in publicplacesmilitary men watch traffic from
apply to other premises hotelsplacesof public entertainment and possibly
respect civic government licensing ofplacesof public entertainment might apply
public to the majority ofplaceson national health service boards
public to the majority ofplaceson national health service boards
advertising and smoking in publicplacesthey d have outlawed it
lobby the amount of publicplaceswhere you could smoke cigarettes
head you know from differentplacesand f963: mm mmhm m762:
different pubs and phoned otherplacesand it was no no
wis erodet bits at differentplacesbit noo t i think
the glue in the rightplacesbut these pens were different
s influences fae all differentplacesi mean we ve got
the coast different words differentplacesif you take the word
gawn ti different hooses differentplacespause letter wid never catch
well you worked in differentplacestoo so that must be
over time and in differentplaceswool used to be bought
carry readers with him intoplacesf963: yeah m762: where they
the last reference to crabplaceshim in aberdeen where he
which had the atmosphere ofplacesin the outback places where
f963: again it s likeplacesin the states where either
it fits very well forplaceslike glasgow as well where
sky hung over the familiarplacesof scotland where i would
of places in the outbackplaceswhere every arrival and departure
st columba one of theplaceswhere he eh you know
bb after violence in bothplaceswhere it occurs insert or
in each of the twoplaceswhere it occurs there is
would acknowledge that there areplaceswhere opencast mining is appropriate
as i ve said inplaceswhere people were quite poor
there is no restriction onplaceswhere religious marriages may be
also made suggestions for furtherplaceswhere scots might be used
back rooms and all theplaceswhere the singing is i
not solve the problems inplaceswhere there are existing sites
of sea lochs and otherplaceswhere there are known problems
to write down any otherplaceswhere they thought that scots
like one of these callplaceswhere you phone up and
you know changes- changing landscapeplaceswhere you ve f963: mm
i mean the more recentplaceswhere you ve worked you
compete on equal terms forplacesat such institutions with their
create a database of suchplacesderek miller i am sure
that a list of suchplacesexisted which would avoid the
survived till recently in suchplacesit died out much earlier
load that such a suggestionplaceson cabx the need for
affordable rented housing in suchplacespeople will be driven out
local authorities to fund suchplacess1o 2753 20 nora radcliffe
first minister and others toplacessuch as arbroath which david
agreed settlement that would allowplacessuch as binny house to
television and youngsters go toplacessuch as mcdonald s i
of whisky and haggis fromplacessuch as my constituency that
an annual summer trip toplacessuch as st andrews edinburgh
in an urban situation inplacessuch as the isles of
a specific record of suchplacesthe registrar has a record
there could be more suchplacesthere are national trust properties
picture of skulduggery in highplacesto explain such unclaimed property
a couple first met suchplaceswill take a bit more
these workshops are hands onplacesare limited accommodation will be
errol or some o theseplaceseh they used to have
these dead and alive weeplacesjohnny look there they are
used to go to theseplacesm815: yeah m816: and they
orkney and shetland are theplacesthat best fill these criteria
went largely unappreciated in theseplacesthe child is carmen in
crofters in in these littleplacesthere that was [?]somethin[/?] right
was years ago aa theseplaceswi red bins that was
funding of private care homeplacesand if it does not
funding of private care homeplacesbroken down by health board
funding to provide nursing homeplacesimmediately for all those assessed
area although there wis someplacesaboot meldrum whaur there wis
previous witness mentioned that someplacesare subject to health and
had a place some [?]dead-tree[/?]placesat cairnryan three big camps
you would do in someplacesbut f606: mmhm m845: i
were fine slopes in someplacesfor example near bervie that
groups claim that in someplaceshares are conserved especially because
is and admittedly in someplaceshow straight they are it
cold in some of thoseplacesi lived in freezing cold
i have evidence from twoplacesin scotland that some students
right so f948: or someplacesin scotland would say wee
aboot things compared to someplacesin the world f1026: i
an cowpit in in someplaceslike orkney and caithness the
some narrow kinda thing betweenplacesnae a ro- nae an
have worked well in someplacespeople are allowed to use
end chases was done otherplacessome of them go ed
in oot o the wyeplacessome of them were old
wis sae scanty at someplacesthat single men aften hid
mother m1014: [inaudible] m1015: someplacesthey ca it maither that
pace egg days in someplacesthough now it is more
some initial enquiries and mostplacesto date seem to be
t i ve some moreplacesto write to i m
f718: mmhm m734: er someplaceswere asking for a degree
jist e ae note someplaceswis lang ahin ithers ir
hard boiled eggs in someplacesyoungsters would get an unusual
well a lot of theplacesal- in sydney along part
then well a lot oplacesare like that now you
there were a lot ofplacescaad hogaland and the hoga
in the a lot oplaceshad a bothy which was
an aafa lot o eplacesi kent hid open ranges
to quite a lot ofplacesin germany or f1148: erm
we ve a lot oplaceslike that that eh m1010:
huh m636: and eh otherplacesand being eh billeted for
ceremonies in hotels and otherplacesand the bill opens up
in inverness dumfries and otherplacesin edinburgh i saw more
in that area than otherplacesm608: okay then m1163: a
it shows itself in otherplacesthat is why we have
and a range of otherplacesthat we have licensed under
solution has been in otherplacesthat would be very instructive
as it has in otherplacesthe cryptic longman was purported
contribution and learn from otherplacesthere is much talk about
tend to survive in otherplaceswe will if we lose
bill other people in otherplaceswill raise other issues about
lottery of free personal careplacesbe ended recognises that older
terrible shortage of respite careplacesi have a 41 year
the reduction of residential careplacesin scotland mr ross j
the provision of extra careplacesor to the costs of
provision of residential nursing careplaceswhat extra funding will be
to its request for additionalplacesin 2001 and in subsequent
that the guidelines in designingplacesa policy statement for scotland
currently fund about 2 000placesacross scotland at a cost
in scotland guaranteed free nurseryplacesfor all 3 and 4
in scotland in all theplacesi ve m1010: aye aye
meet its target for freeplacesin a scotland and b
scotland was it aviemore andplaceslike that aye m642: oh
supposed to be a fewplacesm815: yeah m816: in scotland
business and so the onlyplacesthat do business in scotland
area at this time scotsplacesthe action firmly in scotland
church of scotland they hadplacesthere m608: mmhm m194: so
gone to scotland of allplacesto recover what she called
holidays in scotland 8 500placesto stay and 2 500
for this financial year thatplacesa question mark over the
office bearers remain in theirplacesfor the 1996 97 year
the educational benefits of nurseryplacesfor three and four year
project to uganda of allplacesnext year i don t
four year olds have nurseryplacess1w 34350 dennis canavan to
the previous year got universityplacesso i hope that the
place those would be idealplacesto publicise the year i
are clearly in the wrongplacesin time we want those
it is one of thoseplacesit s like you ll
would conduct ceremonies in thoseplacesjames smith i will take
is those god awful [censored: companyname]placesright and the chi- chips
it was one of thoseplacesthat we d been so
m608: perhaps from from thoseplaceswh- m1174: but as everything
schemes 250 more student nurseplacesand a guaranteed minimum of
identity untrustworthy memories and lostplacesis more complex than can
whether more master of scienceplacesshould be funded at universities
insurance purposes and the moreplacesspring up the more they
really like going like newplacesand meeting people but it
would always just like driveplacesf1149: mmhm f1148: so yeah
conservative areas at least toplacesfaar fowk didna like tae
in the gallery of allplacesgod she stinks like a
yeah m952: the only twaplacesi would like tae gang
been in cat shelters anplaceslike at an gey disgustin
intae the fishing communities inplaceslike dunbar they had tae
holidays with them went toplaceslike [exhale] f1077: up sort
gaein tae australia an theyplaceslike it s the the
ve played in loads ofplaceslike she s she played
s quite like brighton andplaceslike that and the houses
clutha an the scotia andplaceslike that f689: [laugh] i
m816: oh m815: dublin andplaceslike that m816: aye m815:
o them on doonside estateplaceslike that you still see
after about the 1780s andplaceslike the carron ironworks at
certain like businesses or certainplacesof work [laugh] that have
ghazal houses in towns areplacespeople hide in skyscrapers like
then i moved into nicerplacesright like tollcross and now
jo wp170 71 which alsoplacesthe name john like a
sent to a range ofplacesand men are sent down
place is for uncrowded prisonerplacesand what the reasons are
has standards to uphold ourplacesare much sought after we
is putting into nurse trainingplacesare not lost south of
end of the night bothplacesare playing at going back
though the names of mostplacesare said to be derived
o them are still dwellingplacesf746: mmhm f978: but i
we are being allocated 12placesfor the guild the committee
toot toot toot toot heplacesher centre stage are we
look hard enough there areplacesin his translation of rabelais
i mean you re talkinplacesin londo- london are cheaper
to left window bole andplacesit there trumpets are heard
and thrive but there areplacesof high dispersion that are
marriages to be solemnised inplacesor locations that are approved
process of approving buildings orplacesregistrars main concerns are about
the sea there are cliffplacesstrewn with debris as after
you go to the variousplacesthat are mentioned in the
about one off approvals forplacesthat are not used nowadays
on fact finding visits toplacesthat are relevant to their
1 interpretation at the appropriateplacesthere are inserted medical list
it was used on smallerplaceslong after the horse rake
to various m608: mmhm f643: placesjust to m608: mm f643:
right place m194: [inaudible] properplacesm608: mmhm and you di-
in celtic of of holyplacesthat you re that m608:
a dangerous wolf menaced bothplacesand the people joined forces
to make urban areas healthierplacesfor people to live promoting
people to come to theirplacesof business and do business
and value that the parliamentplaceson elderly people in society
deaf people to apply forplaceson teacher training courses s1w
the cafeteria with all theplacespeople come from marked up
you can t really driveplacespeople yeah f1149: if you
early adulthood the people andplacessights smells and sounds from
what aboot names for theplacesaroond aboot here ehm ye
[inaudible] f1054: what aboot itherplacesgalashiels [inaudible] m1012: gala s
rake aboot ither fowk splacesit s jist winnerfae fit
dust at flees aboot sicplacesnae tae spik o e
collection is unfortunately mispaginated inplaces4 leith davis studies in
shair we keep in ourplacesan dinnae face up tae
wis holet in a curnplacesan ere wis nae doot
s do so in goodplacesand let s not try
in mallorca talk about sunplacesand moon places the soller
in vibration around that lonelyplacesand the desolation listens poems
strippit aff in sae monyplacesat ere wis jist acres
position of being in 2placesat once john is still
still grown in a fewplacesbere bannocks from the boardhouse
down loose brown ropes inplacesbrushing the pavements bougainvillea vines
cut nursery and midwifery trainingplacesby 23 per cent in
in burnbank and a changingplacescommunity conference that highlighted the
beddit in a drift inplacese snaa wis heicher n
us for living in bothplaceseach so we will have
in any of the obviousplaceseventually she discovers that the
want to go food inplacesf1111: food f1112: uh huh
want to go food inplacesf1111: pardon f1112: want to
activity terrier work in remoteplacesfor example which would be
be really obtuse m605: inplaceshe certainly did yeah m741:
in under a blanket neilplacesher at the centre of
the mearns although names andplacesin arbuthnott had been changed
was one of the firstplacesin edinburgh to get a
m sure there s plentyplacesin england that have lots
the fek o they ootbyeplacesin ma bairn heid days
ask whether we could licenseplacesin our area however we
children and the provision ofplacesin remote areas and any
in the most surprising ofplacesin romeo and juliet we
i take him round theplacesin the books he asks
together write down all theplacesin the classroom or elsewhere
best we can to theirplacesin the oed scheme providing
edge of one the loveliestplacesin the world he leant
spoken properly in only twoplacesin the world one was
as one of the bestplacesin the world to eat
the bottlenecks will occur inplacesin which the local economy
e ruck in e richtplacesir aan e thack wid
takes the wreath to loriplacesit in both her hands
a large potted plant heplacesit in the centre of
puttin them in the wrongplacesm1092: no i needed help
can get married in certainplacesof interest you said that
hide them away in secretplacespraying to god sorry not
have had requests for nurseryplacesrefused in the last 12
that from parents in variousplacesrhoda grant can you expand
but not in locations orplacessince 1995 in 1998 the
thin panes of glass inplacesskylights had formed from the
and been in cambodia andplacesso f1151: mmhm f1150: she
i had lumpy bits inplacesthat i dinnae have lumpy
with the knife she thenplacesthe dead baby in the
which is there in holyplacesthe idea of going on
concrete casing now crumbling inplacesthe pioneer corps badge mentioned
for a fourfold increase inplacesthe scottish prison service is
he looks in the wrongplacesthe women don t notice
cuidnae be seen an inplacesthey even wad cross frae
up an we got newplacesto sit at in the
ticket in all the wrongplacesuntil a grinning russian kid
he wure onlie in theplaceswhaur the human kynd bydes
in the second i switchedplaceswith [censored: forename] who had been
prison will have 700 prisonerplacess1w 29259 christine grahame to
the provision of secure accommodationplacess1w 34602 michael matheson to
3 300 modern apprenticeship trainingplacess1w 9141 pauline mcneill to
meet the geographical spread ofplacesthat it requires s1w 34951δ
ve erm i ve visitedplacesand erm had f- family
leave so we grabbed theirplacesand had an excellent view
letter added that competition forplaceshad been stiff and that
well there s lots ofplaceshivna hivna had a penny
grey rocks and messy boggyplacesthat had no colour at
f1073: mmhm f1074: but theplacesthat had the ju soond
go you know lookin atplacesan f746: mmhm f978: they
good start anyway might goplacesf958: and it it s
go f961: whit whit idderplaceshaein [inaudible] uh huh f960:
the network of nuclear warfareplacesnobody is allowed into go
f632: uh huh f646: theirplacesand they wore the thing
new petitioners to take theirplacesgood morning and thank you
regulatory burdens that the executiveplaceson them and their organisations
every nicht they tak theirplacesshilpit weans wi peaky faces
on fack findin visits tilplacesthat is relevant tae their
and the immense strain thisplacesupon them and their families
further word from the variousplacesi ve written to yet
we got tae wir meetinplacesan ere e students were
operate prison were built withplacesfor a 300 b 400
nothing but wait there wereplaceshe could stay if he
roadside encoonters there were twaplacesnear lintmill that were regular
did you single out mscplacesrather than phd places were
recesses and corner cupboards andplacesthat were handy for stacking
msc places rather than phdplaceswere you thinking of co
noo i ll try eplacesfarrer doon e road he
if not please list theplacesyou have stayed e g
done on the crofts biggerplacesdidn t take time to
i showed the video changingplacesabout an exchange between pupils
he told us about theplaceshe s visiting i asked
not too concerned about approvedplacesi am sure that registrars
not so concerned about approvedplacesjames smith i am not
the bill is about itplaceson a statutory footing the
about sun places and moonplacesthe soller valley claims the
the best of all possibleplacesfor your tumble the sunshine
mornings when you re goingplacesso you smell lovely all
and all have got universityplacesthe situation is improving the
checked out all the variousplaceswe could and venues ehm
and jeans to dimps carefullyplacesthem at his side stew
dimps removes the boxing glovesplacesthem beside the potted plant
ministers to comment on unseemlyplacesthe convener there do not
mmhm f209: they they neededplacesto stay so the farms
or illuminate local events andplacesfascinatingly they link with our
the homelessness task force itplacesnew duties on local authorities
scanner an mark oot daplacesfor wis ta steer clear
but apart from a fewplacesi still don t think
prefer the registrar rather thanplacesto be licensed would you
asked the rest of theplaceswould be decided by ballot
that have got into highplacesf943: that s true m944:
need an additional 10 fundedplaceshave been awarded to the
rock ferry new ferry poorplacesseems will have to pay
have definitely been allocated universityplacesthat is 2 6 per
its shiver inducing four fireplacesthe manor place may have
sould have ludgein and abydingplacesthrouchout the realme to settil
scores at hame an itherplacesas ane wha s watched
wuid an taen up thairplacesat the front an baith
look at aw aw theplacesnoo and aw the f643:
grins at the double meaningplacesthe chair and looks critically
on labour notes that thisplacesthe independent repair shops at
on labour notes that thisplacesthe independent repair shops at
o jonsar eck s favouriteplacesan he offen stops for
bill s approach of approvingplacesfor civil marriages is correct
6 a further ten fundedplacesfor gaelic medium teacher training
bill s approach of approvingplacesfor marriages instead of allowing
provision of full time nurseryplacesfor the children of working
as trees huts walls andplacesfor the family to look
even applaud the existence ofplacesfor women and children to
words for each o theplacesoo re gaun tae f1011:
by ballet west for 23placesregrets that 34 students withdrew
can find us two comfortableplacesto lie for a while
characters actions thoughts feelings ideasplacesand events they incorporate descriptive
is that the name oplacesye ken they ll name
letters ur they names oplaceszeb pause sorry contessa you
taskmaster since the source textplacescertain obligations of fidelity on
base of ocean most shelteredplacesfood praws shrimps weed long
scarce he knew the nestingplacesof partridge grouse peewit or
the point of havin extraplacesto buy stuff if you
very vivid way of bringingplacesto life with his memories
was one of the nicestplacesto live with a high
him the great interest wasplacesand folk as it happens
valgerd takes a torch andplacesherself by the trap door
and lifts the weeping bundleplacesit tenderly onto the mortuary
and tin yo yos mindedplacesminded faces echo s drift
difficulties and the burden thatplaceson the organisation i call
the wood and the wildplacesthe humans belong to the
services is intrinsically wrong andplacesunacceptable burdens on volunteers which
onything every friday we gotplacesa the marks we d
company believes that the reportplacesa disproportionate emphasis on a
the luik o that rintoulplacesa spatula on the tongue
appointments to the remaining twoplaceson bòrd gàidhlig na h
actors come forward taking upplaceson stage as trees huts
fowk wi ye dae thaeplacesout deliberate lettin on ye
took me to further offplacesbut though i was interested
to chop to drop facesplacesdisgraces old unhappy spaces scotch
falls to the ground thenplacesthe jug by her side
we re also invited toplacesto perform er but within
instead i simply marked hopefulplaceswith a view to returning
me f631: yeah f689: studentplacesthat don t get stuff
his drift we visited threeplacesthis afternoon first the museo
me an garrin me gangplacesan daein things ah didna
ti the island frae ferrawaplacesbut tho thay tryit this
the pictures o aw theplacesenter berna she picks up
aw ken yeir ranks anplaceshere sae sit ye doun
states an aa dat kindaplacesi reckon i raelly enjoyed
[inaudible] uh huh f960: idderplacesidder than lerick it doesna
general compared tae monie itherplacesis fer is the feck
names o baith fock anplacesis naur is a kan
come fae f826: poland anplacesm903: [laugh] f902: [laugh] aye
forgettin aw the years anplacesnou ahint him wes gaun
although i hate taking paulineplacessometimes f1049: [sniff] [laugh] m1048:
is ta come amongst idderplacestae shetland as part o

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