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take the pla- nose theplanein and the and they
where they could put theplanetake the pla- nose the
the tinny air a whiningplanecuts circles in the sky
are candy twisted a whiningplanecuts circles in the sky
bombed on another occasion oneplanehad to make a forced
by a piece of theplanemontrose aerodrome was bombed and
montreal or toronto getting aplaneconnection the plane from montreal
getting a plane connection theplanefrom montreal to fred costs
it pyntit richt at theplanebam bam it spat twa
nivver flew n an airyplanethere s no a road
played leaving on a jetplaneg night i say but
train by helicopter an jetplanehe jaunts aboot the warld
flight out by helicopter orplaneto get the patient to
cost both moral and financialplanes forced to land by
around the world survive aplanecrash live on the scariest
blue lift aw roond theplanewi a pop pop pop
just after the war anotherplanein difficulties was being directed
o a sudden on aplaneflicht an ex special forces
o reek kythed roond theplanewi a crack efter thaim
fact then w- the americanplanethe american boats used to
flower booths and avenues ofplanetrees i headed for calle
the regimental line up ofplanetrees i took the curvaceous
through a lovely avenue ofplanetrees near la granja if
for some help with theplanetrip there it s less
a train a bus aplaneand a ten mile traffic
got word there s aplanecomin in m608: right m194:
eh wounded troops in byplanem608: mmhm m194: by hi-
shot in at the attackinplanethis yin wis gaun tae
i think two hours byplanethough two or three hours
rickarton beside stonehaven a germanplanecame down the locals picked
to leningrad nearly missed theplaneto moscow as i slept
tae the left o theplanean aboot twa saiconds efter
at the hinnereyn on theplanegaun hame i fell tae
twin towers stood terrror hijackedplaneand air and filled their
she ll pay half theplanefare and find me a
today to find out aboutplanefares home i think you
just jump in the theplanem608: aye aye yeah m1163:
ye know that type ofplaneso ye had m608: mmhm
if they cannot get aplaneback until the next day
can you get the nextplaneout about the money situation
after breakfast pausing as aplanegathered momentum beyond the clouds
quart of red on theplaneher being a big believer
an hei hed his ainplanefur ae gei wheen yeir
i was sitting on aplanelooking out the window at
a better leuk for theplanewad suin be ower thair
like a damaged airfix modelplaneher marriage could be glued
we were rattling about thatplanelike beans in a barrel
check ye o- on theplaneyou ve got to tick
[inhale] and i drived theplanef1105: aye m1106: and i
oor lyves on a hieplanean mynd us wi respek
4 tuesday we ve hadplanecrashes and polar bears hallucinations
huh have you flown aplanebefore [phone rings] yes f1112: go
the airport to catch aplanebob s your uncle and
aneath the wings o theplaneit s a real jerry
s car or garden aplanes so low you feel
stars harvest time under theplanes right wing moon looks
noo the drone fae theplanes ingines wis like the
birmingham england to meet theirplanelynn called tim was in
with himself on the transcendentalplanehope it isn t as
when i stepped off theplaneat prestwick and the inevitable
into indian airspace as theplanedescended onto the racing runway
taxi driver gin yer lateplanean pilot winna wait doctor

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