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s1m 1142 1 linda fabianiplanningand telecommunications as an amendment
2000 tommy sheridan s1m 1142planningand telecommunications developments lodged on
macaskill s1m 1142 nora radcliffeplanningand telecommunications developments that the
by the scottish executive onplanningand telecommunications developments welcomes the
telecommunications masts are a materialplanningconsideration emissions of radio frequency
recommends the introduction of fullplanningcontrol for telecommunications development is
proposals will also include fullplanningcontrols for major telecommunications development
pe430 and pe454 telecommunications developmentsplanningpe425 planning process pe508 water
members indicated agreement telecommunications developmentsplanningpe425 the convener petition pe425
really have to telecommunications developmentsplanningpe425 the convener we come
pyre ash pe429 telecommunications developmentsplanningpe425 war in afghanistan pe426
in its report on theplanningprocedures for telecommunications developments it
mrs anne marie glashan onplanningprocedures for telecommunications developments pe
mrs anne marie glashan onplanningprocedures for telecommunications developments the
mrs anne marie glashan onplanningprocedures for telecommunications developments the
the convener petition pe425 concernsplanningprocedures for telecommunications developments we
to take evidence on theplanningprocedures for telecommunications developments we
already decided to review theplanningprocess for telecommunications developments and
pe454 telecommunications developments planning pe425planningprocess pe508 water treatment plants
it would be better ifplanningpermission and licensing could be
is about the relationship betweenplanningpermission and licensing i have
construction has begun without obtainingplanningpermission and where retrospective planning
2003 how many of theplanningpermission appeals in each category
when it refused to grantplanningpermission for a new clutch
city council because it requiresplanningpermission for flats in multiple
that if local authorities requireplanningpermission for hmos i might
edinburgh council does not requireplanningpermission for people to operate
proposes to take regarding theplanningpermission granted by glasgow city
planning permission and where retrospectiveplanningpermission has been applied for
the failure to process theplanningpermission hector currie that is
after the initial granting ofplanningpermission if the development has
legal entitlement to insist onplanningpermission is an improvement that
hmo licences and even thoughplanningpermission is put on hold
has progressed in relation toplanningpermission on what date and
possibility of renewal of outlineplanningpermission outwith a specific time
off land and then giveplanningpermission that cuts across local
because of planning policy refusesplanningpermission that is not a
such assets and to grantplanningpermission to a developer when
different ways some authorities requireplanningpermission to be given before
lot and then because ofplanningpolicy refuses planning permission that
investigating having parallel applications forplanningand discharge consents and considering
to have parallel applications forplanningand discharge consents however there
to be statutorily consulted aboutplanningapplications and that we could
is not generic to allplanningapplications as the environment committee
authority boundaries in consideration ofplanningapplications for wind farms s1w
the scottish executive how manyplanningapplications have been referred to
a material consideration when consideringplanningapplications in the area in
it time and again duringplanningapplications one section of the
the kincardine area pe554 repeatplanningapplications pe556 extension of rail
certain psychiatric drugs pe554 repeatplanningapplications pe565 welfare of minors
on developments which have retrospectiveplanningapplications pending but not yet
are seeking to respond toplanningapplications s1o 3797 29 robin
remove the loophole of duplicateplanningapplications s1w 1441 colin campbell
we are concerned that allplanningapplications take the environmental impact
to go into all theplanningapplications that have been considered
authority area of the 830planningapplications that have been referred
be in the preparation ofplanningapplications the committee must review
the fast tracking of allplanningapplications to allow the proposed
a statutory consultee on relevantplanningapplications to help protect existing
appeal against decisions made inplanningapplications under the town and
appeal against decisions made inplanningapplications under the town and
public consultation requirements associated withplanningapplications which include neighbour notification
in that field applications forplanningapproval must be accompanied by
the draft town and countryplanningfees and applications and deemed
resolution the town and countryplanningfees for applications and deemed
the draft town and countryplanningfees for applications and deemed
affairs the town and countryplanningfees for applications and deemed
huggins the process of strategicplanningallows ministers to identify priorities
cosla bob reid assistant directorplanningand strategic development aberdeen city
situation cathy peattie yes butplanningand strategic management can take
funding to allow more strategicplanningand the need to move
fife as a single strategicplanningarea supported by robin harper
how many related to strategicplanningarrangements in fife and how
it has received about strategicplanningarrangements in fife s1o 3798
working towards our goal strategicplanning[censored: permission not able to be obtained for article] the gow team caught
of 60 000 for strategicplanningdivided into eight or nine
the whole organisation s strategicplanningfor dealing with the situation
consultation document review of strategicplanninghow many related to strategic
to the proposals for strategicplanningin fife s1w 19654 nora
s1m 2404 iain smith strategicplanningin fife that the parliament
s1m 2404 iain smith strategicplanningin fife wednesday 16 january
costs training consolidation and strategicplanningmany people in voluntary organisations
requirements pe524 review of strategicplanningpe525 proposed amendments to the
fit that into the strategicplanningprocess you identified the short
would split fife for strategicplanningpurposes between the cities of
to be split for strategicplanningpurposes recognises that fife council
campbell gemmell director of strategicplanningscottish environment protection agency mr
encourage local authorities through strategicplanningto identify the priorities in
lot of very good strategicplanningwas undertaken we had so
consultation document review of strategicplanningwhich would split fife for
guidance to local authorities onplanningissues arising from housing developments
by east lothian council splanningcommittee that the guidelines in
guidelines to local authorities onplanningfor their own provision provision
could operate in terms ofplanningguidelines and so on by
would also support that newplanningguidelines are coming in and
inconsistencies in the operation ofplanningguidelines by local authorities in
on the implementation of currentplanningguidelines on the disposal of
the draft consultation on nationalplanningguidelines only new installations of
stock we propose to relaxplanningguidelines to allow the building
collection of recyclable material reformplanningguidelines to ensure new housing
the planning system to introduceplanningguidelines to promote the use
not simply about checking nationalplanningpolicy and guidelines but about
wider examination of the nationalplanningpolicy guidelines and other aspects
will review the relevant nationalplanningpolicy guidelines and the committee
one was required in theplanningsystem to introduce planning guidelines
future date advance design advanceplanningand better town planning are
advance planning and better townplanningare all part of that
environment the town and countryplanninggeneral development procedure scotland amendment
2001 the town and countryplanninggeneral development procedure scotland amendment
244 the town and countryplanninggeneral development procedure scotland amendment
2001 the town and countryplanninggeneral development procedure scotland amendment
development the town and countryplanninggeneral permitted development scotland amendment
2001 the town and countryplanninggeneral permitted development scotland amendment
development the town and countryplanninggeneral permitted development scotland amendment
annulment the town and countryplanninggeneral permitted development scotland amendment
and galloway council royal townplanninginstitute in scotland dr andrew
u ren director royal townplanninginstitute in scotland eric wilson
2001 the town and countryplanninglimit of annual value scotland
of the town and countryplanningscotland act 1972 and set
as the town and countryplanningscotland act 1997 but they
under the town and countryplanningscotland act 1997 lodged 7
under the town and countryplanningscotland act 1997 lodged 7
of the town and countryplanningscotland act 1997 negative instruments
of the town and countryplanningscotland act 1997 other documents
and the town and countryplanningssi 1999 1 should be
mike rumbles aberdeen city councilplanningapplication for a football stadium
s willingness to approve aplanningapplication for a new football
notes with concern the pendingplanningapplication for opencast mining at
a decision over the outstandingplanningapplication for the lingerbay quarry
what information is required onplanningapplication forms relating to the
park authority to reject theplanningapplication from the children s
planning authority area that aplanningapplication from within that area
we are not amused aplanningapplication has been placed from
the ayr united heathfield stadiumplanningapplication in light of the
and approve licences before theplanningapplication is submitted the executive
sheridan s1m 1344 ayr unitedplanningapplication lodged on 13 november
mr jamie mcgrigor lingerbay quarryplanningapplication that the parliament notes
will use to determine theplanningapplication to allow and extend
environmental protection act 1990 theplanningand compensation act 1991 amendment
participation in the long termplanningand delivery of sustainable environmental
councillor iain robertson convener economicplanningand environmental services david hill
rob kirkwood on environmental andplanningissues relating to water treatment
deals with the environmental andplanningissues relating to water treatment
rob kirkwood on environmental andplanningissues relating to water treatment
rob kirkwood on environmental andplanningissues relating to water treatment
of current environmental pollution andplanninglaws and consider the possibility
as regards environmental protection andplanninglegislation to investigate possible solutions
26m there are no insurmountableplanningor environmental constraints the potential
planning policy guidance nppg 18planningand the historic environment states
ensure that planning legislation disallowsplanningauthorities from agreeing a sale
representing constituencies contained within aplanningauthority area that a planning
head of planning on generalplanningissues we could notify the
authorities and b ensure thatplanninglegislation disallows planning authorities from
minister and the head ofplanningon general planning issues we
the site scottish executive nationalplanningpolicy guidance nppg 18 planning
report are the existing emergencyplanningarrangements comprehensive and have they
on top of existing emergencyplanningarrangements it is there to
move on to the emergencyplanningarrangements miss goldie mr russell
part of the normal emergencyplanningarrangements that area has therefore
department fire service and emergencyplanningdivision ruth inglis solicitor office
work and of our emergencyplanningdrills some investment will be
concerned that winter and emergencyplanningin the health service should
the scottish executive what emergencyplanningpowers available to it have
together with the normal emergencyplanningprocedures the relevant authorities have
the control of the emergencyplanningservices the convener in the
the process of modelling andplanningmore difficult professor richards that
a temporary loophole in theplanningprocess and asks that the
much reliance on the communityplanningprocess and bringing together connected
openness and transparency of theplanningprocess and calls on the
heavily involved in the communityplanningprocess and having disability as
been inordinate delay in theplanningprocess and in obtaining an
fairly typical business and resourceplanningprocess christine grahame is the
on which that happens ourplanningprocess has sufficient flexibility to
a flaw within the currentplanningprocess i add that i
11 15 geoff huggins theplanningprocess is part of a
petition pe554 improvements to theplanningprocess mr neil henrikson will
be transferred to the parkplanningprocess or in a way
on that members indicated agreementplanningprocess pe508 the convener that
an important factor in theplanningprocess supported by dr sylvia
the department in an annualplanningprocess the head of each
improving others and reforming theplanningprocess to fully take into
authorities designate allotments in theplanningprocess varies for example of
we believe that the communityplanningprocess will enhance the relationships
any further delay in theplanningprocess will mean that the
it is unlikely that majorplanningchanges will be effected between
that local authorities monitor majorplanningconsents and issue completion notices
junction as a condition forplanningconsents being granted for major
181 mrs margaret smith majorplanningconsents that the parliament notes
until 18 september 2000 theplanningcontrol of major accident hazards
until 18 september 2000 theplanningcontrol of major accident hazards
until 18 september 2000 theplanningcontrol of major accident hazards
to continue examination of theplanningissues concerning future major investment
it seems likely that majorplanninglegislation will be introduced in
a major influence through theplanningsystem and provision of infrastructure
to update its policy onplanningagreements between developers and local
union foreign policy a policyplanningand early warning unit has
bute council debbie mackay seniorplanningdevelopment officer economic policy rona
which has proved invaluable inplanninggaelic policy by opposing the
frequency radiation in national policyplanningguideline 19 the executive states
a range of policy andplanningissues that deal with the
in order to further theplanningof a national policy for
officer bob shannon head ofplanningpolicy and europe argyll and
council bob shannon head ofplanningpolicy and europe highland council
or to the links betweenplanningpolicy and licensing policy which
indication that the relevant nationalplanningpolicy guideline was to be
that glasgow city council splanningpolicy is aimed at controlling
landscape the lack of policyplanningwith scotland s place names
the lack of policy andplanningwith scotland s place names
cities because there are strictplanningand control policies for hmos
the fullest range of developmentplanningcontrol and enforcement powers as
they advocate for example completeplanningcontrol for the proposed loch
to legislate to allow retrospectiveplanningcontrol from the date on
local authorities and if fullplanningcontrol is accepted calls upon
welcomes the proposal for fullplanningcontrol of all new ground
will be subject to fullplanningcontrol that goes against recommendation
be better to bring theplanningand licensing arrangements more effectively
us miss goldie have theplanningarrangements been enhanced to cope
marked out in work forceplanningarrangements that can lead to
will deliver integrated work forceplanningeffective recruitment activity and better
the scottish integrated work forceplanninggroup we need innovative approaches
the scottish integrated work forceplanninggroup which is mentioned in
sophisticated approach to work forceplanningin january the executive issued
ensure that future work forceplanningis well informed and that
part of improved work forceplanningmust be a better understanding
of our wider work forceplanningstrategy which is now centre
more effective in work forceplanningthan they are to do
to deliver better work forceplanningwhich will be based on
review and inquiry into theplanningand health related issues associated
issues in isolation but aplanningreview has been promised and
as part of its widerplanningreview otherwise what is the
as part of that overallplanningreview the executive will have
of their special status reviewplanningrules to ensure maximum opportunities
beyond that we review theplanningsituation in the senior management
horizon for the three yearplanningsituation we review that through
review its role in theplanningsystem in the light of
whether its review of theplanningsystem will bring forward proposals
parliament to review the currentplanningsystem with the view to
for any future review ofplanningthe executive states in its
tracey slaven head of corporateplanning2 local economic development inquiry
the main drivers of workforceplanningand development in the nhs
a full part in allplanningand development of area waste
mr john rennilson director ofplanningand development the committee requested
have been taken in participationplanningand service development which have
act 1993 mcleod w languageplanningas regional development the growth
interim or where the relevantplanningauthority considers that the development
sandy park chairman of theplanningdevelopment europe and tourism committee
eric wilson head of developmentplanningdumfries and galloway council royal
development is considered within theplanningsystem like any other development
factors are also important inplanningthe development of grammatical awareness
on issues of land ownershipplanningand the traffic management of
linguistic issues such as languageplanningfor both scots and gaelic
raise issues for the widerplanningframework i ask members to
will take evidence on currentplanningissues from des mcnulty minister
will take evidence on currentplanningissues from des mcnulty minister
express a view on individualplanningissues i ask members to
not becoming involved in individualplanningissues it might also be
they demand my support onplanningissues on sourcing grants and
be a material consideration inplanningissues s1w 24117 michael russell
does not relate to particularplanningissues sportscotland asked the executive
implementation of a licence untilplanningor other issues have been
have on the number ofplanningappeals submitted to local authorities
on 25 january 2000 whichplanningauthorities have established joint working
tourist boards local enterprise companiesplanningauthorities local road and traffic
scottish ministers to local authoritiesplanningauthorities or other local bodies
by local authorities through theirplanningfunction support collaboration between small
national park body should shareplanningfunctions with local authorities although
local authorities interpret a scottishplanningguidance note the only course
that different authorities go aboutplanningin different ways some authorities
david hill section head forwardplanningand regeneration highland council councillor
minister and the head ofplanningbeen scheduled for the convener
minister and the head ofplanningmembers indicated agreement water treatment
roland bean head of forwardplanningperth and kinross council hugh
calum robertson head of corporateplanningsabhal mor ostaig 5 briefing
prys jones head of languageplanningwelsh language board 2 mccrone
prys jones head of languageplanningwelsh language board 2 mccrone
s response detailed the currentplanningsystem and the measures that
introduce a more public friendlyplanningsystem by granting objectors to
of the view that theplanningsystem plays a wider role
develop a more effective dischargeplanningsystem through the joint future
add a point about theplanningsystem we do not rest
making to ensure that theplanningsystem will continue to run
was decided that instead ofplanningthe whole system before starting
plan the auditor general isplanninga report on performance measurement
cannot speak for the financeplanningand general purposes committee because
the board of the financialplanningand general purposes committee do
attend meetings of the financeplanningand general purposes committee of
it intends to make toplanninglegislation in general however if
kinross council hugh anderson convenerplanningcommittee perth and kinross council
has been informed of theplanningdecision by angus council which
elder glasgow city council splanningdepartment scored a victory for
dumfries and galloway council isplanningnicol stephen we have no
power of community initiative communityplanningpolitical restrictions on council employees
council and others on theplanningthey have undertaken to address
will give a breakdown byplanningauthority area of the 830
2002 what resource implications preventplanningauthority officials from informing msps
18 march 2002 what accessplanningauthority officials have to the
park body to be theplanningauthority with the fullest range
party rights of appeal inplanningcases where the local authority
local authority performance management andplanningin relation to best value
height become subject to fullplanningcontrols s1w 14965 david mundell
metres in height to fullplanningcontrols will have on the
metres in height to fullplanningcontrols will have on the
firm part of the communityplanningagenda being a key outcome
we can talk about communityplanningand partnership working but we
a critical element in communityplanningand what we have learned
implications for social inclusion communityplanningcommunity safety and resource allocation
government best value and communityplanningfollowed by business motion 2
of community gardens through revisedplanningguidance and by promoting them
of community gardens through revisedplanningguidance and by promoting them
as sips move towards communityplanningit is important to highlight
sections 16 to 18 communityplanningof the local government in
linking sips into the communityplanningpartnerships in the city and
utilising their power of communityplanningunder the local government act
should be a national programmeplanninggroup to set targets for
the production of new nationalplanningguidance on national parks commentary
the national qualifications framework inplanninghigher still in english and
it has to use itsplanningpowers to introduce a national
easiest course carrying out mediaplanningusing national titles is a
should be about land useplanningwhereas the national park plan
criminal memoirs for profit pe509planninglegislation affecting certain types of
are not related to theplanninglegislation and vice versa there
developer is in breach ofplanninglegislation in circumstances where construction
until such times as newplanninglegislation is brought forward supported
of their right under existingplanninglegislation to erect transmission masts
its staff are involved inplanningfor possible future constitutional changes
and stronger in the futureplanningfor rhodes 2007 has begun
from the group into futureplanningof services for pre school
march 2003 justice 1 theplanningand compensation act 1991 amendment
2003 ssi 2003 174 theplanningand compensation act 1991 amendment
173 11 march 2003 theplanningand compensation act 1991 amendment
2003 ssi 2003 173 theplanningand compensation act 1991 amendment
march 2003 justice 1 theplanningand compensation act 1991 amendment
section 80 5 of theplanningand compensation act 1991 the
westbank quadrant is the manplanningthe design for the area
or scottish homes s existingplanningdocuments i hope that local
from public local inquiries intoplanningmatters are awaiting a ministerial
from public local inquiries intoplanningmatters s1w 10693 margaret jamieson
to completing reports into localplanningmatters s1w 10696 alex neil
to the local plan whenplanningofficers have recommended rejection or
from the minister for transportplanningconcerning scottish transport group pension
and to consider using theplanningframework to group together homes
of the scottish integrated workforceplanninggroup and notes that the
by the scottish integrated workforceplanninggroup s1w 18272 brian fitzpatrick
scottish executive whether the transportplanninggroup will meet representatives of
water environment including agriculture aquacultureplanningland management flood prevention and
issue of the relationship betweenplanningand licensing the issue is
their typical approaches to lessonplanningwhat are the correspondences between
d 1980 the scots languageplanningfor modern usage edinburgh ramsay
language in the scots languageplanningfor modern usage edinburgh ramsay
problems in the scots languageplanningfor modern usage edinburgh ramsey
books the the scots languageplanningfor modern usage which arose
unless there is deliberate languageplanningone reason that the welsh
approximately 11 15 am 8planningbriefing the committee will take
approximately 11 15 am 8planningbriefing the committee will take
it includes hmo licensing andplanningi take the point that
plan will take and theplanningof resources will become easier
and structures did any suchplanningtake place or was there
based mcdermott international are nowplanningto take 65 of the
in fine at tübingen andplanningto take up greek what
assessments have in the newplanningbill should perhaps be a
scene and mitchell was alsoplanningcountless new projects destined to
as an important aspect ofplanningin this new century it
be introduced into the newplanningregime dr black on the
of the public inquiry andplanningappeal into the route of
technology be incorporated into theplanningregime dr black as opposed
into licensing in relation toplanningroads fire and police all
census information currently informs theplanningand delivery of many of
the scottish executive how manyplanningappeals have been received by
in much of the detailedplanningthat led to many of
for the project he isplanningto postpone many of his
all the way through fromplanningto implementation that kind of
data could also assist inplanningfor cultural tourism in cases
also important that in ourplanningpolicies we design homes and
1919 and had also begunplanningthe collection of the materials
whether it will now grantplanningconsent in line with the
services workforce whether meeting andplanninggot underway with the wea
whether it intends to reviseplanninglaw to remove the loophole
whether it intends to reviseplanninglaw to remove the possibility
whether it intends to reviseplanninglaw to tighten up the
scottish executive whether it isplanningmore private prisons in the
scottish executive whether it isplanningto initiate any discussions with
a spatial strategy and aplanningbill s1w 34782 susan deacon
in the drafting of aplanningbill s1w 34783 susan deacon
of the site of theplanningproposal s1w 24809 pauline mcneill
the pandora s box ofplanninganyway so surely we should
not wanting to sit onplanningcommittees but there should be
the exact model for sharingplanningfunctions should be different for
be used with accuracy forplanningpurposes i should clarify the
body should have a strongerplanningrole they advocate for example
s1m 591 public participation inplanninglodged on 24 february 2000
s1m 591 public participation inplanninglodged on 24 february 2000
s1m 3590 delivery of familyplanningservices in dundee lodged on
tenants and residents association areplanningactivities for the centenary and
and target setting to achieveplanningaims will pupils be lost
f1151: classes on erm lessonplanningand and then f1150: mmhm
be at the heart ofplanningand decision making for the
different ethnic groups in serviceplanningand delivery in our evolving
in core funding prevents effectiveplanningand distracts those who are
the final assessment of contingencyplanningand for one or two
which is responsible for theplanningand implementation of the year
in the early stages ofplanningand information will be distributed
and gerry marr director ofplanningand performance management scottish executive
sufficiently robust in relation toplanningand siting controls and consumer
of young disabled people inplanningand structures such as the
be introduced to enable realisticplanningand the establishment of management
wrong how to achieve continuityplanningand which things to stop
working on health promotion andplanningby aligning where practical the
particularly want to sit onplanningcommittees and i would not
on a 23 year oldplanningconsent and calls upon the
consent to end and insertplanningconsent for nuclear and other
consent to end and insertplanningconsent for nuclear and other
flood prevention measures and supportplanningcontrols on buildings in flood
been in touch with theplanningdept and was able to
will begin guddling around inplanningfire and a whole range
any risks that we areplanningfor and have not addressed
time and assist in theplanningof bilingual education as linda
further reforming building standards andplanningrules promote the installation of
of wrestling over funding andplanningthe legacy are overcome the
and in ensuring necessary contingencyplanningto safeguard health services utilities
phone masts regrets that suchplanningcontrols cannot currently be applied
within our remit such asplanningpowers have largely been dealt
for a census such asplanningthe corn needs of the
am thinking in particular ofplanningfor flu jabs last year
planned for that would notplanninghave at least been helpful
circumstances allow but for aplanningpurpose we re looking at
the issue of longer termplanningso that people will feel
insurance fraud any breach ofplanninglaws malicious damage actions contrary
insurance fraud any breach ofplanninglaws malicious damage or actions
insurance fraud any breach ofplanninglaws malicious damage or actions
scottish executive with regard toplanningadvice notice no 36 what
executive what measures it isplanningto introduce in areas where
executive what initiatives it isplanningto promote the scottish popular
director of priority services jointplanningassociation of health boards chief
in the context of aplanningbill or some other legislative
to be included as aplanningconsideration supporting the incorporation of
lack of detailed assistance inplanningconversions can be addressed providing
on top of that yourplanningf1150: yeah f1151: classes on
land management agreements or adoptingplanningfunctions snh are of the
beyond the conventional boundaries ofplanningjurisdiction however this covers the
be done to ensure coherentplanningof the eu s crisis
the information would help theplanningof the promotion of scots
pose problems because people areplanningon the basis of 160
c pupil collaboration on writingplanningor redrafting a piece of
sandra white proposed third partyplanningrights of appeal scotland bill
sandra white proposed third partyplanningrights of appeal scotland bill
of an adequately resourced workforceplanningstrategy is essential if nhs
long after the post ofplanningsupervisor in relation to the
1987 as a means ofplanningthe provision of pharmaceutical services
of what the backcourt isplanningto look like karl [censored: surname]
court proceedings industrial tribunals orplanningor other similar statutory procedures
health in england on workforceplanningin the nhs what steps
[?]my hands[/?] so you re notplanningon moving south or to
to hold a consultation onplanningthe issue could be considered
keeping well if you replanningto go on holiday you
scotland on his report entitledplanningward nursing legacy or design
amazing too they have noplanningrestrictions you can more or
modern languages in scotland whenplanninga lesson or a series
power stations in scotland changeplanningguidance to make sure out
which are currently in theplanningdesign or construction stages together
which deals with business continuityplanningthe report was completed a
beaumont or a man splanningto sink a mineshaft he
audits ags 2002 7 4planningward nursing legacy or design
it has to use itsplanningpowers to protect historic landscapes
this subject 3 winter bedplanningthe committee heard evidence from
the committee felt that whenplanningthe menu they would not
phrase the built environment inplanningare a long way from
people to be involved inplanningat that stage would they
progress it relates to aplanningdecision at sheephill quarry in
minority needs in their forwardplanningif we are unable to
trunk roads it is currentlyplanningin order to increase capacity
harris notes that the originalplanninginquiry was concluded in june
rented sector in their housingplanningprocesses they just do not
particularly in relation to theplanningregime in the west end
sector a key role inplanningthe sector s opportunity to
involved in committees that wereplanningthings to do with government
harry so you re reallyplanningto back the railway in
me a letter he splanningto hide in amang the
the baseline provision we areplanningto draw down something like
that prisoners at peterhead areplanningto open a toy shop
started too late to stopplanningapproval gow is working hard
citizens wishing to appeal againstplanningdecisions business bulletin no 153
not to bolt i wasplanningdeep down inside me andy
by the reporter to theplanninginquiry that the proposed weight
modern papers but i mplanningto do erm [cough] germanic
they could involve everything fromplanningto education to housing all
she s delighted i mplanningto go to cairo too
column about testing the continuityplanningthe information suggests that seven
am not suggesting that yourplanningwas at fault it seems
aye f606: it s beyondplanning[laugh] m824: [laugh] m822: i
transmission mckee who is alreadyplanningnext year s festival is

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