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play play doh tomorrow playplaydoh again tomorrow f1114: that
playing f1113: we ll playplaydoh aye f1114: stick it
cut it up you likeplaydoh [censored: forename] f1114: yes f1113:
is dad going to playplaydoh dad s going away
f1114: it s [?]having[/?] theplaydoh f1113: oops right in
f1113: do you want yourplaydoh f1114: it s [?]having[/?]
da f1113: colour s theplaydoh f1114: it s orange
s the ruler and [inaudible]playdoh f1114: mm squeeze it
[inaudible] do you like theplaydoh f1114: yes f1113: yes
goes that goes on theplaydoh f1127: no that s
playing at i was playingplaydoh f1135: what today f1136:
tubbie that you keep theplaydoh in it s a
tub and we ll playplaydoh in the morning f1114:
home yet you were playingplaydoh today were you did
that bittie you could playplaydoh tomorrow play play doh
s this f1113: it splaydoh went hard it s
it you don t eatplaydoh yuck f1114: yuck f1113:
could play play doh tomorrowplayplay doh again tomorrow f1114:
re playing f1113: we llplayplay doh aye f1114: stick
smell is dad going toplayplay doh dad s going
the tub and we llplayplay doh in the morning
catch that bittie you couldplayplay doh tomorrow play play
annoyed throw play truant sleepplaya game hit hard right
aye aye aye f1053: toplaytruant f1001: mmhm m1000: well
f1026: mmhm f1054: right toplaytruant f1023: [laugh] f1027: bunkin
mm f1054: what aboot toplaytruant f1041: skulk the school
skivin skive off school yeplaytruant has it aye m1016:
to play truant m1008: toplaytruant [inhale] erm dogging school
i was too good toplaytruant [laugh] f1054: dog f1005:
on this next one toplaytruant m1008: to play truant
so pretty unanimous on thatplaytruant m1012: skive skive aye
think o any others exceptplaytruant skip school skive m1014:
unwell tired pleased annoyed throwplaytruant sleep play a game
yeah excellent what about toplaytruant that s something that
m1015: mm mmhm f1054: toplaytruant that s the last
other one wi- for toplaytruant was doggin but that
one i f1054: er toplaytruant we ve kind of
problem at all ehm toplaytruant well ann never did
been said m1055: and toplaya game alister [cough] m1008:
f1136: what f1135: did youplaya game at playgroup f1136:
fine ehm what aboot toplaya game colin m1016: take
one eh what about toplaya game f1006: [laugh] to
[laugh] f1054: [?]what do you do, what, what are you doing?[/?] [laugh] toplaya game f1023: well i
no f1054: what about toplaya game f1023: well i
i don t know toplaya game f1025: [laugh] f1026:
f1023: do you do toplaya game f1025: [laugh] [laugh]
all you re doin isplaya game f1054: okay m1004:
that tae be honest toplaya game f1054: yeah cause
okay erm what about toplaya game f1145: [inaudible] we
let s see now toplaya game [inaudible] m1042: [inaudible]
do f1024: [laugh] f1023: toplaya game like if you
holiday f1053: to play toplaya game m1000: good eh
aboot playin aboot but toplaya game m1002: no m999:
a game f1006: [laugh] toplaya game m1004: i cannae
right f1054: what aboot toplaya game m1012: just just
and mix there ehm toplaya game m1019: that one
but it s nae taeplaya game m999: no no
like if you were gonnaeplaya game yeah but like
lied we re going toplaya little game i m
in rural areas we couldplaya percentage game all night
have to shown how toplaya playground game f963: is
football f1113: well i llplaya quick game o football
thomas s 2 sisters friendplaya skipping game front of
computer game where you canplayagainst some sort of er
cums ti dirdin twa canplayat that game oniewey ye
a game m1012: just justplayaye m1010: well f1011: we
m1108: i am wanting toplayevery snooker game f1107: every
as the game progressed theplaygot a wee bittie mair
you play the game m1110: playi f1109: have ye to
game yur aye wantin tiplayis fairy dribble goblins blethers
like this game f1114: iplaykerplunk f1113: you play kerplunk
m1015: mmhm aye just toplaym1017: just a game nothin
what would you like toplaym1094: a game f1093: which
a party game f965: toplayonly as a party m964:
the day f1104: can weplayour disney game f1103: no
f1103: do you want toplayspotty dog game come on
the fishie game did youplaythe fishie game yesterday f1114:
won t be able toplaythe game m1094: why why
will we go through andplaythe game m1094: yeah f1093:
tae dae how do youplaythe game m1110: play i
it and then we canplaythe game now f1114: oops
what fur will yi nohplaythe game true an real
wi the game your fuckinplaytime ok silence ed stew
my spanish holiday f1053: toplayto play a game m1000:
affa even game an asplaywent fae ae end tae
years mr raffan the cabxplaya central role does the
practice etc the employment guidelinesplaya contributory role in promoting
allow them to continue toplaya full and active role
with an important opportunity toplaya full role in ensuring
control nurses empowering them toplaya key controlling role in
with duncan mcneil such peopleplaya key role in campaigns
the councils for voluntary serviceplaya key role in developing
councils for voluntary services canplaya key role in that
[censored: surname] [censored: placename] abstract computers nowadaysplaya key role in the
urban areas are said toplaya lifeline role for citizens
structural funds will continue toplaya major role it will
have limited direct functions andplaya predominantly co ordinating role
s validating partner s allplaya role in the applications
extent to which it couldplaya role in the eu
is important for us toplaya role in the promotion
access to a car andplaya role in the tourism
in which all stakeholders couldplaya role key areas for
as sssi sacs and spasplaya separate role to that
believe that the committee couldplaya useful role in keeping
investigatory powers scotland bill willplaya vital role in safeguarding
of extra services dentistry dentistsplaya vital role in the
have an important role toplayamong ordinary people who often
institute of enterprise that willplayan important role in helping
drug trafficking surveillance continues toplayan important role in police
work the scottish parliament canplayan important role in promoting
expect the executive agency toplayan important role in that
encouraging the voluntary sector toplayan international role that humanitarian
have a key role toplayand should they be resourced
has a crucial role toplayby fulfilling our potential as
executive has a role toplayensuring that all msps are
daen bairn psychology an roleplayfur fitiver man wumman warssles
ritalin have a role toplayhowever the guideline also states
the role that our nursesplayin delivering health care over
role the voluntary sector canplayin delivering public services s1o
got a unique role toplayin developing international citizens and
a vital future role toplayin ensuring that livestock changes
have an important role toplayin facilitating that partnership ian
has a key role toplayin helping to deliver social
executive what role it willplayin implementing the e commerce
which has a role toplayin improving access to the
have an important role toplayin its implementation the executive
has a key role toplayin local economic development i
has a key role toplayin maintaining standards that will
supports the role rural schoolsplayin maintaining the social and
executive what role it wouldplayin responding to any incident
role that sub post officesplayin scottish communities particularly in
has a considerable role toplayin tackling social exclusion in
have a key role toplayin taking forward that economic
have an incredible role toplayin taking forward this agenda
therefore has a role toplayin the implementation of such
executive have a role toplayin the process of helping
research has a role toplayin the tourism industry and
vital role that voluntary groupsplayin their areas groups that
key role that they clearlyplayin their local communities the
have a key role toplayin turning the world class
on to use a roleplayin which she took on
has an important role toplayit will bring in 100
european commission should national parliamentsplaymore of a role in
public roles in class roleplayor to take part in
has an enormous role toplayparticularly in areas of multiple
have a significant role toplaypresiding officer you will be
in very tightly structured roleplayscenarios such criticism is not
it has a role toplaythat is locally determined and
we have a role toplaythat is stronger than just
conditions that allow them toplaythe active role that i
in the omc national governmentsplaythe lead role in the
it is human craiters thatplaythe leading role for encouragement
may have a role toplaythe new housing partnership programme
european court of justice couldplaythis role i cannot see
i ve learned how theyplayamerican football it s all
thought of was the kidsplayf- when they play football
leisure i mean did youplayfootball and stuff like that
kids play f- when theyplayfootball and there s no
his brother john and friendplayfootball behind as mother speaks
i collect stamps or iplayfootball but i ve i
oh want to want toplayfootball f1113: [inaudible] there you
f1114: but i want toplayfootball f1113: well i ll
play football i want toplayfootball f1113: well wait till
then you can go andplayfootball f1114: no [inaudible] no
the teddy s going toplayfootball f1126: yes teddy s
is great fun he mayedplayfootball he has been allowed
i- no i want toplayfootball i want to play
child the girls didn tplayfootball just f963: mm f965:
m1007: play shinty yes ayeplayfootball m1008: yes yes m1007:
football no you wouldn tplayfootball m1078: no not near
says no we don tplayfootball m608: [?]silly[/?] aye m1163:
he has been allowed toplayfootball modals ar restrictit tae
walk a distance never mindplayfootball oh i thought yous
i didn t want toplayfootball or stuff either he
the f963: did both gendersplayfootball or was it just
israeli and palestinian youths canplayfootball together on an equal
other boy who didn tplayfootball we probably wouldn t
in the european football championshipplayoff between scotland and england
in the european football championshipplayoff between scotland and england
is simply play shinty m1007: playshinty yes aye play football
him he was wantin toplaywi the sort of football
tae play come oot taeplaybit first ae hornie syne
ach i play guitar iplaybut you ve gotta rel-
the kids to sit andplaycards or to play something
gowden buttercup come oot taeplaycome oot tae play bit
the word play let splayf1041: no you ve got
at the toddlers m1094: noplayf1093: play what do you
play mum i want toplayf1105: the water s cauld
to play [laugh] oot toplayf1143: aye comin oot to
re sayin somethin can youplayfitba ken m999: play fitba
you play fitba ken m999: playfitba play the mmhm f1053:
the guitar m816: ach iplayguitar i play but you
s play i want toplay[?]honkety honkety honkety[/?] [musical toy makes a noise] f1113: honkety honkety
brilliant play mm f807: erplayhuh mm f806: such a
next no [inhale] let splayi want to play [?]honkety honkety honkety[/?]
one f1114: i want toplayit f1113: okay you play
ll play it we canplayit the morn can t
sure f1104: but we llplayit we can play it
i play kerplunk f1113: youplaykerplunk f1114: yes [inaudible] sticks
play roonders or ye couldplaykick the can eh [?]cockarossie[/?]
to do we used toplay[laugh] oot to play f1143:
m1042: we used the wordplaylet s play f1041: no
play we we just useplaym999: aye you would just
s like such a brilliantplaymm f807: er play huh
hmm m1106: i want toplaymum i want to play
a good idea m1092: mmplayplay there help me f1091:
play with your ball f1114: playroll the ball f1113: roll
roonders we we used taeplayroonders or ye could play
folk playing shinty is simplyplayshinty m1007: play shinty yes
and play cards or toplaysomething f963: mmhm f965: because
to do at playschool f1114: playthe blocks f1113: play with
fitba ken m999: play fitbaplaythe mmhm f1053: what about
good idea m1092: mm playplaythere help me f1091: oh
m1002: i i just didplaywe we just use play
toddlers m1094: no play f1093: playwhat do you play with
barbie swan lake play wiplaywi it too f1103: mmhm
yeah can barbie swan lakeplaywi play wi it too
play wi that though dinnaplaywi that darlin will i
you f1118: yeah f1117: dinnaplaywi that though dinna play
f1114: play the blocks f1113: playwith blocks uh huh what
play it f1113: okay youplaywith it okay f1114: uh
f1093: play what do youplaywith m1094: bikes f1093: bikes
play with the water f1089: playwith the water aye you
dae at the playschool m1090: playwith the water f1089: play
cosier and then you canplaywith your ball f1114: play
important to ensure that theyplaya central part in identifying
something else finally voluntary organisationsplaya crucial part in the
through reading scott who wouldplaya far more prominent part
ensure that community recycling operatorsplaya full part in all
stake we have sought toplaya full part in the
we will be able toplaya greater part in united
been established in scotland andplaya huge part in passing
2001 recognises that such initiativesplaya part in scotland enjoying
insert recognises that such initiativesplaya part in scotland enjoying
hope that the debate willplaya part in showing that
activity so that they canplaya part in that strategy
being in trouble silc wouldplaya part in the arrangements
thing if we are toplaya part in the formation
executive or for us toplaya significant part in providing
negotiations the scottish executive willplayan active part in all
of responsibility how should weplayan active part we can
that the voluntary sector mustplayan equal part in developing
leid is gauntae continue taeplayan important and noticeable part
of public transport tourism willplayan important part in the
arbuthnott farmers were expected toplayan important part in the
obviously have a part toplayi believe that in the
a more prominent part toplayif you were greedy you
have a significant part toplayin delivering some of the
league have no part toplayin determining the future structure
month the part that cabxplayin developing social inclusion in
have an important part toplayin initiating and furthering such
have a large part toplayin making the most of
have a vital part toplayin our democracy is concerned
having an important part toplayin the lives of their
we have a part toplayin this i know that
of the cake it cannotplayits full part in increasing
a united kingdom scotland mustplayits part in the fight
executive and the parliament willplayits part in those developments
energising the private sector toplayits part it has issued
as scottish literature needs toplayno less vital a part
a council seat i canplayno part in that she
boundless mercy we in scotlandplayour part in the parliament
minor the committees concerned shouldplaysome part in the sifting
undying shame i began toplaythe part of the gullible
authorities and schools need toplaytheir part fully in promoting
to communicate with other peopleplaytheir part in society and
have a part in theplaywere put in the chorus
weel i stayed here toplayyour part the obligements that
bounce it i want toplayat bounce it f1113: right
blocks wi mum want toplayblocks f1113: right i ll
the juice f1114: want toplayblocks wi mum f1113: [inaudible]
f1113: [inaudible] f1114: want toplayblocks wi mum want to
no i nae want toplay[censored: forename] f1113: you dinna want
in a chair f1114: [child noises]playdown one [?]the mum[/?] one f1113:
your clothes coming up toplayf1114: mm f1113: take your
something f1113: what you gonnaplayf1114: something something f1113: it
was a nice afternoon toplayf1114: yes f1113: mmhm f1114:
f1113: yes f1114: we couldplayit after f1113: we could
it after f1113: we couldplayit tomorrow morning f1114: [inaudible]
f1113: do you want toplayjigsaws yes f1114: [cough] f1113:
[censored: forename] do you want toplaykerplunk f1114: yes mm f1113:
f1113: mm you going toplaysomething watch your knee again
the sticks [singing] f1113: [inaudible]playthat again [inaudible] f1114: [singing]
[laugh] f1113: right you canplaythen whee f1114: whee okay
okay f1114: [squeak] want toplaytill f1113: [inaudible] lipstick want
bella f1113: come upstairs andplaywhile mum gets your clothes
f1113: she s going toplaywi [censored: forename] f1114: yes go
f1113: you dinna want toplaywi him okay then who
club f1113: mmhm away toplaywi the bairnies awa to
f1114: no no no f1113: playwi the farm f1114: no
farm f1114: no oh f1113: playwi the farm f1114: where
yes she s going toplaywith [censored: forename] f1113: she s
else are you going toplaywith draw f1114: draw f1113:
tell barney i want toplaywith the balls f1113: [inaudible]
little piggy is going toplaywith the box f1113: oh
f1113: are you going toplaywith the toys f1114: yes
dressed and then you canplayagain can t you f1114:
going to stay inside andplayjust in here f1114: mmhm
the boxie and we llplaywi them [inaudible] farm f1114:
who are you going toplaywith f1114: [inaudible] [censored: forename] s
s up you going toplaywith him f1114: no no
i don t want toplaya jigsaw f1125: why you
us do you want toplayat my playschool sure sure
really doesn t want toplaycompetitively that just would love
mmhm [inaudible] nae want itplayf1091: now that s his
t want to remember theyplayin my head and they
shuffle do we want toplay[inaudible] f1111: go and lay
again do you want toplayit again f1104: yeah i
one that you want toplaym1094: yes f1093: okay would
fitt do you want toplaynoo will we mak mair
would still want me toplaytennis and ride with him
this one i want toplaythat one f1121: right [toy says 'let's play']
and here you want toplaythe parisian well come on
and here you want toplaythe parisian well come on
pharmacists and other health professionalsplaywe want to maintain that
toy noo i want toplaywi a toy noo f1101:
up f1102: i want toplaywi a toy noo i
ringan dae ye want tiplaywi the puddok yeir hieness
did you want somebody toplaywith f1104: yeah but my
with she didna want toplaywith f1117: i ken but
and she didna want toplaywith she didna want to
cause cause i want toplaywith the lego mannie f1095:
sand again i want toplaywith the sand again f1089:
[singing] right we want toplaywith them f1111: yes f1112:
there f1122: i want toplaywith this f1121: what s
somethin ensaumple 10 ye kinplayyon piano gif ye want
like that you used toplaya tune m1128: i nae
f963: cause we used toplayall together like the whole
nurse because we used toplayat hospitals i think i
to go we used toplaybadminton an they had a
a go f1011: used taeplaybeds f1054: [inaudible] f1011: somethin
boys of course used taeplaybools in the middle of
spelling scots used in thisplayclosely follows the recommendations for
i mind we used taeplaycops an robbers wi sledges
cricket cause we used toplaycricket in the park in
some previous familiarity with theplaydifferent registers have been used
and then we used taeplayeh [tut] what else did
f1101: aye f1102: used toplayfa s is that is
a ken he used toplayin alexandria an stonehaven as
time actually we used toplayin the breaks f965: mmhm
[panting] mum i used toplay[inaudible] in here didn t
time eh we used taeplaykick the can eh m608:
used to laugh and f1122: playmm call them names er
erm so i used toplayon this railway line well
over there we used toplayoutside all the time and
anderson from pitcarles used toplaythe piano and the food
o hoo we used toplaythegither weel i stayed here
band an he used toplaythere an a ken he
you know we used toplaythere and i i that
you know we used toplaythere and that was that
them actually and used toplaythese all the time you
and er he used toplaythese he had a couple
kitchen and we used toplayunder the table and the
used to we used taeplaywi a well she s
and a gird used taeplaywi the gird playin wi
like that you used toplaywith and like you get
j sloan appeared first toplaywith kilwinning and we used
for anither i eest taeplayaboot wi all farrant electronic
tae try thaim on anplayaboot wi thaim for a
sponge afore he gings taeplayat fitbaa wi a mermaid
the sorra else did heplayat wi the littlins fur
smiles an yet ageen pressplayda news wi holly in
the gless ee ye canplayhunners o pliskies wi a
socht alane for fowk tiplaythe weapons wi or at
get you another top youplaythere wi your ball till
uh huh f1091: she cannaeplaywi a bee can she
far tae faa naewye taeplaywi a bycycle or baa
ower the eers surely aplaywi aa the actions can
yowies fine for loons taeplaywi an ey d files
okay fitt toys did yeplaywi at the the toddlers
did you what did youplaywi at the toddlers m1092:
who are ye goin toplaywi at your playschool m1090:
his pypes an beguid tiplaywi aw his micht for
wis feenished she sterted taeplaywi benjy matty s dug
well but boys like toplaywi boys f1102: [censored: forename] is
fine they aye like myplaywi brodstaff an wi rung
he always j- [censored: forename] alwaysplaywi [censored: forename] f1101: well but
you can maybe go andplaywi [censored: forename] for a whilie
heid in thair hauns taeplaywi gin they re catch
[inaudible] f1104: for us toplaywi him f1103: aye that
your cousin f1102: he didnaplaywi him in school he
ti luik eftir hir anplaywi hir siller tree wes
she was wanting somebody toplaywi isn t she m1092:
oh boy well we canplaywi it after okay f1104:
f1104: and can you canplaywi it as well f1103:
remember you go in andplaywi it m1128: aye f1127:
who are ye goin toplaywi m1090: [inhale] [exhale] [censored: forename]
and fitt else did yeplaywi m1092: erm trains f1091:
f1091: fitt toys did youplaywi m1092: me know f1091:
heid in yer hauns taeplaywi ma heid felt as
f1103: thanks f1104: i llplaywi my little ponies f1103:
tae dae m1132: train setplaywi my train set f1131:
can i ging roon taeplaywi sean it s dark
worthwhile for the kids taeplaywi so the doctor came
well you bide there andplaywi that a minute while
hopped and ye had f638: playwi that hoppin an m608:
don t ye do youplaywi that in the toyshop
way right okay did youplaywi the cars m1092: uh
street were not allowed toplaywi the children in the
for she wisna alloued taeplaywi the cottar bairns that
this mornin somethin about betterplaywi the deil than m1146:
prog wi the brodstaff orplaywi the rung an he
asked ye ken ye ayeplaywi the sheltie gin ye
herm ah juist wantit tiplaywi the teapot pepper and
we can take him andplaywi the trucks m1090: [inhale]
went doun lossit bay taeplaywi their spades an their
you canna run aboot andplaywi them [?]else[/?] they keep
f1102: i m goin toplaywi them in here f1101:
rings f1107: aye but dinnaplaywi them m1108: you put
mumps away you go andplaywi them so you ended
who are ye goin toplaywi there m1090: [sucks through teeth] mm
the stairs and we llplaywi this m1092: no f1091:
think somebody s goin toplaywi you [censored: forename] [laugh] m865:
i didna ch- i didnaplaywi you cheating f1103: no
leave that then you canplaywi your blocks [inaudible] i
pull your seat over dinnaplaywi your cable please f1118:
leave him [censored: forename] go andplaywi your dollies i m
went deid weirit wi oorplayye can keep new farrant
33 parts some actors canplay2 parts scene 1 james
many more factors come intoplayalasdair morgan can you expand
she can come back andplayanother time m1106 : mmhm f1105:
them they say w- weplayany manny and anybody can
more military imagery comes intoplayanyone who can see the
mum can we go andplay[child noises] [inaudible] the door come
f1107: erm how can youplaycrash bash and get a
m1108: why gently can iplaycrash bash f1107: hmm i
music and children who canplayfiddle or chanter happily moreover
go to [censored: forename] s andplayfor a wee whilie can
better things words can sometimesplayfunny tricks on themselves ever
the treatment work can iplaygolf can i bowl can
[inaudible] we would just sayplayi don t can t
sub member state administrations canplayin realising these objectives welcomes
sub member state administrations canplayin realising these objectives welcomes
beaumont you can go andplayin the garden again now
mum can i go andplay[inaudible] f1101: haud on a
them in and we canplayit again tomorrow okay push
s some money you canplayit so he s sittin
[tut] what else did weplaykick the can aleevo f638:
can i ging oat taeplayma s on a date
f1122: can we go andplaynoo f1121: mmhm what are
mum can we go andplaynoo mum can we go
bams can bide here anplayschoolies if ye wint so
can be placed over thoseplaythe mill machinery others including
handed but you can tplaythe violin left handed so
position the same actor canplaythomas as a boy and
can take two parts orplaytrees or other objects the
operation and friendly competition ofplaywe can also recognise that
now it s time toplaywhat can you see m1092:
bob then and you canplaywith bob m1090: [inaudible] no
winna go hard you canplaywith it again tomorrow right
f1104: yeah and we canplaywith it f1103: mmhm f1104:
jammies and then you canplaywith the toys m1106 : [child noises]
f965: or they could justplayagainst it that was another
just to see his gentlemanplayand how he could handle
so i knew he couldplaybut not like this headbanging
with a mere nudge thisplaycould have been slotted into
i could only think ofplayf1009: yes m1008: he plays
as well so i couldplayf1121: that s nae a
knew my old boy couldplayguitar if my old dear
and other support workers couldplayin helping to create additional
neighbourhood or community wardens couldplayin reducing the fear of
the private rented sector couldplayin the future we should
or or when could iplayin the playground if i
know we could we couldplayin the street there was
a sleekit pliskie he couldplayon his wife the day
days of course you couldplayon the roads cause there
of course you could neverplaypeevers if you were a
the melodeon and plenty couldplaythe fiddle mabel smith had
nearly every farm servant couldplaythe melodeon and plenty could
whether the instrument could indeedplaytunes 2 beautiful kittens to
mm f965: and they couldplaywith the instruments f963: oh
pianist lifted her hands toplayyou could hear a pin
knew allan was going toplayjust to see his gentleman
re going to learn toplaylike spanish guitar you ve
park what you going toplayon f1136: erm on roundabout
right are you going toplaythe marbles again there you
m1096: i m going toplaywith [censored: forename] f1095: are you
be careful m1096: let splaya jigsaw then f1095: okay
okay now right you gonnaplayblocks here s your juice
you re no allowed toplay[inaudible] the day okay mam
a puzzle [toy says 'let's play'] let splayright okay that one f1122:
m gonna i m gonnaplaythis just now okay just
must be on holiday toplayabout the beaches [inaudible] kinda
about f1027: goin out toplayf1054: [inaudible] [laugh] f1023: [laugh]
that now f1104: i wannaplay[inaudible] in the morn f1103:
thought we was gaun toplay[inaudible] m1108: read [?]hey, that's that[/?] a
we we all sort ofplay[inaudible] so you couldnae move
m1092: [child noises] no me [inaudible]playit f1091: you re gaun
don t know [inaudible] toplaylike you are f1136: that
m816: alright m815: you justplaym816: [inaudible] we get a
oot an pl- just toplaymmhm m1012: [inaudible] m1010: roonders
you do f1071: [inaudible] sometimesplaywith eh playing jigsaws so
f1130: [inaudible] i ll justplaywith that pot f1129: no
mmhm [inaudible] toys f1102: iplaywith uh huh f1101: was
read- we didn t justplaya a recording of a
aye you would just sayplayaye m1002: when when you
right i ll come andplayblocks with you just now
other wo- word than justplayf1143: mm f1144: mm m1146:
would just get together andplayf965: my kids er m964:
darenae the generation oo darenaeplayhookey because it wasnae just
when we came out toplayi just walked out the
night just have a littleplayin the bath at night
just use the f1009: justplaym1008: standard word for that
uised tae gaun oot toplaym1013: join in ye just
ye just gaed oot taeplaym1042: kick the cannie an
ma beddies masel and justplaymasel f1027: mmhm f1054: aye
very good [laugh] i justplayopen mics but m959: oh
the cricket [laugh] f718: toplayor just to watch mm
huh m1163: erm and justplaysome songs and have some
offended erm i m gonnaplaysomething here just now erm
they come out they justplaythem solid f814: again and
through here f1112: let meplaytoybox f1111: no not just
t broken will i justplaywith the marshmallows just noo
do f1112: [inhale] you justplaywith them f1111: we ll
i dinna think he wullplayagain this year as the
mcleish pledges never again toplaypolitics with an issue that
again f1093: hmm we llplaysomething else now m1094: what
your fault you must neverplaywith my lighter again or
steal a ciggie again orplaywith the lighter or smoke
else m1146: mm f1144: forplayf1143: the only thing i
mm f806: such a brilliantplayf807: i was thinki- i
f963: mm f965: did notplayit f963: mmhm f965: and
they ll f963: mm m762: playsort of more modern songs
became a fashionable thing toplaythe fiddle an f746: mm
would never let your kidsplaythere f963: mm mmhm be
f963: mm f965: wanting toplaythese playground games f963: right
mm f1136: well go andplaywith on it it then
with tweenies mm m1070: youplaywith the tweenies anything else
and papa f1071: ehm iplaywith tweenies mm m1070: you
did you go outside toplayand did you get a
the first tune he didplayand sing was farewell to
sort of games did youplayat school f1077: erm f718:
in english schools did theyplayhot- hopscotch would they have
and whe- f1107: did youplayin the hall for a
to remember did you everplaypeever f963: well i never
what did you did youplaywh-wh- tell me a little
f1141: light off [censored: forename] dinnaplaywith the light f1142: [singing]
[censored: forename] you winna get toplaywith the pens if that
is remembered that in oneplaya gentleman on stage with
the next probing query createplayareas with fairberry s nannies
i don t get toplayaround with pictures like he
nana and papa too m1070: playdrawing with nana and papa
f1071: mmhm ehm yeah weplaydrawing with nana and papa
bang bang bang we dinnaplaydrums with the wooden spoons
would be more likely toplaygames with me f718: mmhm
her wear khaki shorts toplayin the garden and with
to the wedding with splaym1048: right f1049: and she
60 s zeb 30 splayopens with the sound of
with them to talk andplayperhaps it was the influence
family to see a friendplaypiano with the moscow chamber
with singing or learning toplaythe piano mum and dad
the lambs skipped out toplaythey fell in with evil
with me but has toplaythings genteel ladling out her
one real dream in theplaywhen with freud like anticipation
you ve got lots thereplaywith a jigsaw or something
your toybox f1122: aye andplaywith a- all my toys
weren t as good toplaywith as real animals of
st- was we goin toplaywith bob or are we
didn t have anyone toplaywith er unless i was
i had absolutely nobody toplaywith f1025: aw aw f1023:
her didn t she toplaywith f1112: but i didna
that it was sissy toplaywith girls and he began
got mushrooms for you toplaywith hasn- hasn t she
his own age wants toplaywith him because he is
he wis f1089: would youplaywith him if he was
slippers david sat down toplaywith his toys before bedtime
lamies for the bairns toplaywith in this case lame
a copy for you toplaywith in your stray moments
were often only allowed toplaywith it on a sunday
riddles and proverbs in theplaywith language since dynamic rather
riddles and proverbs in theplaywith language since dynamic rather
give her the box toplaywith look there you go
ehm in the nursery iplaywith my friend sarah m1070:
kind of things do youplaywith nana f1071: ehm i
she had plenty pals toplaywith now and douglas well
mmhm what are you gonnaplaywith now f1122: watch the
with nana f1071: ehm iplaywith papa too m1070: yeah
go doon the street andplaywith so and so they
decided to ignore her andplaywith the animals instead they
vroom f1127: ooh will weplaywith the cars no m1128:
we got a chance toplaywith the girls you see
my mother said i shouldnaplaywith the gypsies in the
paper on the state ofplaywith the transposition and implementation
now look perhaps they willplaywith toffee look there s
sit down there we llplaywith your cars no sit
daisy f1097: right come onplaywith your cars now look
nae be right go andplaywith your dollies are you
take your farr s yourplaywith your thing your construction
is that your favourite toplaybikes m1094: [inhale] f1093: eh
as ye listen to themplaygive some time to your
boyter aye they produced yourplaymr thomson didn t they
to go through and chal-playon your blackboard f1112: uh
your eyes and dinnae peekplayrelievers skliff your peevers sandy
that you go in andplayat m1128: aye what is
but they go out toplaygroup 1 mime tape 16th
don t go oot toplaym608: uh huh f637: the
f1135: eh f1136: go andplayon it at park f1135:
what you mean by toplayto go out to muck
way we went oot toplayand every season had a
comin oot comin oot toplayand that was but are
f1143: aye comin oot toplayf1144: well people came to
hot wummin headin oot taeplayi ll show ye style
aye sent her oot taeplayin clean fite socks an
they were sent oot taeplayin the evenin they were
tae learn history wis taeplayit oot neist wikk she
turned oot she couldnae evenplaythe up helly aa song
when we re oot atplaytime that s and she
tongue out back at youplaya f813: [laugh] m811: primary
rubber balls and you wouldplayagainst the wall f963: mmhm
parcel what else do youplayat parties f1140: disco f1139:
playing f1121: you don tplayat sunday school i thought
cut and paste in aplaybut of course you ve
advise you to read theplaycause it s brilliant it
i dinna ken how toplaychess m1090: you put it
hate to type up aplayfrom you know from a
public health issues are atplayhere they clearly are you
won t be able toplayif you ve lost any
eh you werena allowed toplayin the street f606: yeah
f1091: you re gaun toplayit are you well i
[laugh] f1027: do you stillplay[laugh] [laugh] f1023: [laugh] what
long poems you know aplaylike mary queen of scots
got that you like toplaym1110: pig f1109: the piggies
rowland mr thomson wrote aplaymrs boyter long afore you
you d be allowed toplayrugby for scotland because you
to eleven at least gonnaplayshouldn t you be showing
you were not allowed toplaysing or dance because it
dae when you grow bigplaysnooker for a living m1108:
the grassy area where youplaysports and things like that
hoose disnae mean you kinplaythe maistir robby wheesht yur
i couldn t write aplaythen you know i couldn
know f1117: fitt f1118: iplaythis f1117: oh aye you
girls you ve all toplaytogether right we ll take
scottish person or in aplaywould you use it in
m762: they ll they llplayyou know older songs and
mrs laing is that theplayyou were telling me about
an sangs the mornins thayplayan hing aboot ma feet
fit aboot screivin them aplaybrakkin doon steretypes aboot scots
i dinnae ken aboot toplayeither i don t know
lambs div rin aboot anplayenjoying a richt fine sinny
nivver on the field oplayit s often spoken aboot
actually couldnae find anything toplaym1022: talking aboot i couldnae
tae hazleheid o golf taeplaya roon as ye hunker
tae hazleheid o golf taeplaya roon as ye hunker
an her nae able taeplayae tune on the russian
forfar foo tae avoid relegationplayeen anither noo at s
fin the dragon comes taeplayfin the big fowk on
it aw tae masell fairplayfor fitba owners a brocht
workin tae have time taeplaygames f1040: dead right m1042:
jonsar eck hid tried taeplaygolf nae affa weel an
ve got the playpark taeplayin but eh for tae
bandara s dother navachitta taeplayin the quarry it hid
f1039: we werena allowed taeplayin the street [laugh] ye
has a strang pairt taeplayin this 119 increase tocher
he showed her foo taeplayit aa the wye frae
tae oh no she wouldnaeplayit and before the end
pliskie he wis gaun taeplayon the auld wumman aw
re anely bairnies cam taeplayrise up an gies oor
quine cam tee wintin taeplayshortly we won as far
centres parklans far younglins michtplaytae makk eese o them
semi final wis affa evenplaywis ragin fae end tae
saturday 29 to muirhouse toplayagainst c s edin we
bairns are no gettin toplayand that s where we
was a lovely wendy houseplayarea so we entertained alex
doon games that we dplayas a child like doublers
went so it was reallyplayby ear erm we tried
a drink when erm weplaycanasta it s suppos- i
paint we have at myplaygroup we ring the door
interview about his decision toplayhitler ken reckoned that we
then beds werenae like theyplayhopscotch now we drew f637:
afternoon in four hours ofplayi hit two sixes we
will enter such houses toplayinside them we need to
our other offices we wouldplayit as sensibly as we
kind of games do weplay[laugh] f1024: quite a lot
on sunday we rest anplayon monanday we wash aw
on sunday we rest anplayon monanday we wash aw
should recognise that we sometimesplayon the voluntary sector in
little minutie f1104: after weplaypop up dragon f1103: aye
to do that will weplayshoppies what f1122: aye f1121:
executive we continue to loseplayspace and sports space i
the school we re gaunnaeplayspace wars magnum coontdoon aw
well we ll have toplaythat next time we re
shelley why don t weplaythat through here f1111: well
on sunday we rest anplaythay sang on monanday we
on sunday we rest anplaythay sang on monanday we
now m1094: what will weplaythen f1093: i don t
is that we do notplaythose figures into the formal
registered and everything and atplaytime when we came out
delivered and we have toplayto the strengths of both
of enjoyment we have toplayto the strengths of the
it turned out that theplaywas the film we d
sometimes i allow morag toplayin it but i don
gotta rel- i don tplayit so much these days
abiding and they don tplayloud music and all that
cause they don t evenplayoutside much now do they
learie lights the lamps comeplaya learie nancy willy andy
anna to come an likeplayher fiddle cause she s
casting vote will come intoplayi advise members that although
i wouldn t i wouldnaplaythat f1127: come roon this
of service awards come intoplaythe majority of consultant nurse
now is she ready toplaybaseball f1118: yeah but f1117:
great i ll get toplayin the playroom now sadie
back green stuff ye cannaeplayin the streets now because
mammy i m gaun toplaythat ain now mammy f1127:
clear an the bairns llplayin connel glen juist like
at hame i ll jistplayin my stockin soles on
dance robby ah ll nohplayower here too near her
ll no heed ye butplaythem richt ye ll find
well being and energy toplayany sport far less the
hookey as well [laugh] m1013: playhookey m1010: oo caed it
whistle krista see here robbyplayus yon jig aye mind
casting for productions of theplayalthough references to scottish place
many ships of fools toplayamong icons of saints and
would have some pairt toplayand indeed that s pairt
is whaur ah uised tiplayas a bairn falls to
really wants to do isplayat mummies and suck one
comming forth to prepare toplayat these games that are
long time to write aplaybased on a true event
hill to walk up toplaybowls at the club where
needs to be brought intoplaybrian adam south lanarkshire council
some areas would need toplaycatch up the implication is
from all over europe toplayclassical and contemporary music patrick
fortunately decided to watch rangersplayeast fife at ibrox instead
and who was tipped toplayesmerelda opposite charles laughton s
guidance it was safer toplayexactly by the rules because
over to my house andplayf1121: i think so if
s f1104: fitt f1103: toplayfor a whilie would that
a grand old team toplayfor aw spencer never min
friends had been invited toplayfor us she attends a
tight once out of theplayground he tries to run
festive she wants pascal toplayhamlet but not surprisingly pascal
incongruous words work hard toplayhard in english these were
and tortured to death theplayhas a gothic character and
i should say learning toplayhe got on like this
ceilidh bands coming over toplayhere f606: mmhm f1067: for
to the dream in theplayimagination is seen as a
richt thing for hir toplayin a public concert a
safe place for children toplayin it was always full
the contemporary music industry toplayin the schools cultural co
have to kind of reallyplayit by ear and obviously
had no idea how toplayit intrigued i promised to
her name she wanted toplayit m608: oh right m1163:
er had a system toplayit on f718: yeah m734:
to get involved in thisplayknight in shining armour and
other in the evenings toplayknock out whist board games
to see ray in theplaym1048: oh right f1049: and
then sits on floor toplaymary and rizzio walk around
the right to travel toplaymatches and closed down and
girl enter and begin toplayon a violin and a
were to be asked toplayon sundays 13th and 20th
had more cruel tricks toplayon that bitter day for
project is brought in toplayonce an individual has been
first i m coming toplayone there f1125: dearie me
be allowed to sort ofplayout in its own way
of trying to make aplayout of that a stage
to plot wir crimes orplayrelease that time of day
sneak out to the gardenplayring a roses then have
of macbeth after all theplays supposed to have taken
up positions and start musiciansplayscrapers and shakers to accompany
at the end of theplayseems to be a bit
down to the gymn andplaysome volleyball during maggie gym
few spots for them toplaysomebody hijacks them over and
travel ever further to reachplayspaces that should be local
of repetition as if toplaythe events over and over
him to read and toplaythe fiddle he became a
f978: nearly everybody seems toplaythe fiddle [laugh] mmhm f746:
i mean i tried toplaythe guitar a bit and
longer della robby starts toplaythe penny whistle krista takes
brother and i learned toplaythe piano and eventually he
up nobody would volunteer toplaythe piano to make things
sisters had all learned toplaythe piano which seemed to
makes me take morag toplaythere but usually the horrible
is remembered to have sangplaythese angel harps for me
on how it expects toplaythis in terms of timetabling
to glasgow to collect bowlsplaytie but get beat saturday
raised by means of aplayto get funds for an
happy one that brings theplayto renewed life without detracting
robert pig wife actors toplaytrees sheds outbuildings small bridges
pipe band who refused toplayuntil they got replacements for
know what the state ofplaywas in relation to the
glower wir needin sumeen tplayd spuins dnyt lowrie geing
kind of it doesn tplayon my mind at all
records that they didn tplayon the light programme they
peggy paddy s sister faplayt the horned fiddle noo
and how long do theyplayin each half m608: [laugh]
the the the weans awplayin the gravey they do
do and john had aplayon last year that was
good like they do theyplaythey ve played in loads
this right then she dplayus up helly aa song
them fur the stuff oplaymasks an mummers fur a
an eck made a greatplayo examinin them aw ye
fowk like a buik anplayon them like a fiddle
stertit iain wes askit tiplayan siclyke wes his skeil
fancy be in able tiplayas weill as hir an
weill ye warna thare tiplayat the kirsnin o hir
hoose shouts strong enough tiplaydada pat him runnin off
noh surprised only allowed tiplayit oan christ s birthday
ti me whan ah cannaplayit or weings whan ah
bordel hous an gaillie tiplaymune on the snaa or
anithir ti that music pauseplayoan robby an if auld
on a whylie ay tiplayon in pleisure five greater
raikin a whylie ay tiplayon in pleisure fower guidwyfe
hands pompitie ah lyke tiplayon the fluir whyles broun
she s forgotten hou tiplayshe haesna played for thrie
haufroads throu the nicht tiplaythe martial leir an ahint
daursay ah l hae tiplaythe pianae the haill forenicht
show on sundays magic theyplaya lot of good british
theseus the lovers in theplayare irrational because they are
is catchin oan they allplayat leap frog cammy sings
playing cards if they didnaplaycards they wid try the
embraces her they sit prayplayharp and flute or lute
yeah m816: the colour theyplayin and m815: so everybody
they treat a liz lochheadplayor poem wid it be
they d fish for trootsplaysodgers in the wid in
beds on the road anplaythey were the days of
school closed for the hairstplaywhen they had sax weeks
public health issues are atplaydes hudson no not at
m1090: it s fish f1089: playfood is it m1090: no
m815: d ye d yeplaygolf no m816: no m815:
ye wad hae richtlie noplayit fauss great glamis yit
of mis rule in theplaya kind of elizabethan anarchist
couple there is in theplaya subliminal suggestion that in
pairt in thair wark anplayan whan it cam tyme
up when a child atplayand pit in a poke
become the characters in theplayare fictional their experiences are
the other characters in theplayare vain and selfish the
and its use in thisplayat least conveys the impression
authentic or not in theplaybondagers by sue glover which
later turns up in aplayby bridie er but he
language that he wrote aplaycalled pygmalion in which the
crossings in some japanese citiesplaycomin thro the rye there
whyte ocean this gray laundplaycreation in the round o
the melodie that s sweetlyplayd in tune burns ii
bring my trainers in andplayfootie at lunchtime i turned
iain sae that he michtplayfor thaim in thair ain
be much happier at myplaygroup living in a jar
since performances of this greatplayhave in modern times become
scottish independent advocacy alliance willplayin advancing the establishment of
and the ms society scotlandplayin improving the lives of
occasions since 1948 this moralityplayin middle scots by sir
lythe warld nou taks theplayin peace an palace orchids
of the european parliament mightplayin reconnecting the european union
realisation until i attended aplayin scots at the citizens
3m6f this is a shortplayin scots for children of
the songs which infiltrated ourplayin snatches floating up the
arundel about the state ofplayin the operations unit another
scottish fisheries protection agency willplayin the policing of regulated
nhs boards and staff willplayin the study s1w 27440
place in fraserburgh period theplayis set in 1944 towards
yeah m1048: ray in theplay[laugh] f1049: and i wasn
get fair lost in theirplaymaking worlds that big folk
davidson breaks convention in thisplayneither one of his lovers
convener the executive makes greatplayof infrastructure investment in schools
athens towards women in theplayof the same name the
at pics stay in houseplaypiano latest gift from dad
david purves characters in theplayprozorov andrey serghyesvich natasha natalie
be completely realistic perhaps theplayshould be performed in gaelic
an a wee bit oplayso keep this in mind
time the action of theplaytakes place in the beaumont
themes in the story theplaythe nicht s the nicht
3 the orchestra members rarelyplaytheirs in tune 4 4
actors as shadows in theplaythere is a rythmic swing
others siblings and work andplaytogether participate in dense multiplex
action is in scotland thisplaywas first publicly read by
betty s brother setting theplaywas written in the 1870s
when attending say a modernplaywritten in the auld leid
stertit ma friends ah lplayfor ye whitna queerlyke stick
ye ee- f1001: that wasplayschool peter m999: it s
oor guests a wee anplaythe hummil host wul ye
questions ensaumple 11 kin yeplaythi piano kin i gae
an write a poem andplayyersels [laugh] and eh ye
hookey m1012: [laugh] m1010: iplayi couldnae affo- i couldnae
an open face try anplayit like a bunker shot
call it a not aplayit s like a m1048:
it works it feels likeplaymakes greater use of poetic
2000 p 41 this radioplayabout children boarded out far
murdoch there has been greatplayabout items being taken out
out of that a stageplayand it s never worked
have about the state ofplayif it turns out that
the ball went out ofplaythis crazy band struck up
any exclusion from work orplaybecause of religion is unusual
the first half of theplaydescribes four or five different
trashy woman haipie trashy hairstplayharvest or summer holiday from
yeah or f689: telly f631: playmusic videos or something but
sing or dance this aneplayon pipe or thairm rassle
a needle a one actplayfor children of all ages
is stew dimps and cammyplayhandball all run around shouting
uncover the real facts greatplayhas been made about stating
some practical production challenges theplayhas been publicly read by
of shakespeare s only scottishplayhas the effect of giving
the minister has made greatplayof a letter that he
loudly slowly and expressively musiciansplaya simple pattern of notes
a novel and a stageplayand some miscellaneous things exploring
ae day iain wes baudplayat the waddin o a
of playwrights a one actplayby robert mclellan called jeddart
catalonia a funny vibrantly writtenplayby two of his sons
of pages of a pinterplayfamily voices for a future
haein a copy o theplayfor a fylie noo that
ciggie the lady at myplaygroup says i m a
a different games he coodplayhe also hid a fitba
it into a tv andplaymy videos through the tv
than singular an often turbulentplayof crosscurrents rather than a
it s a sudden deathplayoff is it this time
happier scenes try ending theplayon a happy note sustaining
talking about a recent shortplayone for the road that
erm i might write aplaythat had er twelve men
books supporting poems and aplaythe plots of each are
cat is asleep throughout theplaythere is a saucer for
cauld for hell a lplaythis gemm nae langir a
were deein weel i widplaythree games a week i
followed by a full lengthplaytoom byres which was produced
what was that f1040: forplaym1042: that s kick the
big book tess robby kinplayaw the jigs he wants
d hyts tinks he cnplaybut d poor aowld bugger
front mother fitba he cannaplayfitba he s nae even
he coodnae stan nivver mindplayfitba of course crimond were
as everyone does throughout theplayhe is wearing shorts and
neighbours and where the kidsplayhe was also fed up
at him gin he wadplayhis pypes for thair cumpanie
movin forward cammy steve dimpsplayleap frog dimps sings he
his days he loued theplayo brodstaff an rung an
and er he was gonnaplayrebus which would have meant
hynelawtie toun weill cud heplaythe double knifes an tho
an he hisna learnt meplaythe zither he bocht me
english becoming the language ofplayand ehm i think that
i was doing too f1023: playbeddies and doublers cause where
i also read that hisplaybertie mutch is bein stag
whisky and volunteered i cnplayd piano weel buee i
not working an even iplaysometimes but i m not
is the more civilised thisplaycaters for the need felt
drone his repetitive poor meplayfor sympathy only this time
same risks for me thisplayis for joan for half
any speech which exceeds theplayof this instrument but gentlemen
sets the tone of thisplaythe dictatorial attitude of urban
piece of equipment came intoplaythis was the weighing machine
and there was the hairstplaysix weeks at harvest time
five thousan roubles ah dinnaplayat the cairds onie mair
oh ah andrey ah winnaplayat the cairds the nicht
the tail eyn o theplaychute luikin hingin luggit at
yer ower auncient fur luvplaymy hame is scoored bi
expertise would be brought intoplayonly if there were variations
cry from last night theplayan extended polish joke cum
banned fae the field oplayan him nae even playin
including parents action for safeplaykirkshaws an example of good
clerk wha likes fine theplayo brodstaff an rung is
the breingin whyte horses thayplaythair fluits an drums an
upgrade school playgrounds and communityplayareas s1o 5394 17 dennis
its muzzle the nile isplayfood drink peasants and beasts
virtual reality for work andplayfor collection by the parts
paling stobs and ridges ronesplaymafia men v al capones
jubilantly unfortunately the rain andplaystopped without their having established
by the end of theplaythe conflict between reason and
into scots of shakespeare splaydr david purves s translation
the second half of theplayerm so sometimes dramatisations are
any other word rather thanplayf1144: kickabout if it was
on full stop whales cannyplayfitba jimmy stopped moving might
the monarchy above god theplayfocuses on the wigtown martyrs
27 which may bring intoplayfor example the provisions of
lat me gae the lestplayhaes begun valgerd say fareweill
ae pat gar anither patplaylat rashiecoat gang til the
over their shoulders as theplaymoved off up the field
clemson was making the bigplaynebraska made the best of
kin let the sun beamsplayoan us nae mair sittin
cane for the headmaster theplayrelies on strong mime body
under the influence of theplays arguably most innocent woman
her uniquely successful 1949 radioplaythe childhood the adult narrator
yo believe student radio chsrfmplaythe goon show on sundays
of white poppies from hisplaythe immortal hour 1900 william
during the course of theplaythe pendulum will be halted
churh music by william byrdplaythe tape but fade it
culloden flodden bannockburn grim pipersplaythe tunes the leaders o
da shetland tunes willing taplaytwartree tunes hoop dat s

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