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like playin m999: caperin abootplayinaboot but to play a
put caperin because that splayinm999: aye f1001: but it
aye f1001: that s likeplayinm999: caperin aboot playin aboot
really talk in dunbar abootplayinhookey i think it s
i ve heard americans sayplayinhookey m1012: aye could be
oh no [inaudible] think abootplayinhookey m1012: [laugh] m1010: i
if they thought ye wereplayinhookey uh huh yes aye
kind o a gift laekplayinda fiddle or draain a
tamson frae the waiter heidplayinthe fiddle a pages 106
oh an old man thereplayinthe fiddle and he was
but now you see girlsplayinthe fiddle f746: right oh
there declared he heard themplayinthe fiddle inside that hillock
story i hid been stoppedplayinfitba for pitsliga for twa
growin up wi different folkplayinfitba team fit hiv ye
aifter him mary he wasplayinfitba wi the loons robt
been playin wi it areadiesplayindurty a m sittin ther
playin wi fitt was youplayinwi at f1142: [mechanical noise from microphone?] [sob]
fa was you playin withplayinwi [censored: forename] m1096: no he
[laugh] f1141: fitt was youplayinwi fitt was you playin
as if sumdy d beenplayinwi it areadies playin durty
eh fitt fa was youplayinwith playin wi [censored: forename] m1096:
the band the band wereplayinauld tunes an if jonsar
socks aff till a bandplayinthe forty shades o green
tapes so she d beplayinthe pipe pipe band this
mm f1141: at playgroup f1142: playinf1141: aye f1142: aye clear
mm f1141: fa was youplayinwi at playgroup the day
is that fitt you wereplayinwi f1142: no f1141: like
or cars f1142: he wasplayinwi lego f1141: was he
was [censored: forename] daein was heplayinwi lego or cars f1142:
f1142: [inaudible] well i mplayinwi them cause f1141: you
cheater f1142: i m noplayinwi them cause they were
buggy f1141: are you naeplayinwi them noo like f1142:
f1141: cause you re naeplayinwi them you d better
no f1141: or was youplayinwith sand f1142: no [laugh]
got aa weet was youplayinwith water f1142: no f1141:
the cars f1113: were youplayinin the cars and the
two trampolines and was youplayinwi the cars f1114: yes
cannae think o anything forplayina game i just aye
the stairs and they wereplayina game o football and
the table like he wisplayina game o patience i
says but we were onlyplayina game well that s
play an him nae evenplayinpitsliga did win the game
wis a loon i wisplayinsome hidin game in a
and the game we wereplayinwas to see how many
with it so was youplayinwi [censored: forename] f1118: no i
[censored: forename] f1118: no i wasplayinwi [censored: forename] i seen them
f1118: oh f1117: you wasplayinwi f1118: [censored: forename] f1117: [censored: forename]
yes f1117: do you likeplayinwi the big girls f1118:
hoose f1117: but you wasplayinwith her f1118: i didn
na think he s doonplayinwi [censored: forename] oh fa s
uh huh m1000: nae onlyplayintruant m999: aye aye that
magpie at the concert pianieplayinclair de lune music is
on the road doon wasplayincountry me- eh music ye
leave the loch ness monsterplayinwatter music last seen wis
beeriet bit his music splayinyet daddylanglegs daddylanglegs like a
ha wi the fiddlers inbyeplayina dowie air like they
wi gowden threid he wisplayinat keepie uppie wi fower
midmaist yaird quo the chaumerlanplayinat the baa wi some
so s doss he enjoysplayinchess wi old malacky orr
[laugh] f1025: i wis ootplayinfootball wi the boys [laugh]
naething tae dee wi theplayinside o things for a
it aff like a catplayinwi a moose tae savour
f1103: or was you justplayinwi aa his toys f1104:
ye daunert aroun ma saetplayinwi blue ploums an we
like the best you wereplayinwi [censored: forename] and [censored: forename] the
the day then was youplayinwi [censored: forename] dinna put your
hand on it was youplayinwi [censored: forename] the day mm
that to [censored: forename] she likesplayinwi dollies f1122: aw mum
a tomboy because i wasplayinwi george and all his
the wee boy we replayinwi he says she brings
hers quick smert an wisplayinwi her dallies at ma
whole night cause she wasplayinwi her her sort o
[inaudible] [inaudible] f1115: [censored: forename] splayinwi her mum f1116: [censored: forename]
sune as thon he wisplayinwi her tormentin her fur
ile can dark wee quineplayinwi her toys an dalls
a muckle sumph like himplayinwi littlins near hauf his
use it fin i mplayinwi ma toy fairm i
f1107: he disna [censored: forename] stopplayinwi that cable he says
s- [exhale] f1113: was youplayinwi that little girl f1114:
f1113: aye f1114: whee f1113: playinwi the bairnies f1114: mm
tae play wi the girdplayinwi the gird if yer
an pat in thair daysplayinwi the ramsh sea horses
gangway coils of rope andplayinwi the telescope kiddin on
the bag that you wasplayinwi when we went on
[granda speaks] [child noises] f1133: fan youplayinlike [granda responds 'fochabers'] f1134: look fitt
till we see fitt abootplayinthem dom- dominoes m1092: uh
re fitt m1090: i mplayinwith the door yeah f1089:
f1024: [laugh] f1025: [laugh] f1026: playincards an i mean a
[laugh] f1027: well you wereplayinhockey [laugh] f1025: [laugh] f1026:
i was a boy yeplayindippy frae the scuil f1011:
boy was in his roomplayinelvis costello records or he
jackeson could see his laddieplayinaboot the gairden a daft
aboot m941: what what youplayinat f940: [laugh] m939: [laugh]
geets aboot e place aaplayinfine on a rug ootside
affen up an aboot girnwoodplayinhide an seek i the
jist kent if e wisplayina joke on ye ir
tae hum aye sownock wisplayina tune bi comb an
year auld and he wisplayinawa at the rung wang
wis brilliant wan fittit wisplayincentre half an the tall
an the tall lad wisplayincentre he simply ran wan
thegither an his hairt wisplayindunt duntie like fifteen buckets
sens t the pride oplayinfor yer ain country wis
tae whare his freends wisplayinhe cuid see they war
the puil there wis naeplayino the fish nae finesse
duan wis set on himplayinsae he juist hed ti
aa the time i wisplayinthat seatroot an at the
this mornin the wither wisplayinup ere wis a shoor
broon an roost wis ferrlyplayinup sometimes it wid start
if it s just somebodyplayinaround cause f631: [laugh] f689:
oot and we d beenplayincricket cause we used to
uh huh f1039: you knowplayinthey games f606: cause they
ah think he s juistplayinthe daft laddie juist ti
the toun an liftit bairnsplayinalane or wheeched them aff
sittin shellin green peas anplayinat speedway on an auld
ah ve never forgotten yeirplayiniain goaved at the auld
tae weir thair ordinar ilkadayplayinclaes thay aye hid tae
here lee silence lee youplayinat at was gonnae say
was the end of herplayindays but devil the bit
m1013: onybody when oo wasplayinonbody that was left handit
drums every size i wasplayinthe bongo drums [laugh] f606:
that the guy that wasplayinwith henry yeah he was
d you think you replayinat suspicion dawns there s
mair gollared an they replayingin hod an go seek
i care that you replayinhis gemme in here carolanne
m1042: well you- you replayinout in the backyard and
you do when you replayinwith nana and papa f1071:
right agnes just ma lumbagoplayinme up sadie athritis ye
macbeth ma lord ye arenaplayinthe host even a chynge
maria serghyeevna is graund atplayinthe pianae in ma opeinion
said sae she sattled furplayinat schulies ahin the henhoose
roan tae ilkie airt furplayino the lion s pairt
pounds f940: an they wereplayina tommy cooper sketch an
f634: if the children wereplayinout but i had looked
frae fushin tae abseilin taeplayinthe electric organ an as
a nice video of themplayinout in the garden and
d aften hear e miceplayinahin e boords bit deil
a thocht we d getplayinuntil it grew dark sune
unerstood thaim bit he keptplayinthaim in his heid hopin
guy that knocked himsel ootplayintig wance when he ran
trauchil roond the cauld streetsplayintuins gin he haed a
i don t want youplayinat any more f632: mmhm
gonnae say big brother bitplayinat bein daddy eh beej
out and f641: mm f639: playinon the cul de sac
steve it s a dollplayinpretend steve stew time oot
muirlan whin the sea splayinlittlin oh dinna staun cowed
1949 banknock village tanner baplayinan a cuv as my
back again it s beenplayinup these past couple o
s the the ehm televisionplayinits part there but i
remember now that television splayina a great part in
are the the good memoriesplayinroond the back a the
gyang and far is itplayinnoo this is the hoose

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