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playing drums f1114: he splayingdrums f1113: ah f1114: where
f1113: drums f1114: drums f1113: playingdrums f1114: he s playing
doin f1114: he s playingplayingf1113: drums f1114: drums f1113:
he doin f1114: he splayingplaying f1113: drums f1114: drums
what constitutes reasonable provision ofplayingfields although that matter is
through palestinian schools and universitiesplayingfields and calls on the
from agreeing a sale ofplayingfields and designating them as
on the sale of schoolplayingfields and pe 454 by
developments and make the nationalplayingfields association a statutory consultee
summer cause we did haveplayingfields at our primary school
school where part of theplayingfields have been set aside
protection that exists for schoolplayingfields in scotland and how
rules governing the disposal ofplayingfields in scotland are strong
the ehm one of theplayingfields or public parks f746:
on the sale of schoolplayingfields pe 422 by mr
on the sale of schoolplayingfields pe 422 by mr
watson on the sale ofplayingfields pe 425 by mrs
docherty on protection for schoolplayingfields pe 430 by mrs
all agreed members indicated agreementplayingfields pe422 pe430 and pe454
opencast mining pe346 and pe369playingfields pe422 pe430 and pe454
war in afghanistan pe426 schoolplayingfields pe430 scottish ballet pe433
agreed members indicated agreement schoolplayingfields pe430 the convener pe430
the current guidelines on protectingplayingfields the committee may decide
guidelines on the disposal ofplayingfields the executive s response
authorities as owners of schoolplayingfields to be able to
ensure that the importance ofplayingfields to local communities for
pe454 concern the disposal ofplayingfields when the committee considered
that there was a levelplayingfield and that the private
changing rooms at the schoolplayingfield and the early morning
hoping to achieve a levelplayingfield andy kerr doubted that
them on the same competitiveplayingfield as their counterparts in
now part of the academyplayingfield cross mcmaster s road
cfp to ensure a levelplayingfield for all community fishermen
that there is a levelplayingfield for justice when individual
is considering a more levelplayingfield for support for organic
or any kind of levelplayingfield hugh dignon i have
has not been a levelplayingfield if the differences in
that there is a levelplayingfield in the marketing promotion
and recognises that this unevenplayingfield leaves the scottish industry
there should be a levelplayingfield let us go back
introduced to create a levelplayingfield on cfp enforcement the
guidelines on appropriate standards forplayingfield provision do we agree
on the appropriate standards forplayingfield provision so far sportscotland
separately and profile any levelplayingfield support payments in the
get closer to a levelplayingfield than we are at
as outlined in levelling theplayingfield that review must also
they do to level theplayingfield with other professions and
also be a more evenplayingfield with regard to the
noticed that but that levelplayingfield would take even longer
f1107: oh you re justplayingthe field m1108: and [censored: forename]
busy busy day at playgroupplayingaction games m1110: [sob] [sob]
[singing] f1141: fa were youplayingat playgroup wi the day
bobby bingo that you wasplayingat the eh playgroup and
s dandelion f1135: were youplayinggames at playgroup today f1136:
don- f1105: what was youplayingwith at playgroup today m1106:
so who who was youplayingwith today in the playgroup
i like to watch themplayinggolf f1121: will we f1122:
you want to watch themplayinggolf f1122: mmhm f1121: mmhm
noticed onybody fae oor classplayinggolf on the moon or
time look there s somebodyplayinggolf there f1122: [inaudible] and
get a grip on yourselfplayinggolf with my flesh crawling
re not there s peopleplayinggolf you see wow go
was cricket playing football andplayingbelow the lamp post at
our sport there was cricketplayingfootball and playing below the
and there s little mousieplayingfootball and there s little
doin there f1114: [inhale] [exhale]playingfootball f1113: mmhm he s
[laugh] f1113: do you likeplayingfootball f1114: throw it to
football f1126: yes teddy splayingfootball f1125: yeah f1126: nae
extra tight what you doingplayingfootball in a heat wave
do you want the boyplayingfootball m1094: where s the
that some people would beplayingfootball mm soccer football erm
of [?]orange[/?] cause i wasplayingfootball the next day the
with boyfriend girlfriend i wasplayingfootball with erm st bridget
vogue with a bit ofplayingat cards for tea parties
he the family are cheerfullyplayingcards 16 wednesday mary takes
they d all be likeplayingcards and then like m1048:
a hut at one pointplayingcards at another cut up
table with roughly dressed menplayingcards empty beer cans everywhere
a standard english expression forplayingcards if they didna play
that s true of peopleplayingboard games and other things
sporadically through the night andplayinggames and singing at midnight
or we ll maybe beplayinggames like bobby bingo that
heartened that you were stillplayinggames like that f963: it
one of rls s roleplayinggames of versification with charles
and not really up forplayinggames with er me as
yeah m954: makin adventures ermplayinglet s pretend games with
afternoon [?]look[/?] f1136: i wasplayingat i was playing play
for f1043: [inaudible] playing m1042: playingf1054: fock in dundee spoke
any word for f1043: [inaudible]playingm1042: playing f1054: fock in
was playing at i wasplayingplay doh f1135: what today
playing walking what is dollyplayingthe teddy ah looking for
a mouse it s myplayingwalking what is dolly playing
in music where the violinistplayinga sonata by corelli or
bit he had scottish musicplayingand all the time the
band struck up and startedplayingargentinian music f809: [laugh] f810:
traditional music an she splayingat that as well well
over to hear sid laurenceplayingglen miller music in the
the time the music wasplayinghe was singing along to
mmhm m734: when he wasplayingmusic i would bounce about
clean and calm music wasplayingsoftly no strange noises the
by an excellent young bandplayingthis time peruvian traditional music
take a bow keep musicplayinguntil audience applaud note the
an fags and the musicplayingwe were doin great and
see that wee andy isplayinga game a new one
f1093: what game are weplayingm1094: this game f1093: what
he looks more interested inplayingthe chair game too he
phrases and verb phrases byplayingthe elastic sentence game open
there was no way ofplayingthe game if people didn
in which ross finnie isplayinga distinguished role with excellent
the fact that nurses areplayinga growing role in the
is serious about this nationplayingas full a role as
justification of violence in roleplayingin our society as in
what role the executive isplayingin the framing of that
protection of his artistic integrityplayingthe role of the simple
up by dad yes rugbyplayingdad out of lace and
of the stuff dad wasplayingdad was the one who
er by record by dadplayingf718: uh huh m734: er
mm f1091: are you finishedplayingit oh here s dad
her mum and dad wereplayingsh- mm were on the
f1113: right f1114: we replayingf1113: we ll play play
sunday school f1122: i wasplayingf1121: you don t play
[inaudible] sometimes play with ehplayingjigsaws so i do m1070:
not home yet you wereplayingplay doh today were you
m1055: s-s- so fo- folkplayingshinty is simply play shinty
and lade arch middleton remembersplayingat the mill during school
the number of school childrenplayingtruant or excluded from school
s singing now is sheplayingher flute f1114: yes yes
day f1114: yes yes andplayingthe big chute f1113: and
the big chute f1113: andplayingthe big chute f1114: yes
[inaudible] f1113: but we replayingblockies first mum s put
minority of nurses we areplayinga full part in uk
improving services to patients andplayinga major part in the
volunteers from scotland who areplayinga notable part in the
is important that we areplayingour part and influencing the
interested in securing justice andplayingour part in the united
the equal opportunities committee onplayingtheir part in arriving at
social investment scotland are allplayingtheir part the scottish executive
mm f963: included things likeplayingchess and so [laugh] f965:
fact was everybody was alwaysplayingf963: mmhm yeah f965: and
which f965: outside f963: yesplayinghockey things like that f965:
f965: yeah but they wereplayingrecords that they didn t
know you could get themplayingthings f963: mm mmhm f965:
oh well are you finishedplayingshoppies then okay f1122: [sucking sweet]
f1121: oh [censored: forename] s justplayingthere she s okay f1122:
right f1122: mummy [censored: forename] splayingwi a block f1121: that
f1122: mummy mummy i mplayingwi it f1121: does your
that because it s likeplayingacross space and time f963:
the light programme they wereplayinglittle richard f963: mm right
bit f1095: no was youplayingwi [censored: forename] the day m1096:
me fitt s was youplayingwi- dinna [censored: forename] f1142: [laugh]
the night was that funplayingwith [censored: forename] and [censored: forename] a
i didn t i wasplayingwith [censored: forename] on my bed
that saying an we replayingany manny that s the
ball one when you replayingball f637: one two three
f1103: fitt f1104: they replayingdon t you go that
re just going to beplayingin the house f1112: uh
pop up dragon we replayingis it f1103: mmhm f1104:
you wear when you replayingtennis f1005: it s the
you and you re stillplayingthat s it that s
really speaking when you replayingthis are you m1092: uh
fitt s that you replayingwi m1090: ehm my hello
very nice when you replayingwith the girls you ve
and watch you re notplayingyou re bad f1077: no
[inaudible] m1161: where are theyplayingis it barrowlands cca uh
down and out they wereplayingto survive er f718: uh
uh f1091: did you likeplayingwi the toys m1092: uh
how you used to likeplayingwith dolls hair f812: uh
reader realises that he isplayingabout with the language later
sock and we were allplayingagainst the wall with our
with his new wee gadgetplayingaround with the tv channels
of dung met perfumed silkplayingat peasant a queen with
busy i know i wasplayingbridge with jean [censored: surname] last
taken up health again afterplayingcricket last sunday with the
i was finally talked intoplayingcricket with the west indians
i am a quilt slipplayingfast and loose with air
was taken up with peopleplayingmarbles m964: what was what
ministers with the european parliamentplayingno more than a consultative
had much sympathy with mindplayingone of the most despised
and predicates with the pupilsplayingrummy type or whist type
going to get away withplayingthe invisible hulk never mind
with the door yeah f1089: playingwi the door why are
pain with facial expression isplayingwith a mouse or other
squarepants anybody else you likeplayingwith f1071: [inhale] m1070: what
what people do you likeplayingwith f1071: nana m1070: nana
who else do you likeplayingwith f1071: spongebob squarepants m1070:
clever what s that teddyplayingwith f1126: a ballie f1125:
i was being silly andplayingwith it i d speak
macdonald s locks margaret wasplayingwith monty at the foot
hit two sixes we wereplayingwith tennis balls and got
colourin m1090: i was justplayingwith the door f1089: you
you were looking forward toplayingwith the water weren t
we can also recognise thatplayingwith words in tongue twisters
them aa i m naeplayingwith you noo because you
for spang when children wereplayingat hopscotch as i was
very poor and they wereplayingfor feeling and sometimes the
sports kit if we wereplayinghockey i mean you would
it was like they wereplayingsome argentina- -tinian. this is
mmhm m1163: and we wereplayingst columba s viewpark in
chord the rovin eyes wereplayingsuburbia i always knew my
of course when kids wereplayingyou know if they fell
[laugh] f1025: are you stillplaying[laugh] f1026: [laugh] f1054: [laugh]
big here still and isplayinglocally later this month i
f1091: sorry are you stillplayingm1092: no don t wanna
robby does a jig stillplayingthe tambourine krista and della
you wasna m1096: i wisnaplayingwi a- f1095: hey you
f1103: [inaudible] what was youplayingwi f1104: so well well
the bedroom fitt was youplayingwi in the bedroom this
leappad f1102: some- somebody wasplayingwi it i think f1101:
the door why are youplayingwi the door m1090: [inhale]
m1108: aye f1107: was sheplayingwi the ither boys and
rustle rustle and she likesplayingwi the newspaper but look
two three f1102: mum [inaudible]playingwi the toys in here
that i can remember himplayingwi what was it they
f1107: that s good stopplayingwi yer ears m1108: and
a drenchin was you justplayingat hall the day m1108:
she said a band wasplayingaway in a manger it
a different experience i wasplayingbridge at corstorphine and had
who at that time wasplayingdirty den in eastenders the
doing the day was youplayingf1104: mum it s got
that but it was theplayingof it that was the
his subjects could wear whilstplayingoutside was not used in
know [laugh] erm he wasplayingsome argentinian guy and every
metal was the need forplayingvery technically difficult pieces er
t know f1091: he wasplayingwasn t he and he
huh huh the ponies areplaying[inaudible] po- pony [inaudible] [laugh]
f1104: mum have we finishedplayingpop up dragon f1103: [inaudible]
your back aaach what youplayingat jimmy s head went
being bad f1126: i mplayingf1125: well there you go
you think you ll beplayingf1140: pass the parcel f1139:
an extremely fine piece ofplayingfor goon show fans you
eh if you hear childrenplayingin gaelic definitely working but
to hear you had beenplayingsome bridge i have had
disnae concern you an stopplayingthat flute agnes ah cannae
cover obviously if pakistan areplayingyou know the west indies
s on us from o-playingduring the day f1112: hey
instead stayed there all dayplayingtruant once a number of
really like and then themplayinga fantastic gig m959: yeah
kinda looks like he splayinga psycho in it so
come out when they startplayingit like two weeks before
corner on the royal mileplayinglike all her tunes an
such as but i likeplayingon my bike as well
who used to run aboutplayingat angels in the theatre
the night both places areplayingat going back in time
black eye from tam whileplayingat guesses and running across
a real artist not justplayingat it but about to
march they ll probably beplayingat the aitken centre up
its pewter sheen pop spanielsplayingat the edge shredding water
of the stringed rababa menplayingdominoes at a roadside shop
at the court at mantuaplayingfifteen characters on stage for
half years not bad atplayingfor time the one thing
at best when i mplayingthe guitar m816: ach i
f1136: mmhm f1135: is heplayingin the sand think they
looking john hannah would beplayingrebus f606: mmhm m954: so
ehm run away would beplayingtruant m1008: mmhm m1007: and
cup final and they areplayingheart of midlothian who would
and the slugs who areplayingup the hill the weather
of another word for forplayingas well and i couldn
used to dae well we-playingtruant skivin or dodgin f1054:
a c d that splayingan he s listenin to
a c d that splayingan it s sayin i
my parents we d beenplayingon the inch in perth
a c d that splayingor a thought pattern that
him tonight he d stopplayingthe nanosecond grampa dan banged
1953 miss h riddoch resumedplayingthe organ as miss d
and their kids are obviouslyplayingabout in the burn middle
mean jim ure would beplayingguitar know what i mean
just now m1094: i mplayingjigsaw f1093: no but what
if i m all doneplayingcrash bash can i have
up steve cammy dimps startplayingleap frog cammy ah m
stereo cassette and i mplayingthrough my tapes there s
sing quietly one of themplayinga guitar toozenbach sae ye
dimps cammy steve stew startplayingleap frog ed joins them
i passed and the childrenplayingall said hola buenos dias
getting the seven years oldplayingand the lassies they all
spent a lot of timeplayingin the water fishing in
in the picture he splayinghis v- m1094: vi- f1093:
popular here he might beplayingon sunday against a u
morning sorry danny richard splayingrugby afternoon then he s
than 12 they could beplayingtheir sport professionally whether that
never really heard of peopleplayingtruant much in f1026: [cough]
thomas to the factory actorsplayingfactory machines take up positions
nobody s left somebody isplayingan accordion in the street
the front now and stopplayingjohn faur s your brither
the simmer is lyke irenaplayingpatience it s cummin oot
s that f1126: a teddyplayingthe mouse and the dolly
expressively leaving spaces between sentencesplayingtwo or more roles the
above noise of the bandplayinga rousing reel and somebody
quickly metamorphose into the fiddlerplayinga traditional dance tune and
stories shafting shadow and lightplayingaround us the fluffy white
rehearsed and joked about herplayingjoan rivers to my burt
accent and sandy had beenplayingoutside and came running in
english and is fond ofplayingrevolutionary songs on the piano
gold and emerald sari isplayingstrauss to a party of
be others remember norman robertsplayingthe cornet and les watt
remember snow in winter orplayingon the beach in summer
top of a gate postplayingthe chanter or i should
need to find the boyplayinghis violin then m1094: [?]why?[/?]
court of mantua in italyplayingfifteen characters on stage simultaneously
watch screen image of childrenplayingon swings pat let mi
i spent a few hoursplayingbaseball that north american virility
songs alla bayanova anna баяноваplayingher first concert in the
put hunched over his guitarplayingquiet as a secret than
robby enter robby robby isplayinga penny whistle krista see
apart from the attraction ofplayinga version of the television
robby wanders to the bridgeplayinghis whistle della reward krista
a comfortable couple watching weansplayinground back of the club
heavy sedation saturday 29 notplayingsaturday paint out rust spots
the image of the ministerplayingthe parts of little joe
theme deriving accustomed pleasure fromplayingto an impressionable young audience

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