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comes oot fine an brichtplentyo sinshine a richt welcome
s fine fine day wiplentyo sinshine sunday 29 temp
hale day lang ere splentyo sinshine tuesday 28 temp
bricht in the mornin wiplentysinshine north win maks the
he said aye there splentyo siller an plenty o
siller m1000: aye mmhm m999: plentyo siller aye aye cause
have to be to haveplentyo siller f1001: oh well
m1000: weel aff aye m1002: plentyo siller m1000: aye mmhm
s plenty o siller anplentyo sin i ll tak
he s he s gotplentysiller he s weel aff
a bit o string m999: plentysiller is i d say
weel aff he s gotplentysiller m1002: weel aff m999:
a day sae gran wiplentyo sin bit ere s
is sae gran an brawplentyo sin nae cloods in
gran day an ere splentyo sin wednesday 20 temp
16 gran is the dayplentysin wi some win er
oot peeps the sin wiplentyo heat aye days like
throo tae nicht ere splentyo sin a richt fine
a richt fine day wiplentyo sin fer bit o
thursday 5 temp 6 20plentyo sin it s affa
monday 21st temp 9 26plentyo sin noo at s
win fine an warm wiplentyo sin thursday 25 temp
tae nicht pir o winplentysin a welcome sicht thursday
10 richt fine day wiplentysin as weel pir o
s plenty no that splenty[censored: forename] f1112: no it's- no
okay i think that splentyno that s plenty [censored: forename]
life an death ere splentygangs till e kirk an
it disnae metter ere isplentymair stuff tae ait so
hooses sae ere wis ayeplentyo kinnlin inside i set
of it there ll beplentyfolk clyping jack hm deana
folk gie it colour inplentyfor some are for pink
for you though there splentymair folk in sair need
m jist an aul miseryplentyo folk have naebody to
fed to the hens thoughplentyo folk likit tae drink
after all the build upplentyof folk were at least
origin of the broad thatplentyof folk will remember in
get here i will getplentyof flour etc in john
refrigerator etc and there areplentyof local caf├ęs b wolfson
quite quickly i ve gotplentyof towels etc so don
door repaired etc etc andplentywork for months to come
which her valley projects inplentyand still hold the eye
hold up 28 monday snowplentyof it we get a
detour luckily we were inplentyof time and the hold
s fine at should deeplentyo room for jiggin jim
d very good nice crowdplentyof fun 24 thursday park
usual inarticulate congregration 13 thursdayplentyto do study in between
a mile aff an hadplentyo time tae nip aff
freens efter her funeral thoughplentyo ale jackie an his
are coorse though there splentyo coorse stories aboot aboot
that though i d seenplentyo sweys there in e
oor love ll bring usplentythough time ll try wi
i see weel she hasplentyto keep her occupied there
right enough he s gotplentyearrings in the now whae
was easy enough to getplentyof backs and no problem
common enough if you hadplentyof separated milk and all
this tuck in there splentypeggy there s enough to
any games f1093: there splentygames m1094: there s not
think there s gonna beplentyhere f1122: aye f1121: do
a ll grant there splentyhere noo dinnae worry ower
take it gladys there splentyin the p j every
think that ll maybe beplentyin there just now okay
surely an there ll beplentyleft for next week an
dare forby that there wirplentymair bit adam wearied aw
the plant dees there splentymair sae noo a ve
the last century there wasplentyo entertainment nearly every farm
an of coorse there wisplentyo laachin ye could get
visitors bit there wis ayeplentyo them for the hoose
berry bushes there there wereplentyo them so a lot
swing park there ll beplentyo time for dancin later
in a stew there splentyo time yet for lookin
a snib so there wereplentyof chances to keep the
biscuit at bedtime there wasplentyof cheese and jams and
quite warm and there isplentyof daylight 11 the organisers
from service users there wasplentyof demand from service users
century scotland and there isplentyof evidence to show that
or is it there splentyof examples some of these
but erm there were certainlyplentyof fights going on [laugh]
he agree that there isplentyof good material for that
probably disagree that there areplentyof good relatively sheltered offshore
has been issued there isplentyof government information available on
distributed centrally so there wereplentyof individual shapes they all
good and there s certainlyplentyof it i can go
must be proactive there areplentyof language enthusiasts in all
and he thinks there splentyof money coming in my
the summertime there was alwaysplentyof oatmeal because the cottars
cyber disappearing act there areplentyof other blogs out there
of time and there areplentyof other points that i
the fact that there areplentyof parallels to it in
the quines and there wereplentyof passengers but there was
moscow terms but there wereplentyof people crowding the narrow
the risks there is alreadyplentyof regulation professor richards regulations
by human hand there areplentyof sayings to tell us
us mrs boyter there areplentyof them about only last
your party there ll beplentyof things at your party
to finish as i haveplentyof time and there are
case that there will beplentyof time for ministers and
on the couples there wasplentyof twine used for raipin
text hiss puss there splentypickings choose another choose hang
i m sure there splentyplaces in england that have
there s caterpillars there aplentythere s weevils greenflees beetles
but but f1093: there splentyto choose there m1094: but
our bedside cabinet there wasplentyto titter at although i
this land o pride anplentycuid cut ye deid an
aathing aabody seems tae haeplentyo aathing nooadays bit in
any gladys scornfully we dplentyo blotting paper we used
in landwart airts that haesplentyo causie roads but this
clerk zhao wi a richplentyo claes an ither fendin
in e wid files anplentyo craas an cushie doos
f960: erm so dey hedplentyo diggers but de diggers
len o ye the rplentyo fowk that wid be
were back tae normal wiplentyo fuel at the pumps
an ye hid tae haeplentyo hait watter tae plot
lokks o idder information anplentyo hot links tae idder
mmhm cottonwood black cottonwood larchesplentyo larches f1073: mmhm somethin
poored een oot pittin inplentyo milk and sugar bit
refer to somebody that hadplentyo money then f1001: well
to mak put up shelterplentyo shelter so we had
but i ve put inplentyo sugar georgie thanks jim
that an he s hadplentyo time to change his
isle o mull an wiplentytime for reading a read
could play the melodeon andplentycould play the fiddle mabel
about it besides she hadplentypals to play with now
this time you will findplentyof hellery but not the
for life pp 14 15plentyof listening time is important
any time we have gotplentyof room and you are
ssi ms macdonald we haveplentyof time for the fats
to e p a airlinesplentyof time you would have
indeed said lauder i haeplentytime tae think on it
s okay i ve gotplentyhere as well okay you
they go they ve gotplentymoney it s just loaded
rule and you ve gotplentyof evidence you ve got
is a thing you veplentyof lasts ye a yer
of luggage i ve gotplentyof towels and your clothes
yes my dear i veplentyother fish to fry mis
i think we ve gotplentyso that s extras so
shoppin the morn a veplentytae feed me the day
huh f1105: well you veplentytoys up in your bedroom
well i think that splentymaybe if you got a
f1107: no cause that splentyokay m1108: can i stir
wi a whein flouers anplentylicht ah hae a wyfe
aye so they tell meplentyof changes you ll hae
surely hae to staun takplentytae eat an a kettlie
19 friday a mixed dayplentyof test passing a 2nd
tolkien bit of hobbit actionplentyof pyrotechnics to keep the
the neuk shows hames wiplentya da a ma twa
spotted the main passage wiplentyfowk movin aboot jonsar wis
it ll be a laughplentyashtrays tae empty carolanne don
f1117: [inaudible] go in hereplentybags right f1118: party bags
yeirsell guidmither ye l finndplentyfor ti dae here gin
i m told we getplentyof sunshine here even when
ur rabbit keech thur wisplentyan efter aboot an oor
[laugh] f1144: [laugh] f1143: soplentybling f1144: oh well i
f639: well i lived inplentyof f640: didn t have
[censored: forename] as well is thatplentyright then you sit in
at 10 lovely dinner turkeyplentyto eat drink i get
ains i think that splentyf1140: [sob] [sob] f1139: that
i think that s probablyplentywater let s run f1112:
so what said babs comfortinglyplentymore fish in the sea
in january so we dplentyto do the weather has
is used for this withplentyof clear space jim is
the old dear s fussingplentyfor the both of us
report p m 28 tuesdayplentyof work hit snag 29
by 50 mins 11 tuesdayplentyof work pancakes for tea
down in afternoon 2 saturdayplentywork to do in house
that once held true toplentynow lie cald and bare
whee f1107: now that splentywater nae wantin you puddlin
all fall down is thatplentyf1112: oh that s a
it wow right that splentym1092: mm me do that
f1121: [inhale] oh that splentywow right what else have
uh huh ah we hadplentyfires john m642: through the
and that people have hadplentyof opportunity to question her
that the executive has hadplentyopportunity to make its position
local authority officers will knowplentyabout the problems of trying
better society a world ofplentyfree from the taint of
is cooking one pan isplentyingredients half packet of fresh
at hotel nice place homelyplentyof commercials 5 wednesday job
to the supermarket and boughtplentyof flour i thought you
technology to fulfil the contractplentyof knitwear companies in the
in a sweevle to allowplentyof movement and the two
but his appalling stench didplentyof shrieking on his behalf
else mum f1113: this isplentydo this one first do
be able to teach meplentyoh my innocent innocent andy
gait n way galore nplentygang v go gangril n
ay many strange types inplentybut ah miss ma meat
a grandpa f1009: mmhm m1008: plentywords for a grandma like
says the elder the rplentythings about the cloister ye
kis hei wuid hev sayedplentyareddies the umwhile bobbie tamson

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