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screiv t anent his mountaineerinploysafore turnin tae novels yet
o aa his unneeboorly coorseploysa violent chiel sober he
strynge trystin o twa fremmitploysit is anent the link
suggestions for social and physicalploysfor thae bairns wi scots
tak pairt in sum uncoployshe haed never seen afore
me a hae sum uncoploysnou switherin aroond in ma
wi aa the queer likeploysman the ship an british
hissel muckle wi the bairnsploysbrian an jenny war mair
abune the crood whiles specialploysye hae promoted for broomlee
quarter mile they were theployso yesteryear doon oor close
the course o the thrieployscompulsive behaviour gin ever sic
weren t wise to theirploysmaybe i d shrink away
mither o sax an thirtyploysson rinnin s aye the
r rael guid at sicploysin the hinner end the
came alang an stymied siclikeploysan garrd the lads stert
man wi nature whan hisploysare threitened by some puir
control be a lot oployse warst o em for
come upon een o maploysfin i wis a loon
one thought of anything butploysand gallivanting mrs laing was
ae bonnie day wi naeploysin haun shi jin hed
wi lustheid wi its ainployswi footh o aunters in
pousion cyanide pouder their itherployswi nets an treble heuks

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