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black legs vanishin doon theplugguy fawkes tune one more
black legs vanishin doon theplugrobin fa s that stottin
f1054: unattractive m1022: for unattractiveplugug and it was also
the top o that listplugug m1020: eh f1054: unattractive
pamela jake an spats bigplugpatterson ranjit newt jinx mcphail
crazies rule they craw bigplugpatterson sprayed his name wi
f1100: mum where s theplugf1099: [inaudible] plug f1100: [inaudible]
s the plug f1099: [inaudible]plugf1100: [inaudible] f1099: you re
said f1100: [singing] [inaudible] aplugf1099: we re gonna put
much to our society theypluggaps in statutory services and
receipts could be used toplugsome gaps which might assist
process i will give aplugto briefing sessions margo and
[inaudible] thunderbirds f1105: pull thepluga wee bittie to let
a- did you pull theplugm1106: yes yeah i said
aathing come on pull theplugm1108: boing eh f1107: i
bath f1105: urgh pull theplugout and come out now
drum kit there s theplugpoints for guitars or anything
the store s black reevorplugthat he aye smoked tho
tae learn aboot anither generationplugmcandrew the english teacher telt
were dux you wouldn tplugm1146: no you wouldn t
you wouldn t definitely notplugthe school f1144: [laugh] f1054:
but some people used toplugf1144: mmhm well that was
hands oot into the theplugf1105: [yawn] oh mum s
girls how to change aplugor whatever and teach boys
my hand out in theplugmy hands oot into the
tae gie st valentine aplugin glesga on this luvers
f646: and they used toplugthat in and i had
matchsticks they were used toplugthe holes if tackets fell
modern one we used toplugwell at least i didn
they winna go doon theplugthey ll just [inaudible] it
we need to close theplugwell done right the other
wid aiblins try the walnutplughe taen his pipe oot
m awa to take theplugoot the sink and that
teaches arabic so i mightplugin to that some time
crap f943: an i canplugit into a tv and
could even lie down andplugthat draught from the corridor
voluntary organisations work together theplugmust not be pulled on
f1143: ehm i would sayplugbut there was a good
him haes gaen doun theplugit s lyke whan thousans
to knit sadie bangs theplugfor the iron in agnes

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