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bha e a coimhead airsonpolarbears eil sin antartic
eil sin antartic m979: polar[neo-shoilleir] feumaidh gur e àite
paws like flattened spiders frozenpolarbears are fashion mannequins a
a manic depressive or bipolaras it s now called
ve had plane crashes andpolarbears hallucinations and miracles birth
a thoosan sherbert dabs furpolarbears tae sook flowers men
microchips be banned if thepolarcaps should open their taps
through pack ice on apolarexpedition reginald hill asking for
a th ann ma thapolarbears ann leig leatha smaoineachadh
and d gifford eds thepolartwins john donald pp 215
victorian contemporaries smith inferred thatpolaremotions could only occur at
dad aca a leaghadh spolarbears a bàsachadh f980: mmhm
an ath rud ma thapolarbears rudan eile a
is aff there s apolarbreeze elly bides wi her
if he had been apolarbear he wud still be

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