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intae the airms o thepolisas the polis mairched them
o the polis as thepolismairched them back tae their
he got careless an thepolisthemsels nabbed him at o
he wis running frae thepolisthey nabbed him sclimmin oot
cam roun the corner apoliscaur i jumpt oot an
oot the motor whan thispoliscaur that must hae been
the fish doun tae thepoliscaur they d niver seen
the caur if yon bigpoliseejits had juist luikt ower
an flaggd it doun thepolisan his young polis wumman
the polis an his youngpoliswumman gied me a queer
he s no bringin thepolisbeth faltering he won t
pynt in cryin on thepolisnae sense bringin tribble tae
father in law is thepolisnoted alec glancing around anxiously
left tae phone for thepolisnou that wee alec an
sent jock tae phone thepolisan turnt a blin lug
their inner lug fin thepolisinterview a suspected ne er
genuinely innocent whit wid thepolisdae sadie affected innocence pretending
gie it welly then thepolisgot ower nifty an pulled
an took it until thepolispulled panda aff aye i
ll gae an phone thepolisit s mair nor we
makkin phone calls tae thepolisor pesterin the scaffies heid
comes i ll phone thepoliswe ll get a lawyer
mysterious ways stew huv thepolisbeen at hur huv they
for the road the youngpolisdrew oot his radio tae
gae an radio for thepolisi said in a loud
his radio tae alert itherpolisnearhaun for he said they
furst nicht s poachin thepolisshuin arrived an identified him
day an the twa youngpoliswha arrived at the mill
his marrow i the auldpolisstation anenst howcleuchshiel wur ae
an howcleuchsheil stands the auldpolisstation sei b whan a
excitements for me get thepoliskin ye no get the
agnes they kin get thepolistae step up their patrols
kin ye no get thepoliswaveband he kept asking they
even gettin gruppt by thepoliscan gie a bodie wat
risk gettin luftit by thepolishe s a doctur he
ah ran frae the bliddypolisa fortnicht ago an ah
foo cweel the tomb somepolisran an stertit firin back
wha ye are an thepolisll come for ye juist
saunstane ledge tae whaur thepoliscuid nab them for i
wis back wi twa youngpolisbaith a bit sweirt tae
in we gaed eftir thepolisdivers tae the loch twa
an wull wi the twapolisinside five meenits o laein
a warnin hoaspital cawed thepolissame twa he wis sittin
thon no yin thae auldpolishooses ye bide in neist
bluidy place is hotchin wipoliscome doun an get us
a dug again pause thepoliscould ve charged him whey
bit they can git thepolisinvolved pause aye well look
yae dumfounert wee flounder thepoliswere nane too pleased ither
whaur he steys an thepoliscan pick him up later
he comes here wi thepolisan a section order ye
wid nick some booze thepoliswatched which truck he d
o the post office thepolisoffice an the toun ha
wi mair experience o thepolisahint him haundit his ower
duguid tuik ower at holyroodpolisfrae america an russia war
that wisnae the name thepolisgat oot o him wis
in the lay by thepolislowpt oot an got them
i d best get thepolisit wis a het day
here come oan get thepolismaggie he hasn t done
pat tae see gin thepoliscomputers could raik up onythin
tae keep it doon naepolisfree drink aye but if
went across tae let thepolisken whit we were up
tae turn up wi thepolislookin fur his pair disturbed
tae the cooncil or thepolisnat mcewen the lang sufferin
tae haundle him and thepoliswe re fine place just
kent ti tell somebody thepolisthe social cammy ti come
we had feenished wi thepolisbig john had had a
at last fa keepit thepolissae well acquant wi his
taen fur beerial yet thepolisdarg wad takk time there
flashing light above them thepolisi shouted without thinking and
rather than simply letting thepolisuse their powers to stop
the bride and the garrowhillpolisas well your new son
three has jist tellt thepolisin wir statements okay robb
oneybody takes a hostage thepolisor the army are straight

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