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of cool the sentry spolishedboots pace twenty one green
the fields the sentry spolishedboots pace twenty one the
i sat up against thepolishedmahogany bedhead inlaid with marquetry
sattled on the girse likepolishedmahogany rose hips bluid spattered
makers as mediated by thepolishedperiodic sentences of the particularly
antique dresser which resembles apolishedchestnut jasmine and rosemary perfume
with wrought iron balconies andpolishedstone entradas displaying antique furniture
fite lace table cloot wipolishedcutlery that reflected the lowe
gethsemane a lily swings itspolishedpendulum flowers are cutlery on
occasion an the horse harnesspolishedtae high doh and decorated
occasions it ws cleaned andpolishedup to high doh like
and it s written forpolishedand elegant readers so it
indication that you are apolishedelegant thinker as well as
pause aye yi scrubbed anpolishedthe hoose an kitchen aye
butterflies are pinned down eachpolishedcage a stitch up of
serge uniform and his pitifullypolishedboots then sick to his
his feet in cracked butpolishedboots were planted firmly on
had to be cleaned andpolishedthen they were plotted in
the step it is highlypolishedand if isn t i
you know it s highlypolishedslidin up and [laugh] doon
great it was that highlypolishedyou could you could slide
handsome mallorcan furniture and apolishedflagged floor intriguing doorways lead
granite slabs and surrounded bypolishednatural wood not a hint
very stately very tall withpolishedred wood he looks very
from handling the corn hadpolishedthe wood and raised the
all original and well preservedpolishedwood and brass in trains
cut days instead the plainpolishedwood was topped with tinted
that ancient time worn handpolishedreed and balanced there upon
sailings plate glass windows getpolishedup in bars and restaurants
seem less sublime knowledgeable andpolishedpraise of burns is however
sunhat protected elena bonet spolishedapple face her eyes bright
in glasgow style and brassespolishedbright with arching windows chammied
rolled them under inside hispolishedshoes the starling stared coldly
teacosy minnie sat on apolishedmahognay cheer an curled her
i believe dark blue chinospolishedshoes and naturally a bling
[laugh] f1023: [laugh] f1025: shepolishedtheir shoes f1027: [laugh] [laugh]
hard as a factory spolishedlino they were young once
find meaning in the toopolishedsentences i have little idea
fair whirlwind wi a brushpolishedma knitting needles ye did
an wi ae shot apolishedoff the _________ 1 lot
keeping them clean and properlypolishedas a mark of their
was kept spotlessly clean andpolishedby some proud owners and
took pride o place thepolishedpianie held yer ghaistly face
washy hurlygush white cricketers rubpolishedballs on quintessential english groins
nice and white harnesses werepolishedby putting them in a
when the brose had beenpolishedoff and that was you
my supplies well i finallypolishedoff my final version of
says because ye know thepolishedbench he says they had
who fetched and carried andpolishedit was mrs macdonald who
that the bill should bepolishedup in the course of
poetry should be but thatpolishedsatisfying literary quality owes a
the yins we ve gotpolishedand ready tae switch on
faith she d keepit itpolishedlike a new preen an

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