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of scottish fishing grounds aspoliticallyunacceptable and economically ruinous for
of scottish fishing grounds aspoliticallyunacceptable and economically ruinous for
language choice decorously rather thanpoliticallyjack s argument is that
century writers decorously rather thanpoliticallythat i m not so
corpus o brilliant inventive anpoliticallyinspired poetry a major upheeze
of brilliant inventive and stronglypoliticallymotivated poetry a major improvement
has never been more controversialpoliticallyvis a vis the european
dark ages to use thepoliticallyincorrect but familiar term welsh
neds and it s completelypoliticallyincorrect for a teacher to
erm thi- this probably ispoliticallyincorrect i ll have to
civility of his reception ispoliticallymotivated it will be the
might be seen as thepoliticallywith a small p motivated
st petersburg and myanmar allpoliticallyinspired changes but in scotland
m939: [laugh] f940: is thatpoliticallycorrect fuckin nuthouse [laugh] m942:
f963: right yeah yeah m762: politicallycorrect individual who s kind
and everythin has to bepoliticallycorrect so i was never
exploited to use today spoliticallycorrect word on one occasion
you know f963: mm m762: politicallycorrect you know f963: right
that am i not beingpoliticallyf1025: [laugh] f1026: correct f1054:
should be understood historically andpoliticallywith a small p the
not only proper it waspoliticallyexpedient for political debate to
century portugal and spain werepoliticallyunited and if they had
f963: yeah yeah mmhm m762: politicallyand and all that er
quite a kind of ehmpoliticallyengaged angle in terms of
foundations of a new parliamentpoliticallyor in terms of the
either there was probably somethingpoliticallywrong with it but i
kind of a is verypoliticallysort of a ehm there
m608: mmhm m1174: sort ofpoliticallyorientated m608: and who who
the scottish people while stillpoliticallyindependent from england quickly acquired
much poorer in no- offpoliticallythan in northern ireland the
the absence of any actionpoliticallyby ye know the fear
on it has to bepoliticallyvetted four or so signatures
a serious crime but actingpoliticallyor in some other way
opposite of here and perhapspoliticallyapt the chorus was better
a generation of punters becamepoliticallyaware by watching fluck and
the orange growing countries arepoliticallyout of bounds they get

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