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c shire horses d shetlandponiese highland ponies f eriskay
d shetland ponies e highlandponiesf eriskay ponies g agricultural
e highland ponies f eriskayponiesg agricultural animals working on
mmhm f1104: with all theponiesin ponyville is that a
your ponies your my littleponiesthey re little f1104: [mm]
horse is little f1103: yourponiesyour my little ponies they
things such as kilts andponiesand traps the development has
ha ha huh huh theponiesare playing [inaudible] po- pony
i m brushing all theponieshair pinkie pie f1104: oh
o cocoa f1103: mm f1104: poniesf1103: were they f1104: cups
em the p- all theponieson okay mum f1103: how
we could all put theponiesin the celebration castle the
f1104: is this erm theponiesbeds f1103: mmhm f1104: anyone
at speed the children onponiesand the middle aged who
go and get aa theponiesback into this thing f1103:
because there s aa theponiesf1103: mm f1104: [child noises] i
on here beside the otherponiesf1103: mm f1104: she will
ll play wi my littleponiesf1103: oh well we ll

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