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wyle the siller fae yerpoochfarang farang is the thai
heard it caaed a granniepoochgeed in doon the seam
done and there wis apoochi ve heard it caaed
carpet noo missus kangaroo spoochfit s in yer pooch
pooch fit s in yerpoochmissus kangaroo a cuckoo clock
oh fit s in yerpoochmissus kangaroo charlie cheetah charlie
phone tae cooncillor mcewen solomonpoochdidna hear it either he
doon the phone wis solomonpoochmiss gray s angora pussy
the egyptians lang syne solomonpoochscrattit his dowp thoughtfu like
on a spanish grandee solomonpoochwatched his mistress through sea
settled firmly into your oxterpoochand would not easily fall
over fire ower too oxterpoocharmpit bread pocket pace easter
o fuskey fae his jaiketpoochan cowped a big slug
she fished oot frae herpoocha wee green boxie that
licht an fished in mapoochfur the back o an
the foun o her jaiketpoochtracy mowat grippit the cuttin
that one you know apoochlaughin like a pooch on
a pooch laughin like apoochon pie day f1144: [laugh]
o ilkie bird his jaikitpoocha moosie hauds his kyte
feart like face ranjit spoochhauds a bottlie o hooch
tuik a pipe frae hispoochduntit it teem stappit it
stappit ma pictur inno aepoochfaulded ma hauns on ma
feet wid ye teem yerpoochwid ye turn awa fur
pence jinglin in geordie spoochefter that gittin rid o
bag sack poo to pullpoochpocket pooer puller pottich porridge
ve been cairryin in yerpoochweel i m a guid
you say pocket we saypoochyou say trousers we say
the gairdener fummlit in hispoochfur his pipe fichered wi
jar o glue an apoocho bugs its the anely
he was laughing like apoochon pie day and i
moo e ripit in eezpoochagain an brocht oot a
binder twine oot o eezpoochand tied it roon e
pits her haun in herpoochan takks oot the gowd
gowden stour pranny fulls ilkaepoochwi the gowd an back
pull the note oot mapoochan haud it in front
hae his haun in hispoochfur trainers or skweel ootins
lack o siller in hispoochhe didna scutter wi the
shakk the siller fae theirpoochsyne bed some young an
at peterheid wi signs likepoochthe change an come awa
bare as a tinker spoochwi the cauldrife win ahint
watch in a mannie spoochit s hard to say
want the white in thepoochdo ye m1108: nope just
uh oh white in thepoochf1107: [inaudible] the white s
get the white in thepoochf1107: ye did sut m1108:
s a white in apoochit will be three balls
road oh white in thepoochwill i get it m1108:
back i reach intae mapoochsee that s the funny
croons skailed frae oot mapoochfair wammlin efter splatter syne
anither een in the itherpoochanither school denner time on
o tebacca oot o spoochrowed a paperie roon t
watch glentin at his westcoatpoochhe cairriet his 52 years
her snap like a blaikpoochan didnae open again fur
bree he raxxes in hispoochfur the fusky flask cowps
took athing oot o hispoochan started tae see if
o paper oot his hippoochwi a flourish o triumph
a bittie paper in mapoochtae draa on finiver i
wee bit garlic in mapoochwhaur he ll no smell
hid chored it frae hispoochhis car wis brukken doon
wi a tanner in hispoochan juist in time for

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