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pools like fifty metre swimmingpoolsbut they re they re
all got sort of swimmingpoolslike fifty metre swimming pools
different place now with swimmingpoolsan wide roads an [laugh]
practicality of access to swimmingpoolsand the amount of time
threatened closure of the swimmingpoolsat jedburgh selkirk and eyemouth
only eight olympic sized swimmingpoolscompared with 1 500 in
engines caravans space rockets swimmingpoolsdry ones and anything else
through free access to swimmingpoolsgyms and other sports facilities
of sports centres and swimmingpoolsi urge you go and
sports halls or community swimmingpoolsregarding the portfolio approach with
the tennis courts the swimmingpoolsthe terraces where we sit
conservation such as artificially creatingpoolsfor spawning might have effects
by bus to and frompoolsequally i am mindful that
the river and staking outpoolsthe great decline in poaching
with brown sandy slush deeppoolsof vile liquid lap against
and burns emanating from suchpoolsor from open water within
the scottish executive whether bogpoolswithin blanket bogs and burns
said why is it calledpoolsshe d persisted stubbornly thinking
for crabs in the rockpoolsetc i just hope we
swam off into her ownpoolsof opportunity i thought she
nigg bay near bottle greenpoolsstoppered with tar and foam
his bad luck with thepoolsrumbled away in the back
a shottie at winning thepoolshe said why is it
general serious and silent whatpoolsof pleasure there were we
wis suin brocht roon taepoolsbut bettin canna be fer

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