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poorin aff o him bleedpoorinfae his airm brobbed be
the gless its leemonade lavapoorindoon the sides afore finin
s wife ficherin wi pearlspoorinoot the gin hard on
kelpie keep yer bree furpoorinower the flooers they ve
jonsar sat ere the sweatpoorinaff o him bleed poorin
leakin water it wis jistpoorinin awye mind you the
are takin the beer wisnaepoorinaffa weel an the barman
one there erm toilet m1020: poorinaye m1022: cludgie f1018: lavvy
bit affa het as weelpoorino sweat wabbit i div
better hae a shottie opoorinthe beer yoursel efter jonsar
me neest day it wispoorino rain the day efter
the broch it wis stillpoorinjonsar eck pit on his
in the mornin it spoorinrain weet an damp is
7 22 rainfall 4 16poorino rain aye eence again
7 10 rainfall 3 16poorino rain fin we div
6 8 rainfall 4 16poorino rain fin we div

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