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in the forenicht he haespoppieshis shantie ruif lets in
f1115: [inaudible] puppies daein f1116: poppies[?]i know puppy[/?] f1115: the bird s
puppies steikin dusk the yellowpoppiesclosing simmer summer caller broun
bonfires licht the lift reidpoppiesnoo are thrang st andrew
embroidered poppies transformed to thepoppiesthat every spring converge in
bethlehem to see or carepoppieswear thorns that crucify turn
said for pleasures are likepoppiesspread you see the flower
club but pleasures are likepoppiesspread you seize the flower
a song was sung calledpoppiesgaily waved to night also
frail silk of the embroideredpoppiestransformed to the poppies that
pinched the puppies f1116: [inaudible]poppiesf1115: no puppy f1116: poppy
flittin time at term reidpoppiesbloom on ilkie briest fin
glimmer like the styoo opoppiesdauncin ower the air kate
in the valley of whitepoppiesfrom his play the immortal

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