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a burgh of barony proofpositiveis lacking as the actual
athlete s feet was proofpositiveso they avowed of the
me drifting towards them proofpositivethat smokers can seriously damage
to mary scanlon is proofpositivethat the councils of scotland
message across and i receivedpositivefeedback from the meps specifications
message sometimes even a humorouspositivemessage carefully written out in
for would be readers apositivemessage sometimes even a humorous
and to send out apositivemessage to scotland from the
in order to promote thatpositiveattitude and sense of enjoyment
community this means haein apositiveattitude tae baith or aw
community this means having apositiveattitude to both or all
desirable in this way apositiveattitude to foreign language learning
between us is creative andpositivein outcome can lead to
so that would be apositiveoutcome from the european year
is perhaps the single mostpositiveoutcome of the treaty and
it had resulted in apositiveoutcome the meeting closed at
that many people recognise thepositiveaspects of the current qualifications
to concentrate on the morepositiveaspects of the european day
have said despite all thepositiveaspects of the european union
accept 100 per cent thepositiveaspects of the report does
some of the bill spositiveaspects raise some areas of
to follow tom mccabe spositivecontribution however it is a
has made a great andpositivecontribution in improving older people
housing are making a significantpositivecontribution to people throughout scotland
which continues to make apositivecontribution to the debate we
janis hughes is making apositivecontribution to the discussion i
of drugs act 1971 apositiveburden is placed on the
for people who have testedpositivefor class a drugs and
percentage of prison inmates testedpositivefor drugs at reception into
the percentage of people testingpositivefor illegal drugs who have
full impact of the schemepositiveand negative the findings should
evidence there is of anypositiveor negative effect this has
devolution has had any effectpositiveor negative on scottish culture
a negative rather than apositiveresolution of the parliament i
law or of parties takingpositivemeasures to create exploitable defects
on all parties to supportpositivereform of the scottish enterprise
on all parties to supportpositivereform of the scottish enterprise
on all parties to supportpositivereform of the scottish enterprise
respond to them in apositivemanner one response has been
briefing the committee noted thepositivenature of the response however
appeared to be a fairlypositiveresponse but in view of
convener item six concerns apositiveresponse from the corporate body
see the first minister spositiveresponse to our letter on
promoting cultural awareness notes thepositiveresponse to the report and
centres as part of ourpositiveresponse to the report of
worldwide will also have littlepositiveimpact on the financing of
tide they are having apositiveimpact on the health of
advertising will overall have apositiveimpact on the scottish economy
that the parliament notes thepositiveimpact which the provision of
that the parliament notes thepositiveimpact which the provision of
year and further notes thepositiveknock on impact that this
and not much that ispositivein its view of past
view people s actions aspositiveit is not just about
guidelines take a much morepositiveview of bilingualism schools should
will have a much morepositiveview of how the scheme
quite rightly picked up thepositiveview of what was happening
undertakings often present a verypositiveview of womanhood as we
view arises partly from thepositiveview that the sqa and
it would undoubtedly have apositiveeffect on the shetland team
furthermore will it have anypositiveeffect or will it somehow
second the committee is takingpositiveaction in inviting another committee
rights will you outline thepositiveaction opportunities to redress some
plan our commitment to takepositiveaction to benefit the sector
to private landlords and takepositiveaction to resolve poor council
abandon these proposals and takepositiveaction to restore the confidence
that the review will bepositiveand that action will be
should try to find apositivecourse of action perhaps the
double talk gives way topositiveenthusiastic action the following two
28 november it provided apositiveplatform for eu action on
that there could be somepositiveadvantages in a polycultural approach
to continue to promote thepositiveapproach being taken by institutions
stakeholders meet it is apositiveapproach that i urge the
local authorities have adopted apositiveapproach to milk but that
difficulties or paralysis commends thepositiverole glasgow city council has
our medallists more effectively aspositiverole models whose achievements children
will be taking forward thepositiverole of midwives in leading
parliament from glasgow notes thepositivepublic reaction to the service
in debate we have receivedpositiveassurance from the northern lighthouse
as will all the otherpositiveassurances that we have received
of those bodies received apositivereply to be fair however
afternoon s debate will bepositivehowever everything is not quite
the north east is quitepositivehowever the population changes in
it ends however with apositiveimage of continuity and strength
the report and its manypositiverecommendations however i wish to
the scottish compact has beenpositivealthough no doubt it can
in east ayrshire we needpositivediscrimination although there is active
expected to have something morepositivethan a review although that
review although that is reasonablypositiveunfortunately as the convener may
support the collaboration by promotingpositivemessages about men s health
support the collaboration by promotingpositivemessages about men s health
and that will be apositivesupport to scottish public infrastructure
who has always been verypositiveabout europe i campaigned for
has been mentioned is verypositiveand it is something that
was welcomed during our verypositivedebate on primary care two
from students has been verypositiveindeed we now find that
government has taken some verypositiveinitiatives the announcement of the
as petersburg tasks one verypositivemove is that even the
the medium it is verypositivethat we are beginning to
officers officers can have verypositiveviews about the private rented
debate the executive motion ispositiveit challenges us to make
important that we enter intopositivediscussions with our european partners
european committee has forged apositiverelationship with the scottish executive
of the 1990s this morepositiveenvironment is reflected by the
safety issues on a morepositivenote landlords whose properties were
will end on a morepositivenote volunteers week is due
of disabled people for morepositivesteps to be made we
become better informed and morepositivethen we need to be
analysis the snp supports apositivevision of enlargement with more
the minister cannot be morepositivewill he advise me what
the report reflects the broadlypositiveexperience that we have of
in good heart after apositivereport from hm inspectors the
that they had such apositivereport from the recent inspection
what one might call thispositivelack of specificity in relation
might be annulled just aspositiveones might not be approved
might be some longer termpositiveoutcomes collaboration is essential to
be considered i have apositivesuggestion that might apply to
housing budget which is apositivemeasure in our written evidence
then economy pets have theirpositiveside our boa constrictors need
our economy could be quitepositivetanith muller that is what
a few native words withpositiveassociations the flyting has a
words in the poem havepositiveconnotations fair fresche seimlie rair
let s start on apositivenote pleased words for pleased
obligation to ensure that somethingpositivecomes from the events could
do something personally to obtainpositivecoverage he invited the lawnmarket
even now er f718: apositiveinfluence i mean rather than
the power to make apositivedifference to conditions it has
those commitments will make apositivedifference to the lives of
specific programmes to make apositiveinvestment to reduce long term
poison spread the word aboutpositivevandalism and help make the
such as third party reportingpositivearrest policies recording and monitoring
would be a useful andpositivecomponent of such strategies we
different brings are put topositivecreative use in collections such
partnerships encourage organisations to adoptpositivepolicies such as flexible retirement
compound simplex groups yielded suchpositiveresults the compounds of lind
that there has been apositivetrend for roman catholics and
first of those is apositivemove the impending introduction of
2002 those projects will promotepositivepartnerships between local authorities and
we consoled ourselves with thepositivereports of those few coming
offset against much enthusiasm andpositiveregard for the language by
leaves the matter subject topositiveaffirmation by this parliament angus
the scottish parliament set apositiveexample public signage in scots
would be used only bypositiveresolution of the parliament phil
the parliament to recognise thepositivework that is being done
immediate public information campaign onpositivenon violent discipline s1w 32861
believe that people there arepositiveabout my announcement so i
by giving young people newpositiveopportunities cut energy bills with
have the potential to bepositiveand to allow better working
then that we have madepositiveanswers to these two general
seaweed species that will havepositiveenvironmental benefits and probably economic
glad to have had somepositivefeedback on your thoughts about
have been 33 quarters ofpositivegrowth furthermore the bank looks
running but we have hadpositiveoutput the projects are required
ask the scottish executive whatpositiveresults there have been as
process of recovery there arepositivedevelopments in health service infrastructure
be mair informed an mairpositivesyne we need tae be
congratulatory decade there are somepositivesigns peace initiatives in europe
the process as one ofpositiveachievement with language there can
a home language is apositiveadvantage in learning english not
board how sips operate arepositivesteps brian adam will the
want to start writing aboutpositivethings i don t think
encourage members to be constructivepositiveand polite before you close
is to be as aspositiveas possible erm we try
can develop that can bepositivebut not all voluntary organisations
should be recognised as apositiveestablished organisation whose cultural work
recognise that there should bepositivenurturing to ensure the secure
procedure that would be apositivestep the convener does anyone
are likely to encounter bothpositivediscrimination for example exemption from
affairs one of the mostpositiveopportunities to arise from membership
are surrounded by examples ofpositiveaging which is the phrase
every nhs board is apositivedevelopment of which i know
for a nation which possessespositiveforms of morality and religion
which provide for the integratedpositivemanagement and enhancement of wide
scheme which addresses in apositivemanner the problem of underage
skill shortages which is apositivereflection of the sound economic
suggested there was a lesspositivecorrelation in modern languages than
and we must address thatpositivecomments were made regarding the
highlands and islands snp onpositivealternatives is the minister aware
voluntary activity the outlook ispositivei see a sector that
the images are full ofpositivepower it is the blues
all the other not sopositivemessages for example it doesn
polyculture do you foresee anypositiveadvantages in polyculture dr black
th- i think the mostpositiveway i can find o
many quarters but as apositiveadvantage for the bilingual child
exploitable coal deposits are accordedpositivepolicies in development plans as
court because it was notpositiveand notwithstanding of the extra
in pupils a range ofpositiveattitudes towards their own and
and its activities are ofpositivebenefit to the scottish tourist
but this comes within apositivecontext of enabling the pupil
that this was not apositivedeclaration of guilt then for
sales but one of thepositivedevelopments in the past 12
perhaps disproportionate and not alwayspositiveinfluence at the centre of
regular basis would send apositivesignal to the whole of
employer in the town bodypositivetayside does a lot of
would start a campaign ofpositivevandalism every time i go
of the shellfish industry spositiveyear in 1998 when the
in pupils a range opositiveattitudes tae their ain an
johnson s it was apositivebonding exercise mr home robertson
appraisal and we expect apositivenet present value we expect
was always a warm andpositiveone william pirie smith expected
a genuine forum to reachpositiverecommendations and calls for its
tell you that they werepositivethis wis followed wi a
diversity in employment the agepositivecampaign aims to raise awareness
apparent rejection snuffs out thispositivefire and abandons him to
simpson and ure 1993 foundpositivepupil reaction to the kinds
entitled scots tones accentuate thepositiverecently according to the advertising
saw the agenda now includespositivereferences to employability lifelong learning
recommendations and the executive spositiveresponses and to pursue just
2 in 5 respondents expressingpositivecomment on them compared with
s scots tones accentuate thepositivein scotland on sunday 25
publish the targets for reducingpositivedrug tests among inmates in
wonder if because you knowpositivediscrimination an that an tryin
at hm prison aberdeen testpositivefor drug use at reception
but if you re givingpositiveerm arguments in fact arguments
brither bit aifter himsel beinpositivean his pairtner ian whae

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