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scottish laymen were expected topossessand read was a book
for ever incapable to inheritpossessor enjoy the crown and
for ever incapable to inheritpossessor enjoy the imperial crown
benefits at first hand theypossessa tremendous advantage in appreciating
possessed 300 merks should alsopossessa bible and a book
1500 s you might onlypossessone book and that book
most men would love topossessfor men have marble women
if the authority is topossesssuch powers the super affirmative
filled with the urge topossessa similar monstrosity some weeks
the life long desire topossessa mother figure to compensate
mabel smith s faither didnapossessa coat bit she min
for if one does notpossessa fur coat one is
sittin it t cunsyoom urpossessas much o a chosen
speech forms most scots speakerspossessthe communicative competence to switch
have to hazard everything ipossessboyter count us in mr
election from among persons whopossessthe qualifications necessary for appointment
out any such assessment mustpossesss1w 15109 mr kenneth gibson
any semblance of rationality ipossessabandoned me and i was

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