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decreed that all householders whopossessed300 merks should also possess
added by herder herder apparentlypossessedjohnson s scots musical museum
ultimately to a compilation thatpossessedthe quality in the reviewer
f1023: [laugh] i ve neverpossesseda pair of jeans in
ve never f1027: [inaudible] f1023: possesseda pair of jeans in
the island for which hepossessedby gift of his forebear
the only redeeming feature margerypossessedwas her urbane brother jack
place indeed it may havepossesseda proper harbour for a
trust treasures you covet thingspossessedsilver and gold all turn
don t know ev- whateverpossessedme but i applied to
work involved but smith waspossessedof inexhaustible mental energy in
we have lost certain powerspossessedby our forefathers the art
their short lives certainly hepossessedthe shrewdness to detect their
houses its surrounding countryside waspossessedby wealthy palmesanos some of
these past days chopin whopossessedthe power to tune the
but curiously melancholic father whopossessedlittle taste for learning in
the fact that both menpossessedso much in common lucid
residents walked predictably the burghpossesseda high street while the
in a few minutes hortensepossesseda bicycle to this intelligent

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