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greet for that lost hunderdpoundi started to grieve an
winnin duck got a hunderdpoundso haein a few bob
the line an that hunderdpoundwas gonnae be mine so
for a hundred and fiftypoundand i says i ll
of joy [laugh] for fiftypoundf943: i- it doesn t
pay for your rock m942: poundfifty in old money f940:
f- nearly six quid fivepoundfifty or five pound sixty
but they were like apoundfifty or something for a
you re due me onepoundfifty please f1122: [?]ting[/?] f1121:
please f1122: [?]ting[/?] f1121: onepoundfifty thank you very much
of that hundred and fiftypound[laugh] pan f809: yeah yeah
five pound fifty or fivepoundsixty for two gin and
twenty pound oo- m822: twentypoundan hoor or somethin m824:
will be matched pound forpoundby sums from the uk
payments which will be matchedpoundfor pound by sums from
the time [laugh] m824: twentypoundoo- m822: twenty pound an
has the more anglicised apoundof ryst rice apart what
of tuppeny rice half apoundof treacle all the lambs
of tuppenny rice half apoundof treacle that s the
we ve got half apoundof tuppenny rice half a
anytown anywar anywhere half apoundof tuppeny rice half a
helensfield m608: aye m642: hundredpoundeach f643: at helensfield you
were somethin laek twelve hundredpoundfor de uh huh f960:
i ll need twa hundredpoundfor it well i says
m734: nice six hundred thousandpoundhouse er with f718: [inaudible]
shout m944: well five hundredpoundis not that much for
aye f643: for two hundredpoundm608: mmhm so what was
containing ten clydesdale bank tenpoundnotes one hundred one oh
email for about a hundredpoundoff your next bill and
they won one hundred thousandpoundon the lottery they wouldna
it cost me nine hundredpoundtae get it done f606:
m939: aye m942: fifteen thousandpoundold money [laugh] f940: [laugh]
squandered something like twelve thousandpoundor something like that f943:
heard m942: wasn t twelvepoundf940: nowadays though the news
och it s about eightpoundfor a packet o twelve
witch thing m941: paid twelvepoundfor that as well f940:
that was eh wait fifteenpounda week innit m608: fifteen
a week innit m608: fifteenpounda week m642: that s
miners wurnae even makin tenpounda week then m608: god
had a four for tenpoundeaster egg offer f1037: yeah
f826: oh m903: [inaudible] tenpound[inaudible] [inaudible] a letter f902:
they d a a tenpoundnote in the electricity box
he set off a tenpoundnote safe in his wallet
insistent anxiety second those tenpoundnotes if they exist i
and we gave her tenpoundtae buy flowers for the
that left us wi tenpoundtae live on john m642:
days when it wis tenpoundye went for f826: oh
year m608: mmhm f643: twentypounda month ye paid m608:
post office savings in twentypoundnotes ye steyed in the
that are givin you thirtypounda week f943: no that
quid m642: what s onepoundi got thirty eh one
i got thirty eh onepoundseventeen and six a ton
the festive list half apoundof brussel sprouts half a
if muggie spend hid apoundat nine o clock in
muggie spend hid a hunnerpoundat nine o clock it
to mention a stray scottishpoundnote and bought a newspaper
time i broke a 10poundnote and received 2 dollars
great tae think o mypoundnote lyin a slate fur
the railway for seventy fivepoundand he couldnae buy it
offered it for seventy fivepoundf643: and he had five
i think i got twopounda week for that f637:
go and work for apounda week m608: right f640:
with milk by 1936 onepounda week was an average
damagingly high rate of thepoundand end the continuing harm
has succeeded despite the strongpoundand high interest rates further
the high value of thepoundand the failure of the
in respect of the highpoundhigh levels of tax on
he smells of pennies andpoundnotes because he works in
ma heart fur a thepoundnotes pit thigither they a
m608: mmhm m1174: thousands ofpoundworth of equipment m608: yeah
the best use of everypoundin every programme the minister
determined to ensure that everypoundin the budget is spent
the executive to make everypoundof public expenditure work harder
reckoned in the particular flemishpoundof the wool market in
particular reference may allow thepoundtype to be identified at
one two three f1121: apoundf1122: aye f1121: okay there
f718: uh huh f1077: quarterpoundor something er shovel it
much as 88p in thepoundfor those with smaller occupational
scottish executive how much eachpoundit spends on neighbourhood watch
to no more than apoundor two the work done
thanks to a one millionpounddonation from bernie eccleston to
arbuthnott the sum of onepoundsterling per annum for the
was quite fantastic for apoundye got a wee duck
saturday f813: hmv like threepound[inaudible] f812: uh huh f813:
2 boil ¾ hr drainpoundchestnut stuffing neck end 8
for like a couple ofpoundand they were probably like
sold for 45 cents perpoundin the marketing of sri
ye didna ask for apoundo say skink bit it
by weight for example apoundof organic carrots has a
the entries for ounce andpoundpublished in 1983 and 1986
have familiar names for examplepoundstone pint and gallon which
nou than the local curlinpoundligs up ahint the ferm
more solid matter than apoundof conventional carrots because there
the current merchant or scottispoundalthough they shared the same
an ounce or gain apoundi am very supportive programmed
first prize it wis fourteenpoundthere is aye a affa
big football match right everybodypounda head who are we
charged he goat a hunnerpoundfine stoapped it aff ma
22 gladys there s apoundi dinna ken if i
oven until soft a quarterpoundof butter throw away any
the damaging overvaluation of thepoundthe sooner we have a
oot tae the girnwud millpoundtae sei the raft hei
himsell the waiter frae thepoundwis yaised tae dreive the
to see that this troispoundwas different from the current
the various other types ofpoundwhich are not distinguished from
the comparative strength of thepoundis undermining the competitiveness of
the intensity and concentration ofpounds imagism yet encourages the
o speerit an air wipoundyeats an eliot weel he
during the 17th century ezrapound1895 1972 and the imagists
audit how the community carepoundis spent and we must
waitter cumin frae ae millpoundup i the wud ahint

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