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même plus souvent que nouspoureux parler une langue étrangère
deuxième langue c est essentielpoureux pour nous et pour
pour eux pour nous etpourl ecosse ensemble nous pouvons
c est essentiel pour euxpournous et pour l ecosse
enfants possèdent une grande aptitudepourapprendre les langues et il
nous faut moderniser nos méthodespourenseigner les langues aux enfants
devons préparer nos enfants écossaispourun monde qui est de
heavily madge f1025: eh pourpouror peltin peltin wi rain
rain heavily madge f1025: ehpourpour or peltin peltin wi
à l université de stirlingpourcélébrer l année des langues
des langues européennes notre ministrepourl éducation l europe et
diversité de langues une premièrepourle parlement écossais personnellement j
reprendre l étude des languespourle plaisir ce discours en
efficace d apprentissage de languespournos jeunes ce qui leur
efficace d apprentissage de languespournos jeunes ce qui leur
est une journée historique carpourla première fois nous avons
union européenne est fondée etpourlesquels ce parlement ne cesse
étrangère est une compétence nécessairepourla vie je suis persuadé
ai fait de grands effortspouraméliorer mon français et j
french et bien merci beaucouppourentendre ces petits mots thank
спасибо большое госпожа президент mercipourvotre attention et j offre
pan pour off when smokingpourin batter to cover pan
pour in the icing m1128: pourin mammy i gaun to
f1127: right you come andpourin the icing m1128: pour
m1108: and can i [?]see it[/?]pourit f1107: aye you pour
pour it f1107: aye youpourit into the pan very
oz lard in frying panpouroff when smoking pour in
f1122: mmhm i want topourpour the chocolate i want
mmhm i want to pourpourthe chocolate i want to
4 fl oz boiling waterpourboiling water over fruit stand
cubes in boiling water andpourin to the pan top
cube in boiling water andpourthis in to the pan
mes fйlicitations à irene oldfatherpourle débat 17 23 mr
j ai choisi le françaispourmon discours aujourd hui l
stiff fold into choc mixpourinto glasses cover with cling
gradually fold in wet ingredientspourinto oiled and lined 8
stiff fold into cake mixturepourinto well greased 9 cake
it f1127: right will youpouricing into the bowl m1128:
choc in hot water milkpourover cake butter icing 1
3 tbsp water beaten togetherpour½ pt tomato sauce over
pots with cream onions seasonpour¼ pt port over goose
in layers in pie dishpourover ¾ pt milk approx
kicked open the pupils whoopingpouroutside like an un slopped
in french as er piègepourun élu erm trap for
il n etait pas facilepourun ex parlementaire du snp
into the cup and thenpourit into the pan f1112:
bef roast has finish cookingpour½ fat from roasting tin
coconut stir until it thickenspour½ into tin put cochineal
up place in ovenproof dishpourin ½ wine cover with
2 syrup 1 sugar meltpourover ½ lb biscuits rolled
cover cook 15 20 minspourin cream heat proof dish
in flour stock season 4poursauce over chicken leave till
thick add the rest 2poursauce over fish in baking
knife so i m gonnapourchocolate and will you spread
cochineal in other half andpouron top chocolate truffles 4
the chocolate i want topourthe chocolate f1121: the bowl
qu autrefois c était obligatoirepourl étude de la médicine
tin make smoking hot thenpourin batter cook on top
until it begins to thickenpourinto greased tin mark in
vie j ai tout quittépourl ingrate sylvie elle me
je fais de grands effortspoury remédier donc j ai
flour tog add ginger alepourover chops season 350ºf 180ºc
mins at 375 blend andpourover cornish potato cake 1lb
the fruit in as wellpourthe fruit salad into the
alright mummy s gaun topourin the flour and you
add to egg mixture mixpourinto flan case bake in
tomatoes chopped bacon and croutonspourover the dressing and mix
reheat slowly add lemon juicepourover chicken garnish serve with
add 2 3 cheese slicespourover cooked cauliflowers florets 6
marshmallow 4 oz toffee meltpourover small pkt rice crispies
beat milk eggs seasoning togetherpourover bread cheese leave in
milk to blood heat andpourover egg stirring well 3
boil 2 cups salted waterpourin 1 cup rice bring
f1093: right we have topourout the water m1094: why
boil the kettle hard andpourthe water on stirring with
f1126: red f1125: then youpourwater see fitt happens f1126:
your hands so if ipourand you spread it over
you open that one andpourit over that dollies now
veg and chill combine remainderpourover veg toss serves 6
tapcoat n overcoat teim vpourdown thay pron they thaim
drap guid strang whusky thaypourin the eftir warld wul
the end thorfinn did thaypourwattir on him tae thirlman
spoon f1118: look f1117: andpourit in f1118: i wanna
sippie at a time andpourit in you managing f1118:
once onion etc is cookedpourcontents of jug into the
onions and all other ingredientspourinto flan case and bake
so all these different voicespourinto my head you know
beginning of the week andpourit into an empty drawer
then mummy will hae topourit into the cases f1126:
chance trendy chelsea boots andpourout blubbering into the mike
dee first teenie teenie readingpourthe solution into a small
ee m1108: are we gaunpourthat in there f1107: that
[taps spoon on bowl] and then [tapping noise] m1108: pourthat in there why we
i open my beak topourthe music out i fill
where why what forpourquoi similarly a class could
for a few minutes 2pouroff liquor strain keep ¼
wavered slightly then continued topourwithout once glancing in margaret
deux overseas eh i meanpourecossaise six ty cents ann
me me me me f1117: pourit in eh right try
cause we re all donepourit out whee do you
wi the siller kettle tipourout the toddies an syne
an you an you couldpourf1011: [laugh] m1012: pourin tei
proud that he could nowpourthem a dram without resorting
that dollies now we llpourit [inaudible] f1111: but this
a seashell letting the sandpourin from a broad bay
be in there helpin taepouroot the tea f632: mm
some bubbles m1094: [?]aye[/?] f1093: poursome in [?]castaways![/?] that s
cleikin the pleuch see topourma cannel yill grippin ma
ay an mats o mascornpourthe cannel yill see the
last time they had topourpints and so on so
sweet white coffee that youpourfor yourself from a large
thought to find them anpourthem doon the sink your
[?]gerbil[/?] o tei when yepouroot just aye it s
goblet wha said ye coudpourane for yeirsell tak it
nicht 1st murderer lat itpourdoun the first murderer strikes
glass i m awa topourmysel a gless an it
demanded it was only topourscorn on their foolish attempts
mayor arrived with helpers topourchampagne the new year that
and napkins alan b willpourwine and bring a bottle
ayont the ingil neuk anpoura pilkkil o the queen
be happy an ah llpourmah special tonic an oo
sheep the sky continues topoura linn of light down
prow should suddenly widen seapoureverywhere if the hairbreadth crack
maniac the sun started topourhorizontal rays of pure tangerine
says oanyhin wull wull robbypourhur brew doon the shunky
at its gears wandering williespourthrough concrete cracks a gull
returned to the couch topourtwo liberal measures of the

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