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to address the problems ofpovertyand exclusion and close the
to address the problems ofpovertyand exclusion and close the
uk s existing strategy againstpovertyand exclusion and covers both
young people from falling intopovertyand exclusion it is important
parliament was established levels ofpovertyand exclusion were a blight
objectives making the fight againstpovertyand social exclusion a central
been more successful in reducingpovertyand social exclusion and from
the eu strategy for combatingpovertyand social exclusion and promoting
promoting social inclusion and combatingpovertyand social exclusion and set
scotland s approach to tacklepovertyand social exclusion and that
impact on the eradication ofpovertyand social exclusion by 2010
the strategic goal of eradicatingpovertyand social exclusion by 2010
of people at risk ofpovertyand social exclusion by 2010
to tackle the problem ofpovertyand social exclusion by co
which the gender dimension ofpovertyand social exclusion can be
25 november 2002 fight againstpovertyand social exclusion common objectives
to the common objectives onpovertyand social exclusion endorsed at
clearly the high risk ofpovertyand social exclusion faced by
group highlighted the issues aroundpovertyand social exclusion for older
action plans naps inclusion againstpovertyand social exclusion for taking
institute on the report monitoringpovertyand social exclusion in scotland
the policy framework for tacklingpovertyand social exclusion in scotland
as those directly affected bypovertyand social exclusion in the
of the report to tacklepovertyand social exclusion in what
s current approach in tacklingpovertyand social exclusion is based
of the eu to tacklingpovertyand social exclusion is based
parent families the fight againstpovertyand social exclusion is essentially
ensuring that a concern withpovertyand social exclusion is mainstreamed
pre national action plan onpovertyand social exclusion jims will
targets for the reduction ofpovertyand social exclusion mainstreaming gender
indicators in the field ofpovertyand social exclusion online available
at the european level onpovertyand social exclusion policy making
scotland in particular for combatingpovertyand social exclusion scotland s
risk of high levels ofpovertyand social exclusion since social
government s strategy to tacklepovertyand social exclusion since the
of the policies impacting onpovertyand social exclusion such as
of common european objectives onpovertyand social exclusion the social
risk factors that lead topovertyand social exclusion these include
strategies and policies to tacklepovertyand social exclusion these revolve
data on other aspects ofpovertyand social exclusion this includes
nature of the problem ofpovertyand social exclusion varies across
year national action plans againstpovertyand social exclusion which state
establishment of common objectives onpovertyand social exclusion which were
recognised that the extent ofpovertyand social exclusion within the
contended that where density ofpovertyexclusion problems with transport links
background combating social exclusion andpovertyis a key challenge facing
analysis of social exclusion andpovertyissues by improving the statistical
of unemployment social exclusion andpovertythe european social model with
the way out of pensionerpovertyand calls upon the scottish
in the battle against pensionerpovertyand that the only answer
times a study of pensionerpovertycontained the following message from
poverty in absolute terms pensionerpovertyhas fallen by 69 per
making an impact on pensionerpovertyin absolute terms pensioner poverty
1134 1 tommy sheridan pensionerpovertyin scotland as an amendment
is taking to alleviate pensionerpovertyin scotland s1o 3260 business
s1m 1134 christine grahame pensionerpovertyin scotland that the parliament
on 26 may on pensionerpovertythe outcome of the meeting
entitled creating tomorrow s pensionerpovertytoday criticises the stakeholder pensions
necessary to reduce and preventpovertytwo thirds of pensioner households
work and pensions but pensionerpovertywhich is an important issue
still be living in fuelpovertyafter the initiative has been
to implement to alleviate fuelpovertyamong people with disabilities s1o
to implement to alleviate fuelpovertyamong people with disabilities s1o
have a role on fuelpovertyand energy efficiency but if
conduct a review into fuelpovertyand energy efficiency in scotland
will do to address fuelpovertyand for the investment in
will do to address fuelpovertyand for the investment in
not alleviate fuel poverty fuelpovertyand fuel inefficiency are crucial
pauline mcneill s1m 587 fuelpovertyand housing bill lodged on
cathy jamieson s1m 587 fuelpovertyand housing bill lodged on
donald gorrie s1m 587 fuelpovertyand housing bill lodged on
bill help to alleviate fuelpovertyand how do the provisions
effect how we tackle fuelpovertyand how we would resource
policy aims of reducing fuelpovertyand promoting sustainable development again
to the ministers on fuelpovertyand sustainable development members of
classified as living in fuelpovertyand that that figure is
our commitment to eradicating fuelpovertyand to having it within
and the reduction of fuelpovertyand will be an important
measures which would eradicate fuelpovertyas a matter of urgency
do anything to alleviate fuelpovertybrian adam has the institute
sources by 2020 tackle fuelpovertyby expanding the central heating
we have said that fuelpovertycannot be turned around in
stage 2 to address fuelpovertydirectly in addition we expect
executive has done on fuelpovertydoes the minister agree with
s most significant achievements fuelpovertyexists as a result of
executive s line on fuelpovertyfour weeks ago the minister
itself will not alleviate fuelpovertyfuel poverty and fuel inefficiency
organisations that work on fuelpovertyhave said that that is
make a point about fuelpovertyi have some concerns about
quoted a figure on fuelpovertyi too have a figure
bill help to alleviate fuelpovertyif so how alan ferguson
justice committee touched on fuelpovertyin connection with energy efficiency
provisions relate to other fuelpovertyinitiatives geoff huggins when the
are you talking about fuelpovertyissues in the context of
especially effective in tackling fuelpovertyit has been suggested that
raffan s1m 2223 rural fuelpovertylodged on 17 september 2001
how the alleviation of fuelpovertymight be achieved will it
our commitment to eradicate fuelpovertyone of the most significant
236 000 households in fuelpovertypress release se3192 2000 12
13 petition pe123 on fuelpovertyprivate the committee agreed to
rented households live in fuelpovertys1w 13128 dr sylvia jackson
debate on the scottish fuelpovertystatement followed by business motion
energy efficiency and tackling fuelpovertythe bill does not do
warm homes campaign on fuelpovertythe committee agreed to discuss
warm homes campaign on fuelpovertythe committee will consider a
in addition we expect fuelpovertyto be addressed through local
executive what definition of fuelpovertywas used in determining the
might incorporate measures on fuelpovertywe followed the progress through
an awful lot about fuelpovertywe need to consider other
bill itself can end fuelpovertywhich is an aim that
will not live in fuelpovertywithin 15 years we are
had ever happened to alleviatepovertybut he will not be
alleviate veterans ill health andpovertysupported by mrs margaret ewing
alleviate veterans ill health andpovertysupported by mrs margaret ewing
in the recent report onpovertyin scotland by the select
in the recent report onpovertyin scotland by the select
in the recent report onpovertyin scotland by the select
in the recent report onpovertyin scotland by the select
in the recent report onpovertyin scotland by the select
in the recent report onpovertyin scotland by the select
in the recent report onpovertyin scotland by the select
in the recent report onpovertyin scotland by the select
scottish local authorities cosla andpovertyalliance also attended the seminar
scotland money advice scotland thepovertyalliance and many other organisations
the bill from lothian antipovertyalliance communities against poverty network
nap the scvo cosla andpovertyalliance have been working closely
raising seminar held by thepovertyalliance in december 2002 there
will be held by thepovertyalliance in march 2003 looking
anti poverty alliance communities againstpovertynetwork 3 timetable the committee
important in tackling inequality andpovertyand equipping people for work
in this area for tacklingpovertyand social inclusion in scotland
easy option of only tacklingpovertyin clearly identified deprived communities
line in tackling debt andpovertyissues in scotland 8 motion
minister agree that in tacklingpovertyit is not enough to
of poverty the risk ofpovertyaffects disproportionately children and young
in the health service becausepovertyaffects health that is why
affects people who are inpovertythat is why we have
at a persistent risk ofpovertythe risk of poverty affects
in recognition of the severepovertywhich affects the majority of
in recognition of the severepovertywhich affects the majority of
and communities to tackle childpovertybelieves that such a fund
determined action to tackle childpovertykaren whitefield airdrie and shotts
scotland s resources to tacklepovertylack of opportunity and unemployment
on several fronts to tacklepovertymrs lyndsay mcintosh central scotland
could we begin to tacklepovertyregenerate communities or promote active
tackle the causes of childpovertythrough our early intervention policies
and that we must tacklepovertywhere and when it occurs
of scottish pensioners live inpovertyacknowledges that more coherence to
which assesses the level ofpovertyamong children pensioners and families
which assesses the level ofpovertyamong children pensioners and families
20 of the 2002 reportpovertyand the number of pensioners
of pensioners who live inpovertyare major issues of concern
of pensioners living in incomepovertyfrom 29 per cent to
is a definite suggestion childpoverty7 mr kenneth gibson glasgow
reducing the level of childpovertyand to eradicating poverty within
aim is to eradicate childpovertyby 2020 progress towards the
taking steps to reduce childpovertyby giving parents real opportunities
absolute number of children inpovertychild benefit is being increased
school child benefit truancy childpovertycriminal justice crimes with knives
important point in the childpovertydebate must be understood from
child grows up in apovertyfree environment ms curran kenny
main objectives to eradicate childpovertyhelp working age people into
to take to reduce childpovertyin scotland s1o 106 29
to take to reduce childpovertyin scotland s1o 106 29
doing that ms curran childpovertyis not just about a
rate of reduction of childpovertyis woefully unacceptable i hope
would cut across our childpovertymeasures but we must take
should not cut across childpovertymeasures however we must be
on effect of reducing childpovertyms curran no that would
in order to reduce childpovertys1o 5165 the minister for
truants will have on childpovertys1o 5169 the minister for
other european union nations childpovertystands at a scandalous 30
challenge the work on childpovertythat the uk government the
is needed to eliminate childpovertythe executive will remain powerless
key objective to eradicate childpovertythe scottish contribution provides an
causes of truancy and childpovertywhether they are peddled by
child poverty and to eradicatingpovertywithin a generation we should
service trade unionists and antipovertygroups before any payment from
sb02 98 pdf european antipovertynetwork 2002 european union social
process both the european antipovertynetwork eapn and the european
trying to promote an antipovertypolicy that can be applied
probably included in the objectivespovertyis a great need that
plead poverty why they pleadpovertyand what can be done
poverty in scotland acknowledges thatpovertyimpacts on the lives of
of commons scottish affairs committeepovertyin scotland acknowledges that poverty
the local authorities that pleadpovertywhy they plead poverty and
at its national conference onpovertyand social inclusion and agreed
impact on the eradication ofpovertyby 2010 social inclusion indicators
away day 6 communities againstpovertycap community representation and social
of fundraising and campaigning forpovertyeradication and social justice throughout
in which social inclusion andpovertyin scotland can be tackled
people are at risk ofpoverty9 of the eu population
community wealth creation to reducepovertyand enhance personal fulfilment including
of my constituents live inpovertyand they do so among
many more people live inpovertyaround them we must carefully
who live not only inpovertybut in isolation from the
the airport they live inpovertyeke out a living by
while any children live inpovertyi give my absolute commitment
live every day below thepovertyline and who are so
whom continue to live inpovertythe minister for education and
the report of the ruralpovertyand inclusion working group highlighted
can be summarised as followspovertyinclusion task force chair minister
in the recent report intopovertyin scotland by the scottish
in scotland are living inpovertyexactly the same figure as
allardice for the relief ofpovertyfor those living on allardice
them into employment will attackpovertyimprove living standards and help
waging world wide war againstpovertyand injustice would deliver a
waging world wide war againstpovertyand injustice would deliver a
in the fight against worldpovertyand thereby against terrorism they
sector in the partnership againstpovertythat group is focused on
scottish local government forum againstpovertythat the issue of affordability
as the uk coalition againstpovertyukcap local government trades unions
an unattractive environment declining communitiespovertyand an atmosphere of failure
ask the scottish executive howpovertyand deprivation in rural communities
from communities submerged in desperatepovertycalls for a common penalty
to address the issue ofpovertybecause of low pay s1o
is making in closing thepovertygap s1o 5834 business bulletin
targets for the elimination ofpovertyin scotland s1o 192 9
any effect on people inpovertys1o 1767 28 mr mike
to define the relative eupovertyrate as the proportion of
takes first step towards eupovertystrategy online press release available
a common eu definition ofpovertythere has been some criticism
made of the impact onpovertyof paragraph 20342 averaging the
of understanding the impact ofpovertyon older citizens and the
addressing the disproportionate impact ofpovertyon women in the former
there are issues around ruralpovertyand accessing help which our
includes small area data ruralpovertyand data on equality issues
we have also looked atpovertyand disability issues for families
another the issues relate topovertyin urban areas it might
major issues of concern relativepovertyis the issue that we
important douglas hamilton i highlightpovertyissues although they are probably
experience particular issues relating topovertytoday fewer than half of
who have direct experience ofpovertyand the devolved administrations as
is about the experience ofpovertyin one community as opposed
people with direct experience ofpovertyin this process 10 scottish
who have direct experience ofpovertytogether with representatives from the
numbers and the level ofpovertyin one place in comparison
for example the level ofpovertyin sweden is 9 compared
find shocking the level ofpovertyin this country if we
to meet the un 2015povertyaction targets supported by bill
to take decisive action thepovertyagenda is linked intrinsically to
invitation from church action onpovertyfor the committee to be
information 6 church action onpovertythe committee considered an invitation
or children growing up inpovertyand unstable environments or people
voluntary sector and children andpovertysubordinate legislation committee 14 january
expenditure review on children inpovertysubordinate legislation committee 25 february
programme would trigger even greaterpovertythat iraqi children are forced
review group on children andpovertythe committee also agreed to
expenditure review on children inpovertythe meeting closed at 4
johann lamont agree that ruralpovertyand deprivation are often exacerbated
associate rural areas with suchpovertyand tend to think that
diminish the importance of ruralpovertybut i am not sure
european history of division andpovertyand far worse we owe
uses the same definition ofpovertyas do other european union
foreignness of culture erm bigotrypovertybeing pushed around on the
health improvements in areas ofpovertyand deprivation s1w 32834 mary
of resources to areas ofpovertyand need providing a direct
of the under reporting ofpovertyin some areas of scotland
roman catholic enclaves and associatedpovertyand deprivation existed in scotland
the collection of statistics onpovertybe developed in scotland and
2000 tommy sheridan s1m 1109povertyin scotland lodged on 21
the vulnerable out of relativepovertyin scotland thanks to successive
affairs during its investigation intopovertyin scotland that a detailed
crawford s1m 1109 irene mcguganpovertyin scotland that the parliament
vulnerable in scotland out ofpovertyon transport concessionary schemes and
moved many people out ofpovertyand provided them with the
1 billion people out ofpovertyby 2015 i am being
all relevant bodies people experiencingpovertynational regional and local authorities
badly this is the newpovertytrap and it puts people
health service education jobs andpovertyat scottish questions on 9
country are gravely damaged bypovertyill health illiteracy and fractured
opportunities to free themselves frompovertyand all levels of government
its fact finding mission onpovertyand deprivation as announced by
progress towards the eradication ofpovertyby 2010 and for comparing
contrary a study on scottishpovertyby the joseph rowntree foundation
on and they going forpovertyand eh you know hard
the joint ministerial committee onpovertyheld on 26 may on
lives on or near thepovertyline and who relies on
she is we have debatedpovertyon many occasions in the
the sector tackles and alleviatespovertyand helps to renew our
voluntary organisations in relation topovertyin our country we know
sang is there for honestpovertywhich so movingly opened our
lifted out of relative incomepovertyand 170 000 were lifted
the unmistakable stench of humanpovertyand degradation here sat the
that a woman died inpovertyand in black burning shame
way of getting out ofpovertyand the slums and if
come in a state ofpovertyand with little education to
f1018: that s right m1022: povertyf1018: we di- [laugh] and
wait and watch owe topovertyi discontinued my college studies
rapacious greed the other ofpovertyignorance and need but both
is mainly the result ofpovertypoor diet and poor dental
which tend to have higherpovertyrates and median income below
work in the fields ofpovertyrelief care provision employment and
proliferation of a low wagepovertyridden society and believes that
consign the tory years andpovertyto the past we have
contractors that continue to paypovertywages and refuse proper employment
to mouth mute mime ofpovertya man in a cotton
discussions it has had withpovertygroups regarding the increases in
absolutely fandabbydosy nobody lives inpovertyhere no m818: aye m819:
m830: but then there spovertyin the city that there
ve keepit the hairt opovertyin ye yer feet eased
the individual who lives inpovertyit does not matter how
beneficial for the relief ofpovertyof those born in the
magically solve the problems ofpovertyor family breakdown in castlemilk
these gypsies even in urbanpovertystill resonate with the landscape
lifted out of absolute incomepovertythat is a fall in
work the route out ofpovertybecause of the condition of
lift themselves out of thepovertytrap thereby delivering a better
as the route out ofpovertywith much made of policy
also for the relief ofpovertyduring the war years no
not the same kind ofpoverty[inaudible] f606: yeah m830: an
of income the grip ofpovertyis so severe that it
contribution to the alleviation ofpovertyit represents a significant means
is partly because of mypovertyof references er i mean
providing a direct measure ofpovertystirling council s list is
f963: get to see thepovertyyou know sort of keep
do that to break thepovertycycle however it is also
grinding ego leaching mind numbingpovertywho wondered little margaret could
longer have to deal withpovertyfactors such as rickets but
recognises that while much materialpovertyhas been alleviated 21st century
their old age the newpovertyzone has taken a lot
that my colleagues will discusspovertyat some length but i
the overall statistics show thatpovertyis increasing we have to
o men whase talents ifpovertyhadna repressed them would hae
same table sit grace anpovertysolo flight i would rather
secrets xxix ye came fraepovertyfrae the hooses o the
s for prosperity or forpovertyrae ye ever thocht that
puir a poor puirtith npovertypul v pull putten v

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