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brown sugar 3 tsp bakingpowder¼ tsp salt 1 egg
wholemeal flour 1 tsp bakingpowder oz butter 5 6
single cream ½ tsp mustardpowder4 oz grated cheddar stir
flour 1 level tsp bakingpowder4 oz soft marge 4
wholemeal flour 2 tsp bakingpowderadd to mixture and mix
coconut 2 level tsp bakingpowdercombine in bowl gradually fold
piece ginger 1 tsp corianderpowdercumin 2 tsp vinegar 1
dash tabasco sauce pinch garlicpowderpinch black pepper ¼ tsp
tsp salt tsp bakingpowdersift add ½ alternating with
softened butter ¼ tsp garlicpowderspread generously between slices wrap
2 onions 2 tablesp currypowder2 flour 1 pt stock
rice cooked 1 tspn currypowder6 oz peeled cooked prawns
ground ginger turmeric 2 currypowdersalt pepper lemon juice simmer
till brown 1 tblsp currypowdersalt pepper stir in 1
butter stir in rice currypowderstir in fishes stir in
hard little face softened thepowderblue eye shadow sparkling with
hibiscus flowers there is hennapowdersudanese peanuts cumin coriander black
foul smelling layer of cockroachpowderon all surfaces [censored: forename] generously
c fat ½ teasp bpowder½ lb currants ½ lb
4 marg 1 teasp bpowder2 tablesp h water 2
caster sugar 1 teasp bakingpowder4 oz butter 1 or
oz flour teasp bakingpowder6 oz castor sugar 6
spice 1 cinnamon ½ bpowder 3 1 hr
sunflower seeds skim milkpowderadd mix well form into
flour sifted 2 dessertspoons bakingpowder1 cup seedless raisins
in a basin of mustardpowderand scalding hot water blocked
4 bananas sliced pinch chillipowder1 tblnspn lemon juice 1
a hard days work amongstpowdersmoke so dense that they
with lemon juice salt onionpowdermilk single cream cream only
tray sprinkle w pepper onionpowderdot with butter cook in
go and put the washingpowderback into the m1094: how
need to get some washingpowderm1094: [inaudible] i will fill
shop for coffee and washingpowderthen wandered into the institute
try it m941: pressed talcumpowder[laugh] f940: mm that sounds
scarce ladies remember using cocoapowderto colour their legs and
mums with post war facespowderpuffed a statue pointed the
i d makk butterflees fraepowderkegs an siller sangs frae
a bit of glass intopowderwith a hammer as finely
of ash like the finepowderhe scraped from the hearth
we used to buy lemonadepowderin woolworth s you used
f1024: yeah f1026: or thepowderroom or something but they

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