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cup warm milk 2 tablespnspowderedginger 1 ½ teaspns mace
fufft puffed cranreuch frost pouthertpowderedsundert split apart lourin overcast
poutches n pockets pouthert apowderedpraiciuss a precious praisent n
tidy reid pouthert a redpowderedreik n smoke reinge v
halloween moon white as thepowderedfaces of groupie girls using
she dressed in pastel colourspowderedher face and wore rouge
f718: mmhm powdered stuff m1078: powderedcustard and then er rice
bird s mmhm f718: mmhmpowderedstuff m1078: powdered custard and
fried compared to the vilepowderedstuff that the government issued
peas meal brose made withpowderedpeas gruel thin brose made
it was the dried andpowderedeggs you were gettin durin

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