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led to many of thepracticaldifficulties and we had to
inquiries into serious crime facepracticaldifficulties because of the need
i express the hope thatpracticaldifficulties can be overcome the
of reasons it can causepracticaldifficulties for example prisoners are
their disputes there will bepracticaldifficulties in enforcing the bill
are reported however there arepracticaldifficulties in implementing the proposal
related not only to thepracticaldifficulties of being a woman
not that different there arepracticaldifficulties raised by the amendment
open members will realise thepracticaldifficulties that are raised when
the principle we reported thepracticaldifficulties that were involved there
of papers poses technical andpracticaldifficulties when scripts are marked
practical the minister outlined thepracticalobjections some of which i
on this and practical verypracticalstory of what i believe
important words there are ifpracticalthe minister outlined the practical
like sam to have f641: practicalthe practical thing f639: some
to have f641: practical thepracticalthing f639: some kind of
gonna finish on this andpracticalvery practical story of what
executive thinks that it ispracticaland sensible to set december
of professors of linguistics howpracticalis this how sensible how
kingdom is both sensible andpracticalthis is such an occasion
rich linguistic repertoires p 9practicalimplications 1 the bilingual child
look at some of thepracticalimplications for the teacher these
it can spell out anypracticalimplications that might arise from
implications for the teacher thesepracticalsuggestions draw extensively upon the
in science subjects the samepracticalskills were previously tested in
academic subjects f718: right m1078: practicalsubjects and p e and
parliament acknowledges the sensitivity andpracticalconcern shown by returning officers
this was shown through apracticalexample of how laws like
shown as being the morepracticalof the conspirators the dark
parliament the benefit of theirpracticalexperience and are often the
okay mm f1149: sort ofpracticalexperience and they ve got
postgraduate qualification some people havepracticalexperience having learned on the
that somebody could apply theirpracticalexperience in an msc 10
comment on it from yourpracticalexperience john kelly i am
moment when so men ofpracticalexperience tell us we stand
about giving people who havepracticalexperience that equates to bachelor
love is expressed in verypracticalways and to become like
are concerned as to thepracticalways in which the proposed
the challenge is to ensurepracticalways of adopting the strategy
newer medicaments offer much morepracticalways of controlling lice than
with local authorities to identifypracticalways of preventing council debt
worked hard to eliminate manypracticaladministrative problems that are associated
illicit trade will cause manypracticaland technical problems in respect
contact with children and otherpracticalproblems it deals with real
include it was because ofpracticalproblems particularly the impact on
the ground that there werepracticalproblems that were not being
to say that despite thepracticalproblems the teaching unions and
there are a number ofpracticalproblems with this amendment i
as they do to thepracticaldetails of giving mutual assistance
do not know whether thepracticaldetails of the bill would
than english it details thepracticalmeasures which have been taken
south of the border inpracticaland operational terms that position
as in terms of thepracticalpoints made by angus mackay
often with us still inpracticalterms some are likely to
local authority officers that inpracticalterms the 72 hour period
consult the district registrar inpracticalterms the district registrar has
that it is difficult inpracticalterms to give an individual
imposing a timetable that inpracticalterms we cannot meet my
taking such a direct andpracticaldegree of interest the following
of that office s directpracticalinvolvement in ecclesiastical appointments in
saying that these have directpracticalvalue to pupils when they
that it would be morepracticaland appropriate for the relevant
appropriate information to victims wheneverpracticalon their reasoning for action
not consider it to bepracticalor appropriate to remove that
as is appropriate and reasonablypracticalto the principle that in
lives the bill has realpracticalbenefits for example it proposes
elderly people and the realpracticalchanges that we have introduced
be turned into real andpracticalimprovements the stephen lawrence inquiry
hooiver it wis jist apracticalidea an it worked all
is a must edinburgh anotherpracticalidea identified a need for
idea that it is notpracticalto abolish poindings and warrant
to meet many of thepracticalobjections that were raised to
involved their responsibilities and thepracticalarrangements and procedures governing their
putting roots down is apracticalhuman difficulty involved len higson
well spent it is apracticalexample of socialism in action
in the absence of anypracticalalternative course of action to
work is firmly rooted inpracticalconcerns and action which makes
will also help to deliverpracticaleffective action against those who
not always know best whereverpracticaldecisions should be taken as
take and has taken otherpracticalmeasures will be taken in
the fsa has taken somepracticalsteps to improve and increase
the community at the lowestpracticallevel the individual life chances
that ian robson at thepracticallevel we are represented by
is not so much ehmpracticalskills at the lecture level
you go sort of morepracticalbased you know sort of
got your erm sort ofpracticalclasses on top of that
issues and to suggest earlypracticalimprovements that could be made
the reception there too manypracticalissues affect how well such
have been expressing concerns aboutpracticalissues such as the need
more relevant by focusing onpracticalissues that affect the daily
videoconferencing but there are severepracticallimitations that is a matter
communities mr raffan on apracticalmatter could we receive the
the uk that is apracticalmatter essentially but it is
colleagues in the uk thatpracticaland pragmatic approach underpins our
the uk parliament recognises thepracticalvalue of consistency across the
was being advised in suchpracticalmatters by the professor of
experiences of hands on technicalpracticalpeople such as colin campbell
we had all sorts ofpracticalplans such as the chairman
for that to happen ifpracticalsuch people should have the
languages that has helped manypracticalthings such as the publication
ensure that the timetable ispracticali appeal to the committee
a choice of providers wherepracticalmonitor the implementation to ensure
pupils obviously most of thesepracticalpoints about eal learning depend
scottish parliament were complemented bypracticalsuggestions on how these ideas
the minute onybody does onythingpracticalto improve maitters like these
in some cases there arepracticalcomponents that count towards the
the clerks to provide somepracticalguidance for members which might
mentioned at the outset somepracticalpoints that would make the
fly might lead to somepracticalproduction challenges the play has
to turn the objectives intopracticalreality 56 there were some
the uniform a lot morepracticalf1054: even in my my
but there were also morepracticallessons to be learned on
so it s far morepracticalnow to wear boots an
are more attracted to thepracticalthan the theoretical while the
as far as is reasonablypracticalthat people will not live
that are now of littlepracticaluse they are far too
stewart stevenson being a fairlypracticalperson i think that the
the committee will consider furtherpracticalarrangements for its inquiry into
that will consider what ispracticalthe higher still development unit
but it was a verypracticalthing because for dusty jobs
s something in a verypracticalway as an illustration of
in place are effective andpracticaland we will continue to
of amendments to clarify thepracticalarrangements those are highlighted in
beyond that there are furtherpracticaldefects that mean that it
and assistance those are thepracticalmeasures that the parliament was
of legislation there are strongpracticalreasons for the scottish parliament
perceived as something neutral apracticalissue rather than a political
goes on in a languagepracticalrather than philosophical standpoint what
of translating innovative designs intopracticalbuildings that work as demonstrated
into disrepair and have nopracticaluse in the modern world
this system unfortunately is neitherpracticalnor easy to use so
the convener there is apracticalanswer to that if we
is that there is apracticalissue about the bill other
sentence that dress is itpracticalit s cool and there
executive to address from apracticalperspective there could be a
seems to be a simplepracticalpoint there were three times
tae turn the objectives intilpracticalreality 56 there wis ae
of those countries my lastpracticalhope is that everyone who
sources that can illuminate thepracticalcontexts in which measurements were
of the predilection for thepracticalearly british contributions were in
an adequate context for theirpracticalapplication in the internet age
s girls and for theirpracticalhelp at our functions the
particularly interpreting which makes apracticaldifference to people s lives
as involving the children inpracticaland focused work in language
well as the creation ofpracticalcommunicative resources to change the
national self esteem as withpracticalcriticism the ballad represents the
the door and windows aspracticalinserts at its simplest the
styoo she wis baith apracticallass as ye can see
as well as dexterity andpracticalskill the properties of materials
can be used in apracticalway as a tool to
sea or rail is notpracticaldavid mundell i thank the
not in the world ofpracticalgovernment tommy sheridan glasgow ssp
sea or rail is notpracticals1o 2828 the deputy minister
fact that it has littlepracticalsignificance does not negate its
interviewer completion would not bepracticalsomeone needs to view the
to be produced that ispracticaland achievable and that has
initiative which must seek meaningfulpracticalsolutions to the issue if
well it was just apracticalsession based on the fluency
that is the kind ofpracticaldemonstration of the benefits of
period one view from apracticalstandpoint is illustrated by the
that it is reasonable orpracticalto require pregnant mothers in
to include in that planpracticaland adequately funded proposals that
joint working pooled budgets andpracticalchanges that the health and
we can say would bepracticalthat joshua was to be
and planning by aligning wherepracticalthe boundaries of local primary
of auditing age discrimination apracticalapproach to promoting equality in
flights and travel to europepracticalbenefits of eu membership the
time to prepare for thepracticalconsequences of abolition we therefore
no funding i suggest thepracticalstep of making the heriot
birth certificate i have severalpracticaland sincere hopes for the
continued working together to achievepracticaland workable solutions for the
here and an opportunity forpracticalchristians to do a good
to promote a coherent andpracticalpolicy designed to encourage the
we r gey coorse inpracticalmaitters whit ir we lyke
mr monteith i understand thepracticaldifferences between prelim papers exam
less promote a coherent anpracticalpolicy designed tae encourage the

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