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section 49 insert codes ofpractice1 scottish water must prepare
and revision of codes ofpracticeamendments 67 to 69 moved
as sepa the codes ofpracticeare mandatory for those who
practice on record codes ofpracticecan change over the years
and redress the codes ofpracticecontain sections on complaints and
bill and the codes ofpracticeemphasise that proportionality is an
control of noise codes ofpracticefor construction and open sites
control of noise codes ofpracticefor construction and open sites
introduced on the codes ofpracticehowever i welcome the bill
made under the codes ofpracticei will be grateful if
will issue final codes ofpracticeon covert surveillance and covert
for putting the codes ofpracticeon record codes of practice
guidance in the codes ofpracticeor elsewhere christine grahame it
council consultation on codes ofpracticeorder 2001 ssi 2001 424
council consultation on codes ofpracticeorder 2001 ssi 2001 424
in the draft codes ofpracticeperhaps it would be appropriate
and c have codes ofpracticerelating to the prevention of
included in the codes ofpracticeso that there is consistency
agree on common codes ofpracticethat happened under the auspices
22 effect of codes ofpracticethe deputy presiding officer i
account of the codes ofpracticethe other two amendments in
nor in this code ofpracticeaffects such activity indeed it
bill and the code ofpracticealready provide that the actions
we consider the code ofpracticeand any final guidance to
code in spirit and inpracticeannex b eligibility for edinburgh
included in a code ofpracticebut i may be wrong
foreword to the code ofpracticecovering the use of covert
promote a voluntary code ofpracticefor pubs and restaurants to
representatives of a code ofpracticefor sourcing and labelling local
covered in the code ofpracticefor the use of covert
fact that the code ofpracticeon access to scottish executive
2002 under the code ofpracticeon access to scottish executive
parliament information centre code ofpracticeon access to scottish executive
terms of the code ofpracticeon access to scottish executive
ii of the code ofpracticeon access to scottish executive
on the current code ofpracticeon age diversity in employment
with an updated code ofpracticeon age diversity which iain
breastfeeding group sbg code ofpracticeon breastfeeding and returning to
2001 whether the code ofpracticeon openness for the nhs
compliance with the code ofpracticeon openness for the nhs
how successful the code ofpracticeon openness for the nhs
constables in scotland code ofpracticeorder 2002 27 november 2002
constables in scotland code ofpracticeorder 2002 be approved it
constables in scotland code ofpracticeorder 2002 motion agreed to
prevention of pollution code ofpracticescotland amendment order 2001 ssi
prevention of pollution code ofpracticescotland amendment order 2001 ssi
act 2002 investigations code ofpracticescotland order 2003 16 january
act 2002 investigations code ofpracticescotland order 2003 16 january
act 2002 investigations code ofpracticescotland order 2003 16 january
powers covert surveillance code ofpracticescotland order 2003 30 january
powers covert surveillance code ofpracticescotland order 2003 30 january
human intelligence sources code ofpracticescotland order 2003 30 january
human intelligence sources code ofpracticescotland order 2003 30 january
powers covert surveillance code ofpracticescotland order 2003 30 january
human intelligence sources code ofpracticescotland order 2003 30 january
act 2002 investigations code ofpracticescotland order 2003 be approved
act 2002 investigations code ofpracticescotland order 2003 be approved
act 2002 investigations code ofpracticescotland order 2003 draft 5
act 2002 investigations code ofpracticescotland order 2003 draft 5
as possible the code ofpracticesets out that as soon
time publish a code ofpracticesetting out the consultation it
endorse a voluntary code ofpracticethat could be put together
accordance with any code ofpracticethat may be agreed for
doubt in the code ofpracticethat that is a continuing
with the appropriate code ofpracticeto disclose the fact of
with the appropriate code ofpracticeto disclose the fact of
provides a code of goodpracticeto promote the efficient selective
covert human sources will inpracticecontain the name and rank
teaching genres two examples frompractice1 teaching the genre of
authorities share examples of bestpracticeand expertise in implementing the
authorities share examples of bestpracticeand expertise in implementing the
always welcome examples of goodpracticeand like to see it
erm examples of our goodpracticeand try and implement it
that good examples and bestpracticehave to come from the
sure that examples of bestpracticein developing public sector contracts
are any examples of goodpracticescottish data has to be
to find examples of rhymingpracticethat conforms to and doesn
notes the examples of goodpracticethat indicate a direct correlation
examples first there is apracticethat is allowed under the
june 2003 examples of goodpracticewere also provided the uk
examples of its working inpracticeworking with local authorities we
in order to inform bestpracticeacross scotland a practice which
of identifying and comparing bestpracticeacross some of the member
2010 and for comparing bestpracticeacross the member states the
to identify and compare bestpracticeacross the member states vanderbroucke
been helpful in sharing bestpracticeand allowing local authorities to
agenda through training spreading bestpracticeand ensuring that the partnership
trying to learn from bestpracticeand feed that into the
for the sharing of bestpracticeand good projects so that
a means of spreading bestpracticeand of achieving greater convergence
need the sharing of bestpracticeand of successful projects i
guidance we must identify bestpracticeand then make best practice
produce the construct but inpracticeand with the best will
the decisions followed best environmentalpracticeanother aspect of equal if
is often acting on bestpracticeanyway certain important issues link
ash are reviewed ensure bestpracticeas outlined in sepa s
tradition stop and sensible bestpracticebegin we have to tell
the executive departed from bestpracticeby deciding that a simple
of possible legislation promoting bestpracticeby service providers and promoting
and gives advice on bestpracticeconcerning consultation with children and
in terms of exchanging bestpracticeeach year member states have
benchmarking peer review comparing bestpracticeetc the employment guidelines play
regarding site management husbandry bestpracticefood quotas feeding practice number
guidelines will set out bestpracticefor general practitioners and other
talks about building on bestpracticefor job creation and about
is taking to develop bestpracticefor local authorities and others
on basic standards and bestpracticefor the setting of pay
s recommendation to produce bestpracticeguidance for allotments against this
at the role of bestpracticeguidance on allotments 13 cosla
increasing allotment provision a bestpracticeguide to be drawn up
address is that of bestpracticein disease and parasite control
interests fully involved develop bestpracticein freshwater aquaculture to protect
to issue guidance on bestpracticein local area co ordination
apparent breach of best environmentalpracticein particular the proximity principle
as a model of bestpracticein private and public sector
local authorities to follow bestpracticein relation to general management
the opportunity to showcase bestpracticein scotland 2 the parliament
we need to share bestpracticein the voluntary sector to
in line with international bestpracticeinterpretation services for members of
making the connections developing bestpracticeinto common practice s1w 26904
making the connections developing bestpracticeinto common practice s1w 26905
making the connections developing bestpracticeinto common practice s1w 26906
us in spreading that bestpracticelearning and lifelong learning are
best practice food quotas feedingpracticenumber of cages and the
exchanges of information and bestpracticeon the basis of commonly
through the energy efficiency bestpracticeprogramme eebpp what funding it
developing best practice into commonpractices1w 26904 mary scanlon to
developing best practice into commonpractices1w 26905 mary scanlon to
developing best practice into commonpractices1w 26906 jackie baillie to
by women and disseminate bestpractices1w 33984 jackie baillie to
how we can have bestpracticethat creates good standards throughout
i will return to bestpracticethe city of edinburgh council
awareness among professionals of bestpracticethe nos has ensured that
exchange of information and bestpracticethe programme also aims to
practice and then make bestpracticethe route that we encourage
it is now established bestpracticeto consider both quality and
and start talking about bestpracticevoluntary groups do some things
value of evidence based bestpracticewas recognised in the committee
allow us to consider bestpracticewe are working on completing
best practice across scotland apracticewhich empowers the users of
has helped to develop bestpracticewhich is being widely undertaken
draft general and specialist medicalpracticeeducation training and qualifications order
the general and special medicalpracticeeducation training and qualifications order
the general and specialist medicalpracticeeducation training and qualifications order
the general and specialist medicalpracticeeducation training and qualifications order
the general and specialist medicalpracticeeducation training and qualifications order
draft general and specialist medicalpracticeeducation training and qualifications order
the general and specialist medicalpracticeeducation training and qualifications order
the general and specialist medicalpracticeeducation training and qualifications order
scott s1m 2210 return topracticecourses for nurses lodged on
nursing staff free return topracticecourses should be available to
in order to return topracticecutting waiting times more beds
not to return to nursingpracticeonly today the general secretary
many nurses who are inpracticeor seek to return to
was on the return topracticepilot courses we need to
of the free return topracticepilot scheme for 150 nurses
smith that the return topracticepilots are vital throughout scotland
nursing although the return topracticeprogramme is welcome it is
long term the return topracticeprogramme will bring more qualified
encouraging nurses to return topractices1o 5849 22 iain smith
that will cover return topracticeschemes 250 more student nurse
glasgow are considering return topracticeschemes nurses in the forth
funding of six return topracticeschemes which will enable 150
or seek to return topracticetrusts find it difficult to
said that this is normalpracticeas he was clearing the
because it is not normalpracticefor hunts to offer dogs
foxhounds it is not normalpracticefor hunts to offer them
public but it is normalpracticefor the committee to go
presiding officer it is normalpracticein this chamber to ask
of course that is normalpracticeis it not seed potatoes
an extension it is normalpracticeto discuss draft reports in
inquiry it is our normalpracticeto have that discussion in
michael russell it is normalpracticewith such a huge project
local authorities exchange ideas goodpracticeand training across local authority
of the compact and goodpracticeguidance with training seminars for
service vocational training for generalpracticescotland amendment regulations 2000 ssi
service vocational training for generalpracticescotland amendment regulations 2000 ssi
that end we promote goodpracticethrough publications training and seminars
within general medical and surgicalpracticeand among nursing staff will
1798 award to kelty medicalpracticelodged on 27 march 2001
extensive work plan of goodpracticeand guidance to allow us
to comply with the goodpracticeguidance for adult hearing aid
the potential of introducing goodpracticeguidance for allotment management in
boards adhere to the goodpracticeguidance issued to them in
that half of school nursespracticenurses and health visitors are
professionals such as pharmacists andpracticenurses who may be better
spectrum these have promoted goodpracticeand delivered benefits through improving
the sharing of ideas goodpracticeand information about volunteering community
intention is to share goodpracticeand information to improve policy
that it is both goodpracticeand polite to respond in
events designed to spread goodpracticeand share information and has
exchange of information about goodpracticeas referred to on page
role is to promote goodpracticeat all levels of government
higher education institutions and goodpracticebenchmarks shefc 1999 3 ssi
of information experience and goodpracticebetween member states and with
executive does not produce goodpracticeclinical guidelines directly among the
be encouraged to develop goodpracticedisseminate such information and so
suggests that good and badpracticeexist some landlords offer a
we could actually take goodpracticefrom er i also had
a meeting in november goodpracticeguide to consultation in dumfries
basis for preparing a goodpracticeguide to the management of
down regulations for good rhymingpracticehe does not allow rhymes
build up confidence around goodpracticei emphasise that the voluntary
committee commissioned research on goodpracticein consulting with children and
and increased implementation of goodpracticein local government including working
waiting time guarantees spread goodpracticein service redesign among health
local authorities there is goodpracticein some areas but other
kirkshaws an example of goodpracticein the constituency of coatbridge
to recognise and promote goodpracticein the education of children
were based on good tenderingpracticein the public and private
of working and good environmentalpracticeit will be an important
tie for press photographer goodpracticejust the same thursday 27
through the adoption of goodpracticemeasures work on the preparation
the promotion of good employmentpracticemr quinan in as much
must be benchmarking and goodpracticemust be shared in a
that the communication of goodpracticemust be supported perhaps if
embedded itself in good employmentpracticeone of the initiatives that
is a lot of goodpracticeout there there s a
to create some model goodpracticepolicies and procedures for people
owner support groups and goodpracticereform tenement law and establish
view to establishing similar goodpracticesupported by dorothy grace elder
and draw upon the goodpracticethat s out there and
is seen as summarising goodpracticethe executive has taken account
and to roll out goodpracticethe letter continues much would
had begun to disseminate goodpracticethrough publications and projects such
and the sharing of goodpracticeto assist the integration of
would seem to be goodpracticeto use this method of
that seeks to identify goodpracticewe have a system that
handlers or promoters of goodpracticewe have an opportunity to
towards and then exemplify goodpracticewhether it s in teaching
maids and it was commonpracticefor them also to move
common look and feel topracticein the different topics to
p m it was commonpracticeto visit jean allison s
friends and neighbours was commonpracticeto wish them luck and
board and has produced thepracticenote accordingly members will be
questioned the wording of thepracticenote because at first read
contravene such phrasing in apracticenote because it is deemed
i refer members to thepracticenote itself which if accepted
words that are contained inpracticenote number 2 there is
expedited as quickly as possiblepracticenote number 3 states practitioners
president and to the finalpracticenote that has been issued
rule 43 8 of thepracticenote that the lord president
to achieving our objectives thepracticenote will allow for the
general barrier which is thepracticeby rsls and local authorities
of teaching monies to generalpracticein recognition of the increase
primary care in particular generalpractices1w 14976 mary scanlon to
underlying states policies legislation andpracticeand is regarded as providing
stellin the policies legislation anpracticeo states an is regairdit
to check the quality ofpracticearound the service to ensure
cynical about the quality andpracticereview unit but in other
such as the quality andpracticereview unit inappropriately diverts staff
grahame is the quality andpracticereview unit independent you said
is important the quality andpracticereview unit is independent in
plan on the quality andpracticereview unit it seemed to
of law or b thepracticeand procedure in relation to
rule of law or thepracticeand procedure the purposes mentioned
recognised in parliamentary law andpracticeas in some senses representing
of scottish licensing law andpracticedated 20 december 1999 raising
they will be pit intaepracticegin they become the law
they will be put intopracticeif they become the law
is already sufficient law andpracticein licensing that is if
accepted in baith law andpracticeinsteid i will come tae
under review law policy andpracticerelating to rights with a
are based largely on currentpracticein the area for example
the convener what is currentpracticejohn patterson it would print
review of current civil servicepracticemichael russell is right that
has also endorsed the currentpracticeof welcoming written evidence e
crofting counties retain the currentpracticeof widely dispersing veterinary centres
are derived from current classroompracticeothers from publications listed in
opportunities for reflection on currentpracticethrough sharing that of others
scheme to work out policypracticeand working relationships between the
democrat policy being put intopracticeby the coalition executive free
who could link policy andpracticein an identifiable way such
runs counter to policy andpracticein other areas in contrast
pat bagot the policy andpracticemanager for communities scotland david
that any legislation policy orpracticethat we pursue is echr
consider areas of policy andpracticethematically but to consider the
contradicted by modern policy andpracticewhich focus more than ever
in conformity with conventional ebpracticestevenson s review is a
you say there is variablepracticeamong local authorities there is
important way of discovering badpracticeand demands that authorities such
regarded in legislation or inpracticeduring the consideration of placing
formularies show this legislation inpracticefor example a style in
it is commonplace and standardpracticefor legislation to have regulations
the legislation catching up changingpracticeor whether perhaps the change
of european communities legislation inpracticethat means that the committee
be translated into legislation andpracticethey consider the word contract
how it is working inpracticein particular the committee heard
to put joint working intopracticethere is a lot of
and how this differs frompracticefor english further education college
the retention of doctors inpracticein remote areas as suggested
administration how did principles dominatepracticein those areas david eaglesham
language teaching salt unfortunately inpracticethe emphasis on topic areas
scotland december 1998 unfortunately inpracticethe emphasis on topic areas
we intend to consider committeepracticein the fulness of time
it will consider reviewing thepracticeof self regulation in the
the legislative context local authoritypracticeand developments in england and
local lawyers who were inpracticearound 1600 william gardner and
and younger people local authoritypracticemanagement of sites allotment sites
to officials about whether thepracticeof publishing individual local authority
national and local interests inpracticethis would mean the satisfaction
could be put into immediatepracticeamerican experts in civilian clothes
to translate our promises intopracticei am bound to suggest
would bring that ideal intopracticei made that clear in
to attract more dentists intopracticeimprove children s oral health
put european union laws intopracticein a way that is
the scottish executive whether thepracticeof diverting into other budgets
would soon merge into thepracticestage where the students begin
and are not put intopracticewe could continue our consideration
autistic children in line withpracticein england and wales s1w
sector help to develop inclusivepracticein schools and assist children
school children recommends discontinuing thepracticeof exclusive contracts for fizzy
1999 49 the scottish dentalpracticeboard amendment regulations 1999 ssi
1999 49 the scottish dentalpracticeboard amendment regulations 1999 ssi
the european communities lawyer spracticescotland regulations 2000 ssi 2000
protection scotland act 1951 inpracticethis would mean that water
given to justify such apracticei am very much in
any evidence that such badpracticeis being tackled hector currie
involved in the tendering suchpracticeis well established and is
round their tethers though thepracticesurvived till recently in such
her project on intonation thepracticeastonishingly here is to use
teachers could also provide furtherpracticein the use of prepositions
of its use in clinicalpracticesome patients do not respond
the chalder even though inpracticethe use of customary allowances
language development established theory andpracticemust be challenged and strategy
we must learn from thepracticeof nursing agencies so that
statutory registered health professionals currentlypracticehomeopathy s1w 32838 mary scanlon
is in relation to thepracticeof couping clydesdale horses s1w
herbal medicine and regulate itspractices1w 2591 mr kenneth macintosh
as the summerland fire inpracticea dialogue might take place
provisions of the charter inpracticealthough it imposes no legally
how it would work inpracticeand are satisfied that it
for older people means inpracticeand as i said it
had encountered in his professionalpracticeand which he now saw
we need two committees inpracticeany liaison between the two
discrimination in accident and emergencypracticefurther notes last year s
format and changes to existingpracticehad been taken well in
the bridgeton club but thepracticehad started in 1878 originally
of considering the bill inpracticehave not we missed significant
hen wyfe s place inpracticehe flies off right curtain
the rule would mean inpracticehe made it clear that
of the evidence of poorpracticehighlighted in the research made
found in written english inpracticehowever genres are rather more
pensioners and so on inpracticehowever it is true that
the right but in thepracticehugh henry we will operate
the bill will work inpracticei will give an example
how that will operate inpracticeif other countries have different
is taking to improve policepracticein dealing with both minority
for the description of marketpracticein fact a number of
i is based on thepracticein latin to have nominative
meet in public but thepracticein many commonwealth parliaments is
year olds learning from successfulpracticein other countries we will
if we do not explorepracticein other parliaments i will
terms of art used inpracticein prosecutions for homicide from
be any erosion of pastpracticein that area how do
basque media is an unacceptablepracticein the 21st century s1m
dentists to take up communitypracticein the board s area
corporation should follow worst industrypracticein this respect and urges
corporation should follow worst industrypracticein this respect and urges
semi judicial body and inpracticeis made up of prominent
about this in that thispracticeis unacceptable one of the
subjects share in aims andpracticeit can be read in
communicate what policies mean inpracticemany older people whom we
that i can foresee inpracticemy amendment would apply only
in principle and increasingly inpracticenationally the independent role of
the young girl in thepracticeof basti so the book
embroiled in the theory andpracticeof committee evidence taking we
of the increase in thepracticeof flaring and whether there
who are involved in thepracticeof industrial fishing that we
allowing for the identification andpracticeof pattern in the language
the cabinet office statement ofpracticeon staff transfers in the
to their chosen venue inpracticeplans for weddings are often
the main scottish burghs inpracticescottish units continued in widespread
of the quarry is inpracticesealed it was therefore felt
by the medieval makkars inpracticesome writers in accordance with
was trone weight in marketpracticethat it continued in everyday
it will be beneficial inpracticethat the finance committee should
every 10 minutes but inpracticethat would not happen one
in a given area inpracticethe european committee will report
but i understand that inpracticethe nature of even the
would have thought that inpracticethe security services or the
wales it seems that inpracticethere is relatively little to
used only at ports inpracticetherefore the quantities traded were
are often quoted but inpracticethey are too often ignored
broadcasting on the network inpracticethis means that programmes often
than an etymological one inpracticethis restriction was largely ignored
killed using other means inpracticethis would ban mounted fox
close a fishery but inpracticethis would be unlikely because
band meets in here forpracticethough that s actually not
it could well develop inpracticethus at present the leader
generated to improvements in agriculturalpracticeto care of the environment
will make little difference inpracticeto the ncis because it
should make no difference inpracticeto the operation of the
to one sunday and thepracticewas finally discontinued in 1977
what we should do inpracticewe cannot differentiate between the
that in line with previouspracticewe take the item in
if that should occur inpracticewe would soon find out
months ahead there was apracticewhich was widespread in the
set o golf clubs taepracticewi in case his father
the boys brigade pipe bandpracticewi ma pipes in o
in babies and that thatpracticewill be outlawed in scotland
particular that the system inpracticewill be simpler fairer and
to a lot of choirpracticeyes i was in the
kin sit in the daypracticeyur magic cast yur word
of three broad stages presentationpracticeopen ended communication teachers also
attempts at writing unobserved apracticewhich her author also developed
from the teacher after sustainedpracticeand repetition of the new
condemns this type of accountingpracticeas a misleading and deceitful
subsequent description of hebrew sacrificialpracticeas he conceived its operation
just a matter of ehpracticemakes perfect an then i
the executive to abandon thepracticeof almost all governments and
re establish the custom andpracticeof former years lodged 19
i will adopt my usualpracticeof giving priority to members
on with the study andpracticeof medicine when she later
a section devoted to thepracticeof purity ritual purification mens
the testing regime specifically thepracticeof shucking that is what
and this masks the traditionalpracticeof taking various levels of
a partner a short controlledpracticeof the language presented and
that it will be thepracticeof the scottish parliamentary commissioner
bill would impact on theirpracticeof using more than one
tap water to the illegalpracticeof using solders containing lead
this poem exemplifies the scotspracticeof using what appears to
each other s aims andpracticescottish teachers of english do
day off that is thepracticethat many of us have
reform involves improving present anomalouspracticethe authority of dictionaries can
of time devoted to speakingpracticethe position of writing as
takes lots and lots ofpracticeto get the words just
and apply them to ourpracticeit will not always be
not comply with statutory instrumentpracticewe will ask the executive
writing so more opportunities forpracticeare given sometimes using video
geared towards more effective managementpracticeas you say there is
necessarily by doing more speakingpracticeon a topic that that
learning theory behind her teachingpracticeand i find a void
had instrument lessons or orchestrapracticeand nobody ever bothered just
mind on government on religiouspracticeand spirituality and to give
companies to cease this abhorrentpracticeand to support the move
what has been custom andpracticefor some time if problems
was perfect first time takespracticehere grab a tissue and
know about trends is thatpracticeincreasing and how often is
messenger and i think thatpracticeis the answer to that
fire to light [laugh] butpracticemakes perfect and about six
nations permit and justify thepracticeo slavery yet slavery is
parliament to stamp out thispracticeonce and for all lord
be on the presentation andpracticestages as the students become
syllables short and lang hispracticesuggests that he understands these
throughout the system from gppracticeto outpatient clinic and from
defenders and notes that thispracticevictimises and denies justice to
yoga would be a tokenpracticea symbol she knew that
that were to become widespreadpracticewe would have to step
for the industry however thatpracticewould cut down the time
the link with the gppracticewhich reviews regularly whether somebody
grahame what is the usualpracticeif a dog cannot be
to express lofty sentiments thispracticeis illustrated by the first
to conclusions on it thepracticeis that when a committee
am not suggesting that thatpracticeis widespread but only small
us that it is usualpracticeto include a reference to
perhaps we could learn frompracticeelsewhere secondly the indian parliament
left etc it took somepracticeas most pupils did not
we ll have a weepracticei m gonna point to
but the principle behind thepracticestill seemed sound enough to
that committees follow a standardpracticethe convener i want to
to try them apparently thispracticewas frowned upon even as
came we went out forpracticewe were told to get
the laws which prohibit thispracticesupported by scott barrie tommy
fer up for this gamepracticewe hid trainin for a
the garden for a fewpracticespins like all the mulligans
ve brought with you apracticewhich still fills me with
view that scotvec s badpracticeinfected the new organisation we
language oncome estaiblished theory anpracticemaun be challenged an strategy
the research found that everypracticeunder the sun was being
a small parliament but thatpracticeworks particularly well because it
social work qualification without apracticeplacement as an integral part
criminal raither than a lawfulpracticei need only quote the
garage door so he coodpracticebasket ball jonsar eck coodnae
believe it can though althoughpracticehere isn t always what

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