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gairdens free o weeds inpraiseof craigrossie craigrossie is a
singled urquhart out for specialpraisedespite his vulgarity the urquhart
singled urquhart out for particularpraisedespite what he condemns as
organ gifted by them 1965praiseboard gifted to the church
inti ilk ither s airmspraisegod praise the gret speerit
ither s airms praise godpraisethe gret speerit frae him
with the bathwater i sangpraiseto the father praise to
sang praise to the fatherpraiseto the son i don
were she to raise thypraisewi swelling note then her
shepherd may i sing thypraisewithin thy house forever malcolm
soarin larks sang hymns opraisein autumn as it sank
are writing about feelings enthusiasmpraisefor literature are not supposed
m writin aboot feelins enthusiasmpraisefur literature ir no supposed
haa i didna sing furpraisenur cheer nur did i
an it s tyme tipraiseit cum blinndin nicht hap
chambers of commerce and otherspraisethe new business start up
less sublime knowledgeable and polishedpraiseof burns is however exactly
o sing a sang inpraiseo god ye men o
of heiven let me giepraisetae hathor an sing in
thought davidson s poem inpraiseof perversion rises to a
cockle shall hit s apraisepoem aboot shetland knitters set
jordan rowl charles kerr spraisepoem to the appalachians he
her poems of remembrance andpraisejanet little s poems are
see this in the manypraisepoems she has written for
the follow up letters ofpraisein the shetland times from
they ll seek for neitherpraisenor blame but dinnae drap
up eh ye know highpraisethey dinnae exist in oor
shot that earned some frienlypraisewe ve daudit reivin tods
quickly enough when songs ofpraisecame on he d fling
intense absorbed recollection of earlypraisefrom morning memory daisies are
i gave him some faintpraisefor supporting the victim ahead
kens ti ferlie or tipraisethe mair struck dumb wi
the late cuthbert graham naepraisecan be high eneuch for
late march my form ofpraiseis a radio produced bach
wis less halesome in spraisethinkin hibs deserv t better
tae gie you thanks anpraisean cry you glorious maister
sobs i said i willpraisethe lord i don t
aw aw silence zeb angelpraisethe lord i m awoken
the first minister i cannotpraiseenough some of the excellent
fer a jined tae oorpraisean poored gin mair fine
in conclusion some word ofpraiseinevitably is due to you
and some might say uncriticalpraiseon smith s text which
paul martin has said ipraisehim and all the community
an what is strange theypraisehim for t the register
to him the sacrifice ofpraisewhen the sweet aroma of
would the first is topraisethe liberal democrats for making
calvary or the bethlehem theypraisebut on shitten back lands
jim turning back smugly expectingpraiseor an apology yes georgie
know that s no greatpraisebut i have often wished
will stop short of personalpraisebut you know how much
there has been nothing butpraisefor the whole event several
you are but i willpraiseyou and with tears mixing
it became a paeon ofpraisefor being alive itself p
a sparrow pecking round forpraisehard lines her nails were
elected members have attracted onlypraisefrom the public and that
can use and so ipraisethe rowans and ne er
children in the singing ofpraisethe reading of scripture lessons
refusing the usual words ofpraisewith which you dr rowland

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