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swing enter andrey with thepramferapont appears ferapont andrey seerghyeevich
sake goes off with thepramferapont weill whit im ah
ye ferapont you tak thepramfrae the maister ferapont ay
the papers ferapont wheels thepraminto the garden natasha in
across the stage pushing theprammasha ye look verra comfortable
of the stage pushing apramwith a child asleeep in
enters he is pushing thepramwith bobik sitting in it
us this thing wi oldpramwheels right and two bits
wheels and a treasured possessionpramwheels were the usual wheels
madam richt mistress takes thepramandrey shamefacedly ah wes speakin
crosses the stage with thepramthare andrey oor dear brither
m1132: it was in thepramf1131: mmhm was you gaun
for a walk in thepramm1132: fitt f1131: oh nothing
wee babies have in theirpramm1146: mmhm f1143: so that
and somewhere to put thepramthe toy boxes etc and
a baby one with apramf1111: mm cause that s
f1113: what s in thepramf1114: it s the baby
is the baby in thepram[inaudible] f1102: aye look f1101:
s alright here s apramso farr s the baby
pushin a baby in apramthat s a fifteen minute
tuck him up in hispramwhich almost fills the tiny
while mine was nanny wickerpramand walking in the park
alex neil sitting in hispramdribbling mush down his bib
there wi my boots [inaudible]pramf1141: come on now eat
your chicken dippers [?]behind[/?] yourpramf1142: aye f1141: and then
a bit hurl in hispramwhit a wark thir bairns
ti speak you gie thepramti sumbodie else hou monie
while i was in myprami received a query from
various documents while in hisprammy vision was of alex
was flicking through in myprami hope that the official
way through it to hispramand pick him up i
of the farm wheeling apramthat held all his worldly
lamb can fit in apramso i knew that for
you you took an oldpramf637: and my mother and
bridges a net across thepramkept cats from my mewling
keeps twa littlins in apraman the hale jing bang
when the twa leggit returnspramrides siller hips lik western
oot jenny s dallie spramwis cowpit on its side
imperceptibly carry him to hispramas if he was one
must go back into hisprami plot and plan and
back the bedclothes in hispramthen with the utmost gentleness
of chestnut leaves above mypramin the botanical gardens was
wean would be in itspramf1144: if you come from
when you were in yourpramat a time when the
in a worn oot rickitypramkin ye mind o searchin
s a bairn in apramlike desperate dan that she
or a babby in apramye micht staun a chaunce

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