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precious jewels prec- precious jewelspreciousjewels his love and his
old voices sing- givin itpreciousjewels prec- precious jewels precious
givin it precious jewels prec-preciousjewels precious jewels his love
was superstitious that way thepreciousjewels brigade no i don
with gold covers inlaid withpreciousstones and enamel work icons
hideous tables inlaid with semipreciousstones enormous lapis lazuli vases
counting the pencils pencils arepreciousbecause of the war to
crayons which are even morepreciousthan pencils or the six
neeps tae kintrafowk sharn wispreciouswi oot sharn naething wid
pouthert a powdered praiciuss apreciouspraisent n present presses n
your nose and watching yourpreciousclothes rotating in the tumble
stone of course beryl semipreciousstone but th- it s
mmhm m762: a a semipreciousstone but they won t
her waddin ring wi itsprecioushaly glow the waddin ring
unnerstaun oniething onie mair mapreciousma darlin please ah want
ma darlin masha ma sweetpreciousmasha irena she s tired
dare to trust such apreciouscargo to that drunken crew
door and lifts out theprecioustin he sits down lays
ashes but hers contained thepreciousgems of her jewellry a
bits of coloured paper werepreciousan example was the wrapping
its tail pain can bepreciousmine their minds for golden
the wind blows away theprecioussoil produce produce is the
knees in prayer return mapreciousbairn tae me the children
for the winter so ourpreciousrailings need their winter coat
moved ma dear lass mapreciousbairn ye r awa ferr
i perceive the loch aspreciousas a spanner to a
scotland who gave of theirprecioustime to make our visits
t i told you howpreciouspaper is men have died
a process for complaints butpreciouslittle discussion of redress if
much brass there too littlepreciousmetal while she described esther
mean shane black that spreciousmaterial you don t give
the naughty squirrel proved toopreciousto part with commercial instincts
ye a yer life apreciousthing for you to share
peattie said language is apreciousthing we have watched our
edges in respect of beingpreciousis possible i would not
do you stop people beingpreciouslee cousins i wish i
lough was deleted which meansprecioushe is very very strong
are so kind of erpreciousabout their work that they
making me feel fragile andpreciousi didn t want you
one guys they re sopreciousand they ve got m608:
ability not to be sopreciousis at least on the
pikk o her body wisprecioustae him like his ainsel
are found rubies and manypreciousthings and rare plants grow
out the pillow pillows arepreciousthis pink one was mail
lifted it an sipped thepreciousbevy my god this is
thi quote scots is apreciousnational treasure mcclure argues a
malagaroosed an it sae brapreciousa culture s flickerin flame
in the dubby glaur apreciouschristenin goun a mither s
sheep and a woman spreciouscoin perhaps it was a
the official report excerpt getpreciousclose to that in that

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