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there was a duty topreparea glp highland council stated
should be a duty topreparea glp the crofters commission
glp when certain public bodiespreparea glp they will give
exempt from any obligation toprepareand implement a glp highlands
upon any public body topreparepublish and implement a glp
requiring a health board topreparea carer identification strategy the
requiring a health board topreparea carer information strategy the
their carer information strategy andprepareand submit to the scottish
its carer identification strategy andprepareand submit to the scottish
became a public body toprepareand implement a plan section
others including local authorities toprepareand implement gaelic language plans
others including local authorities toprepareand implement gaelic language plans
certain specified public bodies toprepareand implement gaelic policies to
and the forestry commission toprepareand implement such a scheme
on certain public bodies topreparepublish and implement a gaelic
require any health board toprepareand submit to them a
require any health board toprepareand submit to them a
expected to prepare resources topreparecourses so for this to
to prepare evidence for appealsprepareestimates of final awards and
also carry out assessments toprepareevidence for appeals prepare estimates
gaelic they re expected toprepareresources to prepare courses so
have a statutory duty topreparea national park plan the
of gaelic 13 duty topreparea plan 13 enforcement of
and particularly education duty topreparea plan the public bodies
subsection 2 a into forceprepareand publish a statement setting
to instruct the clerks topreparea draft note to the
to allow the clerks topreparea final paper on the
aims the clerks agreed topreparethe paper that is now
agreed that irene oldfather msppreparea paper setting out the
was agreed that the clerkpreparea paper setting out the
briefing that members require topreparefor the evidence session margaret
for or taking salmon topreparea plan or plans to
has asked each college topreparean action plan for implementing
afternoon but the clerk willpreparea final draft after we
parliament website the clerk willpreparea synopsis of the responses
committee instructing the clerk topreparethe draft puts a great
financial year the commission shallpreparea report on its activities
and with the commission topreparean annual report on social
presenting texts asking pupils topreparea reading or dramatic performance
all we re trying topreparepupils for life in the
of time for pupils topreparesit exams recover and then
indicated above thus pupils mayprepareto be kings judges newsreaders
that will help us topreparea final draft i would
will initially be required toprepareconsultation documents and plans section
i have asked officials toprepareplans for how we might
equal basis and they mustpreparewelsh language schemes gaelic language
the class were asked topreparein groups dramatic readings of
we have been asked toprepareinformation for the finance committee
tomato dressing time 5 minutespreparedressing while pasta is cooking
sauce time 5 10 minutespreparesauce while pasta is cooking
7 40pm five minutes willpreparethis blessed potion bee s
1 above they shall apreparea report on their reasons
above the crew worked topreparethe lifeboats for launching although
that april rains shall surepreparefor freshness of the fields
and our legal adviser topreparea paper that would cover
maybe you were trying topreparehis old age in a
solutions to these problems andpreparea report with recommendations at
solutions to these problems andpreparea report with recommendations at
committee agreed that the convenerpreparea letter to various organisations
to encourage local government topreparelocal compacts in consultation with
prescriptive although we had topreparecostings of a possible future
back to your constituency andpreparefor retirement although that is
information report on dinosaurs topreparethe children for writing their
council that the committee shouldpreparean initial report for the
forder v advance fordil vprepareforenent prep opposite forenicht n
the social agenda and topreparean annual scoreboard of progress
real progress being made topreparethe scottish economy for the
the social inclusion process topreparethem for full participation upon
bookings pay for holidays andpreparea full holiday itinerary online
a six week course ermpreparea little booklet for them
and other committee members andpreparea response for the executive
they l want tyme tipreparea richt walcum for me
d haed mair tyme tipreparea richt walcum for ye
try out raft 23 wednesdaypreparecamp for visitors no bathing
get a lot done topreparefor carole s arrival if
set into the ceiling topreparefor concerts in the drawing
through the education system topreparefor employment but they find
back to your constituencies andpreparefor government however that line
in house evening 6 thursdaypreparefor home leave get off
will be boys 3 mondaypreparefor newcastle trip mcall says
will take some time topreparefor that and we need
diligence system need time topreparefor the practical consequences of
to tackle that and topreparefor the summer and to
class up early today topreparefor the video session with
for primary classes provided theypreparefor their visit in advance
to modernise the union toprepareit for the impact of
acquire those skills we mustpreparescottish children for a global
tasks marks an attempt topreparestudents for the sort of
efforts have been made topreparethe ground for the debate
the various tasks required topreparethe raw slips for editing
pick rev dunn s fruitpreparethe vegetables for broth before
pavilion their task was topreparethe way for another yard
this nature been called topreparethe way for radical change
without degree awarding powers usuallypreparetheir students for degrees awarded
ye winna dee a skellumprepareyeirsell for an open fecht
an unctuous minister s voiceprepareyourself my dear for whatever
practice 1 scottish water mustprepareand from time to time
the morning comming forth toprepareto play at these games
takes member states time topreparebehind the current process of
stage and the requirement topreparea proposal and to go
executive when it intends toprepareand circulate to all of
white linen aprons bustled topreparelunchtime tables balancing silver salvers
not to yield as ipreparemyself to sail into the
universitetskaya hotel to doze andpreparesome lessons before going over
to the penis and testaclespreparespice tea cardamom ginger cinnamon
laeken in december 2001 topreparethe next meeting of eu
s culture lesson and topreparethe week s classes thursday
the jewish people as theyprepareto enter the promised land
make their views known andprepareand keep under review a
3 4 oz sugar 1preparefruit put it into greased
telt ye i gyang taepreparea place fur ye an
an if i gyang taepreparea place fur ye i
next site set up andpreparea meal it was like
sit exams recover and thenprepareagain that was not evident
buy wholesome inexpensive food andprepareit safely so that they
because i didn t reallyprepareit well enough er and
of the mountain town fishermenpreparenets of faded turquoise and
the sisters of mercy whopreparethe lint and the bandages
the group gree d taepreparefir makkin submissions tae this
at the beginning we couldpreparethe financial memorandum only on

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