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john scott s1m 2592 continuingpresenceof bse and new variant
2592 mr kenneth macintosh continuingpresenceof bse and new variant
keith raffan s1m 2592 continuingpresenceof bse and new variant
lowdens whaur thai justified thairpresencebi the nedecessitie ti hain
vives jealously put out thepresenceof the sensitive young blond
smell of wax vives spresencewould be a thorn in
the parliament notes the continuingpresenceof bovine spongiform encephalopathy bse
nane cuid eith jalouse thepresenceo d grant gaed ti
were happy to advertise theirpresenceby contrast craigcaffie hides in
executive whether medical reasons thepresenceof siblings in a school
seriously you will note thepresenceof armed guards on each
to spend eternity in thepresenceof christ you must become
sense of some watching sinisterpresencethe realisation of the paranoic
the germans such wis theirpresenceand in times o peace
scotland are alarmed by thepresenceof gigantic mobile phone masts
lambs evidence suggests that theirpresencecan influence management of the
of of a [inaudible] priestlypresenceis a radical priest more
the parliament notes the continuedpresenceof lead pipes in both
hae a hearin i thepresenceo king zhenzong the son
a hand to acknowledge thepresenceof a slightly younger better
committee and to acknowledge thepresenceof john young who is
offisher laddie mairch intil hizpresencelik a rale sojer an
scottish parliament should have apresencein brussels as the scottish
will ever be in hispresenceof christ so it is
anglo norman influence as apresencewhich meant the triumph of
ye sit doun in mapresencegit up git yeirsell oot
the yew wood and whosepresencefor long coloured the culture
have had an originator whosepresenceis now blurred by the
crumbs rock hard having thepresenceof mind to keep your
he entered in to hispresencehe made known to jesus
an kin o mak mapresenceknown carefully ah wiped ma
was an extremely heavy policepresenceon the first day of
a constant and visible policepresenceour police officers should be
done perhaps she senses mypresenceshe turns her head to
duly handed over in thepresenceof h m the queen
sojers at hed quastiouned thairpresencewes ti be telt at
should be assessed for thepresenceof osteoporosis and further believes
t notice her leopard coatedpresenceuntil daniel who was expounding
to grow accustomed to hispresenceuntil i felt his foot
own confession taken in thepresenceof himself and mr john
ok cammy yur jist apresencejist a sound stevie boy
do you concede that thepresenceof the stakeholder group which
will be reassured by thepresenceon the group of mary
is being done into thepresenceof algal blooms and the
must say that your delightfulpresenceand your wonderful contribution only
have been relieved of thepresenceof one such agent voices
rights of the citizen thepresenceof such a provision is
january for legislation controlling thepresenceof gm seeds in the
with many villagers in thepresenceof an english interviewer and
valldemossa and deiĆ  in thepresenceof many local people afterwards
beginning reid wigtownshire charters thepresenceamong property holding lairds of
were complaining bitterly at thepresenceamongst them of men who
the time of a catholicpresenceat the heart of the
of her heroes and apresencein her poetry which like
the track page iii thepresenceof a blocked up doorway
lochhead s individual style thepresenceof a narrative even while
and impatience i welcome thepresenceof bsl interpreters today i
of editing required the physicalpresenceof citation slips the pieces
solemnly and sincerely in thepresenceof god profess testify and
they would bloom in thepresenceof rich suitors and go
house of peeres in thepresenceof the lords and commons
to be summoned to thepresenceof the under manager he
in others that makes thepresenceof the university of aberdeen
qualms about defecating in mypresenceor exposing the whole of
notion of ambivalence the simultaneouspresencewithin the human psyche of
that niver swure in yerpresencein his life that would
his is ushered into hispresencewe are all going to
their open profanity in mypresencebut i do not know
before you do realise ourpresencecould exacerbate the situation angry
ye could uise in thepresenceo weemun and bairns ye
be a- an an ancestralpresenceon my wife s side
tory party represents a smallerpresencethan in the past but
evaluation research agency have apresenceon and the responsibility for
ilka sentence as the stagepresencetaks ower he took centre
to depend on an adultpresenceyou know because somebody will
around him sir david spresencehas given us stability and

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