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did ye git sic expensivepresentsfor chebutykin tearfully and crossly
chebutykin tearfully and crossly expensivepresentshowt awa wi ye to
ower thare mimics irena expensivepresentsthe orderly takes the samovar
come as well bringing otherpresentsa birthday box a needlecase
s birthday dod they representsa richt fae aiberdeen jim
after my birthday and mypresentshaven t arrived yet they
there dod they look likepresentsis it somebody s birthday
and most important the birthdaypresentswhich arrived yesterday the scarf
to edinburgh portobello to collectpresentsfor wedding i am confirmed
would show all her weddingpresentsi don t hear of
do shows of like weddingpresentsi never hear of anybody
i sent off your christmaspresentsair mail on thursday so
f1103: wi aa this christmaspresentsand stuff f1104: nae this
to take presents who getspresentsat christmas time f1114: [inaudible]
as he handed out thepresentsat the christmas party there
stuck my tongue out f812: presentsfor christmas f813: at my
hair or get the christmaspresentsfor example as mary scanlon
t worry about the christmaspresentsi wanted to send you
peggy would open her christmaspresentsin a hospital bed archie
ll oot wi wir christmaspresentsthe night an aa you
five year olds unwrapping christmaspresentsthe pre recorded party thrown
good traditional christmas day yesterdaypresentsunder tree log fire etc
his sleigh away to takepresentswho gets presents at christmas
pin at the showing ofpresentsf1027: [?]takes me back[/?] f1023: well i
f1027: for my showing ofpresentsno she she did she
you had your showing ofpresentspeople used to bring another
to get something going mypresentshaven t arrived so far
again i m afraid mypresentshaven t arrived yet they
santa gave aa the animalspresentseh fitt did mouse get
if everybody else gave mepresentsf1129: oh aye you ll
claus and he gave outpresentsto the adults and children
use it when the opportunitypresentsitself michael russell on occasion
dost to a digitised formpresentsthe ready opportunity which the
about cowboy builders the billpresentsus with an opportunity to
solution to the problems hitpresentsmairriage is at the centre
urdu this lack of informationpresentssignificant problems for those working
they used historical lexicography alsopresentsthe researcher with particular problems
room again to open ourpresentsfor me gloves from home
go through and open ourpresentsthe anticipation was great waiting
for you to open yourpresentsyou you know you did
makes progress difficult however itpresentsa worthwhile challenge walking is
where he makes all thesepresentsfor all the bairnies mind
in evening to see carolinespresentssunday 30 tom kate mary
remove smell to dunfs forpresentswhat a crowd sunday 24
nae your cousin you bringpresentstill in wartime chrissie has
the twentieth century liz lochheadpresentsthe mary shelley persona in
hold on m1090: [inhale] [exhale]presentsf1089: you see fitt ye
present f1115: do you likepresentsfitt did you get fae
it f1113: does [censored: forename] getpresentsf1114: and something else f1113:
meeting the challenge that incorporationpresentssome changes to working practices
mabel and she would getpresentsa length of delicate lace
day an get loads ofpresentsan get to wear a
oh aye you ll getpresentsfrom other people i think
of the world the poempresentsa courtier narrator discussing his
approach which recovers and representsfemininity natural world imagery has
banter me blarney and mepresentswhen clunk something fell beyond
feart an lost fit likepresentsin duty free somethin flashy
he jist gi es mepresentslizzie wickedly fit div ye
in different european countries sendingpresentsfrom our country to our
so i m afraid mypresentswill be late getting to
and that s where mypresentswould be and f641: mmhm
hung up your stockings forpresentswas at hogmanay there was
a whisker off the catpresentshere xmas cheer oh look
that s where john spresentswould be and then i
f1129: there was heaps ofpresentsfor [censored: forename] she was a
would leave peggy to parcelpresentsin peace while he took
included in the bill thatpresentsparliament with a difficulty in
the opportunities that the billpresentswill have to answer for
norman bobby put the moneypresentsfrom people towards a cooker
at all easy to givepresentsto it was as if
csd a revised analysis whichpresentsa more balanced view of
an you ve to buypresentsf606: [laugh] yes m824: an
more or less finished buyingpresentsand wrapped them up in
a candle i think thepresentscame from selfridges in london
bow reindeer sleigh s herepresentsgalore a time fur blitheness
to do that boxes opresentsparcels f1118: no [inaudible] drawing
of hollow promises of wonderfulpresentsher friend gertie whose common
went up to belyaevo withpresentsand two bottles of champagne
testing system is satisfactory andpresentsno risk to public health
arriving by boat to distributepresentsto the children of palma
of the language this thesauruspresentsfascinating insights into the lives
tampere we shopped and boughtpresentsa book of naomi mitchison
laeken declaration the laeken declarationpresentsa list of 54 questions
and ane courteour the tragediepresentsthe life and fate of
stories craiters that preserves andpresentsthe speech of the area

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