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been subjected to bullying peerpressurehad mitigated against scots use
home before schooling and peerpressuretake effect 2 7 payne
certainly didn t steal peerpressurethat was what the solicitor
describe the influence of peerpressurethe individual creates for himself
seemed to operating from peerpressureto issues of ethnic solidarity
strict religious upbringing night curfewspressureto study peer derision came
lifestyle the relevance of peerpressurewas evident in the children
which crosses international boundaries peerpressurewas highly influential scots speaking
decided it was low bloodpressurea very miserable condition and
swearin aye pittin his bloodpressureawa hine up it wis
check should have a bloodpressurecheck is implemented s1w 14967
lost his temper his bloodpressuremight have gone up slightly
jonsar eck felt his bloodpressurerisin at a affa rate
it is recommended that randompressuretesting be introduced to promote
of testing this is throughpressuretesting it is recommended that
us to examine income inequalitypressurehas been brought to bear
in its power to bringpressureto bear on the british
being able to bring enoughpressureto bear on the owner
majesty s government to bringpressureto bear on tobacco companies
public road passing through itpressurewas brought to bear on
teachers and teachers are underpressureif there are such well
subject that means that morepressureis put on teachers of
deeply concerned that there waspressureon teachers in scottish schools
re doin is puttin apressureon teachers of english to
busy teachers who are underpressurethe plain import is that
teachers were not put underpressureto do that we felt
or because teachers are underpressureto estimate upwards we do
vietnam war people were underpressureand close to panic and
under a huge amount ofpressureand may have suffered because
course we are always underpressureand rightly so to do
delayed reply have been underpressurebest jim original message from
are not put under unduepressureby petitions that should not
care services are under greatpressurecan he assure me that
the moment just wi underpressuref1054: aye that s fine
turned a blind eye underpressurefrom a growing anti smoking
scots has come under increasingpressurefrom english as a result
under any undue influence orpressurefrom the executive we should
areas of scotland are underpressurefrom the media from the
under a great deal ofpressurehave you been asking too
fat butt we re underpressurehere one rasp from maddo
under a huge amount ofpressurehigher still could not have
that people have felt underpressurei referred to some of
challenge is working under timepressurein a call centre a
public services is often underpressurein rural areas to increase
areas that are under highpressurelindsay manson i will make
will put additional and excessivepressureon the already under funded
committee system is under greatpressureone of the primary roles
as it is under greatpressureprovided that people can pay
experience in mainstream prisons thepressurethat they were under and
must be had for thepressurethat young people are under
as people were under tremendouspressurethere was an element of
fencing when authorities are underpressurethey often have to cut
attaining we were under nopressureto do that we were
we are not under anypressureto respond immediately the changes
are the three choices publicpressureis strong for the parliament
strong historic tradition recognises thepressureon interpreters who are in
strong historic tradition recognises thepressureon interpreters who are in
very slim the outside airpressurewould be too strong for
it for you m1048: putpressureand you re hittin the
see the convener has publicpressurebeen put on the council
this issue a lot ofpressurehas been put on small
my mind be totally unacceptablepressureneeds to be put on
the stb and atbs putpressureon businesses to develop products
participation put terrible responsibility andpressureon disabled young people that
was able to put somepressureon him i don t
are well able to putpressureon local health boards and
probably just not put enoughpressureon my arm after being
refocus the issue and putpressureon people in all sorts
affluent backgrounds might put morepressureon schools to submit appeals
is imminent we will putpressureon the executive to produce
that he can to putpressureon the uk government to
the work and put morepressureon the unit finally insufficient
government has put so muchpressureon them by forcing london
time scale put too muchpressureon us and did not
to put like tons ofpressureon us i d give
and resolves to put maximumpressureon westminster to halt the
and that put even morepressureon young people it is
put on so much extrapressurethat it became a reason
carried through the sqa systemspressurewas put on administrative staff
got into the public domainpressurewas put on schools to
core processing a lot ofpressurewas put on the operations
fear t v mannie sayspressurelow if he asked i
offside rear wheel low inpressurethursday 3 memo colour film
lost as a result ofpressureon the courts what it
as a result of subtlepressurethat was recognised as being
as a result of timepressurethe way in which markers
scotland and fife recognises thepressureon paper making caused by
to suppress others there ispressurefrom individual with his or
individual and society there ispressurefrom society to articulate particular
levels lead to even morepressurefor existing staff which affects
proposals that will ease thepressureon hard pressed nhs staff
incidents and any subsequent additionalpressureon staff and costs s1w
staff to deal with thatpressurethe need was justified and
i wanted i wanted apressurecooker effect f963: [inaudible] yeah
would not have wanted suchpressuredouglas hamilton i do not
masters pat cairns there waspressureon schools to comply which
a great deal of politicalpressurefrom people who live in
we carry out the highpressureliquid chromatographic test clearly shows
the edge of that highpressureso we ll get the
part of the european highpressuresystem and the easterly winds
year we must keep thepressureon for the targeted over
we need to keep thepressureon right to the end
we can keep up thepressureon that richard simpson also
and we will keep thepressureon to ensure that it
david elliot that is thepressureof running a public examination
on a more immediate frontpressureshould continue for some public
has been a lot ofpressurefrom the voluntary sector which
there is a lot ofpressureto make progress in reworking
think there s too muchpressurenowadays on as soon as
term review there is increasingpressurefor more modulation which i
the north of the continualpressureto acquire ever more sophisticated
number of people are puttingpressureon the organisation to come
a bang i lay thepressurecooker on the stove with
on long term care whenpressurefrom labour and liberal democrat
the work load and unduepressureon candidates reduced although there
no doubt that they placedpressureon employees at all levels
barriers there will be intensepressureon europe to decrease even
how the day to daypressureon nurses affects patient care
want the bill to exertpressureon other schemes the bill
torrential rain yet john keptpressureon the accelerator oblivious to
and will lead to greaterpressureon the authorities to produce
executive whether it will reducepressureon the school curriculum by
results in worry for andpressureon the volunteers and the
as tae cut doon thepressureper square centimetre on the
f1049: uh huh m1048: apressurepoint on it f1049: and
f1151: you know before thepressures on to just sort
just the right degree ofpressurefrom a small stone there
unnervingly to bastard then withoutpressurefrom anyone she decided that
prepared to bow down topressurefrom europe to accept a
dost should not be compromisedpressurefrom users of the dictionary
look do i need thispressurein life an m608: aye
need might include exceptional visitorpressureor special complexity of issues
normal fortunately most of thepressureis off me now and
to take some of thatpressureoff and look at what
three years could have takenpressureoff the sqa what seems
evidence of a feeling ofpressureas i said we are
can no longer take thepressurenurses are hugely committed to
there are a number ofpressurepoints in dental services throughout
to the euro has easedpressurethere is no doubt that
infrastructure and agrees to exertpressureto ensure that there is
grampian health board s winterpressurefunds and to forward any
make it clear that ifpressureis applied to particular house
has attended to the hissingpressurecooker and is now brushing
very fragile as these werepressurelamps they had to be
uninvolved and undervalued the constantpressureof dealing with patients who
difficulties you gave in topressureand allowed a situation to
dropped to the lowest centralpressureever recorded to form a
library when they can thepressurefor access to computers is
religion she said 23 thepressurefor change to the act
initiative and add to thepressurefor this discrimination to be
than helpful propaganda of smokingpressuregroups particularly with regard to
valuable time to describe thepressureit is intolerable that a
they ve had the addedpressureof having to track different
a wheel to regulate thepressureso that the bruise for
added and friction applied withpressureto fuse and entangle the
to buy and that suchpressurewould be greater than that
for circumstance not moving forpressurean i m not talking
the top so that thepressurecould be increased every day
in in his youth aspressuremounts threatening his position and
friends i m sure thepressurehe was exerting wasn t
but i kept up thepressureand you eventually admitted that
s research indicated that thepressurefor closure of allotments for
talked about the worry andpressurethat voluntary groups feel when
serious crime having identified thepressureand the problem i made
together their prints met thepressureflattened the pads and he
its survival despite the overwhelmingpressureof school university radio cinema
during a period of politicalpressurethe convener does donald gorrie

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