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the rural network and topreventany avoidable closures of rural
1987 and 1988 to helppreventavoidable homelessness by a enabling
1987 and 1988 to helppreventavoidable homelessness by a enabling
to social network payments topreventany closures of sub post
what powers it has topreventthe closures of village police
of administrative barriers that mightpreventaccess to the housing lists
other types of barriers canpreventpeople from participating in society
to remove the barriers thatpreventthat particularly in transport lifelong
proposals that are intended topreventhomelessness and provide for a
circumstances and the need topreventhomelessness before granting mortgage and
circumstances and the need topreventhomelessness before granting mortgage and
of those are designed topreventhomelessness through a range of
support and counselling services topreventrecurrent homelessness of people who
bill is a provision topreventthat happening homelessness legislation grew
local authorities further powers topreventsuch an incident from happening
takes place in order topreventthe same thing from happening
that across the uk wepreventthis matter from happening again
hills we have tried topreventthose crimes happening we do
to assist the studio topreventits closure following the withdrawal
000 per annum funding topreventits possible closure after december
pe599 provision of funding topreventthe closure of residential and
have been set up topreventand respond to hate crime
television cameras to help topreventcrime and to make our
business organisations to work topreventcrime but reject proposals for
working with young people topreventcrime ensure that measures are
the state to detect andpreventcrime however as i also
role in youth work topreventcrime increase investment in police
use of cctv to helppreventcrime introduce security grants for
the state to detect andpreventcrime the deputy minister for
have a consistent policy topreventinternational crime and fraud secondly
steps it will take topreventany misuse of records of
takes all reasonable steps topreventinjury to the dog c
takes all reasonable steps topreventinjury to the dog including
natural heritage takes steps whichpreventor limit the exercise of
the dog including steps topreventthe dog becoming trapped underground
take the necessary steps topreventthe implementation of the title
in environmental quality schemes topreventdisease from occurring however others
reason has always been topreventearly pregnancy and venereal disease
action it is taking topreventheart disease in scotland s1o
action it is taking topreventflooding s1o 5833 13 dennis
any co ordinated action topreventit s1w 1041 mr kenneth
it will take action topreventprivate firms from setting up
investigate strengthening the law topreventsuch police action in future
would consider action designed topreventswine fever spreading to scotland
and take immediate action topreventthe potential undermining of many
parliament to take action topreventthe sale of part of
parliament to take action topreventthe united states navy from
to take early action topreventyet more misery for ordinary
its proposals for action topreventyoung scots from becoming addicted
a fixed penalty notice wouldpreventa local authority from taking
the peace o perthshire taepreventhis taking aff in this
f643: but would could youpreventhitting the wall by taking
better but that should notpreventscotland taking a lead just
chamber acts sensibly today topreventthe minister taking us into
will bring forward proposals topreventor control the implementation of
authority there is nothing topreventa council consulting its neighbouring
there would be nothing topreventthe judge from registering the
is nothing in principle topreventthe scottish parliament from saying
course there is nothing topreventvessel owners from sharing with
will consider whether measures topreventovercrowding are being implemented therefore
we propose measures that willpreventsex offenders from travelling overseas
religion question is to helppreventdiscrimination against minority religious groups
choices that can help topreventosteoporosis and i would endorse
in doing so to helppreventwars it is interesting to
to inspect buildings regularly andpreventdanger and accidents those powers
than others how other countriespreventsuicide and introducing an early
pe597 provision of funding topreventbed reductions and the loss
functions and b do notpreventany such authority or body
march 2002 what resource implicationspreventplanning authority officials from informing
as much as possible topreventits use by the rebels
make all possible representations topreventthis war by addressing the
make it an offence topreventa mother from breastfeeding her
is all inclusive that wouldpreventanything from falling into the
we need to strive topreventchildren and young people from
change the fundamental issues thatpreventdeprivation in aberdeen from being
stocks from cross breeding andpreventdevelopments that present a danger
scotland bill is needed topreventhard line criminals from abusing
scottish executive whether any restrictionspreventlocal authorities from using a
it plans to take topreventmaterials exempt from the aggregates
inadmissible my decision does notpreventmr gallie from submitting a
is not suggesting that wepreventmsps from asking questions we
intention behind that was topreventoffenders from requesting hearings in
negotiated national scale that wouldpreventpeople from being disadvantaged because
indicated section 17 sought topreventpeople from requesting a hearing
amend the 1995 act topreventprocurators fiscal from making conditional
they had the power topreventthat offence from being committed
centralised target based approach willpreventthe most vulnerable from realising
more defensively but unable topreventthe old counter insult from
to the school windows topreventthem from breaking we moved
from our bliss in lifepreventus from being whole human
not but that does notpreventus from encouraging the voluntary
resource neutral that would notpreventus from making a profit
by any scottish government topreventand reverse the anglicisation of
disciplinary procedures in order topreventany age discrimination in the
rules or legislation that wouldpreventany care provider that is
the eu was established topreventany future european wars we
omission of any provisions topreventcross contamination by genetically modified
it intends to take topreventor combat any occurrence of
to seek his intervention topreventthe disclosure of any identities
applied equally throughout scotland topreventsimilar problems arising here dr
a logical development and willpreventthe teething problems that the
i did my best topreventrowland i shall take care
scheme pensions be addressed topreventfuture generations of older people
society was sufficiently hierarchical topreventthe upward social movement of
on the statute book topreventthe monarch being a catholic
that to do so willpreventtheir nursing care being paid
proposed land reform legislation topreventthe type of cases seen
herbal medicines directives will notpreventconsumers to use safe health
compounds that are used topreventrepeated use creating resistance there
act of mercy or topreventsuffering and the use of
the eu has been topreventa major war between france
peggy moving in smoothly topreventa row as she has
it is not intended topreventa tobacco company supporting a
bulkheads on car decks topreventcatastrophic flooding and sinking had
are adequate in particular topreventdepredation of crofters livestock and
in hot blood done topreventfurther feud 6 what of
were there were things topreventinvasion erm and in the
to develop intervention strategies topreventit b ensure that agencies
with sufficient economic resources topreventmassive migration of the younger
order allows the parliament topreventor restrict a member who
to reduce the obstacles thatpreventorganisations such as the gnp
to question it that wouldpreventover easy reassurance or its
is necessary to reduce andpreventpoverty two thirds of pensioner
arrive in twenty minutes topreventpre ejaculation for sexual energy
important it is vital topreventrash and potentially abortive actions
serious criminals we seek topreventreoffending we will build on
failure to both recognise andpreventsignificant damage to our natural
it intends to do topreventsuch occurrences and whether it
occurring the intention is topreventthat 10 00 gordon jackson
regulation professor richards regulations topreventthat are already in place
women our target is topreventthat drop off if we
mr egan rightly said topreventthe break up of the
and watch so as topreventthe commission of offences having
sufficient on its own topreventthe decline in gaelic language
is that we need topreventthe decline in participation people
and supports the campaign topreventthe deportation of mr adewale
what plans it has topreventthe intimidation of witnesses and
method of investment needed topreventthe release of noxious odours
the highland wildlife park topreventthe spread of foot and
what safeguards currently exist topreventthe victimisation of promoted school
be involved in efforts topreventthem hunting do you think
with the nigerian government topreventthis atrocity and believes that
as if full attention mightpreventdisaster they clutch at their
programme some wording that mightpreventminority members of a committee
therefore the act does notpreventmembers of the royal family
serve the notice would thatpreventthe work required on the
bench when he could notpreventit a year later henry
wrong but that should notpreventthe executive using stronger words
the road afore onybody couldpreventhim lee in jennie an
justice culture sport and leisurepreventthe risks of exclusion lack
situation whereby minor technical discrepanciespreventcourt proceedings in cases where

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