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17 5 the conditions forprisonerson remand the further 12
scottish executive what proportion ofprisonersplaced on remand before trial
scottish executive what proportion ofprisonersplaced on remand before trial
will be entirely for remandprisonerss1w 29258 christine grahame to
of places required for remandprisonerss1w 29260 christine grahame to
on the number of remandprisonerss1w 29261 christine grahame to
additional cost of transporting remandprisonersto a 700 place remand
there being not sufficient remandprisonersto fill a 700 place
aware of any problem withprisonersserving sentences in jails in
constrain the ability of servingprisonersto publish material relating to
so far been concentrated onprisonerswho are serving longer sentences
developing a rolling programme forprisonerswho are serving shorter sentences
prisoners or particular categories ofprisonersin a prison by a
as a community deal withprisonersin those categories dental services
can be removed from allprisonersor particular categories of prisoners
in relation to top endprisonersand open prisons is not
confined to the transportation ofprisonersbetween courts and prisons s1o
executive which prisons currently holdprisonerscategorised as sex offenders s1w
particular group of visitors orprisonersunlike in other prisons no
morbidity of treating drug usingprisonersin accordance with published european
programmes to support drug misusingprisonersinto recovery lodged on 2
programmes to support drug misusingprisonersinto recovery supported by donald
by saughton 150 and 120prisonersrespectively get regular supplies drug
detoxification prescribing are offered toprisonersthat have problems with drug
tremendously valuable work in helpingprisonerswho have drug problems and
and health services to helpprisonerswho have undertaken drug rehabilitation
scottish executive what percentage ofprisonerswho received drug treatment in
present the rules require thatprisonerswho are removed from association
allowing specific governors to letprisonerswho have been removed from
prisoners partly because so manyprisonersare on drugs barlinnie is
important part in sorting outprisonerspartly because so many prisoners
tale white hairs from theirprisonersheads prior to an inspection
implement the retox programme forprisonersprior to release s1w 28515
which house between 20 30prisonersprior to their appearance in
the 1993 act means theprisonersand criminal proceedings scotland act
early release provisions of theprisonersand criminal proceedings scotland act
the 1993 act means theprisonersand criminal proceedings scotland act
or section 10 of theprisonersand criminal proceedings scotland act
the scottish executive how manyprisonershave a had proceedings taken
members will agree shorter termprisonersalso need programmes work on
the scottish executive whether allprisonershave access to dental treatment
services to bring substance misusingprisonersinto an effective treatment process
2604 treatment of al qaedaprisonersof war lodged on 14
we would not expect allprisonersto be undergoing treatment continually
executive how many category aprisonersare currently accommodated at hm
the scottish executive how manyprisonerswere transferred from a hm
the scottish executive how manyprisonerswere transferred to hm prison
11 september 2002 how manyprisonersdiagnosed with a mental illness
are becoming mental institutions manyprisonershave serious mental health problems
the daily average number ofprisonersadmitted to each local prison
run in each prison forprisonerscategorised as sex offenders s1w
prison because a lot ofprisonerscome from dundee believes that
prison service scenario too manyprisonersi could show the figures
the scottish executive how manyprisonerscategorised as sex offenders were
places are currently available toprisonerswho wish to have nothing
places are currently available forprisonerswishing to achieve qualifications to
that phil gallie raised onprisonersclothing the present rules state
present rules state that allprisonersmay wear their own clothes
problems and providing throughcare forprisonerswhen they come out of
4 november 2002 how manyprisonershave a been offered and
the scottish executive how manyprisonershave re offended within four
the scottish executive how manyprisonershave suffered a fatal and
are operated and how manyprisonersundertook them in a 1999
protective custody many of theprisonerswho took part in the
am sure that many scottishprisonerswould thank us for doing
of an exchange with fascistprisonersheld by the republican forces
numbers are the 1 900prisonersheld who are required to
5 september 2002 whether womenprisonersmight be held in the
some interesting comments made byprisonersan old chap who had
charitable organisations who rely onprisonersfor their day to day
charitable organisations who rely onprisonersfor their day to day
detention in scotland of iccprisonerswho are sentenced at the
be levied and for iccprisonerswho are sentenced by the
have been confronted by 30prisonerswho had been given an
it is not just theprisonerswho have committed sexual offences
to such a detention iccprisonerswho serve a sentence in
in a session with 30prisonerswho volunteered to meet us
at that time guarding japaneseprisonerswho were the officer class
the team aiming to turnprisonersaround if we do not
are being made to turnprisonersaround the issue is not
turn a blind eye toprisonersassociating with others in a
programme lasts for three yearsprisonersdo not just pop in
the maximum number of suchprisonershas been to date and
whether the number of catholicprisonersis proportionate to the number
1 in the repatriation ofprisonersact 1984 c 47 a
the advent of three italianprisonersof war is the catalyst
supported nissen huts occupied byprisonersof war the railway bridge
decided by the farm acreageprisonersof war there was a
what percentage this represents ofprisonersreleased s1w 9856 nick johnston
the current system of escortingprisonerss1w 22103 john young to
for the health care ofprisonerss1w 26897 mary scanlon to
for the health care ofprisonerss1w 26898 mary scanlon to
less than one third ofprisonersat hmp peterhead are given
to be given to someprisonersif a governor used his
at peterhead because all theprisonersare in the same boat
be protected from his fellowprisonersof course because his speciality
cause practical difficulties for exampleprisonersare entitled to have access
or disorderly matter while otherprisonersare permitted to be in
daily express contains claims thatprisonersat peterhead are planning to
are in place to evaluateprisonersconsidered eligible for the retox
we are told is beneficialprisonersriot over stolen snout farmer
diktat they should know theirprisonersand know what is best
away from their families someprisonersfelt that they benefited from
either kill or adopt theirprisonersprove it is against the
that governors might allow certainprisonersto wear their own sports
it is for short termprisonersand runs for three months
before a decision on aprisonersparole application has been decided
i tell you that theprisonerswork demonstrates a commendable restraint
version of autumn for theprisonerswork is just a little
of us get letters fromprisonersand i would like to
entirely separate not only fromprisonersin general but from others
of rehabilitation facilities for scottishprisonersand seeks reversal of the
of rehabilitation facilities for scottishprisonersand seeks reversal of the
continuing on that course thoseprisonerscould say there is nothing
those years ago what withprisonersmaking lewd remarks to you
in the cells although theprisonerswanted to have toilets they
all the officers and theprisonersand to the governor himself
done in respect of convictedprisonersin all but the open
and in may 2002 179prisonerswere liberated after participating in
community were very supportive ofprisonersat the top end taking
was a door through whichprisonersin custody were led up
uise him whyles for quaisteninprisonersan whyles for lairnin kettrens
400 compensation for british formerprisonersof the japanese lodged on
remuneration and as for theprisonerswell i needn t tell
but when i see theprisonerspainting so quietly and with
to do with selling theprisonerspictures i am due to
during the session with theprisonerswe asked about the issue
maggie we don t takeprisonerscarolanne why not they do
about owing it to theprisonersnot to be provocatively dressed
has to say about treatingprisonersas individuals and the effect
900 and g 1 000prisonersas referred to in paragraph
but i couldnae grumble theprisonersdid seem to be treated
in like fashion to domesticprisonersexcept that domestic law on
succour and comfort to politicalprisonersin the basque country to
i applies in relation toprisonersrepatriated to scotland on or
well i had expected theprisonersto be really annoyed that
of schedule 2 repatriation ofprisonersto the british islands to
officers other staff and theprisonerswas different to that in
i do that officers andprisonersalike take great pride in
the statute the detention ofprisonersis optional however if the
dr james mcmanus mentally disturbedprisonerswill be updated in order
that relaxing the rule onprisonersclothing is about treating people
couldn t help myself theprisonersknow they can be watched
which certain close knit groupsprisonersraf pilots boarding school pupils
david cooke psychological disturbance amongstprisonersand dr james mcmanus mentally
and i notice that theprisonerspaintings actually reflect your command
the sack fur aw theprisonersneed it back a poke
quick heid coont showed naeprisonerswhaur s the poachers whit

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