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f1025: [laugh] tart f1024: probablyprobablya minger f1025: a minger
again f810: erm probably afterwardsprobablyafter i crucify her [laugh]
with you again f810: ermprobablyafterwards probably after i crucify
you probably don t youprobablydon t get too many
and i oh right youprobablydon t you probably don
so i would say probablyprobablyerm over about s-s- six
aye probably [laugh] it llprobablyjust be a wee chip
f807: yeah maybe yeah probablyprobably[laugh] f806: yeah oh i
one two f940: ehm ayeprobably[laugh] it ll probably just
just [laugh] no probably notprobablynot but that s good
just i just [laugh] noprobablynot probably not but that
[laugh] f1025: [laugh] tart f1024: probablyprobably a minger f1025: a
erm so i would sayprobablyprobably erm over about s-s-
south f807: yeah maybe yeahprobablyprobably [laugh] f806: yeah oh
male environment yeah yeah f1024: probablyprobably yeah f1025: [cough] f1023:
nutmeg mm m1078: er iprobablywouldn t i probably wouldn
i probably wouldn t iprobablywouldn t ignore it altogether
environment yeah yeah f1024: probablyprobablyyeah f1025: [cough] f1023: [laugh]
alert to it and wereprobablyamong the most responsible landlords
care the transport concession willprobablybe the most popular action
and most of them wouldprobablybe women that would be
just official now you veprobablybeen doing most of the
it still manages to existprobablybetter than in most other
miscellen of 1800 written mostprobablyby its editor johann christian
that most scottish folk wouldprobablyfind that too but the
the clubs in scotland hibsprobablyhave the most glamourous surroundings
the form of advertising thatprobablyimpacts most on the people
it is blood which isprobablymost often spilled words like
specific most of the articlesprobablyninety percent or ninety five
the nlbd most people wouldprobablynot know what that is
speaking and these would beprobablyone of the most likely
markers were appointed which wasprobablyone of the most nightmarish
for the most part areprobablyoutside the framework of the
it did to nietzsche butprobablythe last was the most
are certainly enthusiastic and articulateprobablythe most advanced i ve
a child growing up wasprobablythe most boring thing they
the game f965: that isprobablythe most [cough] the most
[cough] [cough] [door closing] that sprobablythe most enduring game that
way of avoiding such inconsistencyprobablythe most important issue is
in the first place isprobablythe most important issue recruitment
census package the census isprobablythe most important source of
glasgow central mosque who areprobablythe most learned scholars available
of many scottish speakers isprobablytrue for most nonstandard english
ned would be a mmprobablya young person just on
would you hear that m1016: probablya younger generation fae the
ploos before this they wouldprobablyair their horses by taking
certainly and [inhale] they wouldprobablyalso import the erm tsk
go in that direction isprobablyan historical inevitability it would
bit of assistance that wouldprobablyapply to any weighty bill
in today that you wouldprobablyask me that my earliest
erm it s changes wouldprobablyassume it s still the
it at all it wouldprobablybe a close but i
in a man he wouldprobablybe a grubby middle aged
a conventional registration office wouldprobablybe able to notify their
lived here i i wouldprobablybe able to tell yeah
so my earliest memory wouldprobablybe about nineteen forty seven
margin the net margin wouldprobablybe about one third of
into high school and wouldprobablybe at the periphery of
big classes m635: there wouldprobablybe between thirty and forty
oh maybe actually that wouldprobablybe good a good idea
as usable arable land wouldprobablybe in the order of
[click] [inhale] the romance wouldprobablybe in verse prose was
it would be it wouldprobablybe [inaudible] be nice if
is going well there wouldprobablybe more of a community
impact of a ban wouldprobablybe relatively insignificant the extent
paper ms macdonald he wouldprobablybe shocked he would be
was modestly priced and wouldprobablybe the best option this
hour the convener it wouldprobablybe two hours to discuss
another 100 million we wouldprobablybe unable to spend it
outwith the area loo wouldprobablybe what i d normally
what he would describe asprobablybeing drunk drunk f1027: and
describing the day i wouldprobablycall it a dreich day
time into what one wouldprobablycall modernisation projects the modernising
don t know i wouldprobablyclass them as paths as
[cough] m1078: aye uh huhprobablycod and haddock would be
wanted again to emphasise itprobablycolloquial you would say mad
see me now she wouldprobablydie of shock i would
believe although far more wouldprobablydisagree that there are plenty
won that election he wouldprobablyeat spaghetti every lunchtime have
so currently i would sayprobablyehm something from burberry somewhere
do with it i wouldprobablyendorse david eaglesham s views
would say a sofa nowprobablyf1026: like lounge is a
are in and you wouldprobablyfind congenial neighbours however we
fashionable contemporaries in germany wouldprobablyfind nothing to suit their
that would be bidie inprobablygey general but [laugh] m999:
know ma biggest barnies wouldprobablygo with i mean you
ve had an that wouldprobablygo with other people who
erm i thought he wasprobablygonna the next question would
no he wo- he wouldprobablyhate me f1155: but like
c sle english it wouldprobablyhave been automatically classed along
and had she continued wouldprobablyhave been close to the
final syllable but it wouldprobablyhave been pronounced like that
which i quote he wouldprobablyhave expired that single sentence
yeah f641: [cough] f643: wouldprobablyhave got a handle on
had stayed united portuguese wouldprobablyhave remained another iberian dialect
who comes to us weprobablyhave three parents who would
some-some- somewhere else you wouldprobablyhave to change your accent
there down south you wouldprobablyhave to go by train
would not happen one wouldprobablyhave to move a motion
is hunting illegally one wouldprobablyhave to rely on informers
back the other wound wouldprobablyheal concealed by my hairline
confused dr brown it wouldprobablyhelp if we avoided referring
for misbehavin i would sayprobablyi would have got a
would you no mmhm f1023: probablyi would have said that
i wouldnae use it i-i-probablyi would when ye thi-
would go then you dprobablyjust have f1150: the mixed
would use mair often isprobablyjust nae bad [inaudible] cause
the convener the minister wouldprobablyjust write to us saying
would you say f1145: ehprobablykids we talk aboot the
a reduction in price wouldprobablylead to an increase in
committee and why we wouldprobablylike you to come back
mmhm mm f950: they reprobablym865,: would you like your
were doing something they wouldprobablymake a fuss about it
would be internally assessed withprobablymoderation and whatever from sqa
a legislative change that wouldprobablyneed to come from the
rather with what is asprobablyno one would argue against
difficult professor richards that wouldprobablynot affect waste modelling for
as inspecting properties i wouldprobablynot have been competent to
at ten degrees this wouldprobablynot have been enough to
f1001: the sittin room wouldprobablyoften be jined tae the
group to spend what wouldprobablyonly be a couple of
she was frigid twisted andprobablyqueer and no one would
course meals i would beprobablyquite full even for me
sofa now no i wouldprobablysay a sofa yeah f1026:
she d s- er wouldprobablysay i m trying to
colin m1016: no they wouldprobablysay the same eh i
and eh a glaswegian wouldprobablysay wa er so they
yeah f746: i would neverprobablysit down and read that
the mills at she wouldprobablystart at half seven quarter
trying to achieve and iprobablysupport that however it would
it either but monboddo wouldprobablytak the opportunity afore he
thought was that i wouldprobablytalk about the current position
my own boyhood they wouldprobablytalk about the lavatory which
own language i think wouldprobablytalk did you hear that
sorta project or somethin ehmprobablythey would foun- find that
any gaelic speaker would wouldprobablythink of a a seise
take that point burns wouldprobablyturn in his grave at
i would say it isprobablyuh huh f1026: i would
about you know i wouldprobablyuse them as well m816:
two or something i wouldprobablyuse yeah f1054: it s
speech from these regions wouldprobablyvary little in terms of
oh i think the managerprobablywas tee he would ken
rely exclusively on american importsprobablywe would start writing theater
mmhm f1009: yes expecting isprobablywhat i would use but
they re unnattractive that sprobablywhat they would say wouldn
bozzy would get home safeprobablywithout satisfying his lust as
m822: an it it wouldprobablywork oot cheaper than carvin
of paper so it wouldprobablywork out just as expensive
[laugh] f1009: [laugh] m1007: distressedprobablywould be another one m1008:
different production cycle which theyprobablywould be that may be
by a primary teacher whoprobablywould have known should have
the way that david murisonprobablywould have remarked erm gosh
m- bringin that up iprobablywould say that it s
sounds so posh f1027: iprobablywould so that must be
see but [inaudible] f1027: iprobablywould though f1023: where i
enough f948: no [cough] youprobablywould yeah m865: ehm but
m762: if i i wouldprobablywrite it differently f963: yeah
uh huh f1026: i wouldprobablyyeah yeah for being f1024:
things they say i wouldprobablyyou know at least question
[inaudible] f948: an like ohprobablyyou would say small we
worked there full time ermprobablyabout god i don t
huh erm well it wasprobablyaround f718: cause ma brown
erm f640: the anticipation wasprobablybetter than the realisation [laugh]
the children was erm ehprobablydiminishing as a result of
while ago but erm f1154: probablyf1155: our our whole front
then erm yeah it sprobablyhow it works f1149: s-
go erm when i wasprobablyin secondary school twelve f631:
think the point of itprobablyis expression erm f1187: mmhm
reckoned that erm thi- thisprobablyis politically incorrect i ll
gaelic erm and i llprobablykeep on with that er
m762: looking back my brotherprobablylistened to that stuff erm
his translation of erm rabelaisprobablymarks the end of older
more erm my accent sprobablymore influenced by my mum
an indoor toilet f1077: ermprobablynot i doubt it but
our piece of coal sprobablystill in that erm f963:
f1154: [cough] anyway we shouldprobablytalk about something relevant erm
f745: erm yeah i shouldprobablytalk to someone about that
engaged in for you knowprobablythe last erm th- the
mm yeah yeah m1174: isprobablythe main reason erm yeah
cause it s it sprobablythe more kind of erm
few reservoirs erm you reprobablythinking of like the greenock
subtitles erm i hope [laugh]probablywill have er i need
i think it was aprobablya reaction to destruction f963:
feel i think i mprobablya three on british and
i think that one isprobablyall we will get so
and i think there willprobablybe a pattern of national
f1151: i think that sprobablybecause i grew up in
naughty i think you veprobablybeen told to get out
i think she was justprobablybored o havin tae go
be dead during the dayprobablybut [inhale] i think it
an impact i think itprobablydid that is a feeling
do i think now iprobablyenjoy it more with sam
the islands is understandable andprobablyeven justified but i think
and i think you reprobablyexactly the same f1038: in
no word no f1040: ayeprobablyf1043: i think it still
think it is actually f1150: probablyf1151: it s er i
but i think i llprobablygo to university but i
f1111: okay i think thatprobablygoes with that does it
chinos m1015: beckham m1016: nahprobablygolfers i think f1054: casuals
what i think i mprobablygonna do a pgce when
lifetimes i think scots isprobablygonna go down rather than
suppose m734: i think iprobablyhad preferences even then f718:
have jesus i think thatprobablyhappened before he was born
so i think i llprobablyhave to like even if
i think ehm that thatprobablyhelped and it helped me
council space f810: yeah f809: probablyi think i don t
in there in english alsoprobablyi think well the last
it f1143: i think itprobablyis but f1144: well it
f1009: yes i think m1008: probablyis f1009: mmhm m1008: uh
no i think they reprobablyjust the same the same
i think my hips haveprobablyknackered by a horse called
so i i think youprobablymaybe have a couple of
m605: i think i veprobablymet her actually m741: eh
s i think it sprobablymore pretentious to be artificial
it because i think youprobablyneed it more than i
er i-i- not i thinkprobablynot like your age group
okay i think that sprobablyplenty water let s run
word ye know ye dprobablypunch him i think in
think kip and doss areprobablyscots scots origin m1007: yes
t know m741: suppose theyprobablyshould m605: i think m741:
t i i i thinkprobablysimilarly i ve got my
[exhale] f978: but i thinkprobablysome of their boats you
but i think that itprobablysymbolises something i haven t
m1008: i think that sprobablythe case with myself as
this toilet i think isprobablythe commonest one in use
i think that that wasprobablythe right decision the second
young people in the galleryprobablythink that older people are
and i think i wasprobablytwenty four by that time
think aa scottish folk couldprobablyunderstand it m865: yeah yeah
shopping i think that sprobablyuniversally scots an a guider
some- they think that heprobablywas so it s done
think people like john lennonprobablywent through a teddy boy
think like i think itprobablywill die which is a
for me [laugh] m865: yeahprobablyyeah f951: i think that
talk uh huh yeah m842: probablyain o the reasons i
s er yeah it sprobablyas well i ve grown
f807: yeah it s itprobablybe cheaper because f806: mmhm
and bitchy and clean sprobablybetter [laugh] [laugh] f1151: yeah
the same m608: yeah m1174: probablycause i i wouldn t
that an i i dprobablyf1024: yeah f1023: i d
escalated the [sigh] yes andprobablyf746: yeah and i suppose
yeah f806: s- aw f807: probablyf806: mind boggling though see
s comparative f807: [tut] yeahprobablyf806: so you study different
[laugh] f807: yeah but youprobablyget a better grade for
yeah yeah aye you dprobablyget that anywhere though that
yeah f606: mmhm f826: theyprobablyhad it forced on them
high school that ye llprobablyhave heard ehm skanky yeah
mmhm yeah sure f950: butprobablyi don t feel strong
better [laugh] [laugh] f1151: yeahprobablyi wonder how the mixed
yeah totally totally f963: youprobablyknow about this yourself but
and i like to yeahprobablylike hearin that m865,: uh
yeah f950: but that sprobablyme thinkin on all that
f1027: [tut] eh the setteeprobablymmhm yeah f1054: mm [inhale]
it s amazing f643: yeahprobablypassers by at that speed
yeah cause f835: i llprobablystart in the second week
say it in f1026: yeahprobablythe way that you say
making up stories yeah f963: probablythe wrong word but somehow
m865: oh well it sprobablyvery original yeah m952: yeah
ew f1077: yeah [inaudible] itprobablywas but i just i
yeah f1027: yeah that sprobablywhere f1023: aye staggering up
right a combination of thingsprobablyyeah f963: living memory it
flame throwin and f809: [tut]probablyyeah it f810: uh huh
yeah f810: so i shouldprobablyyou know wait and see
more closely related it isprobablyas a result of the
any more english speakers couldprobablybe blamed for ben chichnes
at edinburgh f806: why f807: probablybecause it s more lucrative
younger than i am andprobablybrighter but i m more
questions in the parliament whichprobablydid much more for my
of tackling that we willprobablydiscuss the matter in more
is that possible we canprobablyget some more solid ground
oh right no i veprobablygot more here though f1124:
say [laugh] f810: we veprobablygot more stories about each
you ve f689: [laugh] f631: probablygot more than i do
least the fact that weprobablyhave a more advanced and
events and things i shouldprobablyknow more about this but
life losing votes i haveprobablylost more votes than anyone
it s prob- uh huhprobablymore a f718: is it
treatment products our system isprobablymore advanced than that in
beer spirits you name itprobablymore bevvy than grampa dan
not used continuously that isprobablymore important than the commercial
more sort of you knowprobablymore like your school days
[laugh] f1077: the- there sprobablymore now well f718: mmhm
piece of legislation it isprobablymore significant than is generally
as a party it wasprobablymore socialised than that but
options currently used by writersprobablymore than 50 per cent
uh huh f826: but ehmprobablymore than before i came
don t have any connectionprobablymore the last time we
of that age treasurers areprobablymore valuable to an organisation
of the criminal i wasprobablyreferring more to his enthusiasm
useful results len higson canprobablysay more about that len
farmed fish interests there areprobablyseveral more that i do
for government these days andprobablythis project got more than
locus is concerned it isprobablyunnecessary to say any more
s over with f1150: itprobablywas one of the more
well maybe biology ll haveprobablyadvanced by the time they
andrew ll again he llprobablyagree wi us eh eh
actually she ll be homeprobablyat [censored: address] well keep writing
place in egypt i llprobablybe back next september how
there f1097: [laugh] it llprobablybe granda or dad m1098:
uh huh and they llprobablybe hanging hanging their bags
of my hands i llprobablybe happy with it too
the unknown variable i llprobablybe home around mid september
team in march they llprobablybe playing at the aitken
[laugh] [laugh] f1149: there llprobablybe snow up there at
my brother said they llprobablybe to see you soon
album unfortunately so i llprobablybuy a cheap one here
t arrived yet they llprobablycome next week i hope
home by september i llprobablycome via boston my u
muffle rapture as you llprobablydiscover if you stay there
the beach and i llprobablydo that before i start
till monday tho i llprobablyeat at the union i
yet to them i llprobablyend up coming home destitute
m942: oh aye they llprobablyget that in you know
and [sniff] but i llprobablygo home and see them
so weather permitting we llprobablygo it ll give us
s fun and i llprobablygo regularly if i can
very hot sunny i llprobablyhave to buy shorts soon
och never mind she llprobablyjust rip it open anyway
f1049: mm m1048: i llprobablyneed to like join in
depends what time i llprobablynot be up until like
aye m642: y-y-y- you llprobablynot know the area we
write it down she llprobablyread it i missed you
of this news i llprobablyrepeat on the phone tomorrow
you speak scots they llprobablysay no but they ll
the moment however i llprobablyscrape through on wed evening
he d say i llprobablysee you at the weekend
in the wilderness i llprobablysee you in one year
her i mean she llprobablyshe might be through the
mmhm f951: then i llprobablyspik broad shetland tae but
i m gonna i llprobablystart like revisin and stuff
days though the recession llprobablystrike them eventually in a
for next week i llprobablytravel on tuesday it s
crash out but i dprobablyjust say i m going
like irvine welsh you dprobablysay go fuck yourself m741:
a few or you dprobablysay he s off his
what your hobby is theyprobablysay i collect stamps or
i mean compartmentalised i couldprobablysay it better in scots
old brass button you dprobablysay it s past its
[inhale] jimmies or eh ehprobablysay ma jimmies like that
and your contribution i shouldprobablysay that a number of
the agency the minister willprobablysay that the term cultivation
kinda change so that sprobablywhy i say to the
[laugh] f1024: no no iprobablywouldn t say he no
ehm i-i- it s aprobablya debatable question whether we
m1015: you meanin sandshoes ehmprobablybe abbreviated that but i
f639: ehm which [laugh] iprobablydidn t really enjoy that
oot it s like ehprobablyhow the the ehm the
i d also as youprobablyknow ehm eh for my
no [laugh] f689: it sprobablylike ehm that twenty twenty
a gaelic background incidentally ehmprobablyspeak a very standard form
up the stick but iprobablywouldnae use it but ehm
words are they george m1004: probablyyes yes f1054: okay ehm
remain the same and areprobablydecreasing that gives the lie
notes of instruction 1575 andprobablyin the same decade richard
was affa neil it wasprobablynescafé all the same own
the same my words wereprobablynot particularly well chosen our
the same thing that isprobablyone of the few similarities
melanie woman and augustine areprobablysaying the same thing it
f1077: oh well it sprobablythe same family mm mm
that swedish and norwegian areprobablytwo dialects of the same
same sources that these guysprobablywent back to actually you
s something from about erprobablyabout five years ago now
uh huh an f640: somethingprobablyf637: mmhm m608: mm f638:
come up with something iprobablyin that case will go
years ago or something nowprobablyjust before i started my
nylons chrissie black market georgieprobablyor something he s got
talkin in the street andprobablysomething in the middle i-
of men in this countryprobablysomething orthodox certainly something vigorous
of them either there wasprobablysomething politically wrong with it
galair was until i wasprobablyabout fifteen m1055: [laugh] [laugh]
[laugh] m1008: as as youprobablyare aware i wasn t
[laugh] f718: breaking your ankleprobablyas well [inaudible] f1077: mmhm
[laugh] f745: [laugh] f746: p-probablydefeats the purpose of liking
family way no no expectingprobablyf1144: mmhm [laugh] m1146: polite
[laugh] f689: too much dancinprobablyf631: mmhm f689: but no
her this [laugh] m944: sheprobablyfancied me [laugh] [inaudible] [laugh]
f807: [laugh] f806: mm untilprobablyfive o clock or half
m964: [laugh] f963: i veprobablygot that from you [laugh]
a dump [laugh] it sprobably[inaudible] [laugh] then again cumbernauld
heard of it [laugh] f950: probablyjust mine [laugh] [third person in room laughs] m865,:
s line for that oneprobably[laugh] f1009: yes that s
oh right f1009: that thatprobably[laugh] m1007: it s going
m824: [laugh] f823: [laugh] f606: probably[laugh] m822: [laugh] aye f823:
no [laugh] f1025: [laugh] noprobablynot a word to describe
you know f809: [laugh] f810: probablysafer not to we ve
and nae drawers [laugh] f1025: probablysome of them were like
[laugh] f812: now they dprobablystuck their tongue out back
[laugh] [laugh] f1054: they reprobablytappin you up for a
of alcohol [laugh] somewhere isprobablythe best way everywhere is
of doing it [laugh] m1007: probablywas [laugh] aye [laugh] f1009:
bad but no no itprobablywas [laugh] f745: [laugh] f746:
cheap m1048: right it sprobablywater [laugh] f1049: i know
at school [laugh] it sprobablywhy i don t eat
[laugh] f1023: cause it wasprobablyyes maybe because well they
sh- [laugh] oh she dprobablyyou should just have went
originally it was mair thanprobablya gaelic feature because we
are teaching our kids willprobablybe younger than us do
right m1015: a vennel sprobablyenclosed eh rather than eh
fraser from memory it isprobablyless than 100 per cent
profession who after all isprobablyno better than she should
by bus still it sprobablyprettier than majorca i opened
controls in those countries areprobablyrather fewer than those applied
influence on upper deeside wasprobablystronger than that of latin
and melodic way than wasprobablythe case with the traditional
at a time eh m942: probablyaboot forty quid a month
m1000: mm now eh [exhale]probablyah aye oh aye m999:
be another one m1008: mmhmprobablyaye m1007: might f1009: eh
pair of sandshoes [inhale] ehprobablybecause i wasn t eh
right because a bobby dazzlerprobablyeh r- that s right
o mine but eh f1001: probablyfor unwell is it m1002:
m845: so that that sprobablymy earliest memory but eh
eh nothin planned i mprobablypackin cause i m awa
temperamental after eh thingy againprobablythe the sanitised version but
check eh since iona sprobablythe youngest person among us
them in what eh wasprobablytheir first language anyway m1008:
ye o k o kprobablywizna eh right word for
scene that wis different likesprobablycause he wis a vet
you f943: well that sprobablycause i am her little
could never live at homeprobablycause i like just music
the bairns cause they aprobablyf831: mmhm m842: spoke the
ian rankin this evening causeprobablylike many of you i
i don t know ohprobablynot cause they were always
can cause you re justprobablythe furthest [?]along there[/?] sorry start
cause it was things iprobablywouldn t have read you
to somebody but i dprobablyask somebody to bung it
weren t there you dprobablybe at home avoiding writing
go on holiday you dprobablybe best going before september
and boarding school i dprobablybe pretty miserable if i
i like it i dprobablybe quite f641: mmhm f639:
physics degree then that dprobablybe quite pleasant too m941:
bad kennin davie he dprobablyhae askit tony fir a
realise now that he dprobablyhave gone down on his
solstice in moscow he dprobablyhave written a terrible sonnet
bit he kent he dprobablyjuist gae radge it him
flammable substances around you dprobablyjust leave them to it
doctor said no i dprobablyjust not put enough pressure
the future well she dprobablynot noticed it before it
and they said they dprobablysaid they felt pants f1023:
plimsoles gutties i d haveprobablysaid when i was small
of the twelve i dprobablyspend f746: mmhm m1161: nine
nice dress but i dprobablywanna wait until i ve
life oot o him heprobablywouldna even notice he d
don t worry you couldprobablycatch him up easily enough
t need them actually theyprobablydefinitely don t need them
as well is that youprobablydon t f965: [sniff] f963:
that a lot of parentsprobablydon t go oh you
with a tv in youprobablydon t have a tv
don t know it sprobablyjust a big dog or
separate gallons after 1426 butprobablyonly because we don t
talk to friends or familyprobablyshetlandic well you don t
which is k- which isprobablywhy i don t have
russian pizza parlour surprisingly quietprobablybecause it looked very closed
for modern languages f806: ahprobablybecause it s comparative f807:
anything of any value survivingprobablybecause of the many losses
fencing that had been replacedprobablybecause the ground is soft
speak to her in englishprobablybecause there s other people
day beats me it isprobablybecause they have nothing else
eastern f606: mm m845: speechprobablybecause they so much time
have positive environmental benefits andprobablyeconomic benefits because one of
no never f940: right becauseprobablyin years an years an
because the the punishment wasprobablyjust being hit f963: mm
o these guys kenny sprobablynever heard it before because
they did apply that isprobablynot possible because the legislation
to adopt m608: mm m078: probablyfrom my peasant ancestry just
the tiles just now andprobablyhurt your bum f1112: we
s just for private useprobably[inaudible] it s not mmhm
pail merks m1146: it wasprobablyjust a a term of
contents i thought it wasprobablyjust a circular but it
philadelphia s mardi gras andprobablyjust as colorful and exuberant
time i came along hadprobablyjust had enough babies you
wi cold cold f1054: coolprobablyjust no too many words
activist who makes bicycles orprobablyjust sells them a visa
the living room aye f1005: probablyjust the living room lounge
did that f1111: it sprobablyjust when it s clamped
woman confining handbags dfcp 67probablyrequire just as much glossing
the idea for that soprobablys- it s just nowadays
f963: uh huh f965: itprobablywas just my school f963:
one f1027: uh huh f1023: probablyf1026: from maybe when we
huh f1149: oh really f1148: probablygoing to go either to
uh huh m1078: oh yesprobablyon the deli counter yes
ask remiss huh i mprobablyover attatched tae the idea
f960: uh huh dat sprobablyquite good f961: it s
mmhm mmhm f1001: for hereabootsprobablyaye m999: aye m1000: mmhm
f1077: mmhm mmhm that sprobablyf718: you you do m1078:
different f641: mmhm f639: heprobablyis interested in it on
mmhm f1001: so it sprobablylessened wi time m999: aye
ask you three f1041: mmhmprobablym1042: aboot a word see
mmhm f1077: hm well f718: probablymm mmhm mmhm f1077: it
mmhm i doubt it m1078: probablyremember all this afterwards when
form is m741: mmhm m605: probablyrobert garioch m741: [tut] right
get f631: mmhm f689: youprobablystill get that never seen
m1161: mmhm aye f1159: welshprobablywelsh for you f1160: we
mmhm f1026: mmhm f1027: mmhmprobablywhere the fire goes on
like them either mmhm m1078: probablyyou know the texture of
about caroline for the scotsmanprobablya week before the concert
m642: and we we hadprobablyabout a hundred and twenty
one of my earlier attemptsprobablyabout [cough] maybe four years
in today s time itprobablyabout five or six minutes
that is f807: [cough] f806: probablyabout it was twenty five
those people who are likeprobablyabout nineteen years aye he
of about er there sprobablyabout ten or fifteen poems
comfortably handle and it wasprobablyabout this time that he
is absolutely relevant we areprobablyabout to enter an era
about the status of scotsprobablyat no time has there
treaty immediately dr brown isprobablybetter qualified to talk about
i ve prob- i veprobablygot about god knows how
but in all i wasprobablyin about a month between
great grandfather came over hereprobablyin about the eighteen seventies
it was a ludicrous ideaprobablyput about by the bishops
period the convener donald gorrieprobablyraises wider issues about the
help us the committee shouldprobablyreply to the faculty about
in its programme it isprobablyright about the figure of
that comment back keith raffanprobablysaw the papers at about
given time frame we areprobablytalking about building 30 to
made about definitions that isprobablythe appropriate way to carry
was offered to the finderprobablythe equivalent of about 30
be about the nineteen sixtiesprobablywhen in the cold war
[note: basic map of route drawn here, showing fredericton, montreal, boston and philadelphia] but it was stillprobably3000 miles there and back
the answer although that isprobablymy fault i still do
accept that the bill isprobablyokay i am still concerned
this week although we willprobablystill be receiving submissions we
that it s she sprobablystill phoning him and it
what remains is still hugeprobablytoo huge to be dismantled
completely still my feelings andprobablywee andy s and the
is still fairly shaky iprobablywon t go to cairo
be bought in some supermarketsprobablyan ulster scots usage the
be with the scots languageprobablyfor evermore i canna see
good scots word pap isprobablyforeign to the young today
and snd derive it asprobablyfrom scots oed however suggests
half scots i ve beenprobablyhad equal exposure i was
scots criminal law one couldprobablymake a case for saying
older scots law i shouldprobablynever have come across this
home he or she willprobablyspeak in a scots form
scots i like scots bestprobablywhen i finish school after
she will speak standard englishprobablywith a scots accent when
metal and er f718: theyprobablyboth have a lot of
er it kind of stereotypicallyprobablyfits into the heavy metal
er mucker and buddy areprobablyimports from elsewhere mm m1008:
i mean that is erprobablymy main hobby but if
m1078: er choice of wellprobablyscones or f1077: usually a
of er the computers wasprobablysecond year when we used
is is gay as wellprobablycalled a partner f1023: oh
mair couthie wey o spikkinprobablym999: well someti- aye m1002:
want i suppose formal speechesprobablyno teachin at school well
better grade for it f806: probablynot f807: well last time
like to as well f1148: probablynot to live there though
fact the only thing thatprobablysells parkhead well economically is
m605: well i mean thereprobablysure there was two hundred
m sleeping well these nightsprobablythanks to this fitness programme
so well the brightest wasprobablythe burns supper at the
ve been to denmark theyprobablywent to sweden as well
contact and therefore we veprobablyforced ourselves into a an
a receipt as ye veprobablygaithered by noo ah want
got their own they veprobablygot their own dialect as
like that f1144: they veprobablygot their own they ve
we we mi- we veprobablylost it or we could
ve been mair central beltprobablym999: i mind billy reid
no f1107: we ve notprobablymade them since christmas m1108:
sure like me you veprobablymaybe been at work an
the plan now i veprobablysaved some cash talking of
melt jimmy accepted it wasprobablybest that people didn t
back to the teacher youprobablydidn t answer back to
and there s this m1078: probablydoesn t exist now f1077:
here and i mean itprobablydoesn t get so dark
interpretation of language although heprobablyhasn t had the recognition
aye in a way thatprobablyhelped me i didn t
didn t happen i mprobablyrelieved that it didn t
a t shirt aye iprobablyshoud wear a t shirt
too i shouldn t wonderprobablystapled tight hence the flavoured
t contingent bankhead and meadowparkprobablythe smallest claddyburn on the
s puffing under the strainprobablythinking to himself won t
hundred years old but heprobablywasn t really m1078: [pours coffee from cafetière]
clarks shoes now callum youprobablywon t but you could
notebooks and things ideas andprobablywon t use some of
my father f641: no f640: probablywouldn t have gone and
didn t play football weprobablywouldn t have got together
word isn t it f1009: probablyyes m1007: it is yes
east lab as you areprobablyaware i am keen to
that age although i willprobablybe the youngest member to
am i a bad manprobablyboswell frowned this was too
madman lastly this diarrhoea iprobablycaught it from andy macphail
mrs [censored: surname] says i canprobablyclaim for if that s
aye f1043: i mean againprobablycomin fae oor roots back
lady who i thought wasprobablydead long since she is
employment and volunteering i shouldprobablydeclare an interest in that
connect aberdeen to norway andprobablydenmark although i did not
preamble i suspect that youprobablydo not want to hear
we believe that it isprobablyfar higher i understand that
hoo mony dod i couldprobablyfind half a dozen angelica
aspects of the convention isprobablyfor different reasons if i
where it came from iprobablygeneration before us you know
his i pod he wasprobablygettin jiggy with a drum
murdoch i hink the popeprobablygot his baws booted aff
of england and they prob-probablyhad a scottish studio i
my dinner today i amprobablyhaving when we go to
my dinner today i amprobablyhaving when we go to
various eu states as youprobablyheard at previous meetings i
have to leave mid augustprobablyi have to be there
for a parking space m827: probablyi m sure you have
live to see it throughprobablyi met him at stirling
committee colin campbell as youprobablyknow i have lodged several
latin the language that iprobablylearned best at school which
meaning [throat] f1001: so iprobablylooked at tired in a
words that i use thatprobablyme husband that comes from
areas richard lochhead i willprobablyneed an explanatory note to
be lucky so i mprobablynot going to save half
full range of issues isprobablynot helpful i want to
i look back on itprobablyone day somebody thought they
for lunch a shower andprobablyshopping but [censored: forename] and i
sounds in scottish but iprobablyspeak english can you describe
then of course i amprobablyspeaking from the standpoint of
confines of the parliament isprobablysuperfluous tricia marwick i agree
when i went doon iprobablytelt ye this a hundred
of the staff it isprobablythe first time that i
i reckon that i amprobablythe only one of the
enjoyed that to be honestprobablythe only reason i didn
like a log it sprobablythe only sailing trophy i
was the marathon running wasprobablythe worst thing i did
m mixed up i mprobablythinking of a different place
head i suppose she wasprobablythinking part fondly part resentfully
and maybe yes that isprobablytrue that the poems i
pro- i i i mprobablytrying to get a a
have been identified and iprobablyunderstated the total the work
looks back i thocht sheprobablywanted to be by hersel
out a petition which isprobablywhy i am getting mixed
the very latest and iprobablywill be home late aug
bedroom then f1140: mum iprobablywill need to wear but
of them there then iprobablywill put on my phone
no f639: mm no youprobablybought it f641: no f639:
yourself which m608: mm m078: probablycome from that sort of
mm f1135: somebody at playschoolprobablyf1136: [?]that's dirty[/?] [note: nearly half a minute of silence] f1135: they
that but that was f1043: probably[inaudible] [?]digestion that[/?] mm f1041: that
really pally with [censored: forename] f1155: probablyloads of people mm loads
where she is now m942: probablya needle hangin oot her
of the service however weprobablyneed now to refer the
applied the convener it willprobablynot be now that you
by this time no f826: probablynot that much now but
they have gaelic speaking parentsprobablynow the majority is not
now f1142: [inaudible] f1141: fittprobablyposting a letter come on
git back in touch abootprobablya wheen o thae points
the parliament so it isprobablyappropriate that as a back
young mrs mcintosh he isprobablyback in the office somewhere
of these stimuli looking backprobablydid feed into my writing
continuous use since oe andprobablygo back into germanic if
sadie an rubbed yer backprobablyhud tears in his een
m762: looking back they wereprobablylistening to the hits but
slip back into english [inhale]probablynot as effective as it
certainly had a seise thatprobablywent back back to the
norse french and dutch willprobablygo on indefinitely and a
bit go here no [exhale]probablythis bit that bit goes
she came down to beprobablya sort of witness but
stuff like that i- itprobablyall happens but no one
not to eat them f718: probablyalright actually but it sounds
open but a vennel isprobablyan enclosed area between two
but not many it hasprobablybeen one of the dullest
what s built round housesprobablybut we had you know
efficiency but sadly it alsoprobablycharts the increasing difficulties danger
for left handed m1004: itprobablydoes come from school but
continue the inquiry we haveprobablyheard enough research evidence but
make full provision for isprobablylimited but valuing all languages
is an intense person whoprobablylives on his nerves but
but your scale s notprobablynot gonna be much less
crux of the bill isprobablynot its terms but the
on to logic it sprobablynot the p o but
be adjusted but many peopleprobablystarted out having faith in
but the operations unit wasprobablythe biggest user of it
in my constituency it willprobablybe tough to cover those
the rock so that sprobablyhow it s in my
knows weatherly that means sheprobablyknows my son mentally he
the words my granny wasprobablyone of the last pure
be living together you reprobablyright my happiness said setting
similar nature my council willprobablysimply amend the terms of
100th birthday party that isprobablysymptomatic of my growing age
my trip round that fieldprobablywe got out and looked
year christine grahame my presumptionprobablywrong is that mr higson
singers always have and thereforeprobablyalways had a mixed repertoire
alastair dempster as you areprobablyaware we have specific lottery
have been an active andprobablycharismatic member of cnd even
questions if not we haveprobablycome to the end of
this time either these changesprobablydid not have the emotional
the shop f965: no sheprobablydid that she might have
members the convener we haveprobablyexhausted all the issues that
out on it we willprobablyhave to use the meeting
have a cousin no m1182: probablym1183: yes austria brussels drumnadrochit
its scallop fishing industry willprobablyneed to have a particularly
left with the feeling thatprobablysome other course could have
identify problem areas we haveprobablystumbled across a few of
the recess period there willprobablyalways be some anomalies in
nine times out of tenprobablybe a bed settee the
one reason why there willprobablybe a longer delay in
open next year it willprobablybe declared open at the
each organisation s answer willprobablybe different what is the
weeks time and they willprobablybe looking at me from
stranraer the search area canprobablybe narrowed further in the
impression of the maggie willprobablybe of a crowd of
square to ploschad nogina willprobablybe packet out and after
some horses and dogs willprobablybe switched to drag hunting
any concerns that remain willprobablybe taken up during the
was so minded there willprobablybe very few occasions when
who assist them it isprobablyharder to be on a
agreed that the policy wasprobablyillegal and needed to be
whisky be southern comfort thenprobablyjapanese whisky as opposed to
fight- [inaudible] f1025: wouldnae beprobablymarried for for- forty five
seems limited over 50m willprobablyneed to be found from
properly be estimated that isprobablynot being done yet dr
be reserved for f psprobablyon far side church entrance
in one area they willprobablyturn out to be beneficiaries
it took incoming calls agnesprobablya wrang number sadie definitely
it in in skye m1008: probablyacquired from other areas f1009:
it you make it sprobablyautomatic you you do it
on media restrictions it isprobablybetter that the criminal justice
some bits of it areprobablycontroversial nowadays and few people
m1146: it s a sayinprobablyfrom the the time when
never f826: no it sprobablygot quite a different origin
when people call and isprobablyguilty of hiding it under
and hare coursing it isprobablyinaccurate to suggest that a
it increases the traffic itprobablyincreases asthma it certainly increases
know that again it sprobablyknowledge [inaudible] translating gerard manley
to discuss it it willprobablyneed only a day or
majority of cases it isprobablynot necessary for scripts to
politician or researcher it isprobablynot the remit of the
uncertain terms that it wasprobablynot very wise to issue
of spirals down you youprobablynoticed it spirals down f963:
expenditure processes in general itprobablyoften is when announcements are
it within our grasp isprobablyone of the executive s
club till then thinking itprobablypeopled by ageing hooray henrys
agnes least said carolanne maggieprobablypicked it up before she
small and specialised it wasprobablyreasonable to expect them to
heavy and oppressive it isprobablyrelated to the english word
steamin bit the booncers wirprobablyresigned tae it on yon
it bruce crawford it isprobablytaking the easy way out
for all that it isprobablythe best legal system in
seen them an it wasprobablythe best m959: aye it
rita told him it wasprobablythe foreign office he confided
asked of it pat cairnsprobablythere were three changes two
generations of adults it wasprobablythis response from pupils born
of simulated babies that sprobablywhat it s like f814:
moment it s us sheprobablywill f943: she will listen
points that the sfha madeprobablycover that cosla is not
and read the graffiti youprobablydo there s not much
misrepresentations slanders so james wasprobablynot against translation as such
the senior officers who areprobablynot in favour of any
officers occupational therapists or radiographersprobablynot many unfortunately there are
m827: so so you reprobablynot meant to eat grapes
allowed to propose richard lochheadprobablynot the convener no you
know how things are goingprobablyaround february john helps out
nineteen seventies nineteen seventy twoprobablydo you know what that
f965: you know they reprobablygoing to some if they
that will in the endprobablykill them we all know
their captain unfortunately as youprobablyknow canada was too good
that there are you knowprobablyten thousand less parking spaces
advantages over me there wasprobablya horse with companion waiting
for the road rerigonium wasprobablya port and the coast
on david elliot there wasprobablya reaction to the fact
was nobody in she wasprobablyat her family s homes
effects and non effects wasprobablybest evaluated by the irish
nod wink wink he wasprobablybisexual there is always to
the other boy s faultprobablybrian s co accused was
nave of the church wasprobablybuilt soon after the chancel
och aye she was f631: probablyenjoyed gettin all dressed up
to the lluch virgin wasprobablyerected and guarded by the
case in which there wasprobablygood will on all sides
he was married to ankhesenamunprobablyhis sister their mummified children
proved that the policy wasprobablyillegal the council got its
ancient greek actually she wasprobablyin your class do you
jack aitken and he wasprobablyinfluenced by the structuralists such
the definitive contact though wasprobablyjohn f mclennan a young
discussion within the parliament wasprobablymotorola s announcement which gave
feet and was distraught andprobablystarving eric heard these plaintive
italian hand since this wasprobablythe poet s personal gift
temple to a stream belowprobablythe temple was used in
s education the bloke wasprobablywaiting for one of the
graduate student from tuscaloosa heprobablywas mostly his job involved
like usufruct and alkahest isprobablya conscious or unconscious attempt
lived he decided that theyprobablyall looked like miss troy
barranc like travellers today heprobablyapproached the small towns of
person on this planet heprobablygrew up like all little
of pound and they wereprobablylike half a pence or
best point of entry isprobablythrough the magical ballads like
m1008: so you then [inaudible]probablyagain the influence of m1007:
then georgie afore you didprobablychrissie a hopeless wee nod
there before you fall f1104: probablygoing to leave that cat
is a word that youprobablyhear yourself often alastair m1007:
between french and german andprobablylater on you can do
you you and [censored: forename] areprobablyon a par for clean
and you were sort ofprobablyon for a week and
james o rourke you areprobablyright local authorities throughout scotland
first saw our material youprobablythought this is from the
is appropriate disposal they willprobablyimpose the maximum sentence 30
were of growing up wereprobablyin crieff and here they
poverty issues although they areprobablyincluded in the objectives poverty
of the mid east theyprobablykilled sadat with the hope
no disrespect and he willprobablyagree that although he tried
morning s largesse we willprobablybreak for that brief adjournment
the minister s statement willprobablyfind the language of the
18 months of tension willprobablyfollow the services then develop
certain words and definitions willprobablyhaunt me for the rest
any case the further meetingprobablymeans that the matter will
justice and home affairs willprobablyneed such a resource mr
after this the weather willprobablyremain settled this month s
law the convener we willprobablyreturn to that point on
where s the eastern oneprobablykeir hill near dolphinton three
peak of three and isprobablya translation from the gaelic
modern german roggenbrot dutch isprobablyalso the origin of the
is the case such situationsprobablyarise quite a lot due
officers network which frankly isprobablyas influential on european issues
feel that this petition isprobablybetter dealt with in questions
had their fill child isprobablycloser to the mark when
striping its sides and isprobablydùn siar western fort where
the convener is suggesting isprobablyfine all the papers contain
which is [?]where[/?] f806: [?]well,[/?]probablyhalf an hour from here
of harmony and this isprobablyhow the narrator feels when
feel our welcome is inadequateprobablyimagination 20 saturday day with
of scotland present investment isprobablyinsufficient to meet that demand
up in that area thisprobablyis the way that he
the the old english isprobablyma weakest part o the
mealowther on the west isprobablymeall odhar dun coloured hill
funding is stagnant and isprobablyshrinking given the increased expenses
this legislation the bill isprobablyslightly over engineered for what
by name the lochan isprobablythe already mentioned mill dam
research and evidence this isprobablythe first time that members
improve the regulations that isprobablythe next stage as far
heritage the next issue isprobablywhere to begin there are
miles aye two miles m822: probablyjist two mile doon the
which m1007: oh aye f1009: probablythe last time she saw
below them whose stock wereprobablyput out to graze on
for the time of nightprobablyye are nae dout very
bridge over the black stankprobablybridge no 1 has long
house and so on wereprobablybuilt with money from the
a brief spell of vertigoprobablycaused partly by tiredness she
day too and she sprobablycoming in february for christmas
in some sort of counsellingprobablyshe had such a kind
his name salinger who sprobablya smooth phoney middle aged
bloke the boss man whoprobablyalways gets in front he
of some splinter group whoprobablymet in a phone box
with her father who hadprobablytaken her along to see
saadat hasan manto who sprobablythe greatest short story writer
their professional labour we shouldprobablydouble the current rate of
that s true we shouldprobablyslander ourselves a little bit
reflect on that bill aitkenprobablymisquoted me when he said
courts police etc etc andprobablyby their mothers too fiona
their tongue of their generationprobablyseventy eighty year olds and
their accents or dialects f950: probablythe western isles a bit
that as their christmas dinnerprobablyup until the sixties f963:
rather dismal flat countryside dismalnessprobablyaccentuated by the fact that
and guidance however we allprobablyagree that in this case
that dominates glen coe hadprobablyan identical name for pont
bill alan mckeown we couldprobablydo that before the end
that s right m1008: formalprobablyin a court appearance m1055:
suggest that this debate hasprobablymissed the mark we in
has suggested that spice canprobablyundertake five pieces of work
here scene and croon areprobablybest left alone also there
dalkeith this year there wereprobablyfour or five former scotvec
he knows the territory andprobablyhas contacts there all these
following comments 1 there areprobablynumerous technical problems housing of
of writing on the topicprobablyas a homework activity this
this bill with the majorityprobablybeing in favour of some
threshing seed hay and thisprobablyexplained the use of the
peculiar contact with scandinavian languagesprobablyfrom the middle ages where
from old french mesteillon etcprobablymeaning wheat mixed with rye
age of psychology we shallprobablysuffer in the future from
card the convener we areprobablybeginning to labour the theme
as those of children areprobablycovered by the remit of
writers of the histories areprobablygetting closest to a literary
children s services plans areprobablythe logical place to start
traditional song the ballads areprobablythe oldest group of traditional
strategies super affirmative procedures areprobablyunnecessary however if a highlands
subordinate legislation committee and thenprobablyto two other committees the
he s likely a paedophileprobablygoes into public lavatories and
social empowerment brian adam weprobablyagree on the analysis of
shaved for several days andprobablynever washed at all his
her very own conception hadprobablybeen a flash in the
for the assessments alex eastonprobablythe people whom pupils and
which the housing world whichprobablyincludes ourselves and officials in
been goin out too muchprobablyspendin a lot of money
cheap everyman edition for exampleprobablyfor copyright reasons as much
thriving poetry reading scene andprobablya a better thriving drama
a new suit by godprobablya year or two older
reulis and cautelis and wereprobablyconcerned to follow its precepts
soviet educational establishments the subtextprobablyconcerns profile raising by someone
by the 18th century andprobablyfor a considerable period prior
ma mother or ma fatherprobablyfor bein f1053: tell me
p e f1144: wee onesprobablyfor p e f1145: p
the past two years hasprobablygone down by 40 to
beta interferon in grampian andprobablyin fife and ayrshire and
of children in scotland hasprobablyintroduced a schizoid element an
to london 40 robertson smithprobablynominated by a p stanley
conversant in history and geographyprobablythe finest example of a
vanished mum looks for herprobablywith a view to a
renaissance and in scotland originatesprobablywith gavin douglas 1513 translation

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