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a magic solution to thatproblemalastair dempster partnership working is
than one solution to aprobleman approach that has been
find a solution to thatproblemas did the minister there
humane solution to a critterproblemincidentally i asked alabama man
travel the solution to thatproblemis to increase accessibility to
ar either pairt o theproblemor pairt o the solution
an interim solution to thatproblemshould there be a formula
now the solution to thisproblemwas simple no he didn
a scottish solution to theproblemwe have a care needs
you see this as aproblemwith no solution or with
getting i think my biggestproblemas far as cairo is
problem in scotland the biggestproblemcategory is over 45 year
jilly dances around hur biggestproblemcellulite bj what amazes me
think i think the biggestproblemi ve had with french
the committee considers the unemploymentproblemin scotland the biggest problem
last minute offers the biggestproblemthen of course was getting
again m815: mm ma biggestproblemwhen i go out is
initial flight the single biggestproblemwith the riding ballads is
for further reform the biggestproblemwith the right to buy
management if you tackle theproblemby creating better heather cover
trying to tackle her drainsproblemevery so often a putrid
drugs forums to tackle theproblemof drugs in scotland s1o
the need to tackle theproblemof poverty and social exclusion
in particular to tackle theproblemof traffic congestion and public
wave that will tackle theproblemon primary legislation the committee
help us to tackle thatproblemor will the problem be
87 does not tackle theproblemsensibly and would cause unnecessary
the scottish executive tackle thatproblemso that the greater number
time come to tackle theproblemthat is at the root
additional resources to tackle theproblemwe are however working within
the way to tackle theproblemwe must develop powers that
on how we tackle theproblemwill emerge from the law
reporters we can address theproblemalmost immediately goodness knows when
an attempt to address thatproblembecause such hours are not
scottish executive to address thisproblemin the belief that action
scottish executive to address thisproblemin the belief that action
be sufficient to address theproblemmaureen macmillan the committee was
being taken to address theproblemof chlamydia in younger age
scottish executive to address theproblemof drug misusing offenders by
scottish executive to address theproblemof drug misusing offenders by
january 2000 will address theproblemof high transport costs faced
the council to address theproblemof roads that cannot cope
new proposal to address theproblemof speeding traffic especially lorries
executive to address this seriousproblemthe food standards agency scotland
is helping to address theproblemthe homeless will have access
do not address the fundamentalproblemthey are akin to rearranging
part intended to address theproblemto which you refer richard
to address that another simpleproblemwas pointed out to me
must address that kind ofproblemwe need three year funding
every year to address thisproblemwe will develop and implement
the target hector currie theproblemwith trying to address management
osteoporosis as a major healthproblembut is concerned that health
ferguson there is a majorproblemconcerning the private sector most
fabiani think that the majorproblemfor most voluntary organisations lies
there is now a majorproblemfor people who do not
a major drink and drugsproblemhere especially up the hill
appropriate jobs is a majorproblemin scotland notes that a
there is a major demandproblemin some parts of scotland
often cited as a majorproblemmany contributors felt this lack
insufficient attention to the majorproblemof alcohol abuse tackling alcohol
around the village one majorproblemof course was long term
pairs of horses a majorproblemwhich affected only horses was
is a major public healthproblemwhich results in more than
this pints tae ane majorproblemwi thi teaching o scots
if there was a majorproblemwith a school building the
there has been a seriousproblemabout the disposal of the
dealing with scotland s drugproblemand the serious impact it
idioms idioms pose a seriousproblemfor english learners eg there
that is a very seriousproblemindeed the third age group
a judgment about whether theproblemis serious and where the
is a serious public healthproblemnotes that up to 40
that there is a seriousproblemof lead being in drinking
erosion is a serious nationalproblemthe following reforms are necessary
this can present a seriousproblemthe roof is in urgent
an ageing population profile thisproblemwill become even more serious
however there is a seriousproblemwith the funding of many
contacted by someone with aproblemand in investigating that problem
could cause a problem theproblemarises at the parliament we
that problem or will theproblembe exacerbated as we give
prisons is not a peterheadproblembut a problem in the
software problem or a managementproblemdid not concern me at
our overarching and much publicisedproblemi believe that that problem
problem i believe that thatproblemin new houses is mainly
problem patriarchy is a realproblemin south asian society and
a peterhead problem but aproblemin the sps the convener
this isn t a localproblemit is a european problem
whether it was a softwareproblemor a management problem did
and it s a realproblempatriarchy is a real problem
problem it is a europeanproblemthe new regulations on tie
problem and in investigating thatproblemthe ombudsman finds other types
detail that could cause aproblemthe problem arises at the
ge- they ll have aproblemin getting so basically radio
there we- there was noproblemin getting the licence because
we are retaining people theproblemis getting people to come
country as i said theproblemis getting people to come
getting ahead of itself theproblemis just a kink in
of modern day life theproblemis not so much getting
no specialist child care anotherproblemis simply getting their act
something to write about theproblemof getting them to admit
because there is often aproblemwith getting past switchboards on
expected to foresee that particularproblemcathy peattie i am not
matter raised is a particularproblemdo members still wish to
moment it is a particularproblemfor glasgow city council because
to wild salmon a particularproblemis thought to be the
extension that you mentioned theproblemlies in identifying particular house
basically there is no particularproblemon that issue the legislation
why is it a particularproblemto wait for the ban
authorities when there is aproblemwith a particular pressured area
implies we have a particularproblemwith accessibility that s not
in particular there is aproblemwith the inadvertent omission of
and sea trout this circumpolarproblemaffects specific salmonids and is
incomes is an altogether differentproblemalthough i understand some of
that this is a nationalproblemand calls upon the scottish
is not in itself aproblemand it certainly does not
wrong which is a realproblemand not something we want
realises that there is aproblemand that the work has
plant is causing a similarproblemand the people are at
said we have had thisproblemand this is how we
that says there is noproblemand what you are reporting
mum listen there is noproblemandy may be like a
day period is not theproblemas fiona hyslop says the
itself is not a welfareproblemas long as the dog
would create other difficulties theproblemat the moment is that
cannot do anything about theproblemat the moment it is
of alterations is the secondproblemat times it becomes discouraging
agencies that there is aproblembecause people from those agencies
body whether there is aproblembefore we go on a
yeah m741: it is aproblembut it would be interestin
is a bit of aproblemehm and er i lived
much bubbles is that theproblemf1112: no there s not
yid is hevin ae drinkproblemfer frae eet bot his
moment why is there aproblemfor example new functional standards
competitive market there is aproblemfor indigenous scottish retailers because
to do that work aproblemfor industry is that there
my experience that is aproblemfor people in management positions
and whether it creates aproblemfor the instrument is that
do give some information theproblemfor the lexicographer is that
on that is not aproblemfor us it would make
food and confectionery is aproblemgiven professor pennington s evidence
and is assured that theproblemhas been addressed and dealt
it is too dangerous aproblemhere and an opportunity for
collect is is is aproblemhow much of any text
targets that is not myproblemhowever the choice of a
and that that is aproblemi believe in partnership between
london and that is theproblemi recognise that the minister
grahame there is not aproblemif the lead committee is
be appealed is that theproblemin a nutshell william mccormack
there is a massive drugsproblemin aberdeen yet we get
issue is more of aproblemin europe where temperatures are
right that there is aproblemin my constituency we are
that there is a growingproblemin scotland of a lack
is that there was aproblemin the post room which
basic skills is a generalisedproblemin the uk that should
agree that there is aproblemin this instance however it
the parliament there is aproblemin trying to cope with
a good question the fundamentalproblemis a lack of keyboard
framework of hmo licensing oneproblemis accessing the groups of
too far back as noproblemis at once so seductive
funded locally however the sameproblemis evident at national level
nurse retention and morale thatproblemis exacerbated by the fact
it and i think theproblemis f1037: that s right
horse the the the basicproblemis f718: mmhm m017: is
that has been passed theproblemis finding out when an
that we inherited as thatproblemis gb wide the treasury
of candidates and that theproblemis historic i do not
skin m1042: my my myproblemis i ve got a
nothing else to fund theproblemis in place there are
poet unlike blackhall however herproblemis lack of productivity although
opinion a political and policyproblemis looming for local authorities
a way round it aproblemis looming for the cities
tired that s what yourproblemis missy grumpy pops f1118:
right to buy as theproblemis much broader than that
buck to another and theproblemis not dealt with we
institutions and the citizens thisproblemis not new as evidenced
the british spend the y2kproblemis not peculiar to scotland
i always said that theproblemis not that we look
as a general observation theproblemis not with personalities in
are short of time theproblemis of the executive s
do it for them theproblemis one not only for
trying to fit in theproblemis one of scheduling we
on leevin here the onlieproblemis oor puir masha olga
anatomy the skinny git myproblemis quite the opposite of
that sounds fine but theproblemis recognised internationally there have
way it s delivered theproblemis simply the amount of
the older scottish tongue theproblemis that assize texts turn
they get to university oneproblemis that english is not
and home affairs scotland sproblemis that european legislation on
agree that part of theproblemis that fewer than 50
input m608: yeah m1163: myproblemis that i left school
nuisance of odour however theproblemis that it is difficult
we have the facilities theproblemis that meadowbank is deteriorating
cases how much of aproblemis that muir russell chasing
bill aitken glasgow con theproblemis that no list can
engaged in detailed correspondence theproblemis that nobody has as
the main reason for theproblemis that now the only
allows for different scenarios theproblemis that on the whole
areas for intervention half theproblemis that people are not
instead of the council theproblemis that some registration districts
09 45 ben wallace theproblemis that sources are by
next week maureen macmillan theproblemis that that is scotland
are being made today theproblemis that that will happen
business for a stert theproblemis that the clocks are
in the textile industry theproblemis that the companies that
the a7 part of theproblemis that the development department
in many areas the secondproblemis that the dialects of
the other thing the otherproblemis that the eh the
immediately imposed alasdair morgan ourproblemis that the financial memorandum
of disappointment across scotland theproblemis that the first minister
and locally focused ways theproblemis that the labour government
for comparatively little reward theproblemis that the nursing work
consistent throughout the debate theproblemis that the parliament s
successfully david mcletchie the bigproblemis that the record completely
therefore extremely useful but theproblemis that there is a
characters attempt to converse theproblemis that they do not
no doubling up the onlyproblemis that those at the
45 the crux of theproblemis that we are now
in june 2001 an underlyingproblemis the apparent lack of
f643: erm the pr- theproblemis the bonneville s very
issue the following day theproblemis the chain of events
as fiona hyslop says theproblemis the process that is
and guidance tony gallagher theproblemis the question that i
holiday home and retire thereproblemis there is so many
giant called panurge and theproblemis they begin to talk
a potential way around theproblemis to tag salmon could
way towards ensuring that thatproblemis well thought through before
his further comment that itsproblemis what urquhart really means
that scottish theatre s currentproblemis with the funding of
system is constantly improving theproblemis with those who are
alone will deal with theproblemit is difficult to disentangle
ludicrous and creates a severeproblemit is estimated that 37
get to grips with theproblemit is suggested that we
cause if there is aproblemits extent is not yet
hockey team or something theproblemjust now is i don
this come fae m865: noproblem[laugh] ehm this is from
however that is where theproblemlies having wanted to achieve
to check there is noproblemlighthouses have been checked and
perspective awareness is a bigproblemmany workplaces and employers seem
board that there is noproblemmiss goldie i would like
does that contribute to theproblemms macdonald textiles is seen
dr winnie ewing is theproblemnot partly that the present
reconsider an instrument is theproblemnot the 40 day deadline
but that is a darkproblemnot to be written about
is a long term recurringproblemnotes that were it to
scientific uncertainty is greatest theproblemof algal blooms in open
that there is now aproblemof definition with spoken scots
previously there is still aproblemof job losses as the
is central to addressing theproblemof recruiting and retaining nurses
executive should clarify how theproblemof rurality is dealt with
executive should clarify how theproblemof rurality is dealt with
in tayside which is theproblemof trying to run a
what is often a difficultproblemon the ground notoriously the
however there is a potentialproblemone might want to ensure
you think is that aproblemor is the diversity one
environment that there is aproblemor that something needs to
of knife that is theproblempanga knives and miniature samurai
council that is a hugeproblemparticularly for criminal law in
put his finger on theproblemself monitoring is effective only
considered design is resolved throughproblemsolving and spatial awareness for
have said this is aproblemthat affects people across scotland
am familiar there is theproblemthat councils and other authorities
a farm is a politicalproblemthat i do not feel
us the source of theproblemthat is the best way
too sensible that is theproblemthe convener is that what
secondary curriculum part of theproblemthere i think is trying
to that there is theproblemthis year and there is
is right to identify theproblemto do what we can
really busy that becomes aproblemtraining is important stuart duffin
ensure that there is noproblemtreatments should be applied when
so far will solve theproblemunless there is a full
certification run is complete theproblemwas that the time that
in place there is noproblemwe do not need another
population this is an importantproblemwe must spend more money
convener that is not aproblemwe will remove it we
stationary there is absolutely noproblemwhen moving f643: uh huh
on them there is anotherproblemwhere is the protection for
a couplet that resolves theproblemwhich is a kind of
are unrelated to the widerproblemwhich is driven by changes
and ongoing economic and socialproblemwhich is not addressed by
and ongoing economic and socialproblemwhich is not addressed by
are aspects of the sameproblemwhich is not the setting
was an inspired folklorist theproblemwhich is structural rather than
you set about addressing theproblemwhich is what we did
is the scale of theproblemwhich must have more resources
accepts that there is aproblemwhy did she go ahead
lack of money is theproblemwhy is the recommendation not
f961: so mm f960: onlyproblemwir really hed is been
time that there is aproblemwith a lack of resources
raised ian jenkins the weeproblemwith all of this is
the assize units a thirdproblemwith assize definitions is that
step forward there is aproblemwith currently prescriptive technical standards
thirdly there is a hugeproblemwith disrepair the danger is
pint customary allowances a finalproblemwith interpreting assize texts is
state that there is aproblemwith lottery funding for voluntary
furthermore there is a bigproblemwith people not applying for
good and bad scots theproblemwith scots is of course
recognise that there is aproblemwith short term funding and
is absolutely right however oneproblemwith that approach is that
tuesday the convener the slightproblemwith that idea is that
tefl brochure there the mainproblemwith that is costs i
said well yeah but theproblemwith that is that rebus
approach would be used theproblemwith that is that we
to bankruptcy there is noproblemwith that we are trying
can hear there is aproblemwith the acoustics in the
stage 2 there is aproblemwith the amendment as it
david eaglesham there is aproblemwith the audit trail of
support that there is noproblemwith the immediate definition of
a good starting point oneproblemwith the process is the
suggested that there is aproblemwith the proper millennium the
tricia marwick there is aproblemwith the proposed stage 4
which knows no boundaries theproblemwith the sewel motion is
this subject there is aproblemwith the time scale because
to go this is theproblemyou wanted to talk to
sense it s not yourproblemyour job is to write
correct rhythms and cadences theproblemlies not with him however
would be truthful however theproblemrelates to the influence that
another traffic was not aproblemand everything was taken at
hard to pin down theproblemand i do not have
be viewed not as aproblemas it once was in
not need to be aproblemas many people have said
do you not envisage aproblemat all tony gallagher i
did not solve the smugglingproblembut increased smoking particularly among
bsl will not solve theproblembut it will refocus the
systems so well that theproblemcould not possibly be with
may be a short termproblemdo you not envisage a
overarched the whole day theproblemdoes not concern only graduates
that would not be aproblemdorothy grace elder glasgow city
seem to be the sameproblemelsewhere although i am not
not seem to pose aproblemelsewhere other countries such as
group who had the sameproblemerm children are not erm
so that s not aproblemf1038: yeah wow [laugh] f1037:
so that s not aproblemfor you it s just
not without difficulty the sameproblemhad been encountered on the
members told you that theproblemhad not been resolved i
do not know how thatproblemhas been overcome in glasgow
not doing anything about theproblemi am aware of the
energy policy has been aproblemi do not know where
big chamber mike flynn noproblemi do not think that
so it will be aproblemif uk companies are not
not foresee that being aproblemin scotland during the initial
question does not pose aproblemin terms of difficulty the
i do not envisage aproblemin the immediate short term
nowadays that s not aproblem[inaudible] m1004: that s right
although there was still aproblemit was not of such
that not have been aproblemm811: i was never that
make repairs and improvements thatproblemmust be tackled not least
people are not there thatproblemneeds to be addressed nick
will not solve the demographicproblemof our more experienced specialised
and therefor reduce the overflowproblemsadly some residents are not
in the garden an unusualproblemthat although obviously not unusual
that there was a genuineproblemthat had not been fully
there was not really aproblemthat was not the attitude
not know what sort ofproblemthat would have created because
thought that that was aproblemthe majority did not some
well that s not theproblemthough ehm defining what scots
discharge will not solve theproblemuntil health and social work
are not clear whether theproblemwas due to a failure
they had bought them theproblemwas not that people were
there are ways round theproblemwe do not want to
not sufficient to control theproblemwill dr black confirm my
you do not foresee aproblemwith celebrities such as madonna
am not aware of anyproblemwith prisoners serving sentences in
we did not discover anyproblemwith technical skills which was
i do not see anyproblemwith that locational guidelines are
did not think that theproblemwould affect us as quickly
not do something soon aproblemwould emerge in september no
time been listened to theproblemwould not have occurred as
that they will not theproblemyears are eight to 14
and we d have noproblemat all with usin the
still leaves me with aproblembut we ought to try
ways of dealing with thisproblemdid he put those suggestions
people with an autistic spectrumproblemdisorder s1w 8796 dr sylvia
have to deal with theproblemfrom both ends i accept
clients expertise in dealing withproblemgroups and areas and direct
to deal with such aproblemi would be reticent about
that they deal with thisproblemin a different way so
way of dealing with theproblemmay be to have a
blind association to highlight theproblemof access for people with
we are left with aproblemof categorisation for the modern
to deal with the growingproblemof foxes in the urban
try to deal with theproblemof high petrol prices in
done without dealing with theproblemof less teaching time the
get to grips with herproblemon the page just as
helping them with their resourceproblemor as setting up in
the line with the onlyproblemthe bridging of the glen
way of dealing with theproblemthe scottish parliament following a
coming up with something noproblemto provide it just let
be a bit of aproblemunless i come home with
checks with calmac the wholeproblemwas one winch on one
his wife the subsequent healthproblemwas to do with his
anything further be done theproblemwas with data entry and
a factor mr mcneil theproblemwas with selling people were
he will deal with thatproblemwe all know about the
position we can see aproblemwith english spreading to the
was to do with aproblemwith file transfer from the
to the rich world theproblemwith food in kenya was
might might have been aproblemwith her education slightly f963:
situation there tanith muller theproblemwith ireland as an example
doric but i had noproblemwith it does mr chisholm
if if conservatives have aproblemwith it they get ower
to sustain that participation oneproblemwith many of our sports
being resolved but that theproblemwith markers was continuous why
eis everybody agrees that theproblemwith markers was raised in
was going to be aproblemwith non departmental public bodies
t think you had aproblemwith nutmeg mm m1078: er
scotrail franchise i have noproblemwith our writing to the
graduate professions i have noproblemwith professions wishing to raise
the convener i have noproblemwith saying that we will
and there s also aproblemwith sexuality you know if
we discovered a slight technicalproblemwith that approach as we
phil gallie i have noproblemwith that christine grahame that
that there was a potentialproblemwith the instrument i think
the motion we have aproblemwith the line that mentions
term you might have aproblemwith the number of registrars
directive as you suggested theproblemwith the original directive was
afford tradesmen i have noproblemwith the principle that scottish
there seems to be aproblemwith the process and the
i had a wee bitproblemwith was ehm the end
maybe if there s aproblemand you get your money
the weather will be noproblemas there will be a
i m feeding the obesityproblembecause there s people come
aware that there was aproblembut that it was reducing
can buy online without aproblembut there are many websites
re gonna do there bigproblemfor them and then they
scottish airts cooncil there aproblemhere for scots projects that
convener there has been aproblemin one or two parts
that there was a subsequentproblemin the ability of the
thomson also mentioned the drugsproblemin the gnp areas there
sticking to joe avoids aproblemmum said mum listen there
the nasty stickiness of theproblemshe represents there are no
that there was an attitudeproblemsuch remoter communities have followed
chair legs open cammy naeproblemthere fur your mooth dimpsy
people do you see aproblemthere gavin corbett there does
an there s a resourcesproblemthere just gettin haud o
where there might be aproblemthey might need to think
second madge there s aproblemwi my cable there ooh
are the m608: yeah m1163: problemyou go over there and
do so after yet anotherproblemat the now infamous linlithgow
to the south yet anotherproblemon that day of misfortunes
will the bill solve oneproblemsimply by potentially disadvantaging another
flats churches presented a similarproblemalthough nowadays they are much
be as much of aproblemas crime itself forty six
appeals how much of aproblemdo you think that was
too much time alone noproblemi ll come more often
dwell so much on theproblemmeasure for measure typifies a
one of resolving the millenniumproblemmuir russell yes first much
much one way round theproblemwould be to give guidance
but we must acknowledge theproblemand listen when what has
must be given to thatproblemdonald gorrie also highlighted that
must have been quite aproblemfor them to know what
must be aware of theproblemi have a folder here
agency sets out the mainproblemthat clear scientific evidence must
views we must consider theproblemthat returning the scripts to
do think it s aproblemand people who don t
you identified the short termproblemearlier robert brown do you
that seems to be aproblemf785: okay do you think
finding one that s theproblemi m gonna do you
then it s no aproblemm608: yeah do you find
what to do about theproblemof farmers who cannot use
teachers can do about thisproblemof mismatch between home and
and you know this thisproblems got more to do
and do something about theproblemthe convener you said that
could do the rest noproblemwe asshaired him just as
require so many people thatproblemand issues such as retraining
f1067: it s a aproblembut people from islay would
people seriously i encountered thatproblemespecially in the treatment of
i often came across aproblemfor elderly people in relation
people to head off theproblemin the future 17 24
to be addressed on theproblemof attracting young people into
get a feeling about theproblemof retaining trained people why
how can we overcome theproblemthat some people simply cannot
angeles hanover and amsterdam theproblemwas always that people couldn
when something went wrong theproblemarose when the company tried
were something of a localproblemin demon worship and other
only time i have aprobleman that s just fairly
authorities which only aggravates theproblemcathy peattie rightly referred to
i doubt it the onlyproblemcould be canadian lit where
pimps and acknowledges that theproblemof trafficking can only be
only answer to her latestproblemon the other hand we
to warn her about theproblemonly to be told that
in which that was aproblema chief registrar might help
anything anything that creates aproblemabout linear movement f643: uh
of awareness of the litterproblemall over glasgow and that
nursing shortage and the moraleproblemall the money that we
i get the point thatproblemalso exists in the private
susan halliwell 1993 encapsulates theproblemand tension that has existed
be some recognition of thatproblemand the parliament has yet
macdiarmid came up against thatproblemand the poetry that he
authorities that have the mainproblemare in favour of either
steyin ower that wasna aproblemas far as ye were
[inaudible] that s fine noproblemat all ehm to play
s alright that s noproblemat all m1017: that s
measurement terms themselves poses aproblembecause it implies that the
knew that it was aproblembecause it was in the
have any solutions to thatproblembut i urge the executive
that it will be aproblembut others have said that
lair that would be aproblemchristine grahame my final point
that i understand that thatproblemcontinues in glasgow the scheme
can you arrange that noproblemdeirdre lied frantically scrabbling through
that muir russell chasing theproblemdown has been a continuous
i i never had thatproblemf637: [laugh] m608: [laugh] [laugh]
scotland that has been aproblemfor english jurisdiction in relation
to the individual 11 oneproblemfor smith was that he
the end that was theproblemget at the end once
was it accepted that theproblemhad been resolved david eaglesham
bit that s juist theproblemhe hudnae ever hud a
says that s no maproblemhe says that in itself
drought but that s noproblemhereabout we never see our
worried that he had aproblemholding down a steady job
he had had a backproblemi am sure that david
dinna think that s aproblemi think that s an
our energies into addressing thatproblemi urge the minister to
that the sqa recognised theproblemif the sqa wants markers
understood that lead was aproblemin old houses but this
private landlords who are aproblemin that context the executive
of any evidence of aproblemin that regard in any
the executive has acknowledged thatproblemin the past and in
breath that seemed fine noproblemlots of support from husband
boat okay that s naeproblemm1090: i need to get
had for example a hipproblemmay be worried that they
aften cited as a muckleproblemmony contributors felt that this
anywey m999: that s theproblemnever seen onybody like that
legislative process that addresses theproblemof bad private landlords i
that would give us theproblemof finding a precise definition
railway and port building theproblemof housing that number and
that would also combat theproblemof short time scales for
factors that would cause theproblemof smes to manifest itself
steps that might reduce thatproblemrobert brown those other steps
s oho that s yourproblemsaid mr scott and turned
learn from them the firstproblemseems to be that the
s family never had thatproblemshe and her husband and
the order will remove thatproblemso if ministers in scotland
be made aware of theproblemso that changes can be
looking to tidy up thatproblemso that local authorities are
that you ve got theproblemsorted out now once and
present status constitute a politicalproblemthat cannot be tackled properly
months down the line theproblemthat i find in this
testing that would avoid theproblemthat many pensioners face of
ye havenae got a wechtproblemthat s obvious oh this
intention this brought up theproblemthat some pupils were unsure
in scotland a public healthproblemthat the parliament recognises that
them marking had been aproblemthat was raised outwith and
reminds me of a mouseproblemthat we had a couple
what you are saying theproblemthat you talk about can
how can we overcome theproblemthat your statistics highlight i
of solving the sewage odourproblemthe documentation that accompanies the
by and large a bigproblemthe main issue that faces
that will be a bigproblemthis year the convener several
it would be an insurmountableproblemto remove that draconian measure
i said that the fatalproblemturned out to be data
scotland we thought that theproblemwas a time bomb that
it clear that the keyproblemwas data management mr elliot
didn t realise that theproblemwas dragging on i hope
in the minister if theproblemwas of that intensity a
s point of view theproblemwas perceived to be that
deliberately misleading anyone else theproblemwas that we were dealing
happy pushing sales perhaps theproblemwas the products that they
saying albeit politely that theproblemwas the schools fault because
over the fact that theproblemwas totally unnecessary and resulted
worked in wood although thatproblemwas very easily solved it
scheme that covers everything theproblemwill always be that we
they will have a severeproblembecause lice will affect their
sort of work because theproblemcomes under the heading of
because of a blood sugarproblemgets drunk on red wine
jamie stone s perennial cheeseproblembut it might have helped
which are no refusals noproblemand no enforcement i acknowledge
in the morning fine noproblemat all f1038: [laugh] uh
we re aw naebody sproblembut oor ain agnes no
english and they had noproblemdistinguishing between the two languages
when you re movin noproblemf643: mmhm m642: when you
and i d have noproblemf807: yeah f806: [tut] but
u1028: [inaudible] m865: so noproblemf951: sorry it s me
s posh voice no suchproblemfor you in a private
us an insight into theproblemi have no idea what
like tea son aye noproblem[laugh] and i m like
need no longer be aproblemno coronaries after you ve
occurred mr monteith was theproblemstress related ron tuck no
plenty of backs and noproblemtae big a sheddie o
report if resources are theproblemthe convener we all recognise
been made aware of theproblemand are being monitored by
on the scale of theproblemand how it was being
of assertiveness as being aproblemin the north west of
are being effected by thisproblemplease pick up the phone
person being to blame theproblemstems from communication between different
rather than being considered aproblemto be worked around the
to find out whether theproblemhad occurred by late april
had maybe had an alcoholproblemi don t know and
useful in fact the theproblemi had was when i
of staffing was a perennialproblemin 1952 aitken had received
had their troubles a commonproblemin the byre for example
the crisis as had theproblemof publication in 1950 the
the weekend i had aproblemreceiving it and had to
also intriguingly asked what theproblemwas if somebody had been
stood back long enough theproblemwould resolve itself they had
astonishing given his own healthproblemaccordingly mrs macdonald was taken
in scotland a public healthproblemlodged on 13 december 1999
recall what the final healthproblemwas mr monteith back problems
and ran into a minorproblema massive bruise developed on
on the millenium date changeproblema report on the readiness
i don t have aproblemabout me on my bike
an ye get intae thisproblemabout the definition o a
t even remember a disciplineproblemand i m talking about
s debate we have aproblemand we need your help
week about one or otherproblemand we now have a
hmo in a flat theproblemarises in the case of
so it wasn t aproblemerm i want to say
er very erm a realproblemerm what are your views
the scottish arts council aproblemexists for scots projects in
will continue to be aproblemfor a long time the
the document highlights a potentialproblemfor part of scotland s
harmin shrink caws it aproblemfur me nae prawblemo dimps
above catering can be aproblemhere but don t worry
repay further investigation 1 aproblemhere was how to define
sandwiches perhaps i have aproblemhereabouts meanwhile my son and
t think it s aproblemi don t i i
nice city despite the languageproblemi ll send you a
uk but we have aproblemin scotland any chance of
size and shape of theproblemin the highlands a number
it wisnae it wisnae aproblemin the slightest m608: uh
300 500 a lassie sproblemin the spring we gether
to be a never endingproblemits a great pity she
cammy steve s got aproblemjist like the rest o
century 6 a lassie sproblemkennawha 300 500 7 the
moderation which was also aproblemlast year we also raised
in a positive manner theproblemof underage procurement of alcohol
s a bit o aproblemon a snell day whan
will be a substantive refugeeproblemon the border between pakistan
weys e g as aproblemor as a richt but
ways e g as aproblemor as a right but
we have a very localisedproblemor perhaps a challenge in
thegether loretta it s aproblempeggy ye re wonderin why
going cost would be aproblemrhoda grant i want to
spare capacity bedblocking remains aproblemsome 2 798 patients are
biggit on raither nor aproblemtae be reddit oot 98
a result of a compilationproblemthe first edition of today
words he has a critterproblemthe first summer planting went
seems to have been aproblemthroughout the period i understand
developed rather than as aproblemto be eradicated 98 hilary
use walkin awa frae aproblemwhen aa ye ll meet
[laugh] f963: see the theproblemwhen you re a tourist
whedder der wid be aproblemwi de plannin but dey
a war zone the mainproblemwill definitely be adjusting to
less robust attitude towards theproblemand to be waiting about
about benchmark standards and theproblemarising perhaps from human nature
of the source of theproblembut we disagree about the
little bit about the widerproblemof the decline in the
to set about tackling theproblemv the statute of westminster
rid of motor ways simpleproblemsolved stew need an answer
scrutinise the bill and identifyproblemareas we have probably stumbled
we have come across theproblembefore in relation to cattle
in helping to publicise theproblemin some surgeries i have
partnerships will have the sameproblemunless we change the fundamental
how to get round theproblemwe have set two hares
the bill will redress theproblemyou have compiled table 3
i mean the the otherproblemyou you have in dealing
know so what s theproblemand i was like well
of scotland the grampian addictionproblemservice gaps was originally created
the very last minute theproblemwas flagged up regularly but
publication in 1950 the basicproblemwas still the same the
f810: see i think myproblemwas the shouting and swearing
when they see it theproblemwas when you couldn t
congestion aal will air parkingproblemat dinner on 3rd nr
wabsteid will jouk the existinproblemo divorcin the language o
the true extent of theproblemremains hidden will the minister
will orgainise the purchase theproblemseems to be in programming
and take notice of theproblemthe drawings will simply disappear
we will add to theproblemto go back to the
professional staff to solve thisproblemwe will employ 300 more
how one gets round theproblemof farmers who cannot use
so it didnae cause anyprobleman then we moved up
checks we got round theproblemof water rates for all
dinnae worry it s naeproblemwe ll just hare round
asked ti talk aboot thisproblemah huv wi self harmin
at the root of thisproblemapart from the schools everybody
fife council to resolve thisproblemat the earliest opportunity 6
to addressing this growing socialproblemin the north east region
this week in resolving theproblemof fees in the care
two areas in this financialproblemwhere you could help i
by the witness box theproblemmr mcbean said the sheriff
the lice are causing theproblemat the moment professor richards
are failing to solve theproblemof foot and mouth disease
scottish coastal waters until theproblemhas been resolved properly the
of our attention to theproblem17 33 nora radcliffe gordon
recognise the scale of theproblemand investigate the level and
understand the size of theproblemand what the individual elements
it wasn t really theirproblemas they were the married
were adding to the coreproblembefore i am criticised for
as possible from your littleproblemdistancing herself from the walrus
mainstream school would the theproblemdoes it make any difference
eggs as peyment hen naeproblemi ll be back the
identified the pressure and theproblemi made an in year
can see the sqa sproblemif every teacher disputes every
the nub of the louseproblemin regard to the wild
made in tackling the drugsproblemin scotland s1o 420 3
prison despite the huge drugproblemin the north east of
edinburgh havin the worst hivproblemin western europe or havin
f1102: aye f1101: aye theproblemit s aafa cauld to
tae the root o theproblemlet s cut tae the
the year 2000 date changeproblemmuir russell i take the
s ae wye roon theproblemo readin schemes gin ye
proponed sindry solutions tae theproblemo the awnin an promotion
cannot get away from theproblemof core funding the whole
an opportunity to eliminate theproblemof cowboy builders and to
inclusion into hearing society theproblemof misconception due partly to
investigate possible solutions to theproblemof noxious odours and airborne
justice the petition addresses theproblemof odour which seems impossible
extent and nature of theproblemof poverty and social exclusion
as an answer to theproblemof relevance has led to
as an answer to theproblemof relevance has led to
skills shortages and on theproblemof retaining skilled staff who
of its report identify theproblemof rurality which johann lamont
provision would further exacerbate theproblemof scottish titles competing for
different ways of controlling theproblemof sea lice dr black
the multidimensional nature of theproblemof social exclusion the european
cambridgeshire police to export theproblemof steven beech to scotland
fish farms offshore creates theproblemof stress on the fish
to attract outside funding theproblemof the increase in scale
to concentrate on the potentialproblemof the mandatory status of
penguin wainwright f 1955 theproblemof the picts edinburgh nelson
proposed various solutions to theproblemof the recognition and promotion
farmer who has an infestationproblemon the second point if
one suggestion for addressing theproblemrecycling 13 nora radcliffe gordon
of our new standards theproblemrelates to the functional standards
decision making to scotland theproblemrelates to the question of
removes rather than creates anyproblemrelating to making the judgment
sqml report identified the sameproblemthe relatively poor performance of
describe other dimensions of theproblemthese include the following dispersion
events to bring the potentialproblemto the attention of the
scottish executive to consider theproblemurgently supported by alex neil
the pied piper of hamelinproblemvermin to your average punter
comprehensive or concentrate on agreedproblemareas as set out in
legitimate to concentrate on agreedproblemareas rather than consider rewriting
structures sometimes now called settingproblemresolution they contain specific reference
help in diagnosing mum sproblemi sure could go some
to derive cognitive benefits throughproblemsolving memorisation recall making connections
an estimated 50 rise inproblemdrug users in grampian alone
tae sei intil jame sprobleman introduced him tae scots
and straightens her back femaleproblemfaced female decision made i

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