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unturned in the current tenderingprocessand criteria to get that
been made about the tenderingprocessand i ask why they
roads as a re tenderingprocessand if so what the
a fraud of a tenderingprocessand justice and fairness scotland
wish that we delay theprocessand re examine the tendering
the use of the tenderingprocessand the nature and specifications
the quality of the tenderingprocessand the questions that arise
kerr referred to the tenderingprocessas a shambles he and
quality and skewing the tenderingprocessaway from existing contractors it
a part in the tenderingprocessbe given by the minister
no fairness in the tenderingprocessbut all that good argument
everyone agreed with the tenderingprocessbut in responding to the
one aspect of the tenderingprocessbut one can hardly feel
scottish prison service s tenderingprocessfor social work contracts that
learning lewis macdonald a tenderingprocessfor subsidy to reinstate the
it regards the current tenderingprocessfor term contracts for the
grave concern over the tenderingprocessfor the award of the
on what date the tenderingprocessfor the refurbishment of hm
have some experience the tenderingprocesshas indeed been a shambles
experience in scotland the tenderingprocesshas lacked any transparency the
a part in the tenderingprocesshow can a company that
before and during the tenderingprocessi have a direct question
occurred under a fair tenderingprocessi would have accepted that
failed to examine the tenderingprocessin an integrated manner as
s handling of the tenderingprocessit has been deeply flawed
been used during the tenderingprocessno modern tendering processes have
would review the whole tenderingprocessnor did we know whether
been assured throughout the tenderingprocessonly those who were assessed
consequence of the current tenderingprocessrelating to the management and
consequence of the current tenderingprocessrelating to the management and
consequences of the competitive tenderingprocessrequired by the european commission
ballycastle to campbeltown ferry tenderingprocesss1o 6737 the deputy minister
morning was that the tenderingprocessshould be delayed and that
competitive tendering or with aprocessthat allocates the work to
many private about the tenderingprocessthe argument that the local
a long and complicated tenderingprocessthe contractors must meet the
during or after the tenderingprocessto assess the impact that
week on the calmac tenderingprocessuntil this week the minister
issued only after the tenderingprocesswas completed why are some
court recognised that the tenderingprocesswas flawed and learned judges
i shall proceed the tenderingprocesswas flawed at 26 different
absolute guarantee that the tenderingprocesswill be halted and that
about a flawed quality assessmentprocessand a flawed financial assessment
sectors and the current flawedprocessdoes not in any way
closures and that the consultationprocesshas been flawed and requests
could possibly make a flawedprocesshas led to a flawed
required to examine this flawedprocessi was speechless at the
can be that the wholeprocessis flawed according to a
inaccuracies that the schools closuresprocessis flawed and calls upon
kerr succinctly put it theprocessis flawed i commend murray
brief in recognising that theprocessis flawed the decision if
perth and kinross council theprocessis flawed to the extent
all aspects of a flawedprocessto arrive at the best
it is untrue that theprocesswas flawed and skewed against
prima facie evidence therefore theprocesswas legally flawed members have
the minister said that theprocesswas not flawed but she
comprehensive review of the flawedprocessyou know presiding officer i
our report on the budgetprocess11 46 meeting suspended 11
stage 2 of the budgetprocess2001 02 and on the
stage 2 of the budgetprocess2001 02 the committee will
stage 2 of the budgetprocess2001 02 the committee will
stage 2 of the budgetprocess2001 02 the committee will
a draft report 2 budgetprocess2002 03 in private the
committee room 3 1 budgetprocess2002 03 in private the
these issues again 3 budgetprocess2002 03 the committee agreed
scottish hillpacks association 4 budgetprocess2002 03 the committee will
ssi 2001 326 5 budgetprocess2002 03 the committee will
stage 1 report 6 budgetprocess2002 03 the committee will
hub castlehill edinburgh 1 budgetprocess2002 03 the committee will
1 report on the budgetprocess2002 3 business bulletin 78
1 report on the budgetprocess2002 3 in private at
1 report on the budgetprocess2002 3 in private at
1 report on the budgetprocess2002 3 justice 2 committee
its next meeting 2 budgetprocess2002 3 the committee will
following agenda item 1 budgetprocess2002 3 the committee will
its next meeting 2 budgetprocess2002 3 the committee will
general for scotland 3 budgetprocess2002 3 the committee will
general for scotland 3 budgetprocess2002 3 the committee will
following agenda item 1 budgetprocess2002 3 the committee will
for the inquiry 4 budgetprocess2002 3 the committee will
meeting 2002 session 1 budgetprocess2003 04 homelessness etc scotland
taken in private 3 budgetprocess2003 04 the committee will
meeting continued in public budgetprocess2003 04 the convener des
its approach to the budgetprocess2003 4 5 subordinate legislation
scottish consumer council 4 budgetprocess2003 4 the committee will
2 of the annual budgetprocess4 annual budget process the
the adviser on the budgetprocess4 annual report the committee
stage 1 of the budgetprocess4 housing scotland act 2001
various aspects of the budgetprocess5 salmon conservation scotland bill
able to consider the budgetprocessaccurately subject by subject if
more fully in the budgetprocessand i am determined to
new approach to the budgetprocessangus mackay i am grateful
the timing of the budgetprocessas described by fiag did
final part of the budgetprocessas developed by fiag although
have emerged from the budgetprocessas envisaged by fiag as
full year of the budgetprocessas set out by the
stage 1 of the budgetprocessat a future meeting jim
2 of the annual budgetprocessbe taken in private 3
stage 2 of the budgetprocessdes mcnulty on behalf of
of the 2002 03 budgetprocessenterprise and lifelong learning committee
of the 2003 2004 budgetprocessfollowed by business motion 2
of the 2003 04 budgetprocessfollowed by business motion 2
of the 2003 2004 budgetprocessfollowed by business motion 2
of the 2003 04 budgetprocessfollowed by business motion followed
of the 2003 04 budgetprocessfollowed by business motion followed
of the 2003 04 budgetprocessfollowed by business motion followed
on the 2002 2003 budgetprocessfollowed by ministerial statement followed
on the 2002 2003 budgetprocessfollowed by ministerial statement followed
stage 2 of the budgetprocessfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
of the 2001 02 budgetprocessfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
its report on the budgetprocessfor 2002 03 2 water
an adviser on the budgetprocessfor 2003 04 2 lifelong
2 of the annual budgetprocessfrom wendy alexander minister for
time that the full budgetprocesshas been used later we
the first year the budgetprocesshas had its complications it
s advice on the budgetprocessi would be delighted to
lasting benefits for the budgetprocessi would gratefully welcome the
in glasgow 7 annual budgetprocessin private alex neill was
chair 5 2002 03 budgetprocessin private the committee considered
link 3 2002 03 budgetprocessin private the committee will
stage 2 of the budgetprocessinsert followed by motion on
without that information the budgetprocessis defective to turn to
the budget in india theprocessis enshrined and has been
its budget process today thatprocessis long established and not
as adviser on the budgetprocessit was agreed that members
the budget geoff huggins theprocessof strategic planning allows ministers
three premises is the budgetprocessone of the virtues of
s approach to the budgetprocessour spending priorities differ from
a strengthening of the budgetprocessover time and to the
report of the annual budgetprocessprocedures committee 7 november 2000
the committee on the budgetprocesspublic petitions committee 6 november
of the 2001 02 budgetprocesssp paper 236 transport and
of the 2002 03 budgetprocesssp paper 468 and notes
debate on 2001 02 budgetprocessstage 2 the clerk has
parliament 4 2001 2002 budgetprocessthe committee will be updated
equality strategy 11 annual budgetprocessthe committee will consider its
4 adviser on the budgetprocessthe committee will consider potential
budget process 4 annual budgetprocessthe committee will take evidence
through the executive s budgetprocessthey are left with very
even imbedded in the budgetprocessthose commitments form a continuing
indian parliament begins its budgetprocesstoday that process is long
that this year s budgetprocesswas a bit of a
we go through the budgetprocesswe have not heard much
stage 2 of the budgetprocesswe will have the figures
we implemented a consultative budgetprocesswhich achieved a genuine degree
to return to the budgetprocesswhich is the subject of
body cairngorms during the consultationprocess22 meetings were held in
were crucial to the consultationprocessa number of initiatives have
came out of the consultationprocessalthough we have received an
its contents and the consultationprocessand that attendance by parents
proposed assessment of the consultationprocessand the detail of the
and guaranteed routes the specificationprocessand the process of consultation
raised and on the consultationprocessas a whole i invite
major issues during the consultationprocessbruce crawford said that he
councils are consulted about theprocessbut statutory consultation requires that
parliament condemns the sham consultationprocessby north lanarkshire council over
east kilbride that the consultationprocessby south lanarkshire council is
particular interest in the consultationprocessconsultation is important because if
cover time scales the consultationprocesscontinues and concludes at the
the regulations following the consultationprocessdes mcnulty yes the convener
legislation and whether the consultationprocessenabled parents to be heard
that arose from the consultationprocesseuan robson i remind you
the trossachs during the consultationprocessfive meetings 6 were held
pre application consultation and mediationprocessfor large developments including involvement
road signing policy the consultationprocessfor that review involved the
launch to the original consultationprocessfor the bill following the
to comment on the consultationprocessfor the bill sam jones
key issues for that consultationprocessgeorge lyon argyll and bute
also raised in the consultationprocessglasgow city council commented there
might help in the consultationprocessi consider the proposed requirement
support during an extensive consultationprocessi have said that it
a grievance about the consultationprocessi hope that the appropriate
how much c what consultationprocessif any will be put
quickly without the same consultationprocessin many areas there were
msps to initiate that consultationprocessin parliament for complete parliamentary
dunoon route before the consultationprocessin regard to caledonian macbrayne
extensive consultation in the parliamentaryprocessin the lead up to
public consultation must be aprocessin which the consultee believes
areas but given that theprocessis being conducted in consultation
on the bill the consultationprocessis continuing and the working
to an extent the consultationprocessis continuing in the form
when they occur the consultationprocessis important because it is
the purpose of the consultationprocessis to get considered and
the scottish executive what consultationprocesslocal authorities are required to
into the effectiveness of theprocessof consultation on the draft
for scotland report on theprocessof consultation snh perth 8
the process which is aprocessof consultation we now know
the specification process and theprocessof consultation will be vital
the need to begin theprocessof consultation with groups throughout
a full review of theprocessof consultation with local communities
there should be a thoroughprocessof dialogue and consultation between
the responses to the consultationprocesson the draft education additional
it will begin the consultationprocesson the leader plus european
it received from its consultationprocesson the proposed wind farm
be taken in the consultationprocessregarding the proposal to transfer
the consultation in the consultationprocessrespondents were asked to consider
or proceed with the consultationprocessscottish ministers should consult appropriate
we must continue the consultationprocessseeking people s views and
in the consultation process theprocessshould not be about everybody
forth we have a twinprocessthat involves consultation and research
as part of the consultationprocessthe message came out loud
more involved in the consultationprocessthe process should not be
on from an extensive consultationprocessto clarify the law on
agreed to widen the consultationprocessto receive evidence on the
been aware of the consultationprocessuntil the decision was taken
know and eh the consultationprocesswasn t really going tae
not think that the consultationprocesswent far enough or that
matheson said about the consultationprocesswhen we foresee sewel motions
committed to an inclusive consultationprocesswhich equally involves all of
an assurance that the consultationprocesswill continue we have kept
area tourist boards the consultationprocesswill involve a number of
have concerns about the consultationprocesswill you expand on what
concern was about the consultationprocessyou were present when the
temporary loophole in the planningprocessand asks that the telecommunications
reliance on the community planningprocessand bringing together connected local
and transparency of the planningprocessand calls on the scottish
involved in the community planningprocessand having disability as a
inordinate delay in the planningprocessand in obtaining an environmental
typical business and resource planningprocesschristine grahame is the quality
decided to review the planningprocessfor telecommunications developments and will
which that happens our planningprocesshas sufficient flexibility to respond
flaw within the current planningprocessi add that i have
15 geoff huggins the planningprocessis part of a dialogue
pe554 improvements to the planningprocessmr neil henrikson will give
with does that make theprocessof modelling and planning more
transferred to the park planningprocessor in a way that
that members indicated agreement planningprocesspe508 the convener that brings
telecommunications developments planning pe425 planningprocesspe508 water treatment plants pe517
important factor in the planningprocesssupported by dr sylvia jackson
department in an annual planningprocessthe head of each of
licences notwithstanding the failure toprocessthe planning permission hector currie
others and reforming the planningprocessto fully take into account
designate allotments in the planningprocessvaries for example of the
believe that the community planningprocesswill enhance the relationships between
further delay in the planningprocesswill mean that the service
that into the strategic planningprocessyou identified the short term
procedures within the social inclusionprocess20 key points of this
transparency of the social inclusionprocess3 the parliament could also
social exclusion the social inclusionprocessat the eu level is
elements of the social inclusionprocessat the european level are
scotland of the social inclusionprocessbibliography atkinson t 2002 reassessing
awareness of the social inclusionprocessboth amongst the general public
seminars on the social inclusionprocessboth the european anti poverty
awareness of the social inclusionprocessby supporting major events like
manage the omc social inclusionprocesscalled the social protection committee
businesses 2 the social inclusionprocessis implemented across the member
the eu s social inclusionprocessis likely to present a
following linking the naps inclusionprocessmore clearly with existing policy
ensures the eu social inclusionprocessremains little known at the
engagement in the social inclusionprocessthe committee took evidence from
procedures within the social inclusionprocessthe cycle of the national
in the eu social inclusionprocessthe social policy task force
in the eu social inclusionprocessthere are a number of
countries in the social inclusionprocessto prepare them for full
monitoring and assessment of theprocessand in the selection of
executive implement the single assessmentprocessand joint working policies between
about flaws in the assessmentprocessand said that the executive
comment how could the assessmentprocessfor example have been carried
being made in the assessmentprocessfor those eligible for free
assessment process that same assessmentprocesshas been the subject of
the forestry commission environmental assessmentprocesshas failed to take proper
the signs the quality assessmentprocessis littered with such examples
is important that the rigorousprocessof assessment and audit is
that the single needs assessmentprocessthat i announced yesterday which
one aspect of the assessmentprocessthat same assessment process has
the north west tender assessmentprocessthe assessment showed that the
concerns about the contract assessmentprocessthe future operation of the
concerns about the contract assessmentprocessthe future operation of the
concerns about the contract assessmentprocessthe future operation of the
of us involved in thatprocessa degree of comfort that
are involved in the learningprocessand in making it personal
committees were part of theprocessand involved in the first
government department involved in theprocessand urges the presiding officer
have some control over theprocessand would be involved if
can become involved in theprocessat a recent meeting of
through becoming involved in thisprocesseven though their actions might
be involved in the recruitmentprocessfor the post of head
must be involved in theprocessi can understand that investigating
who were involved in thatprocessi conducted an inquiry in
involved and engaged in theprocessi find it difficult to
have been involved in theprocessi shall set the bill
of executive ministers and theprocessin which we are involved
a greatly simplified view theprocessinvolved parliament calling for the
were involved in facilitating theprocessof bringing the aps on
involved in the decision makingprocessof health boards as larger
involved if we began aprocessof investigation we would not
people were involved in thatprocessquite a short time ago
involved in a one offprocessthere are on going reviews
centrally involved in the omcprocessthere is very limited provision
involved in the decision makingprocessto participate as well as
we are involved in thisprocesstoday i thank him for
to be involved in thatprocesswhich arrived at these level
felt should be involved thisprocesswill be supplemented by a
draws conclusions of peer reviewprocessand drafts a joint report
executive to avoid examining theprocessclosely the review is independent
independent review of the appealsprocessfor the 2000 diet of
to note the objectives andprocessfor the review ministers will
example of how that reviewprocesshas in year led to
there can be a reviewprocessin which the conveners liaison
accept an intervention the reviewprocessis being carried out by
party would have a reviewprocessit then had a massive
to carry out the reviewprocessmentioned above section 3 public
intend to review either theprocessof environmental impact assessments or
and the future annual reviewprocessof the european committee an
and the future annual reviewprocessof the european committee the
major changes through the reviewprocessrather than through an immediate
the strategic roads spending reviewprocessthat will begin in 2004
to an intergovernmental peer reviewprocessthe commission then draws up
and in the peer reviewprocessthe membership of spc largely
committee must review the eiaprocessto ensure that my opinion
the next comprehensive spending reviewprocesswhich is now coming to
a review is now inprocesswhich is seeking to improve
need a review of theprocesswhich seems absurd in the
july step 4 peer reviewprocesswithin the social protection committee
educational process and a cultureprocessa number of us have
found it is an educationalprocessand a culture process a
the initial part of theprocessas the approval process will
at any point in thisprocessbeginning the process the institution
be the start of theprocessbut whether the process has
heading scrutiny process explains theprocessby which we will be
2 under the heading scrutinyprocessexplains the process by which
the process but whether theprocesshas been completed the convener
over many generations is aprocessof deracination a process of
much bound up with theprocessof learning in this process
a process of deracination aprocessof separating children from their
process of learning in thisprocessreading and writing are also
in this process beginning theprocessthe institution submits its case
i consulted conveners on theprocesswhich is a process of
the process as the approvalprocesswill take weeks or months
commission is part of thisprocessa scan down the cultural
as part of the licensingprocessand the continuing ability to
integral part of the educationprocessand whether it will make
is the articulation of thatprocessas part of the upper
became part of the productionprocessat a later date the
be part of the monitoringprocessbut would also be available
as part of the editorialprocesshad been investigated but it
important part of the parliamentaryprocessi am interested in how
as part of the notificationprocessi am not sure that
as part of the legislativeprocessi expect that we might
essential part of the legislativeprocessi want to place on
early part of the consultativeprocessi will give a plug
some part in the siftingprocessif the matter is major
s part of the songwritingprocessin the months after graeme
convener part of the evaluationprocessis finding out how the
however part of the scrutinyprocessis to refer the matter
a key part of theprocessis work load which must
part of the sport 21processmeans that if people are
are appropriate part of theprocessof adjustment can involve moving
only part of an essentialprocessof fostering links between the
this is part of theprocessof reading and writing for
practitioners are part of theprocessof rebuilding scotland s national
plan as part of theprocessof winding up the pension
played my part in thatprocesson behalf of all the
them as part of ourprocesson the understanding that for
as part of the educationalprocesss1w 28604 donald gorrie to
developed as part of theprocessthe minister for finance and
a vital part of theprocessthere is a need for
part of the integrated managementprocessthere will always be conflicts
are taking part in aprocessthis is throwing down barriers
will be part of thatprocessto ensure that when the
be part of a determinedprocessto recognise the bard s
illustrative exercise part of theprocesswas informal it was in
taking part in the actionprocesswhat was happening circumstance of
but just part of theprocesswork programme the convener as
tools and the decision makingprocesscan be embedded into the
nature of the decision makingprocessduring july michael russell according
communities in the decision makingprocessi therefore think that the
elites in the decision makingprocessmost of us have seen
contributed to the decision makingprocessnicola sturgeon although i am
communities in the decision makingprocessof health boards in rural
only the start of theprocessof making an impact on
regulations in section 10d theprocessof making new regulations under
know unconsciously about language theprocessof making such knowledge explicit
children then shared in theprocessof making the sandwich and
upon an irreversible decision makingprocessthat is unfair and unjust
european union s decision makingprocessthe challenge for us all
the executive s decision makingprocessthe package was announced on
right balance between making theprocessuseable particularly in the short
contribute to the decision makingprocesswhich set the criteria to
appraisal of whether the wholeprocessfollowed will provide best value
that is what this wholeprocesshas been about giving that
gone through the whole judicialprocesshowever i recognise that in
they should control the wholeprocesshowever when the applications came
to ensure that the wholeprocessis managed smoothly so that
the head about the wholeprocessmy machiavellian mind makes me
not recognise that the wholeprocessof divorcing trunk road maintenance
this way demeans the wholeprocessperhaps i am missing something
full appraisal of the wholeprocessthe minister has talked about
quality ran through the wholeprocessthe quality proposals were carefully
would hold up the wholeprocessthe registrar general would not
also important that the wholeprocesswhich was set up to
condensate produced during the renderingprocessof bse material collected and
were readily assimilated during theprocessof growing up subsequently sources
consider giving evidence during thatprocessthe convener yes robin harper
to consider during the certificationprocesswhether in their view the
exam scripts and the markingprocesstook account of that decision
took the original decision theprocesswill reflect careful consideration of
as a social and politicalprocessit is no accident that
nature social organization and historicalprocesspoets and scholars invoked the
texts being neglected in theprocessquite often a social or
there is no delay theprocessthat is being followed is
is being followed is theprocessthat we have always described
regarding the award and theprocessto be followed in relation
earlier formative stage in theprocessa great deal of support
scots is er carrying thatprocessa s- a stage further
the committee will consider theprocessfor stage 1 and agree
at every stage of theprocessis being considered to ensure
at this stage of theprocessis on level ii spending
the same stage in theprocesslast year and the figure
parliament and become law theprocessnormally works like this stage
the initial stage of theprocesss1o 1806 2 mr duncan
a stage in a continuingprocessthat will make a difference
at stage 1 of theprocessthis year and it proved
stage 2 that the authorisationprocessunder the bill should be
relatively early stage in theprocesswas the capacity gained to
at every stage of theprocesswe also feel that people
we have been through thatprocessand we are nearing its
it through the initial parliamentaryprocessas well as allow us
coach and horses through theprocessby going ahead with only
the group went through theprocesscontemporaneously with the work that
to go through an editorialprocessf785: [sniff] m055: ye know
have to go through theprocessfor a second time which
go through the usual licensingprocessis that correct you said
through a sort of screeningprocessm608: mmhm m1163: pick out
on or are in theprocessof going through an appeal
the group to start theprocessof thinking through what the
will go through the westminsterprocessofficials have agreed with home
them go through the dueprocesson the basis that the
delegations go through a selectionprocessthe new zealand youth parliament
negotiated through the franchise replacementprocessthe options to control overcrowding
through the rest of theprocessthey did not want to
all been through the licensingprocessthey tended to have larger
steer our way through theprocessthis afternoon the executive s
be able to see theprocessthrough by responding to the
in place an independent certificationprocessthrough the internal or external
with little success a siftingprocessthrough which committees address leaks
have gone through a stringentprocessto obtain its licence all
have gone through the licensingprocesswe will try to ensure
please take me through thatprocessyou may have explained it
in exclusion from the politicalprocess13 the spcb will consider
she will halt the tenderprocessand that she will await
what is puk s judgmentprocessand will any public sector
young people when will thatprocessbe concluded when will the
the opportunity to influence theprocessbecause the measures will be
scottish executive will assist theprocessby taking actions to implement
scottish executive will assist theprocessby taking actions to implement
will be thrown out theprocessdoes not reach even the
motion will somehow stop theprocessfiona mcleod will the member
the convener to outline theprocessfrom the convener we will
will do once the appealprocesshas been exhausted one cannot
what we want from theprocesshow that will inform the
will be leapfrogged in theprocessis that correct the convener
been sufficient to break theprocessit will be interesting to
if i go over theprocessit will help the discussion
south lanarkshire council and whatprocessit will undertake before it
it likes without any dueprocessmr mcconnell i will make
that she will halt theprocessnow and that she will
november 1999 will see aprocessof analysis target setting and
which will speed up theprocessof establishing which claims are
at this address in theprocessof identifying hmos officers will
service there will be aprocessof negotiation with we hope
they will speed up theprocessof tackling international organised crime
fixed and will allow theprocessthat authorises the registrar general
make the minister delay theprocessthat is the will of
it will encourage a developingprocessthat will allow us to
2001 which set out aprocessthat will lead to a
2001 which set out aprocessthat will lead to a
will come out about theprocessthat will prove the points
that we have started aprocessthat will push forward the
that will speed up theprocessthe convener are there any
a continuing week to weekprocessthe convener there will be
that we raised throughout theprocessthe convener we will write
referred to as the licensingprocessthere will also be a
relating to the post mortemprocessthese standards which will be
bilingual pupils moreover in theprocessthey themselves will learn a
created b will explain thisprocessto the parliament c agrees
demonstration and will accelerate theprocesswe are keen for local
their partners bids in theprocesswe will fail the public
at the end of theprocesswhen the greatest imbalance will
seconds sarah boyack concluding theprocesswill be a challenge that
which have better resources theprocesswill be extremely bureaucratic and
the inevitable outcome of thatprocesswill be independence for this
least worse than that theprocesswill be irreversible because it
the scottish executive what appealsprocesswill be made available to
sector issues across departments thatprocesswill be reinforced and supported
is a danger that theprocesswill become unmanageable for the
i am sure that theprocesswill develop in future years
of the executive where theprocesswill lead us i can
the other end of theprocesswill reflect what is actually
system how long the testingprocesswill take and when it
to trust that the legalprocesswill work at an appropriate
powers which will simplify theprocesswith regard to ferry or
creditors and to set inprocessa fair and transparent new
in scotland and the necessaryprocessbe set in place as
in scotland and the necessaryprocessbe set in place as
it has been a lengthyprocessbut a steering group set
statement on how the procurementprocesscomplies with the objectives set
how do you set thatprocessin train in the projects
march 2003 given the procurementprocessset out in section 4
contracts for the pathfinder procurementprocessreferred to in section 4
traditionally excluded from the democraticprocesssection 2 para 4 p3
and 2 of the investigativeprocessstages 3 and 4 which
affirmative procedure to the parliamentaryprocessand as the convener has
understand the implications of theprocessthe convener such matters should
referred to as the luxembourgprocess3 it also entails member
assistants can aid the learningprocesssimilarly 3 the links with
such activities in future thisprocessalso presumably serves to crystallise
which scotland could learn theprocessalso provides the opportunity to
but there is also theprocessin which years without time
ehm [click] something like thisprocessis also happening around the
is also likely that theprocessis time consuming and confusing
parents can also help theprocessof learning across the curriculum
also committed to starting theprocessof work on upgrading the
are also important to theprocessplease confine your questions to
ar also pairt o aprocesstae normalise scots tak it
being used in the appealsprocessthe sqa has also committed
would not continue when theprocesswas bedded in we also
local authority for the approvalprocesswhich is also referred to
point someone must examine theprocessand consider the relevant statistics
to consider whether the budgetaryprocessis sufficiently stable i appreciate
useful to consider how theprocessworks and whether eias are
in ways which reinforce theprocessas one of positive achievement
a rigorous and relatively transparentprocessby which infrastructure spending on
easy to define however theprocessby which the pupils are
an independent assessor and theprocessby which they were appointed
to say something about theprocessby which we undertook our
and involving them in theprocesschildren s services plans which
reform the existing competitive biddingprocessfor funding which tends to
i was just describing theprocessin which funding follows the
received views from stakeholders theprocessin which i have been
which they think that theprocessis all wrong and about
way in which the prosecutionprocessis currently being pursued the
point one problem with theprocessis the degree to which
all th- which is theprocessisn t it that people
within the context of theprocessof constitutional reform upon which
grill which was in theprocessof grilling shashlyk a kind
rural development regulation and theprocessof modulation both of which
quantities applied in the tenderprocesson which the court said
in which to facilitate thatprocessthe scottish executive is keeping
alarmed at the prospect theprocesswas reviewed in 1998 which
fig 1 traces the applicationsprocesswhich institutions seeking degree awarding
members there is a siftingprocesswhich is necessary for the
have another discussion on theprocesswhich is unacceptable bruce crawford
that goes into the editingprocesswhich only long years of
from a paragraph on aprocesswhich they have been studying
sense how competitive the differentprocesswould be depends on which
twenty world heritage sites 2processof designation the concordat between
item 2 on the lobbyingprocessto a close i welcome
must be worn for thisprocesschrissie i m deein that
time before the bureau canprocessit must we formally seek
must be placed in thatprocessmr monteith you are free
remaining element of the auditprocessmust be conducted before the
our views therefore although theprocessmust be welcomed it is
have there must be aprocessof encouragement rather than dictation
be a problem with theprocessand the public petitions committee
college committee the cumbersome legalprocessappeared at length to have
committee recommended that a speedierprocessfor obtaining consent as well
committee came late to theprocessi accept that it has
committee is aware of theprocessthat we are engaged in
the detailed on going monitoringprocessthe committee recommended that the
further committee meetings in theprocessto be made available in
about a shambles of aprocessand reminded the minister that
is entirely alone in theprocessand the minister refused to
to the validity of theprocessas a minister i needed
in the operation of theprocessas the minister for parliamentary
is appropriate for the tribunalprocessdoes the minister think that
the minister said that theprocesshas been long and that
the minister to delay theprocessi appeal to all members
minister to go further theprocessof proofing is important and
intervention to assist in theprocessthe minister just talked about
informed debate about the designprocess14 jonathan glancey was however
standards they therefore could notprocessapplications for about seven months
we are concerned about theprocessfor approving venues the word
s complaint about the tenderprocessfor scotland s trunk road
few words about the conventionprocessfor the first time in
avenue for looking at theprocessi am still unclear about
about the detail of thatprocessi can give an assurance
we are in a procurementprocessi cannot say things about
about the dynamic of theprocessis this a declaration of
role to play in theprocessof helping to bring about
about our role in theprocesssomething in one of those
we should start with theprocessthat allan was talking about
the member said about aprocessthat is not top down
the debate is about theprocessthat is what the chamber
cannot say things about theprocessto the parliament that i
we struggle to understand theprocesswhat do we do about
about higher still throughout theprocessyoung people were acutely aware
experience of poverty in thisprocess10 scottish preparations for the
to the end of thatprocessa commitment that could begin
behaves differently in the bargainingprocessa lot of interesting work
them confidence in the examinationprocessa senior teacher at a
does not slow down theprocessabsentee or overseas owners might
tae get hurt in theprocessah m fair game so
this nonsense and start theprocessall over again 10 36
to ensure that the decisionmakingprocessallows the union to act
mainstream disability in its policyprocessalong the lines that have
in the consultative steering groupprocessalthough it was used in
victims throughout the criminal justiceprocessand calls upon the scottish
in improving the house buyingprocessand encourage greater consistency of
proposing to tidy up theprocessand extend the provision to
massive implications for the budgetingprocessand for our ability to
the necessary improvements to thatprocessand i am sure that
responsibility for managing the certificationprocessand i ask it to
not the end of theprocessand i expect that the
that would mean restarting theprocessand i suspect that the
taking up the enforcement actionprocessand i think that 16
the warrant and completion certificateprocessand introduces the concept of
at the start of thisprocessand it might well be
at the end of thatprocessand it would be inappropriate
the threads together into oneprocessand one mechanism for monitoring
covers that aspect of theprocessand that is the distinction
was a failure in theprocessand that the uk government
annexation induced an arab islamisationprocessand the archipelago soon became
for members views on theprocessand the issues and organise
detail particularly on the appealprocessand the rights of objectors
competition rules apply to theprocessand the scotland act 1998
in relation to the eiaprocessare tied to the submission
to the end of theprocessas you said none of
quinan is engaged in thatprocessat the moment and at
added to help the gellingprocessbacon was cured by rubbing
principals using a public appointmentsprocessbased on the nolan principles
all to engage in theprocessbecause of their commitment to
try to start the registrationprocessbefore the christmas recess if
upon their knowledge of theprocessbeing described as well as
want to impede the legalprocessben wallace i have gone
remember the details of theprocessbetter and one of the
craigie you mentioned a continuingprocessbetween now and the end
throughout tried to question theprocessbut they have not been
and try to start theprocessby gathering as much information
have no effect on theprocessby may they came i
refused access to the appealsprocessby senior managers in the
way to go before theprocesscan be described as entirely
does not the franchise replacementprocesscan deal with overcrowding by
example of how the petitionsprocesscan work it is a
principles dominated practicality throughout theprocesscan you give examples of
if delays in the verificationprocesscaused contractors and clients time
the person who triggers theprocesschristine grahame if euan robson
is difficult to imagine theprocesscoming to a conclusion at
in the modern world aprocesscontinued in dreaming frankenstein 1984
each case whilst the validationprocesscontinues s1w 34331 andrew wilson
cromar from the 1700s theprocesscontinues today several dutch families
down the time that theprocesscurrently takes you specifically mentioned
and distortions of the transmissionprocessdavid buchan suggests that singers
the grip of the disintegrationprocessdelivered wise counsels alleviation they
is separate from the applicationprocessdesignation under section 44 gives
individual voice and in theprocessdeveloped as a person its
the parliament to examine theprocessdeveloped in glasgow in order
estimates identified as the designprocessdeveloped separate cost estimates for
be extremely unusual if theprocessdid not go on along
the petitioner to follow theprocessdonald gorrie if an activist
virgins and dancers appeared toprocessdown to the main square
be allowed for the approvalprocessdr jackson i like your
but obscurely related to theprocessellis h 1965 307 308
but we are in theprocessevery day of creating a
that matter clearly if theprocessfails ministers would be required
be reconsidered if the currentprocessfails with a view to
follow the applications and scrutinyprocessfig 1 institutions may fail
conjecture four stages to theprocessfirstly soon after leaving the
way to do that theprocessfollows the proper conventions in
for future use and theprocessfor any subsequent approval for
company and how open theprocessfor any such assistance would
davidson what is your auditprocessfor checking out the savings
statutory basis make the appointmentsprocessfor queen s counsel more
to the point that theprocessfor that would be discussion
was for the site selectionprocessfor the katrine water project
that would speed up theprocessfor the many people who
because we have a clearprocessfor the northern isles ferry
and two spokespersons described theprocessfor the rest on the
have got to get theprocessfor translating into english right
to work constructively with thatprocessfrom the outset the snp
was not satisfied that theprocesshad been carried out effectively
there is suspicion that theprocesshas been driven by officials
cultural strategy wis dwinin theprocesshas been fair lang but
12 15 bill aitken theprocesshas been interesting and a
scrutinising the matter the tenderprocesshas been shrouded in mystery
a few weeks if theprocesshas been successful he remarked
against the local authorities theprocesshas been transparent and extensive
done that is where theprocesshas broken down like bruce
is scrutiny of documents theprocesshas changed slightly in that
that have been raised theprocesshas enabled the sqa to
with regret that the nominationprocesshas not resulted in any
transparency and clarity in theprocesshe touched on the errors
to enter the competitive pitchprocesshow much se received to
who were holding up theprocesshowever all the time we
the marking and the appealsprocesshowever it seems that in
who were engaged in theprocessi acknowledge the consensual approach
can be made to theprocessi am glad to hear
be able to support theprocessi am keen that that
the venue and the approvalprocessi have spoken only of
letting scotland down in theprocessi hope that if nothing
would deal with the appealprocessi was told that it
beginning to end in theprocessif we can say that
seeking to undermine the examinationprocessin any way i take
modern languages and the writingprocessin english are discussed in
doing to speed up theprocessin europe and here in
in exclusion from the politicalprocessin february 2003 the education
particular and the scottish examinationprocessin general s1m 1495 christine
bureau the timetable for thatprocessin particular for the end
be we have staged theprocessin recognition of the fact
in with the proposed appealsprocessin the draft regulations the
reasons are for regarding theprocessin this way s1w 9148
to subject it to theprocessin those circumstances the animal
right of direct access theprocessis a bit of a
not provide best value theprocessis a shambles this is
we should appreciate that theprocessis a total one we
of access to the appealsprocessis competent william mccormack yes
including environmental organisations until thisprocessis completed and the public
forum and what the normalprocessis for canvassing interest for
the scottish executive what theprocessis for seeking permission for
scottish executive what the approvalprocessis for spending on promotion
able to participate in theprocessis further proof if proof
contracting programme obviously the procurementprocessis governed by contractual and
an academic code the sameprocessis inherent in all sections
time to come forward theprocessis lengthy and time consuming
that they want but theprocessis not quite so simple
identification of local needs theprocessis not top down and
for fees so that theprocessis seen to be fair
take to ensure that theprocessis simple richard grant the
central element to the omcprocessis supposed to be the
and price in england theprocessis weighted so that 60
single anxiety arising from thisprocessis without any doubt the
of money it is aprocessit is a formula the
being signed up to theprocessit is right that a
by them within the budgetaryprocessit is up to ministers
councils are excluded from theprocessjohn scott that they appear
the flaws in the tenderprocesslegal challenges were subsequently mounted
to the start of theprocesslocal authorities were consulted and
authorities to help manage theprocesslocal government includes police and
of the details of theprocesslydia wilkie food standards agency
and information gathered in theprocessmatters have moved at an
time for a debate theprocessmay be somewhat delayed but
the text actually means thisprocessmay have been started with
to say that the endprocessmay mean that members who
a licence but the licensingprocessmeans that we have a
areas variations in the approvalprocessmeant that authorities did not
the judge determines that theprocessmight take a bit longer
a key element of thatprocessmr mcmahon i asked the
the bill can make theprocessmuch easier but there is
forty eight hours of theprocessmyself from lunatics like scott
using an open and democraticprocessnational youth involving organisations the
that built quality into theprocessnot in england where there
first full year of theprocessnow we have the level
by the uiswal slaw langsumprocesso naitral kestin the beiss
hiz pow ti eise theprocesso thocht mey a hae
work load and start theprocessof appointing rapporteurs cathy jamieson
the public existed but theprocessof approval was not in
the provisions are for aprocessof approving buildings or places
a number of occasions theprocessof asking written and oral
a foreign language the sameprocessof assertion of one language
and courage in the longprocessof building up new democratic
features such as the coreprocessof building warrants and completion
criticised the handling of theprocessof change by the board
manage staff and manage theprocessof change in local government
but i am in theprocessof changing my name again
classified or is in theprocessof classifying and b details
is already engaged in theprocessof considering the bill in
disabilities we are in theprocessof consulting on the development
vehicles b are in theprocessof converting their fleet to
but the beginning of aprocessof creating an environment in
could greatly speed up theprocessof cultural homogenisation a monocultural
of enormous significance in theprocessof defending and then firmly
the executive embarked on aprocessof delaying the debate until
good example of how theprocessof devolution is meant to
recommended it was in theprocessof doing that anyway the
it was recognised that theprocessof editing required the physical
at the heart of theprocessof european integration it is
reformation in 1560 however theprocessof evolution into a language
some way specific to theprocessof formulating definitions clearly this
the face of er theprocessof globalisation f718: uh huh
involving civic scotland in theprocessof government the voluntary sector
very similar view of theprocessof grammar teaching was advocated
by definition excluded from theprocessof imagining the nation however
contextualised activities when should theprocessof introducing children to the
learned a lot from theprocessof introducing the scheme and
on the nature of theprocessof language acquisition deep breath
the child acquires in theprocessof language development he suggests
scott we are in theprocessof looking at the issue
eu involving experts in theprocessof national policy convergence june
2001 involving experts in theprocessof national policy convergence online
to prepare behind the currentprocessof negotiations is a huge
delays frequently occurring in theprocessof obtaining security clearance for
s motion were accepted theprocessof passing the order would
support is concerned that theprocessof proceeding straight to formal
have referred is in theprocessof producing a clinical guideline
central and local government theprocessof receiving plans allows the
and tourism are in theprocessof recovery there are positive
citizens and their representatives theprocessof reforming the eu i
of the holyrood site theprocessof selecting an architectural design
to be false to theprocessof the fictional narrative lawrence
in government they began theprocessof the new contracts does
joint construction of texts thisprocessof the teacher co operating
had no knowledge of theprocessof undertaking surveillance i have
the same activity in theprocessof writing for themselves they
writing for functional purposes theprocessof writing information texts by
the independent judicial appointments boardprocesson a statutory basis make
prepared to delay the censusprocesson that basis we are
the teacher model the writingprocesson the blackboard or ohp
denied access to the appealsprocessone of our clients was
a theory that the creativeprocessoperates by the balance or
denied access to the appealsprocessor is it simply the
that delayed or complicated theprocessor made it more expensive
the competition element of theprocessour argument to the commission
already included in the approvalprocessparticularly for what is known
the joint health improvement planprocesspe462 petition by mrs margie
being asked to trigger theprocessperhaps the authorising officer would
that we need this shabbyprocessquite the opposite finally how
he has been managing theprocessrichard grant members might recall
are we not taking thisprocessright down to the wire
the bed but in theprocessringan accidentally touches the queen
the best value external scrutinyprocesss1w 10710 mr kenneth gibson
since it completed the legislativeprocesss1w 4815 richard lochhead to
then recommend that the scrutingprocessshould continue or advise the
have to examine streamlining theprocessso that organisations such as
at the beginning of theprocessso that we can see
the merits of the exhibitionprocesssome 5 000 people out
executive s commitment to theprocesssupported by donald gorrie nora
after the conclusion of thatprocesssupported by mr john munro
of markers earlier in theprocessthan was the case last
on due diligence and theprocessthat a retailer needs to
bill or some other legislativeprocessthat addresses the problem of
on the basis of aprocessthat is a travesty and
says the problem is theprocessthat is invoked within that
you are coming from theprocessthat we are engaged in
and not dissimilar to theprocessthat we have grasped our
liberal democrats to support theprocessthat we have started and
been identified as triggering theprocessthat would lead to disclosure
would have to institute aprocessthat would lead to the
does polyculture make the modellingprocessthat you referred to more
for rsls and the generalprocessthe difference between provision for
fir makkin submissions tae thisprocessthe group thocht aboot draftin
be fed into the draftingprocessthe impact of eu enlargement
not a destination but aprocessthe inevitable outcome of that
owners and users in theprocessthe language of the bill
similar vein to the employmentprocessthe lisbon european council stated
under consideration include the applicationprocessthe principle of match funding
has an input in theprocessthe scottish executive is consulted
time that it took toprocessthe statement of results was
way of strengthening the petitionsprocessthe strength of a petition
ritual performed every autumn toprocessthe town s almond harvest
matter forward early in theprocessthe university had had trouble
to settle in scotland toprocessthe wool skins and flax
i refilled our glasses toprocessthen the glass caught the
the european union s legislativeprocessthere has been broad support
driven tidying up of theprocessthere is a big question
and policy input into theprocessthere is suspicion that the
great delay in the legislativeprocesstherefore in 1992 the parliament
method the steps in theprocessthey refer to generalized objects
the exam results and issuingprocessthis summer david eaglesham it
the recovery support and rebuildingprocessthose in the gow who
of using the full judicialprocessto bring those responsible to
the internal or external auditprocessto certify that the money
were setting up a radicalprocessto ensure that the commitments
is an active on goingprocessto monitor the resource situation
for the operation of aprocessto persuade others of the
your point entirely if theprocessto put a highly specified
whether working arrangements for theprocessto renew the scottish passenger
a role in the applicationsprocessto secure taught degree awarding
i have nudged the parliamentaryprocessto support some cause i
time for the regular scrutinyprocessto take place bruce crawford
make it difficult for theprocessto work if that is
ferry beach and the designationprocessunder the ec bathing water
pairlament an become law theprocesswarks like this for ordinar
to my birthday suit theprocesswas accompanied by a series
had been confident that theprocesswas fair but i am
message to come from thatprocesswas that people wanted the
funding structures symptomatic of thisprocesswas the establishment of scvo
than english in the petitionsprocesswe are joined for this
the various participants in theprocesswe can leave the proposal
the seminar fits into theprocesswe have had informal discussions
as a result of thatprocesswe have submitted to the
on the management plan biddingprocesswe monitor the situation actively
looking to gain from theprocesswe should capitalise on the
such ndpbs from the monitoringprocesswe should continue to monitor
of time for the approvalprocesswe think that that would
negotiation of the statute aprocesswent on whereby generally recognised
constructed text and in theprocesswhat to call those features
the door and repeats theprocesswhen there is no answer
s intentions we begin theprocesswhen we receive a complaint
the constable could stop theprocesswhere there is organised hunting
the sandwich and describing thatprocesswhile the teacher scribed the
bruce crawford i checked theprocesswith stephen imrie yesterday and
40 day deadline but theprocesswithin those 40 days perhaps
that we know whether theprocessworks and whether we need
final question on whether theprocessworks is there any facility
of the dog if thatprocesswould cause the dog undue
and accurate copy once thisprocesshas been completed for each
do not believe that thisprocesshas been handled transparently that
undertakes continuous plankton recording thatprocesshas been on going for
been subjected to a longprocessof editing reordering and revision
can to that when aprocesssuch as this has been
in march any normal contractprocesshas always a safety clause
i am told that thatprocessis likely to be of
i am keen for thatprocessto continue if back bench
external expertise to facilitate thatprocesshowever following that glowing report
parliament to intervene in thatprocessand it is recommended that
to go along with thatprocessbut it is then up
is objective driven rather thanprocessdriven i do not have
is objective driven rather thanprocessdriven we can do that
and redress there is aprocessfor complaints but precious little
ordination omc this new governanceprocessis a flexible form of
for scottish indigenous titles thatprocessis already under way and
a further response this dialogicprocessis particularly appropriate to translation
general practitioners gps and whatprocessis there for gps who
does he agree that thisprocessis tragic for rural areas
are held and d whatprocessis used in respect of
undergraduate essay is that sameprocessit s m741: yeah m605:
help it is a scientificprocesslike a public sector comparator
grand discoverie wis that thisprocesso repression is a naitrul
is a huge and elaborateprocessof development not just political
to do with enforcement aprocessof discussion is to be
that is quite a demandingprocesssimply for identification in a
to stimulate a bottom upprocessso that coverage is not
cairtes is pairt o aprocesstae normalise scots tak it
ar takin pairt in aprocessthat is dingin doun barriers
ar takin pairt in aprocessthat is dingin doun barriers
needs to be an educationprocessthat is not to say
of time it takes toprocessa traffic regulation order to
length of time taken toprocessan application for a freight
day in day out theyprocessapplications of a similar nature
know overnight sort of maturationprocesshimself that he s he
we need more of aprocessi have a question for
made would be honoured thatprocessincludes a new definition of
become a bureaucratic and lengthyprocesskey stages of arbitration are
as an option in thisprocessmr mcconnell yes of course
time you are now inprocessof acquiring for us a
best interrelated in a constantprocessof cross referencing and reinforcement
an appropriate terminology sharpens thisprocessof discussion teachers can use
a construct if by aprocessof fusion of some sort
aye [inaudible] m741: by aprocessof media i mean it
all spring wells but inprocessof time some of them
time as operating an internalprocessof writing for learning children
in this year s examsprocesspoint of order 12 38
a present of academic writingprocessproduct a really useful proceedings
of members in continuing thatprocessscottish berry project 13 irene
beginning of this evidence takingprocessseems long ago i asked
full year of a newprocessso it was always likely
onion 20 mins strain offprocesssome of liquid with peanuts
amount of time for thatprocessto be completed douglas blair
seb software we could notprocesshigher still that way as
scenarios and ensure that ourprocesscan accommodate them all how
healthy continuing training and monitoringprocessdr murray how was that
to us exactly how thatprocessworks frankly doing it this
that this isnae an innocentprocessan that audiences should aye
once we have completed thatprocessangus mackay what does a
to contribute ideas to thatprocessestablish a dialogue with scotland
members to ensure that thatprocessflows as smoothly as possible
councils should adopt an appealsprocessi think that that would
to work exist a differentprocessoperates i agree that there
to ensure that fair judicialprocesstakes place for example by
days perhaps we need aprocessthat allows for different scenarios
under a previous unesco nominationprocessthat did not require a
alice had embarked on aprocessthat i would have to
that we should have aprocessthat seeks to identify good
other than contaminate any investigationprocessthat they are carrying out
product that it s aprocessto to be translated m078:
subsequent to that evidence takingprocesswe could invite them to
they have a focus onprocessand logical sequence rather than
natural elements in this dialogicprocessas learners develop towards more
as equally important in thisprocessbut they took a stance
television you can see thisprocesshappening [inhale] erm when i
to look at what otherprocesscould be adopted in order
was due to a refacingprocessdone by shearer ofturriff in
it was taken onto anotherprocesserm and i stayed in
you re engaged in aprocessnot a fait accompli after
sufficient it staff recruited toprocessapplications supported by fergus ewing
from her mother by legalprocessjanie s emotions are chaotic
are going for an educativeprocessas well as an information
it f641: for it toprocessit f643: uh huh uh
whitefield s1m 1544 calmac tenderprocesslodged on 16 january 2001
meant to be a quickprocesswe were keen not to
an internal and an externalprocesschildren learn to assimilate knowledge
prisoners into an effective treatmentprocesss1w 32323 mary scanlon to
foreign to them an educationprocesswas required to help them
requires creativity and a thoughtprocessas well as dexterity and
it as an on goingprocessmembers indicated agreement scottish further
as a steadily advancing developmentalprocessyet he found it awkward
a fully inclusive and consultativeprocessstaff and women could say
some money a long slowprocessand buy a few postcards
a minerals plan and whatprocessit undertakes before it approves
juice reheat fat and repeatprocessoven steak slice sirloin per

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