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s grandly named economic affairsproductivityand competitiveness committee the eapc
infrastructure also affects competitiveness andproductivityso examination of that will
i pit ma pints abootproductivityan i pit ma pints
as a result of lostproductivitysmoke breaks 40 million because
areas that would enhance theproductivityand quality of nursing thereby
for you this afternoon creativityproductivitynew product awareness marketing taking
organic farming on arable landproductivitycontinues to increase for 20
after an initial dip inproductivityfollowing conversion to organic farming
aim to improve scotland sproductivityacross the board including primary
increasing research and development andproductivityagainst international comparators such as
on their excellent record ofproductivityand efficiency and calls for
is fairly close to theproductivitythat can be achieved on
the economy to achieve greaterproductivitylevels than those of our
time it has increased itsproductivityby 3 per cent by
her problem is lack ofproductivityalthough she began writing in
other words the difference betweenproductivityin the two sectors decreases

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