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should actually have got aprofessionalphotographer cause that was a
thistle housing association hired aprofessionalphotographer for tae come in
taken of it by theprofessionalphotographer it will be possible
my my brother s aprofessionalphotographer m815: yeah m816: well
professional lobbyists nor should aprofessionallobbyist be given to understand
act in response to aprofessionallobbyist but it is important
the wording should specify aprofessionallobbyist if it means anybody
first paragraph do we meanprofessionallobbyist the convener i think
defining the person as aprofessionallobbyist the person is defined
in this code the termprofessionallobbyist will be regarded as
not go away not allprofessionallobbying is necessarily bad lobbyists
adam ingram suggests and defineprofessionallobbyists as every person who
basis on behalf of clientsprofessionallobbyists but professional lobbyists should
a distinction was made betweenprofessionallobbyists from lobbying companies and
of record of contact withprofessionallobbyists if we review a
basis on behalf of clientsprofessionallobbyists it also states it
preferential access or treatment toprofessionallobbyists nor should a professional
of clients professional lobbyists butprofessionallobbyists should include people who
lobby in the definition ofprofessionallobbyists that is what we
should leave the description asprofessionallobbyists the next paragraph states
people trying to differentiate betweenprofessionallobbyists who have multiple clients
o initial teacher education anprofessionaloncome 121 provide access tae
provide trainin for teachers throuprofessionaloncome an initial teacher education
throu their initial trainin anprofessionaloncome teachers is weel able
an emphasis on scots throuprofessionaloncome upsteer multilingualism an hae
initial teacher education and continuousprofessionaldevelopment 121 provide access to
emphasis on scots through continuousprofessionaldevelopment encourage multilingualism and teach
dedication and commitment do continuousprofessionaldevelopment in their own time
is to go towards continuousprofessionaldevelopment not everyone wishes to
homeopathy as part of continuousprofessionaldevelopment programmes in each of
to a programme of continuousprofessionaldevelopment to assist teachers in
to a programme of continuousprofessionaldevelopment to assist teachers in
wary of them as ofprofessionallobbying companies des mcnulty in
issue at the moment isprofessionallobbying companies when we broaden
media and the activities ofprofessionallobbying firms 2 30 pm
media and the activities ofprofessionallobbying firms at the end
about at the moment isprofessionallobbying tricia marwick i am
see hou lang wir matureprofessionalscots can dae it in
wunner at aw that matureprofessionalscots daesna feel aw that
deep doon inside tae matureprofessionalscots that maks up the
their initial training and continuingprofessionaldevelopment cpd teachers are well
built a dedicated and highlyprofessionalparliamentary staff force to whom
will encourage any highly trainedprofessionalstaff who have left the
environment and a highly motivatedprofessionalteaching staff 3 suspension of
environment and a highly motivatedprofessionalteaching staff mr brian monteith
from their employer for continuingprofessionaldevelopment and nearly half get
all nurses get the continuingprofessionaldevelopment that they deserve through
pay the cost of continuingprofessionaldevelopment themselves while a further
teachers our work on continuingprofessionaldevelopment will ensure that those
they have also mentioned continuingprofessionaldevelopment working conditions work load
flexible mechanism for determining theprofessionalconditions of service for teachers
flexible mechanism for determining theprofessionalconditions of service for teachers
committee of inquiry into theprofessionalconditions of teachers s1o 1790
ensure that those elements especiallyprofessionaldevelopment for language teachers are
of marked scripts for theprofessionaldevelopment of teachers as a
a reluctance to accept theprofessionaljudgment of teachers that the
teachers in maintaining and improvingprofessionalstandards agrees that the scottish
teachers in maintaining and improvingprofessionalstandards agrees that the scottish
to improve opportunities for nursesprofessionaldevelopment a third of nurses
we do not make availableprofessionaldevelopment and a meaningful role
qualifications svqs customised awards andprofessionaldevelopment awards new provision of
to meet the training andprofessionaldevelopment needs of staff s1w
element in the personal andprofessionaldevelopment of individuals including in
service including the number ofprofessionalstaff available to treat patients
clerical and administrative staff dprofessionalstaff e other staff and
on local health boards andprofessionalstaff to improve services in
takes increased resources particularly trainedprofessionalstaff to solve this problem
jane tompkins above in theirprofessionalcontext black academics have to
jane tompkins abuin in dirprofessionalcontext black academics hi tae
specific purposes particularly in aprofessionalcontext by all persons residing
nurses emigrate are denuded ofprofessionalexpertise with fewer people entering
of improving access arrangements toprofessionaltraining and whether the survey
september 1961 tae stert maprofessionaltraining tae becum ae social
new major event strategy withprofessionaladvice from a company called
of ensuring that the properprofessionaladvice is available for those
up the provisions however theprofessionaladvice that i have received
that we have the bestprofessionaladvice that is available in
1992 for failing to maintainprofessionalteaching standards broken down by
of deliberate self harm includingprofessionaland frontline carers s1w 28526
of scottish local authorities variousprofessionalbodies were also involved including
the independent assessors were ourprofessionalexperts including hm chief inspector
mr tony higgins secretary scottishprofessionalfootballers association mr martin rose
mr tony higgins secretary scottishprofessionalfootballers association mr martin rose
ever hope to become aprofessionalartist that woman there should
number of individuals have becomeprofessionalcomplainers and do not go
in 1929 to become aprofessionalwriter based in the south
quality and apply the highestprofessionalstandards and techniques that are
finance it is to provideprofessionalsupport and consultancy services it
but important dimensions of ourprofessionalawareness about what we teach
secondly and more important theprofessionaljudgment not only of our
important not because a certainprofessionalofficer is the leader but
of the project group onprofessionaland vocational education reforms and
higher education institutions to addressprofessionalskills shortages expand opportunities for
being amateur it means beingprofessionaland providing a good service
it will part fund theprofessionalcosts of establishing and setting
more prominent part in myprofessionallife than i ever expected
the voluntary sector is aprofessionalpart of our social economy
a fair return for theirprofessionallabour we should probably double
but spent most of hisprofessionallife in the usa he
of sisterly solidarity in herprofessionallife or in relation to
institute of housing is theprofessionalbody for people working in
and may include people withprofessionalexperience relevant to the applicant
had more money the theprofessionalpeople m1017: i ve got
world would be backed byprofessionalpeople or have such people
the cities for affluent youngprofessionalpeople who can pay high
that the consultants have aprofessionalreputation to defend the people
to support his claims forprofessionaladvancement in the scottish kirk
local government finally committees needprofessionalsupport from lawyers and other
local authorities to be moreprofessionaland reactive to those seeking
competence from both the designprofessionaland those who are charged
contemporary craftmaking through interaction withprofessionalcraftspeople our shetland residency was
particular groups of administrative andprofessionalofficials who have the expertise
huh m1174: er you knowprofessionalpresenters who are m608: mmhm
item yet this progress inprofessionalawareness also paradoxically made the
the land and for legalprofessionaland other procedural purposes s1w
information technology or other technologicalprofessionalexpertise was acquired for them
will involve all the otherprofessionalskills that are required to
highlights done the other dayprofessionalwell hairdresser ones f1154: oh
matters in a slightly moreprofessionalcapacity although i will produce
practiced hand of a trueprofessionalit deserved so much more
scotvec were always fine andprofessionalin their dealings with schools
keen to talk about theirprofessionalneeds and how we can
have done so in aprofessionaland fair manner when the
missed each performer was soprofessionaland talented i have enjoyed
they always have an acceptableprofessionalattitude if they do they
love to have been aprofessionalbut he s just no
for the substantial personal andprofessionalcommitment that they have given
comin i mean we getprofessionalmusicians comin i ll get
a lot better than theprofessionalstuff that you can get
will continue to consult theprofessionalbodies as the work develops
the same wavelength as aprofessionallandlord do they think that
at that time in aprofessionalcapacity mr david davidson north
cake because it is aprofessionaldegree that one can achieve
and would enable many lessprofessionalwitnesses if i can call
it sequentially some for soundprofessionaland educational reasons were doing
class 1 drawn from theprofessionaland managerial category class2 drawn
she learned to be aprofessionalbaker of oatcakes and scones
restrictive practices and old styleprofessionalboundaries they are prepared to
they are consistent with hisprofessionalduties to the client and
brought her textile skills andprofessionalexperience gained over many years
he had encountered in hisprofessionalpractice and which he now
across the parties and fourprofessionalrepresentatives i think that we
the voluntary sector in itsprofessionalsense and for its volunteers
that course and giving itprofessionalstanding the establishment of a
create a proper full timeprofessionalstructure that will motivate and
to increase the public andprofessionalunderstanding of sleep related disorders
that the uptake among healthprofessionalworkers and others was very
or commute to aberdeen forprofessionalemployment often in the oil
know you re not reallyprofessionalm608: uh huh mm m1174:
writing is that of theprofessionalpoet not the autobiographer to
of course that after theprofessionaldisputes of the mid 80s
breach of the solicitor sprofessionalduties the solicitor may act
ltd provided evidence of itsprofessionalindemnity insurance as described in
veesitin his sister jenny onprofessionalbusiness he bedd in sector
in glesga bi a douceprofessionalcouple fa d traivellit tae
girl aye she was aprofessionaljazz singer in paris m815:
in accordance with his ownprofessionaljudgement in representing the interests
art class though is tinyprofessionalquality christmas cards in spidery
now eh trainin wi aprofessionalan he s only thirteen
a lawyer a doctor aprofessionalchiel wi a fine hoose
when i was a housingprofessionali often came across a
hir he s a richtprofessionalis jek he wes aince
popular with the ah mmprofessionalclasses definitely c n d
scottish executive to appoint independentprofessionalconsultants to examine the purpose
pains to demonstrate to thisprofessionalmale scholar how seriously she
was f631: yeah looked veryprofessionalf689: an it was tasty
was your or someone sprofessionaljudgment that it was hugely
national examination depends on voluntaryprofessionallabour the sqa cannot mark

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