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forward proposals for strengthening theprofileof the subsidiarity principle in
forward proposals for strengthening theprofileof the subsidiarity principle in
was to have a highprofilecampaign against racism we have
immediately consider starting a highprofilezero tolerance campaign against racism
need to raise the constitutionalprofileof the subsidiarity principle which
a part in scotland enjoyingprofileand influence in europe and
a part in scotland enjoyingprofileand influence in europe and
raise the business community sprofilein all the key issues
do more to raise theprofilejanet allan we have had
we can really raise theprofileof disability let us do
bill is to raise theprofileof gaelic to gauge public
power to raise the internationalprofileof scotland as a centre
which aims to raise theprofileof the disease of multiple
children we we raise theprofileof the school by erm
on this an raise scotsprofilewi msps scottish executive culture
can give in raising theprofileof the issue would be
establishments the subtext probably concernsprofileraising by someone likely to
demography of osteoporosis its ageprofilethe approaches that may be
we have already seen highprofilecases of people moving from
executive to have something highprofilei know that there was
not after all a highprofilejob it wasn t as
question time the most highprofilepart of parliament s business
minister who used his highprofilest andrew s day speech
of disabled people raised theprofileof disabled people we have
will sit in the overallprofileof priorities the committee and
pfi ppp payments separately andprofileany level playing field support
and exiles marjory harper 2003profilebooks ltd london page 101
scottish executive what the ageprofileof teachers in scotland is
it will issue a similarprofileof the spending to 2005
society for maintaining a publicprofileon the issue there is
may have a poorer safetyprofileand a lower level of
provided again it is aboutprofileand awareness it is about
gazed at his clean cutprofileand melted into his welcoming
new assurance in the heightenedprofileof poetry by women in
that with an ageing populationprofilethis problem will become even
executive to give a higherprofileto this addiction which has
wilkie we have a differentprofilefor scallop fishing i shall
guild will have a greaterprofilethere as many of our
sniggered i kept a lowprofilewhy do i use clich├ęs
employees and by promoting theprofileand economy of the north
could i say to thatprofileof yours so i yes
no eye in the handsomeprofilebut now there was certainly
as weel as promotin theprofileo sld and steirin fowk
so that he was inprofileto the gallery and put
sneaking a look at yourprofilehe s the andy i
least ane ither haes aprofilethat wid nivver fit a

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