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praisents an brither cellarer ledprofunditasroun ti mak obedience ti
smaa cam forrit ti hanselprofunditaswi praisents an brither cellarer
hae naethin adae wi himprofunditasfund naebodie was speak ti
meditatin a wis sleepin quoprofunditaswhit s it adae wi
brethren for ti cry inprofunditasan here he still wisna
his sting owre his shoutherprofunditaschased efter him tuik a
the bodie daimen eel rairsprofunditashaive eel a ve etten
stibble on the chafts ofprofunditaslu a sicht ti gie
this time ye tink quoprofunditaslu as he stauchert an
neisten chapter chapter fower houprofunditaslu maks muckle steir i
an pass them on tiprofunditaslu ti keep the elder
chiel seen the style oprofunditaslu wi his queer norlan
nou the firsten thing wisprofunditaslu wis juist new come
our tale tells o houprofunditaslu wis sittin i the
gallery whaur he roared outprofunditasnae need for sic ill
a gat it frae saysprofunditasa canna dae t on
back ti our tale efterprofunditasgat sae fou an made
frae nou on mind saeprofunditasgat up claspit his hauns
gallery they ran sraucht intiprofunditashe gied a muckle roar
wisna for dy sake quoprofunditasa d knock the lifes
hou s it wersh quoprofunditasbut the meditators never lat
on a winna daur quoprofunditason his knees ye ve
our tale tells o houprofunditasgaed back ti the bouer
juist cudna help lauchin anceprofunditashed wesht his hauns the
need for sic ill fashionsprofunditaswis gey fou but he
ilka thing be mercifu britherprofunditasis a common ignorant bodie
him hou ill gaitit thisprofunditaswis but the praepositor ettlin
sell it at aa speirprofunditasan the laddie says a
a rest an ti himprofunditassays hey laddie whit s
an speak wi him saeprofunditasfollaed him inti the chaumer
afore he raise up againprofunditasliftit the twa buckets inti
for strugglin on tho saeprofunditasgied him another clour at
o shoes at he giedprofunditasti tak back wi him
for fower five month mairprofunditasgaed on unwittin wi aa
stertit out a sodger ladprofunditasour largitor lord clerk zhao
ruin us aa comin hereprofunditaswadna shift thrie times he
hed nae wey out tilprofunditasgrabbin a rung drave them
a gliff wi this butprofunditashed juist rin in ahint
here s yir siller saysprofunditasspoachin about for it an
awa frae the smiddy gaedprofunditasan in nae mair as
o butcher mait cam tiprofunditasan when he gaed outbye
dominie an dinna blame meprofunditasjuist boud ti get up
reponit afore the offrin tableprofunditasjuist cam out wi ay
whan he wan ti itprofunditasseen it wis a wee
drink a m no saysprofunditassae get a drink in
staun ye a dram saysprofunditasit s kind o ye
abide wi t aa saysprofunditassae then it wis at
law is braid ti seeprofunditasis the name a gie
bid fareweill ti her lordprofunditaslookit out frae whaur he
an then he cried onprofunditasti come awa out o
cassock an the vestments forprofunditasti pit on an the
the tither tried ti barprofunditaswi a thowless kin o
ane pund an nae mairprofunditaswis bleizin sae a m
cast o his timmer kaimprofunditasshoved it by an spreidin
an scuddit the doors shutprofunditasbashed up the steps an

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