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msp reporter on the holyroodproject3 scottish parliament corporate body
the resolution on the holyroodprojectagreed to on 5 april
the costs of the holyroodprojectand alternatives in particular popular
the management of the holyroodprojectand calls upon the parliamentary
management of the holyrood buildingprojectand its complete failure to
agrees to abandon the holyroodprojectand properly reappraise all alternative
personnel working on the holyroodprojectand their authority to make
appropriate scrutiny of the holyroodprojectand to timetable further sessions
the progress of the holyroodprojectand took evidence from paul
in relation to the holyroodprojectand what proportion of the
in relation to the holyroodprojectand what the indicative timescale
in relation to the holyroodprojectand what the timescale is
in relation to the holyroodprojectand whether such information will
there are for the holyroodprojectbusiness bulletin no 40 2003
the reports on the holyroodprojectby the auditor general for
in relation to the holyroodprojectcontain or will contain penalty
in relation to the holyroodprojectcould be identified without prejudice
junior scottish ministers 6 holyroodprojectdes mcnulty on behalf of
ruth pool holyrood project teamprojectdirector barbara doig personal assistant
holyrood progress group sarah davidsonprojectdirector holyrood project team 5
architect responsible for the holyroodprojectenric miralles none the less
1224 ms margo macdonald holyroodprojectethical employment audit that the
the cost of the holyroodprojectfavourably with the costs of
lloyd quinan s1m 2603 holyroodprojectgoods and services lodged on
3804 1 performance of holyroodprojectgroup lodged on 28 january
degree of enthusiasm the holyroodprojecthas been a labour of
in relation to the holyroodprojecthas been broken down by
in relation to the holyroodprojecthave been completed whether each
in respect of the holyroodprojecthave now been awarded whether
the management of the holyroodprojectif so what information the
the cost of the holyroodprojectif so what the estimate
in relation to the holyroodprojectindicating in each case the
in relation to the holyroodprojectindicating in each case the
actual progress on the holyroodprojectis measured against the project
presiding officer whether the holyroodprojectis operating under iso 9001
overall management of the holyroodprojectis projects in controlled environments
project plan for the holyroodprojectis revised and on what
responses to any enquiries regardingprojectmanagement aspects of the holyrood
general for scotland why holyroodprojectmanagement did not obtain advice
the members of the holyroodprojectmanagement team are trained in
as stated by the holyroodprojectmanager on 3 october 2000
project plan by the aprojectmanagers and b holyrood progress
in relation to the holyroodprojectmay be compromised by a
the management of the holyroodprojectof september 2000 and if
our reporter on the holyroodprojecton behalf of the committee
the future of the holyroodprojecton thursday 17 june a
answer session about the holyroodprojecton wednesday 12 december at
management team of the holyroodprojector any of its members
management aspects of the holyroodprojector whether such responses were
were announced in the holyroodprojectover the past few months
many milestones in the holyroodprojectplan are not yet met
and on whose authority theprojectplan for the holyrood project
be achieved in the holyroodprojectplan s1w 34359 stewart stevenson
there are within the holyroodprojectplan s1w 34361 stewart stevenson
of resource within the holyroodprojectplan s1w 34362 stewart stevenson
of resource within the holyroodprojectplan s1w 34363 stewart stevenson
for fees for the holyroodprojectreferred to in his letter
in relation to the holyroodprojectremain uncompleted whether the scottish
will refer to the holyroodprojects impact on the budget
reports generated by the holyroodprojects management software are a
his actions on the holyroodprojects1o 2748 18 mr kenneth
in buildings in the holyroodprojects1w 10868 mr john home
his actions on the holyroodprojects1w 32827 fergus ewing to
and costs for the holyroodprojects1w 34357 stewart stevenson to
are employed on the holyroodprojects1w 34370 stewart stevenson to
there are for the holyroodprojects1w 34371 stewart stevenson to
sarah davidson project director holyroodprojectteam 5 visit by the
other member of the holyroodprojectteam b the holyrood progress
scott fobister ruth pool holyroodprojectteam project director barbara doig
other member of the holyroodprojectteam s1w 33529 fergus ewing
presiding officer whether the holyroodprojectteam undertook any additional research
cost limits of the holyroodprojectthat the parliament believes mindful
audit committee reports on holyroodprojectthat the parliament having considered
auditor general into the holyroodprojectthat the parliament notes the
7 in private 2 holyroodprojectthe committee will consider a
june 1999 the holyrood buildingprojectthe parliament is due to
in regard to the holyroodprojectvote that was taken in
and costs of the holyroodprojectwe can also take reassurance
the debate on the holyroodprojectwe have been over this
poisoned chalice of the holyroodprojectwhich is a responsibility that
the cost of the holyroodprojectwill continue to be met
in relation to the holyroodprojectwith less detailed construction information
continuing that process scottish berryproject13 irene mcgugan north east
taking forward the scottish berryprojectbusiness bulletin 78 2001 tuesday
paterson s1m 1420 scottish berryprojectlodged on 4 december 2000
that negotiations between the berryprojectorganisers and the association broke
aims of the scottish berryprojects1o 2817 the minister for
berry group what that pilotprojectshould be although irene mcgugan
support for a national berryprojectthe only thing stopping it
relations roads signposting scottish berryprojecttimber transportation transport aberdeen young
to resourcing the scottish berryprojectwhich would benefit both rural
to consider funding a pilotprojectand we await a submission
scottish executive to see theprojectfirst hand the pilot will
scottish executive to see theprojectfirst hand the pilot will
to support for a pilotprojectfor a centre for the
this was both a pilotprojectfor the main thesaurus and
been allocated to the pilotprojectin dumfries and galloway to
thing that the proposed pilotprojectin govan has in common
of the your guide pilotprojectin post offices in leicestershire
of the your guide pilotprojectin post offices in leicestershire
it began as a pilotprojectit is now part of
erm it was a pilotprojectm608: i think i remember
of the extensive national pilotprojectmodern languages in the primary
an outlet through its pilotprojectrecently established with organisations and
seven erm when a pilotprojectwas er sort of initiated
development worker women s supportprojectliz curran partnership manager routes
project when the posts ofprojectmanager and assistant fall vacant
economic policy rona gibb accessprojectmanager argyll and bute core
of prostitution anne marie manningprojectmanager base 75 councillor yvonne
the review namely that aprojectmanager be appointed to maintain
russell scottish executive year 2000projectmanager it would be fair
daviot and i m aprojectmanager m1000: i m alexander
doig personal assistant ginny spencerprojectmanager martin mustard assistant project
of awards ms jean blairprojectmanager mr don giles director
bill from mr dan badgerprojectmanager offshore energy resource limited
1 from ruth morgan thomasprojectmanager scot pep george lewis
executive craig russell year 2000projectmanager scottish executive committee clerk
radio s colin campbell asprojectmanager they are rinnin a
company and i was aprojectmanager which meant i had
of edinburgh had been appointedprojectmanager william aitken secretary of
project manager martin mustard assistantprojectmanagers paul curran william heigh
project officer finance maurice williamsprojectassistant stephen young construction co
for the project sponsor andprojectauditor and k a statement
shifts on a project byprojectbasis but the long term
detail on a project byprojectbasis grants made by the
argue for shifts on aprojectby project basis but the
executive to detail on aprojectby project basis grants made
important project is unique theprojectdeserves to be replicated throughout
language project is an innovativeprojectdeveloped by deaf connections which
new project the scots corpusprojecthere in the university of
problems the ca i reprojectis a unique project that
the schools british sign languageprojectis an innovative project developed
project the ethos of thatprojectis that one is never
the scots project the scotsprojectis the first large scale
concerned that such an importantprojectis unique the project deserves
officer tracker art shona montgomeryprojectofficer finance maurice williams project
project is measured against theprojectplan by the a project
project sponsor for the millenniumprojectschools british sign language project
schedule of services for theprojectsponsor and project auditor and
spice and deaf connections theprojectsponsor for the millennium project
work with the design andprojectteams to complete the project
re project is a uniqueprojectthat has come to my
to the alive and kickingprojectthe ethos of that project
outset of this wonderful newprojectthe scots corpus project here
education and elsewhere the scotsprojectthe scots project is the
the south of scotland pathfinderprojectwhen the posts of project
project teams to complete theprojectwithout compromising quality while managing
two matters are outstanding theprojectdirector barbara doig has moved
because the role of theprojectdirector has been changed slightly
stage from mr michael clarkeprojectdirector national galleries of scotland
stage from mr michael clarkeprojectdirector national galleries of scotland
director of the sccc theprojects description stated that the
on the history of theprojectand its management and on
staff and management of theprojectboth in terms of morale
to day management of theprojectincluding fund raising thus freeing
management team are trained inprojectmanagement and what training they
and 1 may 2003 whetherprojectmanagement on a monthly basis
or on any aspect ofprojectmanagement s1w 34364 stewart stevenson
ask the presiding officer whatprojectmanagement software is used to
s1m 3217 dalmellington area centreprojectmanagement team and the 2002
s1m 3217 dalmellington area centreprojectmanagement team and the 2002
g a copy of theprojectrisk management register h an
its management and on theprojects costs history of the
management and costs of theprojectwe can all pay tribute
for the management of theprojectwithin the environs of the
who within the national stadiumprojectteam agreed to increased specifications
my inquiries with the newprojectteam the progressing committee and
the likely costs of theprojectafter debate the amendment was
monitoring of costs of theprojectbut at the moment it
30 to 20 for totalprojectcosts covered by rsa business
costs to completion of theprojectits context was outlined as
monitoring the costs of theprojectso far was the debate
s costs history of theprojectthe government s requirements for
all the costs of theprojectto date rather than try
of the costs of aprojectunder state aid regulations if
costs of a parliament buildingprojectwas in the july 1997
and c used by theprojectmanagers s1w 34358 stewart stevenson
made in relation to eachprojectin each of the next
only in relation to thatprojectthat we need to be
of funding commitment to theprojectand asks that the scottish
costing and part funding theprojectand calls upon all interested
funding is required for theprojectand what percentage of the
funding must be need drivenprojectbased and community oriented scottish
and councils of going forprojectfunding for all sorts of
to be spent on accessingprojectfunding george lyon and others
sac however it does receiveprojectfunding if it suggested teaching
is especially needed the currentprojectfunding mania is extraordinarily foolish
whether directly or through targetedprojectfunding to recognise the impact
furthermore rural forum scotland receivedprojectfunding worth 2 million however
funding for such an imaginativeprojecthowever it gets nothing if
and industry would support theprojectin principle and through funding
council who awarded the residencyprojectmaximum 80 funding jeanette was
it is funding one researchprojecton osteoporosis which is entitled
funding already allocated to theprojector from other public funds
scheme borders training and employmentprojectprovides funding of up to
against providing funding for theprojectr s1m 3733 robin harper
with short term funding aprojectspends a year getting itself
for like funding of thisprojectthe work will include relocating
of funding elements of theprojectthrough partnership with the private
their willingness to fund theprojectto completion the funding situation
core funding and gala youthprojectwhich will lose 60 000
on securing funding for aprojectworker to deal exclusively with
as a minority language millenniumproject2000 5 the millennium schools
the schools excellence fund byprojectand amount for the next
the glasgow city council schoolsprojectand the scottish tourist board
objectives of the millennium schoolsprojectare outlined prior to the
links officer managed the overallprojectco ordinated all schools and
in kirkcaldy the clued upprojectdoes excellent work in schools
for example the healthy respectprojectequal opportunities initiatives in schools
schools it is an ambitiousprojectfor an authority of that
support for its secondary schoolsprojectfrom the treasury task force
that the east lothian schoolsprojectis one that puk wants
2000 5 the millennium schoolsprojectwhich is now termed the
participation in the millennium schoolsprojectwhich taught the basics of
the current state of theprojectand alternatives this research note
and as yet unfinished researchprojectat glasgow university since i
staff information officer and researchprojectbased staffed it is anticipated
d be a good researchprojectf1160: mmhm f947: mmhm but
knows that s another researchprojectfor somebody maybe more opportunities
saved dr bandara s researchprojectfur wioot ma faither s
in a pan european researchprojectit is obvious that continuously
to go on a researchprojectto uganda of all places
have some sort of researchprojectwhich if it had started
a business plan for theprojectwas first submitted in 1998
consultant to the scotlang 12projectfor the scottish centre for
consultant tae the scotlang 3projectfor the scottish centre for
the morven house day centreprojectin kilmarnock that was on
the opportunity to visit thatprojectrecently a control centre monitors
this and the dundee youthprojects drop in centre the
carried out under the currentproject2002 refurbishment programme and what
the course of the currentproject2002 refurbishment programme of secondary
company 3ed during the currentproject2002 refurbishment programme of secondary
to my current and ongoingprojectit started several years ago
current status is of theprojects1w 15764 linda fabiani to
in autistic spectrum disorders theprojectwill review the current training
the presiding officer whether theprojectcontrol methodology used for the
finance communications officer jim revilleprojectofficer official communications vicky o
official communications vicky o donnellprojectofficer tracker art shona montgomery
of the progress of theprojectas a whole a production
to make progress with theprojectdavid mundell name dropper allan
on the progress of theprojectin respect of inflation and
h an up to dateprojectprogress report with a note
for the overrun of theprojectthere has been substantial progress
accounts bill scottish parliament buildingprojectfinance committee 19th meeting 2000
to carry out a particularprojectfor example building a hospital
this area a massive buildingprojecthas been underway for the
on the scottish parliament buildingprojectthe committee considered a report
indicated agreement scottish parliament buildingprojectthe convener the last item
cost savings made in eachprojectcompared with the public sector
from waste projects listing eachprojectfunded s1w 13127 dr sylvia
deliver and what stage eachprojecthas reached s1w 34335 mary
reason the amount and theprojectin each case s1w 18250
the a8 bailieston newhouse roadprojectin each year from 2002
the a80 stepps haggs roadprojectin each year from 2002
aberdeen western peripheral route roadprojectin each year from 2002
public private partnership ppp roadprojectin each year from 2002
commitments associated with each publicprojectinvolving private finance and the
commitments associated with each publicprojectinvolving private finance and the
aggregate figure however how eachprojectis arrived at is more
end of the year eachprojectis required to put in
and central services department eachprojectis required to submit to
that support for each individualprojectnot because of some other
the location of each suchprojects1w 23107 mary scanlon to
and to consider for eachprojectwhat the executive is trying
currently supports what each suchprojectwill deliver and what stage
ms sandra white s1m 2303projectability lodged on 4 october
s1m 1306 baillieston community careprojectlodged on 1 november 2000
s1m 1306 baillieston community careprojectlodged on 1 november 2000
of glasgow airport rail linkprojectlodged on 14 march 2003
s1m 855 dervish landmine clearanceprojectlodged on 15 may 2000
s1m 855 dervish landmine clearanceprojectlodged on 15 may 2000
gorrie s1m 862 ilisu damprojectlodged on 16 may 2000
donald gorrie s1m 3717 dialoguesprojectlodged on 17 december 2002
s1m 3726 falkirk community stadiumprojectlodged on 18 december 2002
3614 levenmouth drug and alcoholprojectlodged on 20 november 2002
2035 phace west youth worksprojectlodged on 21 june 2001
2035 phace west youth worksprojectlodged on 21 june 2001
johnstone s1m 1421 sea eagleprojectlodged on 4 december 2000
quinan s1m 1421 sea eagleprojectlodged on 4 december 2000
2525 railtrack and the gourockprojectlodged on 5 december 2001
johnstone s1m 3860 arbroath cafeprojectlodged on 5 february 2003
2530 railtrack and the larkhallprojectlodged on 6 december 2001
gorrie s1m 820 working togetherprojectlodged on 9 may 2000
that it is a worthwhileprojectand i support it 100
that money to support theprojectat rosyth through a freight
the st machar parents supportprojectbring communities and agencies together
wish to support a ferryprojectfrom scotland to another country
used to decide whether aprojectgoes for puk support mr
there is the teacher supportprojectin clackmannanshire which i am
some influence on whether aprojectseeks partnerships uk support mr
mention the type of scottishprojectthat partnerships uk will support
the scottish arts council sprojectto support a number of
c ten years other thanprojectatlas s1w 27409 mr kenny
housing stock transfer if theprojectis cancelled or delayed s1w
continue its farm plastic recyclingprojects1w 16550 mr andrew welsh
process for the katrine waterprojects1w 22087 des mcnulty to
connection with the katrine waterprojects1w 22088 des mcnulty to
option for the katrine waterprojects1w 22093 des mcnulty to
alternatives for the katrine waterprojects1w 22094 tommy sheridan to
allocation of expenditure to theprojects1w 32828 fergus ewing to
southern orbital public private partnershipprojects1w 34914δ sarah boyack to
the total cost of theprojectwill be s1w 34912 robin
dr ray harris community learningprojectco ordinator the meeting closed
land into community gardens theprojecthas recently got its lease
people at the access pointprojectin edinburgh with a community
community learning programmes community profilingprojectspecific feasibility studies projects that
is precisely the kind ofprojectthat emerges from the community
itself with the community basedprojectthe jeely piece club in
misrepresented a joint community careprojectto provide non hospital care
as eligible for this importantprojects1m 1288 mr brian monteith
s1m 309 phil gallie smartprojectthat the parliament recognises the
work together to bring thisprojectto a successful conclusion s1m
of scotland mr scott robertsonprojectadviser national galleries of scotland
of scotland mr scott robertsonprojectadvisor national galleries of scotland
targeted national training framework thatprojectis in addition to the
in the national curriculum lincprojectof the early 1990s and
1974 included the statement theprojectwas unquestionably a national enterprise
to delay the national theatreprojectwe have had to ensure
advice and information resource stairprojectfor the welcome that it
that freagarrach and the airborneprojecthave improve the information given
contain information on how theprojectis progressing and actual expenditure
the youth advice and informationprojectprovides young people with advice
case ehm in the iceprojecta text whether s- written
important to ensure that everyprojectdecision whether to involve partnerships
public sector funds whether aprojectis based on e commerce
the impact of financing theprojectover four years and whether
and fresh ideas on thisprojectso whether you have been
of flexibility the scottish languageprojectat the time of writing
r 1993 the scottish languageprojectchapman 72 pp 57 62
stella began as a ctiprojectfor english and scottish language
the ultimate aim of theprojectis for british sign language
these difficulties the scottish languageprojectmarks a major breakthrough in
part in the scottish languageprojectrobertson 1993 in partnership with
literature and language the stellaprojectstella software for teaching english
early1996 and the scottish languageprojectwas duly launched scottish consulative
part in the scots languageprojectwhen they went tae parliament
the lessons of the millenniumproject2000 which taught the basics
executive for the year 2000projectthe convener i welcome you
m m74 private finance initiativeproject2 future work programme the
and adults congratulates inverness familyprojectfor its work in highlighting
is growing interest in theprojects work from as far
at work on his greatestprojectthe design of scotland s
work on a european basedprojectunder the global citizenship umbrella
merely one way in whichprojectwork could be incorporated into
year of disabled people forprojectwork in three of our
are often found in environmentalprojectwork like factual recounts they
companies are involved in theprojectwork on tackling stereotype images
occupational hazard of much environmentalprojectwork she read the text
have this topic assessed byprojectwork where a group of
and bute core path networkproject3 public appointments parliamentary approval
mcgarry public relations eric kinseyprojectofficers john gordon john glen
investment of public money inprojectossian and believes that the
the learn to let goprojectto ensure that the public
the executive fully in theprojectand its financing notes that
scottish executive is examining thisprojectand its potential implications for
scottish executive is examining thisprojectand its potential implications for
its own right for aprojectdespite the programme s bureaucracy
to say simply that aprojecthas run its course is
the levenmouth drug and alcoholprojectin fife for its much
main thesaurus and an interestingprojectin its own right opening
that the geography of aprojectis a criterion for its
discuss its first report theprojectis of value for both
is the first large scaleprojectof its kind in scotland
that this is the firstprojectof its kind in the
scots is regarded within theprojectas a collection of local
texts and speech the scotsprojectbegan in october 2001 and
in tae da scots corpusprojecti da wye o dialect
be pairt o an importantprojectin scots scholarship fundin the
l lorimer undertook the challengingprojectof recreating scots prose and
launch of the scots corpusprojectthis is a a big
involved in the five yearprojectin april 1912 the line
over responsibility for the itprojectin april last year it
year student help with herprojecton intonation the practice astonishingly
this ill conceived and wastefulprojecthas been constantly opposed by
i knew malcolm previously thatprojecthas been extraordinarily successful and
the wheel alan fraser theprojecthas been fast tracked but
blacklaw for 10 years theprojecthas been run entirely voluntarily
employers and employ staff theprojecthas been totally self funded
on the subject the govanprojecthas come forward from the
kinds of activities that theprojecthas developed over the past
erm it is erm theprojecthas erm er been very
in scotland to date theprojecthas focussed upon teaching sign
is never too old theprojecthas set up an informal
afore he begins that theprojecthe has in haund at
group itself has promoted theprojecti do not think that
has had to compile aprojectin either wood or plastic
it is certainly the onlyprojectin glasgow that has that
2012 olympics working on theprojectit has been a fascinating
has been carrying out aprojecton that issue which will
text speech background to theprojectscotland has a long and
budget will deal with thatprojectshe has said that in
ideal place to operate theprojectto encourage this he has
for the completion of theprojectwhich has no adverse implications
germany which has an innovativeprojectwith estonia to link up
which it was intended theprojectand to give us a
been made to our apnaprojectin glasgow which involves working
to the alive and kickingprojectin my constituency which provides
quantifiable risks to which theprojectmay be exposed between now
and which recognises that theprojectmust be funded through normal
very much hope that theprojectproposals for which are due
on 28 february 2002 whichprojectwas closed down and what
they ve got the artprojectwhich again i m on
from the partners in theprojectwhich include local government services
responsible purely for the pathfinderprojectwhich involves testing the proposition
of music and recording technologyprojectwhich is designed to ensure
eh integrating toryglen asylum seekersprojectwhich is f606: mmhm f1039:
on a daft wee ermprojectwhich is the same one
widely welcomed young persons advisoryprojectwhich seeks to guide and
possibility of cuts in theprojectwhich they said would amount
sccc the object of thisprojectwhich was laucnhed in 1996
a a eh creative musicprojectwhich which er f- er
role also to assist aprojectall the way through from
to set up a successfulprojectand see it through those
aye i shall push thisprojectthrough even if i have
editors who had brought theprojectthrough the 1950s 1960s and
erm i asked about anotherprojectand erm there s a
is the other big ermprojectat the moment it- it-
that he needed a newprojecterm and he s registered
now erm this is anotherprojecti was involved in nothing
the findings of the externalprojecton council tax rebanding 5
the world wide web thisproject2001 2004 carried out at
handsel eh to this corpusprojectand along the way in
between the cards in thisprojectand bank cards is that
the continuing success of thisprojectand encourages the promotion of
should be evident in thisprojectas a testament to his
the delivery of this vitalprojectbusiness bulletin no 154 2002
to take part in thisprojectby offering our very own
quite glad to do thisprojectf1054: right m1017: kenny [censored: surname]
these days and probably thisprojectgot more than that in
been poured into this failedprojectincluding an extra 43 million
and train new staff thisprojectis brought in to play
cilt university of stirling thisprojectis concerned with developing a
we re doing on thisprojectis creating a semantically organised
credit for initiating this laudableprojectis due to robbie robertson
affairs leave alane this railwayprojectlisten mr rowland let me
relaxed mix overall this schoolprojectlooks really good mair guid
fundin the stert o thisprojectminds me on the subscription
worked together on this humanitarianprojectnamely the church of scotland
performance act of launching theprojectof course this is not
feel you take this gardeningprojectseriously dimps how dis he
capital borrowing consent for thisprojectsupported by brian adam dorothy
as eligible for this importantprojectsupported by nora radcliffe donald
to hear this that theprojectthat elaine thomson mentioned is
to to counteract so thisprojectthat s being launched eh
youth agency this is aprojectto encourage young people to
april when spending on thisprojectwas capped we will find
towards the end of theprojectweekly schedule this operation demonstrated
i guess that s thisprojectwill hopefully throw them up
2002 for their innovative partnershipprojectat dalmellington and looks forward
our advisory board for theprojectand also that he should
for the north lanarkshire councilprojectanother look at reading pupils
act as a filter forprojectapplications and i understand that
talked about the healthy rootsprojectas the former councillor for
the scottish executive how manyprojectbids have been received for
for citizens alan fraser theprojectbuilds on the accord card
in east kilbride a wonderfulprojectfor adults with severe learning
mr andrew welsh arbroath cafeprojectfor text of motion see
council and an e commerceprojectfor the scottish tourist board
practice with such a hugeprojectfor there to be a
for other elements of theprojecthave been released these raise
demonstrated great enthusiasm for theprojecthe is planning to postpone
visited an after school careprojectin blacklaw for 10 years
for example the scrabster harbourprojectis improving the infrastructure of
brilliant week er for ourprojectitchy coo and you re
school just for a sortaprojector somethin ehm probably they
in the continuity of theprojectpossibly more important for my
august 1942 for the wholeprojectpriorities were set the first
man with a vision theprojectrepairs bikes for the local
thomson for her question theprojectshe mentions is a joint
used for the scottish parliamentprojectshould be adhered to and
a standard for any constructionprojectthat involves say more than
autistic society is running aprojectto examine training for professionals
almost eight years for theprojectto get to the point
invitations to tender for thatprojectwent out last month irene
scottish tourist board e commerceprojectwhat were the value for
to a- advertise for aprojectworker as well m608: oh
need to advertise for aprojectworker m608: aye aye m1163:
they re looking for aprojectworker they ll be looking
harding levenmouth drug and alcoholprojectthat the parliament congratulates the
sheridan central aberdeenshire youth adviceprojectthat the parliament deplores the
kingdom disabled people s parliamentprojectthe event then heard six
might have been without theprojectalong with the other 44
been spent on the ossianprojectto date and how much
you have taken in thatprojectas chair of the scottish
we are already supporting theprojectin fact the scottish executive
in the tour de franceproject1975 1984 organised on a
an update on the ossianprojectand when it will be
coverage but to describe theprojectas the opposition spokesperson on
as the life of theprojectgoes on john henderson puk
of the membership of theprojectgroup on professional and vocational
more and more on theprojecti would like to stress
the remit to bring theprojectin on time and budget
training in how to manageprojectmanagers or on any aspect
and of expenditure on theprojectmr davidson what sanctions do
executive how the breathing spaceprojecton reducing the suicide rate
is of the breathing spaceprojecton reducing the suicide rate
made of the breathing spaceprojecton reducing the suicide rate
many calls the breathing spaceprojecton reducing the suicide rate
on the impact of theprojecton the budget we have
more on the writing andprojectside rather than the technical
who have worked on theprojectsince the end of 1999
a radio feature on aprojecttae dee wi grade exams
that the completion of theprojectto put the school on
miralles none the less theprojectwill go on and it
she mentions is a jointprojectagreed between aberdeen city council
it is apparently a lifelineprojectbut the road is not
was here is an interestinprojectdat s browt tagidder poetry
is the french partial immersionprojectin aberdeen that was one
cilt university o stirling yonprojectis concerned wi makkin a
to the executive and theprojectis currently appointing a new
to recognise that if aprojectis good and meets continued
lochaber high school the wholeprojectis in dire straits furthermore
is scrutiny of how theprojectis managed and of expenditure
recognised standards and if theprojectis not operating under any
as i am aware theprojectis one of very few
life of disadvantaged children theprojectis provided with 20 000
camp the ca i reprojectis run at the eric
attention the ca i reprojectis run by the carers
was emphasised that if aprojectis successful local authorities or
the aim of the stellaprojectis to develop teaching software
brought in from outside theprojectis unique and immensely valuable
is going in with theprojectit was agreed in the
is part of the exsproprojectlondon south bank university available
economic development agency and aprojectthat is called can cycle
the stop programme is oneprojectthat is delivered twice a
stops people benefiting from theprojectthe social justice committee is
the founder members of theprojecttheir ethos is that one
uk example is the welshprojectyoung voice managed by the
and b during any suchproject2 the code must in
capital construction renovation or upgradingprojectand b during any such
our planned snakes and laddersprojectthe end result of such
agree the pattern of theprojecta trilogy of works covering
4 abandonment of the wholeprojectaitken s assessment of option
lift your staff you mustprojectan image of confidence but
stations scheme broken down byprojectand date of expenditure since
and leisure element of theprojectand e the reasoning behind
about the purpose of theprojectand of any disruption or
not part of the originalprojectand the staging of the
to an expansion of theprojectas a whole and set
regular meetings of the apsprojectboard there was a standing
of the value of theprojectboth to scotland and to
b a copy of theprojectbrief c a list of
the central aberdeenshire youth adviceprojectby refusing a grant of
as together forming a majorprojectcovering the whole field of
the abandonment of the dictionaryprojectearly financial problems although dost
three of our services theprojectencourages the participation of children
in the history of theprojecthad begun aitken was a
hemens might be of theprojecthe and craigie differed as
web in the the dslprojectif you think of the
that programmes often have toprojectimages of scotland congenial to
of the healthy fathering initiativeprojectinitiated by the aberlour child
in the development of theprojectit marked a stage in
liz lewis regulation of careprojectleader jane morgan education department
reflection sister marie o deaprojectleader of the wayside day
reflection sister marie o deaprojectleader of the wayside day
and technical assessment of theprojectleaving out only the commercially
role b used by theprojectmanagers in the preparation of
and other problems of theprojectnow being tackled by the
it arise out of anotherprojector was it just m017:
at the core of theprojectso that we can compare
remarkable aspects of a remarkableprojectthat it had the participation
take forward a cross sectoralprojectthat reflects the aims of
of the original australian genreprojectthat young children in the
his mouth scarcely moving toprojectthe accumulated vibrations of his
over the life of theprojectthe dominant roles in the
to day needs of theprojectthe premises in george square
the initiation of a jointprojectto make dost and snd
ministers retained control of theprojectuntil responsibility was transferred to
thoroughly at all height levelsprojectvoices build up sense of
increased computing aspects of theprojectwhile he and gillies looked
the quality of care theprojectwill complement existing provision of
that stage d of theprojectwould be signed off it
to continue to fund theprojecta joint council memorandum drafted
in order to make theprojecta reality urges argyll and
that the safe and soundprojectaims to improve the quality
to many voluntary organisations theprojectaims to provide a social
march 1999 25 the ossianprojectaims to provide a user
they have played in theprojectand in promoting music among
not want to fund theprojectand the executive had no
chicago s unhappiness about theprojectas far back as 1949
to 1700 he saw theprojectas lying within his plans
museums who are hosting theprojectas well as the forestry
happen the we have aprojectas well in letham primary
english texts a text collectionprojectbased at glasgow at the
teacher centred but investigative andprojectbased thus the emphasis in
the recently launched itchy cooprojectbut made the point that
mair recently roadit itchy cooprojectbut made the point that
summer and the can cycleprojectby itself does not magically
learning teaching scotland the liltprojectcan now be added to
involvement in setting up theprojectduring middlefield s previous existence
seems some interest in theprojectfollowing the press calls and
across scotland the can cycleprojectgives life hope and a
was very much behind theprojecti deeply regret the fact
cicero and involvement in theprojectil libro di pietra the
our commitment to drive theprojectin a new direction to
inform prospective consultees about theprojectin question including informing them
a t the mulberry harbourprojectin wigtownshire 1942 1946 wigtown
scheme helps to fund theprojectit takes many swallows to
surrounding areas at present theprojectreceives financial assistance via the
lights change colour so theyprojectright an the whole room
youngsters that have attended theprojects counselling programmes have benefited
arts trust s indigenous craftprojectshetland arts trust provided the
to hamilton they should alsoprojectthe line into a possible
tune usually tae suit fitiverprojectthey re daein the romans
party had to abandon theprojectthirdly unable to return to
the other hand tell aprojectto pull back from puk
the baby think it overprojectuses realistic baby models with
lost here particularly since theprojectwas generously sponsored by one
renowned the attitude that theprojectwas much more a matter
s 1971 1981 modern languagesprojectwas very influential in the
commit full expenditure to theprojectwe should test that hypothesis
something about richard s historyprojectwatching our funeral limo snake
that it must have aprojectfrom scotland and one from
required to create a viableprojectfrom wealthy american foundations they
a much bigger long termprojecti wasn t involved in
in mind a healthy livingprojectin port glasgow that applied
in a day a bigprojectshe collaborated with local artists
put in place as herprojectworker m608: mmhm mmhm m1163:
place i ll try andprojectto another place by using
and you know an ictprojectalthough it s best to
a it s a bigprojectand er but there s
disabled people to run aprojecthowever even though i am
suggested as well as aprojectto produce an abridged dictionary
deed or a special intergenerationalprojectbit jist cause he wis
a focused task or diversifiedprojectgroup talk can also be
a valuable socially inclusive recyclingprojecti will not go into
every time it chooses aprojectit will examine a grid
nevertheless you are undertaking yourprojectunswervingly knowing that a patriotic
concern scotland s elder abuseprojectwe have also committed 20
only wan product o daprojectder s an exhibition o

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