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comandement wife of bath sprologue64 67 richt eneuch paul
to me queynte franklin sprologue723 726 ou can see
bigamye wife of bath sprologue83 86 again this seems
bath contradicts hersel athin theprologueitsel quotin sacred an secular
spite o claimin in herprologueto rely only on experience
mariage wife of bath sprologue1 3 thir lines that
her heid source in theprologueis mibbie the apostle saunt
the chinese bi brian holtonprologuewhaur paip zhang gies mass
thegither in spite o theprologueauctoritee is at the hert
is in the franklin sprologuecolours ne knowe i none
the wife of bath sprologuean the wife of bath
as set out in herprologuean the wey the wife
at the stert o theprologuethe fact that she disnae

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