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ah maun haud ti mapromisea promise maun aye be
the betrayal of an electionpromisea promise that the labour
wes that did ah nopromisean a promise maun aye
you promise f1122: aye ipromisef1121: okay is that right
f1121: will you do youpromisef1122: aye i promise f1121:
gate again johnny aye ipromisefaither beaumont and i promise
haud ti ma promise apromisemaun aye be keepit fyne
ah no promise an apromisemaun aye be keepit fyne
steve ah ll lie doonpromiseme though promise ti pretend
promise ross finnie the ministerialpromiseremains the difficulty has been
what happened to that ministerialpromiseross finnie the ministerial promise
of an election promise apromisethat the labour party and
lie doon promise me thoughpromiseti pretend ah m noh
promise faither beaumont and ipromiseyou ll never need to
beaumont johnny johnny faither ipromisei ll never beaumont tak
000 he has broken thatpromisehe promised that 80 per
writing he has broken thatpromisehe promised to set up
what i promised and thepromiseyou made in return for
nou ti haud ti mapromiseis a smaw fee ti
morag ti haud ti mapromiseis a smaw fee ti
a nominal fee or forpromiseof future payment if he
tell deana i want herpromisehe goes out to the
martha no we ll nopromiseme deana never come back
happy deana i ll nopromiseonything i hate this promising
general election only one significantpromisehas been broken in the
scotsman that labour s manifestopromisehas been broken i did
that is yet another brokenpromiseno wonder the first minister
but he has broken thatpromisetoo given that he has
true an eident luve ipromisei will haud tae you
true an eident luve ipromisei will haud tae you
wad that be morag moragpromiseme ye wul never gang
intones div ye princess moragpromiseti tak this puddok ti
people were made an identicalpromiseby labour we will introduce
the meinit ye made yeirpromisean a wyfe maun aye
that guidmither but awricht ahpromisema faither wad be brukken
they kiss andrae wul yepromiseme ae thing prince an
nanse whan ah m deidpromiseme ye wul cum an
he wul that ah canpromiseye wi that the sie
lang as ah leeve eilidhpromiseme ye l say naething
does not reply you lpromiseme ye l say naething
l tell ye an yepromiseno ti lauch at me
need to find that outpromiseyou ll make him happy
ah div puddok dae yepromiseno ti conter him in
gave his word made apromiseti auld sol ti the
ma flesk binna ah wadpromiseti mairrie him queen ay
ah love ye darlin niverpromisetae phone and then disappear
sal be mairrit ah canpromiseye an as thay sat
at the riddils ah canpromiseye but spier awa an
lave sal follae eftir ahpromiseye sae the yungest quyne
him ah did silence dellapromiseyull noh upset um krista
whan shei askit him taepromisehir thit hei wud ey
whan dorigen maks her saicontpromisethis time to aurelius have
is that right f1122: ipromisei ll share them f1121:
the delight of this newpromisewith gertie who could never
andrew i ll learn ipromisedon t andrew the livingroom
hire skis no backward flipspromiseit ll be cross country
sizin her up if yepromisenae the clype i ll
yer check up i llpromisethat i ll eat an
more time and you mustpromiseme if you bugger it
agaiun i wint ye taepromiseme minnie sweir tae me
nae shouting pause will youpromiseme not to do any
time she had almost pleadedpromiseme that you won t
lighter or smoke will youpromiseme too oh yes daddy
fin oot oh dod wouldpromisenae to tell onybody but
too oh yes daddy ipromiseand i give him a
meinit she hae made hirpromisehe kent she haed but
for tougher penalties since thatpromisewas made six years ago
scotland that has been ourpromiseour commitment is clear for
year has been we cannotpromisethat level iii figures can
mr macintosh i can certainlypromisethat what i did not
scotland the sovereign must alsopromiseto uphold the protestant succession
aa the guairds wi thepromiseo ten years supply o
facts not rhetoric if wepromisechange and improvements for older
if the consequence of thatpromiseis that other services may
body the notes seemed topromiseliberation as if they were
ill if ill whatfor thispromiseo success biggit on the
no o o pause oozingpromisebut you d really like
carrying the threat no thepromisethat he d be ripped
neist time is that apromiseanimals ay it is hen
you won t die justpromisethis one time but knowing
then you think you canpromiseandy the indian girl will
waltz that mary remembered herpromisei have to catch the
her former vows a rashpromiseshe aither couldnae or didnae
hugs it to her apromisethat lit and warmed the
[?]will know[/?] it [child noise] [toys banging about] ohpromise[toys banging about] there you go here
such a visit and ipromisethat i will do my
the strikin gin santa willpromiseus extras o lichen sae
present angelica sultry full ofpromiseweel as lang s you
forwalowit and ends with apromiseof joy when he meets
people to the poll ipromisemembers that that is a
robin harper lothians green ipromiseto be brief i shall
margo macdonald lothians snp ipromiseto be right beside donald
and queene all this ipromiseto doe relevant provisions of
the motif o the rashpromiseis central to the tale
the daith o day giespromiseo new dawin there there
seed catalogues wi a thepromiseo times tae come whiles
of the school with thepromiseof achievement in life that
and posterities and do faithfullypromisethat after the deceases of
wild oats lord god spromisethat night dixons blazes my
scotland and that was thepromiseto talk about independence that
or further afield by thepromiseof more money and better
thing tomorrow morning and thepromiseof an appointment with a
blair is to fulfil hispromiseto cut childhood obesity by
to a golden land ofpromisealthough it was wartime there
a parody of its earlypromiseand beauty as the months
the big idea was apromiseto take action against dealers
mysie walsh herself and thepromiseof the jar to yourself

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