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teeming but without the [inaudible]pronunciationf1023: aye teeming yes teeming
do not usually alter thepronunciationof that linguistic variable after
the strongest influence in thepronunciationof that variable with the
spelling accents and so onpronunciationbut understand why the- and
to regard all systems ofpronunciationof english as accents it
accents which refer to thepronunciationsystems of both standard english
distinctive in its vocabulary spellingpronunciationan grammar hus a considerable
from the spelling about thepronunciationof any word since any
note on language spelling andpronunciationshould however be read first
where one variant a particularpronunciationgrammatical form vocabulary item etc
regional variations in vocabulary andpronunciationi have tried to be
taught the grammar vocabulary andpronunciationof standard english but that
features of grammar vocabulary andpronunciationrelate to features of his
give useful guidance to thepronunciationof scots words the equivalent
give useful guidance to thepronunciationof scots words the equivalent
give useful guidance to thepronunciationof scots words the equivalent
give useful guidance to thepronunciationthe equivalent meaning given in
alasdair morrison will correct mypronunciationafterwards i said caran a
in my head the correctpronunciationfor admir- and i couldn
interrupted morag to correct herpronunciationof hilo she said you
the usual and only correctpronunciationof r in all positions
the correct form of thepronunciationthis stage would soon merge
d history grammar etymology andpronunciationo d dialect d best
to indicate a difference inpronunciationfrom the english on on
bair does the last indicatepronunciationin modern scots the e
having used the prestigious standardpronunciationof words such as beautiful
known as r p receivedpronunciationspoken standard english is the
the scottish national dictionary thepronunciationwith k is fairly standard
influences to to influence ourpronunciationm1055: mmhm m1008: and eh
with the meaning or thepronunciationo the words and talking
when spoken aloud with scottishpronunciationand it leads into the
e male mail the epronunciationin modern scots is recorded
in modern scots the epronunciationis found north of the
his work on early englishpronunciation1869 89 in the london
j 1889 on early englishpronunciationvols 1 5 london fasold
and indeed this was thepronunciationknown to older invernessians well
of replicating characteristic north eastpronunciationin graph form figure iii
up many central issues inpronunciationin in scots eh and
of central and southern scotspronunciationin north east speech amongst
in the transmission of scotspronunciationin pupils speech nor did
is possible to deduce thepronunciationof nearly every scots word
is possible to deduce thepronunciationof nearly every specifically scots
valuable for recording details ofpronunciationthe outlandish appearance of scots
scots and english rhymes whichpronunciationto choose a vote on
as swit the central scotspronunciationtoo often to be perceived
north east manner although scotspronunciationwas being learned by children
whereas jean findlater s laterpronunciationof the words are given
to avoid confusion with englishpronunciationthe ui digraph wherever it
have been the north eastpronunciationof the word the way
to give a guide topronunciationwithout being too idiosyncratic i
psychological repercussions every speaker spronunciationdepends on a very complicated
there [laugh] mm f1054: nicepronunciationehm grandfather f1144: grandpa that
just pal f1054: and thepronunciations quite distinct there kinda
feeling guid f1054: like thepronunciationthere that s good m1015:
leaves no doubt about thepronunciationeven if another diagraph would
subjects favoured one method ofpronunciationover another he adopted the
maybe just a slightly differentpronunciationmaybe f1053: an would all
it s just a differentpronunciationye dinnae get heifers m999:
of white society in theirpronunciationof does 100 of poor
aye yeah yeah m999: justpronunciationaye w- would be in
be just a matter ofpronunciationis that f948: mmhm i
f832: but that s justpronunciationisn t it f835: lazy
there s also the localpronunciationfor montague street which everybody
the whisper in fact localpronunciationgives away the name as
spelt in line with localpronunciationmapped it as pittindeaun or
i m interested in yourpronunciationthere katrina cause you said
the students begin to practisepronunciationof the new language in
the records of upper deesidepronunciationtherefore go back over 200
but with scotticised or anglicisedpronunciationonly a few old people
think of that influenced mypronunciationif it did would be
marked regional variations particularly inpronunciationmy poems are cast in
the mini market corrected mypronunciationthis would be helpful in
what my case endings orpronunciationwere like i think that
very well with the welshpronunciationa 1682 map had it
it s a good scottishpronunciationgud sometimes g u i
occasionally shift their mode ofpronunciationin new york it seems
similarities in the rules ofpronunciationand intonation when the written
and the spellings disguise thepronunciationof the text clearly showeth
f606: mmhm f1067: and thepronunciationwhich we have for the
hunder year baith in thepronunciationan wi the inclusion o
aires you ll notice thepronunciation[audience laughter] james gray in frankfurt
isn t it f835: lazypronunciationit s not like the
background accent then is thepronunciationlevel within dialect variation and
seemilaritie atween oor border lallanspronunciationo oor numerals an that

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