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an hir neist sister warproodprood quynes that prood thay
hir neist sister war proodproodquynes that prood thay didna
war prood prood quynes thatproodthay didna even jalouse thay
ye ir nou ah mproodanaw but no sae prood
prood anaw but no saeproodas yeirsell for ah wad
prood o ye we wereproodo ye fan ye were
muriel i winted to beproodo ye we were prood
til hir she wes aproodprood quyne an lykit fowk
hir she wes a proodproodquyne an lykit fowk ti
ye r juist ferr owreproodawthegither sae ye ir nanse
ye for ye r owreproodawthegither sae ye ir nou
that mebbe ye war owreproodawthegither ti speak in a
david purves characters nanse theproodauldest princess morag the broun
aw ken ye ir uncoproodnanse mither think naething o
mak fine limbs tae cairryproodheids o lichts i nivver
nae wattir frae me maproodlassie tak yeirsell hame again
sake an wesna she theproodane she wes that an
this dochter wesna juist saeproodas hir aulder sister but
us ir ye no theproodane mebbe the l no
mercie ir ye no theproodane mebbe the l no
nicht this mell o coloursproodabune the hicht watergaw straiked
bliss them that hae theproodan patient wark o bringin
s wark i wis fairproodo him for stickin tae
sister she thocht wes owreproodfor ti speak in a
tae size ah was thatproodae ma wee hoose every
richt size he wis daproodo him an whin he
syne we ll staun inproodovation tae ian capperauld s
humbled noo fa aince waukedprooda lassie wi a back
morag laughing ah m noproodat aw ah think ah
an lowp palins an beinproodo ma strong airms i
patience strong wid a beenproodtae mither him at his
pokin oot his creel fairproodis he a sicht tae
noo dan he wiz fairproodo his boatie no chist
hen speirt geordie feelin fairproodo hissel new alairm ye
tae haud oor minnons fairproodo oorsels we cairtit them
ma granda i didna feelproodat aa killin the rubbit
on the wye tae warproodo yon time piece feart
on beth s feet beproodae yer feet you walked
bauld as a lion anproodan never heed the fowk
gainsaid ye re nae saeproodor weel arrayed that ye
wi mukkil mense awbodie wesproodo thair queen an thair
haes a richt ti beproodmynd ye ah micht bring
ai god god lowden maproodspeirit ah canna beir it
an sofia were jist richtproodo on tap o t
lees nae doot ye reproodan coorse an caal bit
schules yestreen ye can beproodfor ayrshire stauns an will
gin ye wis swack anproodo yer strinth bit for
tail up shö felt isproodis can be at da
the centuries daunced the sangproodan fine like a slaw
getting tearful you should beproodo me ma nae makin
want ti ken ah mproodo it a pause thirdly
heid o e strainer someproodlad hid used eez knife
at eence made a waterfaaproodo imsel leanin a bittie
silver madallie i m ayeproodo t it s e
oot tae be ill nateredproodgreedy lazy an a drunkard
s gran tae see theproodkilters comin up the aisle
scoutin s gain i wisproodtae help tam lisett tae
a ve socht a mproodtae say it an if
a puckle peintit hoors owerproodtae skivvy fur their weddit
like this robby a hmproodti hae yi is mah
teenie because they re tooproodronnie they dinna think they
goes gunlöd we wul seeproodcallant wha turns up the

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