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see the document be givenproperand serious consideration than be
40 days to give itproperconsideration how do you suggest
it is still to receiveproperconsideration in scotland robert brown
bill the bill has hadproperconsideration notwithstanding the odd comment
one year to allow forproperconsideration of the technical review
one year to allow forproperconsideration of the technical review
a message about lack ofproperconsideration to others the community
the uk government must giveproperconsideration to such matters before
you think that it gaveproperconsideration to the issues that
our concerns will be givenproperconsideration without fear or favour
the sector has proper regulationpropermonitoring and independence 10 39
m865: encouraged to talk whatproperproper standard english that is
us that the sector hasproperregulation proper monitoring and independence
encouraged to talk what properproperstandard english that is uh
ye ve got tae speakproperan aw this and it
maucht tae learn tae speakproperan efter a while it
you ve got to speakproperand you wouldn t have
grandchildren was told tae speakproperenglish an i was furious
tell a pupil tae speakproperenglish is not on f1041:
weren t able to speakproperenglish m1022: and the other
even his mother speak inproperenglish so he jumped in
s enough let s speakproperf1142: i need it i
by teaching her to speakproperhe conceived his own novel
says ian learning to speakproperis a close second like
tae lairn hou tae speakproperoniewey haed the scottish estaiblishment
mainners an try tae speakpropersae like gey near awbody
slang an lairn tae speakproperthey war fleetched tae redd
that somehow there is aproperway to speak and and
the committee to decide theproperform of petitions and that
basis of guidelines for theproperform of petitions steve farrell
simplifies the criteria for theproperform of petitions to the
too many rules on theproperform of petitions we must
the guideline sheet for theproperform of public petitions steve
is the document on theproperform of public petitions steve
gretna registry office as aproperbusiness and a form of
distinction to be made betweenproperconsultation and public information and
service will be subject toproperconsultation and scrutiny by the
of it we should haveproperconsultation on whether community councils
party to complete its workproperconsultation to take place and
not introduce private verifiers withoutproperstudy and consultation it is
is to ensure that theproperadvice and support is available
instructing them to ensure thatproperand adequate resources are allocated
activities together and to ensureproperdialogue throughout the supply chain
it wanted to ensure thatpropermaintenance of older stock took
to ensure that there areproperprovisions in place to deal
ensure that we include theproperquestions in the census we
to ensure that there isproperregulation of the railfreight industry
we lobby to ensure thatpropertobacco control strategies are in
people in our society apropervoice and ensure that local
be implemented immediately without theproper21 days notice to the
the hiring of teachers withoutproperqualifications to meet the demand
cannot be delivered successfully withoutproperresources being made available that
special areas of conservation withoutproperscrutiny of the social and
it s aways written inproperenglish an i think that
yeah f950: in pro- inproperenglish an then this here
schools of course were theproperenglish and public school voices
and you weren t speakingproperenglish at that time i
tae answer the phones properlyproperenglish f1040: mm f1041: but
what was supposed to beproperenglish m865: mm f948: but
if it s written inproperenglish ye ye just o-
standard english or sse asproperspeech quhile scots is seen
more english than that moreproperye might say this was
that an never used thepropername for f1041: maybe f1043:
fiona he says beastie spropername is bridget and she
wee bit better longley spropername is daddy long legs
cried alec which was hispropername it was aye da
other it was never apropername m1042: said tae somebody
more or less disparagingly partletpropername of any hen chaucer
tae fisher folk as thepropername or him that was
dinnae ca them it thepropername rather than the ye
the bairn f1054: yeah m1016: propername yeah m1014: just use
place is not seemly andproperin terms of local authority
in thinking edinburgh is theproperplace 2 in view of
scots could be given itsproperplace in radio and television
and more to take theirproperplace in the picture of
and return it to itsproperplace its hours eluded her
airted each ane tae hisproperplace will s fate was
the right place m194: [inaudible]properplaces m608: mmhm and you
scheme is completed and aproperstrategy put in place for
in place to have apropertobacco control strategy in place
cast extraction pending full andproperdebate and investigation by the
to expect a full andproperdiscussion of their merits is
that and to create aproperfull time professional structure that
will instigate a full andproperindependent assessment of the results
expected to have full andproperregard to the interests of
the music room for aproperdinner it s time to
erm and we had aproperkitchen and a living room
should be done in theproperroom and since we don
the next two years leaveproperroom for negotiations between the
have a laundry room theproperroom is the kitchen not
prefer to give him aproperdetailed answer in writing mr
to come i will giveproperinstructions as to where we
executive has failed to givepropersupport to the gaelic language
and privacy it strikes theproperbalance between crime prevention and
virtue consist in findin aproperbalance between the twa he
which are expedient for aproperbridge to be built between
and that are based onproperassessments however we must have
gorrie said that means havingpropercore funding which must be
further work there must beproperpolicing but for much of
burdens must be matched byproperresources however that is done
it is quite right andproperand a good thing for
that one back in theproperbox right on you go
right that government takes aproperinterest in what that money
exist as is right andpropermary scanlon yes in fact
two minutes by car outsideproperniddrie right but basically it
have demonstrated that with theproperresources and the right action
as it is right andproperthat once and for all
that it is right andproperthat services that are provided
that it is right andproperthat the couple should make
do it is right andproperthat we care for older
ourselves tarted up good andproperthink aboot it right noo
it is also right andproperto consult other list msps
it is only right andproperto refer to what we
example it is right andproperto regulate on health and
that right m1007: oh aproperweather station yeah m1008: yes
an important step towards itspropermanagement s1w 28509 mary scanlon
raise its concerns through thepropermechanism the convener having heard
an banes o the tounpropermeikleburgh itsel wi its parks
the target figure into itsproperperspective if the target is
of the organisation and aproperstake in its success that
important to work out theproperstatutory way in which its
centres and to lay onproperpublic transport the fumes from
it s not even aproperbus stop any more it
i can t do aproperlocal accent even though i
even deep fried they reproperpies m818: [laugh] [?]fuck![/?] m819:
not need a licence aproperlicence m811: i think so
weddings need not be seemlyproperor dignified they need only
hereabouts need mending guid andproperweel goodnicht andy andy good
should there be a seemlyproperdignified and almost victorian attitude
considered to be fit andproperpersons should be able to
they should go through theproperprocedure first we should respond
whether scotland should take aproperstake in a body that
actually saw education and speakingproperas our way of getting
the obvious way of attainingproperenergy efficiency and accessibility to
whereas it is meet andproperto set out by way
latin it was not onlyproperit was politically expedient for
all have to depend forproperrecognition only furth of their
sene subjectis it was onlyproperthat philosophical educated discourse on
house it was like aproperbathroom it had but um
mental it s like aproperbig castle and you could
f689: it was like aproperchurch do an she was
it s faulty f810: aproperlike lie in it pull
job it s like aproperlike sunbed but it just
did they not have likeproperpube eh crabs m941: yeah
like really really hot [?]bright[/?]propersummer like f1149: like a
summer like f1149: like apropersummer yeah f1148: yeah like
but it s like aproperuh huh it s like
we ve got like aproperworking fire apparently i ve
poetry is therapy not poetryproperbut such a view would
is important that there isproperdiagnosis and treatment for osteoporosis
the wall and found theproperentrance the convent is now
is to move to aproperfederal system for the uk
theatre in any country theproperfunction of the theatre is
that there is good andproperjustification and making it so
strengthened and that there isproperlegal social and cultural integration
about ensuring that there isproperliaison inside the system and
is a problem with thepropermillennium the convener if there
scots is considered as neitherpropernor correct and in consequence
all is done there ispropernursing care as far as
something is not seemly andproperon a monday morning in
possible to do what isproperon the other hand one
indication of what it isproperor improper for them to
landlord is a fit andproperperson it is fair to
whether section 58 9 isproperprocedure the convener okay we
part of ensuring that theproperprofessional advice is available for
pain and arthritic pain givenproperprominence is extremely anxious concerning
that is not satisfactory forproperscrutiny the time factors that
box rab supervises shows themproperstance etc pat is he
to put it into aproperstatutory framework it is now
judged as cruel it isproperthat those acts are defined
question arises whether it isproperto call a national variety
that takes time and involvespropertraining for what is very
kinda got into the wholeproperconcert f813: yeah f814: but
my mum happy she wantedproperf631: yeah [laugh] f689: favours
dignity of being in yourpropergeographical position f606: yeah but
you couldn t do aproperhigher f1148: yeah f1149: in
represented in any transparent andproperaccounting procedure i did not
we do not get theproperanswers the minister can explain
did not conform to theproperdesignation would be ruled inadmissible
judice it would not beproperfor me to make further
so that there can beproperinterpretation they do not abuse
that has not exhausted theproperprocedures it says in the
although i will produce aproperreport that will not be
she wouldn t do apropershop not till the job
on another notebook and writeproperstories in it and not
we could come to aproperconclusion about whether the ssi
value for money has aproperassessment been made of any
i am informed that anyproperself esteeming sewage plant manager
embroidery weaving you could doproperf641: mmhm mm f643: printed
one could make cheese inpropermodern conditions i remember visiting
centre multiple pharmacies could deliverproperpharmaceutical care to people regardless
the tenant which make itproperto do so 7 landlord
which that would be moreproperi am just fishing here
define what scottish society considersproperin respect of those activities
which may arise about thepropermanagement of those sites dcms
those involved at some pointproperresearch needs to be carried
by six months to allowproperdiscussion with local authorities and
cuts and a lack ofproperfunding for local government that
i ll gang tae theproperauthorities we canny mak oursels
be telling us that theproperadministrative units for the purpose
the arrangements for monitoring theproperand effective use of funds
troy series for which theproperareas of application were bullion
the first step towards aproperdata system for integrated coastal
think that it would beproperfor me to comment further
descriptive strategies they man beproperfor the subject to beautifie
thursday why then was itproperfor you to say in
it may have possessed aproperharbour for a charter of
fitzpatrick to come up withproperimaginative ideas for better outcomes
asking for answers and aproperinquiry into the entire bad
oh we ll hae aproperlook for it after we
been able to find apropermechanism for so doing had
as the basis for apropernational theatre in the years
of the strategy which givesproperrecognition for victims of crime
chance to draw up aproperreport for the parliament indeed
turn our attention to providingproperrespite facilities for the individuals
originality the seventh with thepropersubjects for poetry and the
for writing it wasn tproperwriting in the sense that
the labour market and howproperaccess to training and education
appointed an adviser and takenproperadvice on some of the
the west highlands require aproperand objective assessment of the
curriculum guidance advocates teaching aproperawareness and an appreciation of
that was a legitimate andpropercourse of action and that
as if he needs aproperdiet and a bit of
pay poverty wages and refuseproperemployment conditions and calls on
projects we asked that aproperfinancial appraisal and a statement
i intended to have aproperholiday and stay in a
country and that when aproperneeds assessment might be made
lead on to discussion ofpropernouns diminutives and nicknames most
own food and had apropersit down meal or bannerman
[inhale] black shoes and yourproperstarched uniform and hat and
and mend it guid andproperthere s a wheen o
same to go towards theproperup keep and repairs in
1613 as the ordinair andproperweght of the kingdome burton
would be inconsistent with theproperperformance of the functions specified
to be associated with aproperunderstanding of the type of
m1036: it was a verypropercity f606: mmhm [laugh] m1036:
it couldnae get a apropershape out o ye at
it wasn t ladylike orpropertemper was a luxury permitted
s shindig isn t aproperwake it s keeping me
received at last my firstproperletter from home giving details
i also received my firstpropermail from home on tuesday
yesterday saturday brought out firstpropersnow a brief blizzard that
process has failed to takeproperaccount of the representations of
a whole neat page ofproper7s all the same height
who are at risk haveproperaccess to a dexa scan
jack who had been taughtproperbritishness in a naval destroyer
in the absence of aproperconsultative framework i have taken
in a school with apropercontract to go with that
ought to apply in apropercriminal proceeding the detailed rules
time hit wis blowin apropergale i lookit alang da
bit cos she hed apropermarine diesel enchine hid wiz
wid say a poo- apropermarinized enchine disna get hermed
s eh thing aboot apropermarinized enchine saalt waater disnae
ba awa an hae apropermatch an leave me in
the basic components of apropermeal rather than yet another
[child noise] f1089: that s apropermess eh m1090: [child noise] f1089:
the west highlands require apropernormal trunk road if they
aa hissel wi a richtpropernotion of the occasion bappy
a major part in givingproperrecognition to the sector s
anent the lak o aproperscotch hogmanay wi pypes an
gi joe wasn t aproperteacher anyway starters chapter 3
spectrum but to obtain aproperview of north east scots
they attribute to having aproperwoman centred service where they
quite well so far termproperdoesn t actually start till
but they don t haveproperjobs m741: no that was
which we have moved receivedproperscrutiny at each of the
to me if you wantproperhistory i never did anything
ower muckle if they spakeproperor no this gart maist
wunner if they ve gotpropertyres or if they re
that wis best at speakinproperan the mair donnert anes
that the process follows theproperconventions in that both parliaments
of at at these veryproperladies that used to come
being unable to get theproperanswers from the scottish executive
were you told to talkproperat school m1021: oh yes
kind of feet they reproperfeet ye get by workin
suddenly we were in moscowproper[censored: forename] [censored: surname] the assistant cultural
of lack of repair orproperbuilding upkeep but because of
structure on the basis ofpropercostings mr gibson the question
on the question of theproperidentification of the correct offender
3 the allowances code theproperuse of allowances payable under
in once term gets startedproperi m sure i ll
aye kent as ordinary anproperilka januar in the schuil
mum f1107: set them upproperm1108: aye uh oh white
maist o em didna hevproperenchines chist wee austin car
f940: an no sell onyproperfood apart fae ready meals

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